What I Want On This Sunday Afternoon



Forget love.

Forget Taylor Hicks.

Forget “Green Card”

I want $238.

Yep, $238 is what it will take to make me happy right now…’cause that’s how much it’s going to cost (at minimum) to fix the plumbing in my house.

Right now, my front bathroom is like a damn geiser…as the main line of my house has backed up and dirty water is bubbling up from under the toilet and in the tub.

Of course you’d know it’s laundry day…so all my clothes (including what I wore to the grocery store this morning) are in the washer.

So, I’m sitting here without a bra on and in the T-shirt I wear when there’s nothing else to wear and the sweat pants that have a hole in the butt and are 5 inches too short, waiting for friggin’ Curtis the Roto-Rooter Guy to show up.

Grrrrrr…at life.

(No…Banda and Double D…I will NOT look at this as an opportunity to meet a guy…’cause if Curtis’ standards are so low that he’d be interested in me right now…then he’s bound to have something wrong with him.)

UPDATE: Curtis the Roto-Rooter Guy just called to say that his van caught fire (no, I’m not kidding) and he won’t be coming…but he’s sending another guy to help me out.

I only hope he gets here soon…I don’t want to miss the Emmys tonight.

I could really use a shot of red carpet glamour about now…don’t ya think!?


4 Responses to “What I Want On This Sunday Afternoon”

  1. suzi-q Says:

    I am honored my dear tony er shelley to get the official word of the day prize!!!!!!!! I am also thrilled that you had laughter in your day and the dampness of your life has remained in the bathroom only!!!! Pray the dampness in the Gulf dissipates to just raindrops so we will have a great time together this coming weekend! Coop and Rachelle sound good together on the violin and guitar (playing not sitting) thanks so much for sending the music! I hope you have a great time watching the emmys and I hope too that you enjoy the walk in your hall down a dry carpet!
    Word verification is exactly what I want for hurricanes and water leaking to do ” ittamss” us:)

  2. nolagirl Says:

    What a mess! I do believe I have flushed Clorox wipes down the toilet before as well. Thankfully, nothing happened!

    How is it this morning?

  3. TALK! Says:

    It’s fine. 🙂

    And it wasn’t just one or two Clorox wipes…it was a container and a half.

    I’ve been using them for a while to do touch up cleaning in my bathrooms. I just assumed they were flusable (I didn’t even think to read the stupid label).

    After the Roto-Rooter guy admonished me for clogging up the works…I checked the label. And it clearly says, “DO NOT FLUSH.” However, I think that should be written in bold letters on the FRONT of the container!

    Anyway…I’m just happy it was a fixable problem.

  4. nolagirl Says:

    Man, I do the same thing – spot cleaning the bathroom in between cleanings! Thanks to you, I now know to steer clear from the toilet with those things!

    P.S. I heart Clorox Wipes. A great, great invention.

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