Marie Claire Gets Nose Out of Joint Over Ashlee’s Schnoz


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I wasn’t going to post today but I came across this little gem of an article about Marie Claire magazine readers lashing out against Ashlee Simpson and wanted to write a little somethin’ somethin’.

Apparently Simpson was the July cover model (pictured above) for the magazine and spoke of being happy with herself and encouraged others…especially, young girls…to learn to look in the mirror and be confident in who they are.

“Everyone is made differently, and that’s what makes us beautiful and unique. I want girls to look in the mirror and feel confident.”
–Ashlee Simpson, Marie Claire

Now that Simpson allegedly has had rhinoplasty…the editor and readers of Marie Claire are yelling foul.

They say that Simpson is a hypocrit for making those comments and then having her nose done.

Well…I’m wondering who is really guilty of sending a mixed message…Ashlee Simpson or Marie Claire?

Far be it from me to be the champion for the younger Simpson sister, but I wonder if she really was talking about physical appearance when she said young girls should look in the mirror and be confident in who they are. I’d never be one to accuse Simpson of deep thinking…but I normally think of that statement as more of a metaphorical one. Isn’t the whole point of being happy with who you are to be happy with your entire being…not just your external being?

Marie Claire on the other hand is a magazine that sells images for women to study, critique, and, ultimately, emulate. (I’m not a Marie Claire reader…so someone tell me if I’m wrong on this.)

I think for Marie Claire and its readers to judge Ashlee Simpson for getting a nose job is a little like the pot calling the kettle black.


I mean, I’m not an advocate for plastic surgery…but I’m definitely not going to judge someone for doing it. (I might wonder why…but I wouldn’t judge.)

Personally, I don’t think Simpson needed to have surgery. I thought she had a beautiful look…one that was more striking than her sister’s more traditional beauty. I think her new nose makes her face look strange now and it makes me sad for her. But, she’s 23 years old and can decide for herself how she wants to look.

Didn’t I go out in the last week to get contacts and a pedicure and have my chin waxed and get a new hairstyle so I would look and feel my best?

I may not ever go to the extreme of plastic surgery…but who am I judge someone who does?


9 Responses to “Marie Claire Gets Nose Out of Joint Over Ashlee’s Schnoz”

  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I agree that she probably meant her statements in a more universal “whole-person” sense, but haven’t you heard of that theory that the reader is always right? I mean, if the readers of Marie Claire interpreted her, in the interview, as meaning that girls should accept their physical selves and embrace their physical differences as beautiful…then her actions do seem very at odds with her statements.

    I, personally, believe that we all have the same capacity for hypocrisy. I mean, on the one hand I’m judging her for “fixing” her nose and being sooo vain, on the other hand I spend so much time and money on clothes, hair, make-up. I’m very concious of how other people think I look. I also care very much that people think I’m smart, funny, kind and generous…but first impressions are usually about appearances.

    Also-think of another celeb being crucified (unfortunately, can’t think of another way to put it) for hypocrisy right now: Mel Gibson. Wonder if any of us have ever said or thought something really, very dark and evil. Wonder if thinking those things are the same as saying them out loud. I’m not sure….Just curious what you might think.

    Oooohhhh…I’m so deep.

  2. TALK! Says:

    OOOOOoooooo…you really are a deep thinker…I like that in a gal! 😉

    I thought the theory is “the customer is always right.” About the reader being right…well, I know interpreting writing is a subjective thing but this comment came from a periodical. Granted, it’s not a news periodical…but it was written (more than likely) by some type of journalist…who has an obligation to his or her reader to present a fair and accurate picture of the person they interview. If things were unclear then it’s the WRITER’S fault, not the reader’s for misinterpretation.

    But I don’t think it’s really a misinterpretation. I think the problem is a combination of a couple of things. First, the readers are being too literal with what Simpson said. Even Ashlee Simpson can’t be dumb enough to think that everyone should look in the mirror and be happy with their physical appearance. That would be a ridiculous thing for anyone to say. The whole point of the writer including that kind of a statement from Simpson in the first place was to show her depth…I say this because it came from an article that was accompanied with a cover shot. No fashion magazine is going to place a beautiful model on the cover to sell magazines and then in their write-up have them come across as shallow and petty and focused solely on surface beauty. Now, had this been a scathing article on Ashlee (which they might end up doing, based on the editor’s comments), the same comment would have been set up to show definitively that Ashlee is, indeed, shallow and petty.

    My other problem with this whole thing is how, ultimately, these unkind remarks toward a girl, who, let’s face it, has a mightly big shadow to walk in (and a crazy-ass dad), are being used to sell more magazines. First they use Ashlee to grace their cover (and sell magazines) and then, instead of just letting the readers write in and complain, the editor (in a VERY biased, unjournalist manner), joins the ranks of complainers (to cover her ass). This little maneuvere (sp?) by the editor is despicable to me. Because now she’s (I’m assuming a she) using this negative spin to bring her magazine into the spotlight and, ultimately, sell more magazines. Why not just let the readers vent and run their letters? Why speak out along with them…TO MAKE MORE MONEY.

