Very Good Biogurt…and Happy 76th to Sir Connery


Happy Friday to all…and to the sexiest 76-year-old man on the planet…happy birthday, Sean.


9 Responses to “Very Good Biogurt…and Happy 76th to Sir Connery”

  1. double d Says:

    Oh, Sir Sean….the absolute perfect man. He definitely gives Taylor a run for his money.

    James Bond Sean = Sheer sexy

    ‘The Rock’ Sean = Sheer sexy

    Only 30 years between them. Seriously, he and Paul Newman…umph!

  2. TALK! Says:

    I know.

    It’s amazing to me how these men have kept their “sexy” all these years!

    I’m 36 and I’ve already lost mine. 😉

  3. bamaborntxbred Says:

    You can break me off a piece of Paul Newman. (He makes great spaghetti sauce…yum!)

    Happy Birthday Sir Sexy Sean! (Although that commercial is disturbing. I might be having nightmares about Japanese bunny rabbits tonight.)

  4. TALK! Says:

    Bama…be sure to check under the “Redneck Jihad” post to see the link I put to download “Corporate America” from SendSpace.


  5. nolagirl Says:

    Happy Friday right back at ya! Today is a 3:00 Friday for me, so I’m in an extra good mood (that plus the drugs are working for my cold, so it’s much better!).

  6. TALK! Says:

    Sooooo jellis am I. You’re leaving at 3?

    Have a great “long” weekend…and don’t take too many drugs. 😉

  7. nolagirl Says:

    Yep, leaving at 3:00! (I’ll try not to rub it in any further)


  8. Quossum Says:

    Who is this guy?

    Hee hee–just kidding, even *I* know who he is. I’ve heard that many stars appear in Japanese commercials…something about the rights…?


  9. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Hey shell, they should make a show that titles “when stars fill in the downtime!”

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