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A Little Bit of My Soul Is Gone

June 22, 2006


My heart is aching and my stomach is churning as I post this message.

I just left my favorite website in the entire world…Gray Charles…with the sad news that it is closing its virtual doors.

Gray Charles was created in January of this year to extoll the virtues of American Idol Taylor Hicks, as well as to discuss music and pop culture and the like. I began my visits there sometime in March (I think) and became a regular poster…actually, it’s because of Gray Charles that I decided to try my hand at blogging.

Though the site will remain up…with, hopefully, an occasional music post by its creator (affectionately referred to as Gray Charles)…the comment feature will eventually go away and the posts (if any) will be few and far between…it will become a virtual ghost town.

I can’t believe I’m so sad about the loss of pixels and bytes and bits…but I am. I made several friends on the site…Quossum, FLJerseyBoy, NOLAgirl, Double D, Shrewspeake, Holeigh, Hope, Ascme, Gray, etc…and always looked forward to reading their words. I also took from the site a greater sense of myself. I found that folks took the time to read what I wrote…and gave comment and feedback. It was exhilarating…truly.

I already miss Gray Charles more than I thought I would…but I’m so glad I had it for the few months that I did.

Gray, if you read this, know that you gave this Mississippi girl something very dear…you gave me the opportunity to rediscover the passion that I have for life and for music and for words and for writing and for wit and for hurt and for appreciation and for toleration and for fun. Thanks, Gray. I’ll be lurking to see what you have to say…I hope you won’t stay silent for too long…you have too much to offer. Love and respect, my friend…love and respect.