    I, too, think we are all guilty at times of hypocrisy. And maybe I’m wrong and Ashlee is a hypocrit, but why is the media running this story…because they can make something of it (she’s just coming out from the SNL/lip synching scandal from a few years ago). But what really burns my ass is that…just like how she wasn’t the only one who has ever lip synched at a live performance (read this weekend’s recap about AGT and The Hoff)…she’s not the only cover model to have had plastic surgery. And I’d put money on the fact that other cover models have talked shit before too about beauty and depth and making the world a better place and buying everyone puppies. Ashlee’s biggest problem is her timing is off. She should have waited to get the nose job…then no one would have given a rip about what she said six months ago in Marie Claire. I didn’t even know she was on the cover…now everyone knows. Ultimately, Ashlee’s faux pas probably increased the readership of the magazine more than her picture ever would. Marie Claire should be thanking her…not criticizing her.

    It’s all about P.R. spin anyway…and this is just more of it. It’s disgusting what people do to make money.

    Now, I’ve already written a friggin’ book but I had to address your mention of Mel Gibson. I was just talking to my friend Staci today about that very thing. I told her exactly what you wrote…how we all have evil, dark sides but we’re governed by the mores of society to keep those demons in check. You can’t tell me that all those Soul Patrol women who were (and this will be the only time I use this vile word on my blog) “thudding” for Taylor didn’t harbor dark and perverse sexual thoughts about him. Add liquor to the majority of Hicks Chicks and I’m sure we’d see depravity like never before seen.

    Should Mel have said those horrible things? No. But the bigger picture is that he has a problem…he’s an alcoholic. Aren’t the most liberal of liberals always preaching tolerance and acceptance of others and helping addicts instead of judging them? Why now are they blasting someone who obviously needs help? Where is the compassion now? (I’m picking on liberals because they’ve been the most outspoken…Barabara Walters…my nemisis, second only to Kenny Rogers.)

    If these people think murderers and rapists can be rehabilitated then why can’t Mel Gibson?

    And beyond that…do we really know if those are his real feelings?

    Don’t people get drunk all the time and end up in bed with a complete stranger? Who would do that sober? Very, very few. Alcohol impairs judgement and, apparently, renders people totally STUPID.

    I think all the tolerance Hollywood says it has of all lifestyles and beliefs and behaviors is total bullshit.

    People are human and they are going to make mistakes…one of the most common is judging others. Folks rarely think before they cast stones.

    And once scapegoats and piriahs (sp?) are found…they are rarely given any slack…even when their actions are cries for help.

    Ashlee’s nose goes beyond her being a vain hypocrit.

    Gibson’s drunken remarks go beyond him being anti-semitic (if he really is).

    Hell…my weight goes beyond me liking Cheese Puffs.

    The point is…every person has deep-seeded issues that manifest in unpleasant ways (some obvious and some hidden to the public). We do not need to judge others for the hurt they cause to themselves while they unsuccessfully deal with their problems. We need to uplift them in prayer and love them and help them.

  3. TALK! Says:

    I must retract my blanket statement above about the liberals in Hollywood all flogging Mel Gibson.

    In this article, some of his Hollywood friends defend him.

    I apologize for my too-harsh words in the above post.

    But I still can’t stand Barbara Walters and no one can make me like her.

  4. Quossum Says:

    Mel Gibson? Isn’t he that guy from Lethal Weapon?


  5. TALK! Says:

    Q…you’re killing me.

    I’m glad I bled all over my computer keys to dig deep into my soul and pour my words out to you…so I could tell you that, yes, he’s the guy from Lethal Weapon.

    Tomorrow I’ll be writing a thesis on the AIDS epidemic and, before you read, let me tell you now…the guy from Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) was also in a movie about AIDS.

    (snicker..snark..can’t wait for Sunday)

  6. suzi-q Says:

    I love it, I am impressed by all the deep thoughts promoted by, of all things, a nose job:) I think the core of “Talk” ers should have their own show and get broad coverage BIGGER than “baba wawa” to TELL the WORLD that “this is this and that is that”. I love it!!! and I love reading “TALK”. Thanks, Shelley (no how you love CAPS on words) Powers:)

  7. Dana Says:

    I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I can’t turn the other cheek when it comes to Mel Gibson’s remarks. First because “I’m soooooooooooo drunk” only works until the age of 22, or after your last Frat party. Second because – unfortunately – people really do feel that if a celebrity says it, it’s okay for them to say it too. I can tell you upfront that in my drunkest, deepest heart o’ heart, I’ve never thought such things about other races/cultures/religions. So I’d appreciate if Mr. Big Hoo Hah Gibson wouldn’t piss on mine. And finally his asking the Jewish community for help in “healing” just about made me heave. Help you, you say? Hmm. Okay. Just as long as you learn Hebrew, quote the Talmud, and get circumsized(preferably while awake). What a putz.

    About Mary Claire, I agree with you. The magazine has some chutzpah telling Ashlee Simper-son that she doesn’t “love herself as she is.” They’re in the business of making young girls (and women) feel badly about themselves, and want breast implants, liposuction and other modern evils. Glass houses, Mary Claire. Glass houses.

  8. TALK! Says:

    Dana, I really appreciate your candor and opinion. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope to see you post again!

  9. Z Says:

    Wow, some excellent back and forth here.
    As for the Ashlee-Marie Claire cat fight, I agree that the magazine is being rather hypocritical. I’ve found myself looking at these perfect women, wondering why I can’t look like that. ?!?!?! I am a grown woman! These magazines exist because of the images their ads sell. When’s the last time you saw an ugly woman in a fashion mag ad.
    As for the rest, it’s too late at night for me to tackle that issue right now. 🙂

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