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Hit Me Baby, One More Time…And This Time Put Some Stank On It

June 29, 2006

britney.jpgHot off the heels of her interview with Matt Lauer earlier this month…where she said the paparazzi have made her feel like a target…a pregnant Britney Spears, 25, has decided to go ahead and strap herself to the dart board by posing nude for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.


Let’s forget the fact that this isn’t even an original idea…remember Demi Moore’s infamous Vanity Fair cover? (See image below.)

And let’s forget the fact that Brit-Brit has recently been catching a crapload of flack for her less-than-model mothering techniques (i.e. letting her 9-month-old baby, Sean Preston, ride in her lap while she drove on the freeway). moore.jpg

And let’s also forget the fact that Britney regularly goes out in the most public of places (7-Eleven and other stop-and-goes) all the time…never caring about her appearance, who sees her, or what people think of her actions (she’s been spotted more than once going into a public restroom…barefooteww).

And let’s forget that she married a man, Kevin Federline, whose biggest talent so far has been to sire children…with Britney (who is 6 months pregnant with their second child) and with his previous girlfriend, Shar Jackson, whom he left to marry Britney while Shar was preggers with one of his kids.

Instead let’s focus on Britney breaking down in tears while talking with Matt Lauer two weeks ago, saying she wanted the privacy and respect due her as a human being. (A ruse…I might add…that I actually fell for and that softened my heart toward her…thumps self for being so gullible.)

“You have babies at home. And…you have a life. And if you don’t, you have to realize that we’re people and that we … just need privacy and we need our respect. And those are things that you have to have as a human being.”
–Britney Spears, speaking to Matt Lauer on Dateline NBC

Here’s some free advice Brit, the best way to earn respect…and, yes, you must earn this, honey…is to not pose nude for the cover of a national magazine while you’re pregnant. Even if you cross your legs to hide your ho-ho or wrap your hands strategically across your ta-tas…you’re still using the unborn baby growing in your belly to gain noteriety, as well as to sell magazines, your image, and yourself.

And your right to privacy? That pretty much goes out the window for anyone who sets foot outside their front door…let alone anyone who agrees to have their bare ass stare at the general public from every newstand in America.