A Little Bit of My Soul Is Gone



My heart is aching and my stomach is churning as I post this message.

I just left my favorite website in the entire world…Gray Charles…with the sad news that it is closing its virtual doors.

Gray Charles was created in January of this year to extoll the virtues of American Idol Taylor Hicks, as well as to discuss music and pop culture and the like. I began my visits there sometime in March (I think) and became a regular poster…actually, it’s because of Gray Charles that I decided to try my hand at blogging.

Though the site will remain up…with, hopefully, an occasional music post by its creator (affectionately referred to as Gray Charles)…the comment feature will eventually go away and the posts (if any) will be few and far between…it will become a virtual ghost town.

I can’t believe I’m so sad about the loss of pixels and bytes and bits…but I am. I made several friends on the site…Quossum, FLJerseyBoy, NOLAgirl, Double D, Shrewspeake, Holeigh, Hope, Ascme, Gray, etc…and always looked forward to reading their words. I also took from the site a greater sense of myself. I found that folks took the time to read what I wrote…and gave comment and feedback. It was exhilarating…truly.

I already miss Gray Charles more than I thought I would…but I’m so glad I had it for the few months that I did.

Gray, if you read this, know that you gave this Mississippi girl something very dear…you gave me the opportunity to rediscover the passion that I have for life and for music and for words and for writing and for wit and for hurt and for appreciation and for toleration and for fun. Thanks, Gray. I’ll be lurking to see what you have to say…I hope you won’t stay silent for too long…you have too much to offer. Love and respect, my friend…love and respect.


15 Responses to “A Little Bit of My Soul Is Gone”

  1. Quossum Says:

    Hey, Shelley, this is Q! Gray’s site brought us together as friends–that made it all worthwhile! =)

    Now I’ll have to start keeping an eye on *your* blog, you little mink! LOL


  2. ms.sonny Says:

    whatever will we do?Some of your songs would help right about now.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Shelley…I mostly listened on GC. I would like to visit your blog and maybe comment now and then. ~Sharon

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Shelley–

    Glad you decided to do the blog thing.

    As I’ve said before and no doubt will say again, you rock.


  5. Ben Says:

    Good comments, Shelley. Always enjoyed hearing what you had to say. I’ll definitely keep tabs on your thoughts here.

    Oh yeah…Go State


  6. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley!!!! You made me misty eyed!

    Last night when I read Gray’s post, I felt like you do when you break-up…I felt it coming, I understand, but dammit I wanted to be the one to walk away first. I posted my good-bye and thought…well that’s that then.

    I couldn’t sleep…I kept thinking of those who I had not exchanged emails with…will I ever see them again? Texan, Manders come to mind most readily, but there are so many others.

    Then you sent out the “I am up and blogging” email…well all I can say is Yeeehaa…between “Talk” and “Taylor is the boogie” I believe I have the tonic my stunned soul seeks.

    Thank you my gal pal! Thank you.

  7. mobileg Says:

    I’ve been a lurker on Gray Charles for a few months–so sorry to see him go, but can certainly understand his reasons. Just want to keep track of Taylor news, etc. and GC was such a good way of doing that. Will probably be reading more than posting (unless I have something to contribute) but wanted to let you know I support your efforts to keep the spirit alive.

  8. Holeigh Says:

    I think a little piece of my heart just died…I was offline all last night and heard about GC through your post, Shell…

    Wow. That’s all I’ve got for now, but thanks for setting this up! I couldn’t stand to not have this crowd to mull things over with.

    Thanks again, chica! šŸ™‚

  9. MissyLee Says:

    Hi, Shelley, Really like the looks of your site. Thanks for inviting in.

  10. manders Says:

    Shelley, we are both the sad clowns today! Thank you for making this blog so I can rattle your cage when I get lonesome for you.I don’t know if I ever told you how much I cherished reading your posts. (especially when you got blunt and snarky! That’s my girl!)Included with the name is the link to the blog I started. You are light years ahead of me posting, my dear. Anytime you want to contribute some of your life observations, I’d be honored. I will even let you use nasty words as adjectives! Woooohoooo, Alt & Tab club forever!Much, much, much and love to my sista’!- A”manders”My email: awsonnen@yahoo.com

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Shelly….one of the refugees from GC here! I rarely posted because music is not an area where I have expertise, but I had become a Taylor fan when I happened to catch his audition. Have always loved grass-roots, folk, bluesy music.
    I popped over here because writing IS a main area of interest to me, and one I have far more knowledge in. One of the unexpected side effects of becoming a Taylor fan is that I’m found myself thinking more seriously about song lyrics. Leonard Cohen’s lyrics for Hallelujah blew me out of the water.
    Will probably stop by from time to time to enjoy your writing.

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yay! I need a little Shelley in my life. Thank you for doing this. It might make the hole left by Gray a little smaller.

    I’ll be here often!

  13. double d Says:

    Shelley — Great idea but don’t get into the Gray mode. Then, we’ll be facing this all again. I’m going to try to cut back some but will be visiting frequently to impose my thoughts on you all.

    Hey, Taylor’s on Rita Crosby AND Leno tonight! HA!

    My husband is seriously concerned about me and all of this so I’m trying to put it all in perspective. But I won’t abandon our talk of Taylor and music…see ya soon.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    couldn’t leave your site with the post at 13 comments…so…good luck shelley and look forward to reading your blog! keep us laughing.

    gc refugee

  15. texan Says:

    ups and downs and twists and turns…whooooo can we do it again? love love love to all
    thanks for sharing your blog!!!!


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