Will the Real Superman, Please, Stand Up?



I know I should probably talk about the movie “Superman Returns,” which hits theatres today, stars a hot young stud named Brandon Routh, and is already generating lots of great buzz.

But…I think America has a different Superman…one who deserves mention on this blog much more…David Friggin’ Hasselhoff.

You gotta admit…the man’s got staying power…and huge kahones. Sure he hasn’t saved the planet from meteors (that we know of) but he’s made it through decades of mockery and the son of a b*tch still manages to come out on top…while smiling with some dazzling white teeth and crinkling his piercing blue eyes.

I’ve received three e-mails featuring pictures of the darling of Germany (see image below) so far this week…and today’s only Wednesday. Imagine what the rest of the week holds…ooooo, the possibilities.


Since the early 80s, Hasselhoff has always been just under the American conscious. If you missed his run on Knight Rider (probably one of my brother, Beau’s, all-time favorite television shows) then you could have caught his abs and act on Baywatch. And not only was he, at one time, on The Young & The Restless…like any great star from my childhood…he even made an appearance on The Love Boat.

Just in the last year, he was featured in “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” and “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” and he is currently in “Click,” starring Adam Sandler. Okay…okay…so these aren’t Oscar contenders…but still…you get my point.

And when Hasselhoff isn’t crying for Taylor Hicks on American Idol (actually a sweet story…explained in this interview)…he can be found on NBC Wednesday nights, judging the new talentless…er, talent…show America’s Got Talent (Simon Cowell actually fought for Hasselhoff to get the job on this one…yikes.)

So I say forget about steaming up my spectacles with Brandon Routh and all his youthful charms and good looks. Instead, I raise my glasses to David Hasselhoff…goofy, hairy, creepy, adorable David Hasselhoff.

Here’s to you, David…you magnanimous b*st*rd. Here’s to you!

Visit You Tube to see David Get Hooked on a Feeling…thanks, bamaborntxbred


11 Responses to “Will the Real Superman, Please, Stand Up?”

  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Since I’m “techno-challenged” and can’t do links and such, you must google his “Hooked on a Feeling” video. It is literally the funniest thing I have ever seen. I haven’t yet figured out if it’s supposed to be funny….

  2. TALK! Says:

    bamaborntxbred…here’s to you for alerting me to that clip.

    I’ve posted link on home page.


  3. Quossum Says:

    Who’s David Hasselhoff? What’s this Knight Rider show you’re talking about? What’s a Baywatch?

    *is confused*


  4. TALK! Says:

    shut it, q…you ballsy little mink

    q = pop culture idiot

  5. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, I’m glad I could help! I assume the dogs in the video are his…that’s kinda cool. If I were a mega-superstar (cough!) like DH, I’d do that too!

  6. brokedownpalace Says:

    I will work on a legitimate comment. Right now, I still cracking up about photo/graphic montage at the top of the post. WOW, I wondered whether I should go there, you know, send out the pic of him in his sexy (not) man underwear. I’m just happy someone did it. Surely you cannot take the man seriously after seeing this picture. And if you can, I suggest you check out Those poor tigers (it’s the first photo with the baby tigers) to see him completely void of any self-respect or dignity.

  7. TALK! Says:

    brokedownpalace…i actually considered using the tiger pic for this post but decided, instead, to create the loverly montage that you are so fond of.

    glad it made you laugh…it did me, too.


  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I thought those were shar-pei’s??In any case, it’s animal cruelty and should be reported.

  9. Staci Says:

    I’ve tried five times to make this post, and I’ve been twarted. Must be the KnightRider/Kryptonite (sp?). Anyway. I am scarred by the pictures you’re posting. and I’m scared to say that, Shelley, your thought process shows that you have real insight and are ready for the pages of the print media (like you didn’t know that already). I know you received your inspiration from your internet links… but the actual print copy of the USA today (or maybe it was a local paper???) actually has Hasselhoff as the lead of the life section, and an article on Superman just below.

    You are one in-tune chick — knowing what the readers of the world are striving to read.

  10. TALK! Says:


    The Hoff heads to surgery

  11. double d Says:


    Poor David!

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