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He Gave Us Our Heart, Courage, Brain, & Home…Responding to Gray’s Swan Song

June 26, 2006


I couldn’t let the day go by without acknowledging Gray’s final FINAL post today on had said good-bye last week, only to receive a phone call from Taylor Hicks and go on to conduct the interview of interviews with the Soul Patrolman. And then he was gracious enough to post this interview in eight parts over the weekend…his final segment, Finito, was posted this afternoon.

Gray’s words are so much better than mine in summing up this entire season of American Idol and Taylor Hicks. But I just wanted to give one last look around before I leave Oz forever. Gray IS the most Wiz of a Wiz if ever a Wiz there was. He gave us all so much…whether he knows it or not. For me, I gained heart, courage, insight, and a home…all from his kooky website.

Thank you, Gray. Yes.

In these past five months I…

Discovered Taylor, discovered Gray
Made good friends along the way

Posted to thousands, read thousands of posts
Perma-chatted from coast to coast

Argued, Angered, Apologized, Cried
Laughed and Joked and Yelled and Sighed

Scratched my head and thumbed my nose
Gave critique and blow by blows

Threatened to leave, came running back
Downloaded pics, movies, and tracks

Lost myself then found me once more
Learned to hold on and learned to soar