Comment Moderation…Off


Sorry to all who posted last night and your comments didn’t show up until today. Like I said…I’m new to this and had inadvertently set the blog for comment moderation.

I’ve reset. Post away.

And thanks for visiting and commenting. It warms my little ol’ heart to see so many familiar faces.

Oh…and I know the snark factor is little low right now. Bear with me…I’m just getting started. I’ll probably be in a more colorful mood sooner than later.


3 Responses to “Comment Moderation…Off”

  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Alright! Moderation off…Snarkyness on!

  2. Azure Says:

    Guess what just came in the mail? The bill from our Taylor texting arrived in an envelope twice the size of the usual monthly invoice! I kid you not!

    Grandson and I had used two phones each that night, and I wasn’t sure, but thought it was five cents per text. Wrong! It was ten cents a vote. We texted 2,250 times! We’ve been waiting for this to come, and we laughed for about ten minutes, at the thought of showing it to my husband (who had been told what we had done, but didn’t really believe us!)

    He acted pretty nonchalant, though, when we brought the 16-page bill down to show him! My guess is that all along he believed about the extent of our voting that night, but just pretended he thought we were crazy!

    What I will never get over is the size of the envelope the bill came in! What a hoot!

  3. suzi-q Says:

    I can handle snarkyness, kiddo. Try to think of an older woman needing a lampshade on an upper shelf and getting one of the convenient store ladders to begin her ascent!!

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