Stars Are Clueless


hilton.jpgIn another stunning example of Public Relations spin that has left my mouth agape…I present to you the latest from one Miss Paris Hilton, who has declared that she wants to be a mother…and soon.

“I know in my heart of hearts I would be a great mother…I have a lot of beautiful animals that I look after and I feel that I would have a lot to give to my children. . . . And I don’t want to be an old mom — hopefully it’ll happen soon, within the next five years.”
–Paris Hilton, London Mirror

It’s rare that Paris ever actually has anything to say…I mean, she normally just shows up for photo ops at the latest fabulous event. Right?

So now are we to believe that this usually (thankfully) mum starlett has been washed with a flood of maternal desire? A desire that would cause this 25-year-old to gush publicly over how she must have kids before she is dried up and crusty and in her mid-30s (or perhaps in her late 50s).

Mmmmm…I’m thinking…no.

I’m thinking this is just another serendipitous announcement that comes when a star needs media attention…just how are Paris’ album sales doing for her new reggae hit Stars Are Blind? According to Billboard the song debuted at No. 18 of the Hot 100s…but sales must be kept high, you know.

Oh, and then there’s the matter of Paris’ quaint little television program with Nicole Richie on Fox…The Simple Life.

I did just a quick search to see what charming episodes are being featured this season and, lo and behold, Paris and Nicole…ready yourself for this…try their hand at parenting.

What a coincidence…truly a shocker.

Seriously…I hope this is P.R. because the idea of Paris parenting…honestly…gives me the dry heaves.

But if it is true…maybe she and Britney can get together for playdates…oh, and they could even bring their children.


3 Responses to “Stars Are Clueless”

  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Don’t worry your purty lil head over this! She won’t actually be raising her own children….she’ll have a fleet of nannies for that!

  2. TALK! Says:

    Ha! How right you are?

    But I still have to wonder if she’ll carry them around as accessories in a designer bag…like she does Tinkerbell?

  3. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, wouldn’t you??


    Oh, yeah, I’m sure she’ll trot them out when the occasion calls for a “family photo-op”. How fun to have life size dress up dolls, huh?

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