Will Taylor Make a Video?


Okay…so this has probably been discussed to death on other blogs and boards…but I wanted to get my readers’ opinions.

Tonight’s broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards got me to thinking about Taylor’s future in the pop world.

His much beloved version of “Taking It to the Streets” on American Idol not only marked the end to his “bunny days”…but caused Simon to declare that Taylor “single-handedly could kill the music video industry.”

Now…months after Idol…we’re seeing that Taylor is very much interested in forging his own way through the pop music machine…playing side gigs with LMBO, focusing on the music, writing a memoir about being a struggling musician for 10 years, not rushing his album.

All of this makes me wonder if he will even DO a music video when his first solo album comes out.

What do y’all think? Will he or won’t he? Would it help or hurt him? What are the benefits? The cons?

And if he does do one…what should it be like? Fast with lots of Taylorized dance moves? Or soulful and slow with lots of Taylorized ooey gooey sexy goodness?

What markets will he need to reach with these videos?

Do you think he even gives a crap about doing them…since it’s really about the music?

MSNBC has a pretty good article on this…for those interested.

I wasn’t an Idol watcher in the early years (or really even much last year) so I don’t know if the other four Idols did videos to their first release. Is it odd that Taylor doesn’t have a video for “Do I Make You Proud?”

Also, with Taylor’s and Kat’s albums both slated for release on Nov. 14…do y’all think that will drive him to go against all he’s been saying about a Christmas release to compete with Kat? Or, since their markets are so different…do you think it matters?

Let me what y’all think!


38 Responses to “Will Taylor Make a Video?”

  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I don’t think he needs to make a video to be successful. I would like to see one of course…that would be great for me!

    I think he would be better served on VH1 than MTV for two reasons: First, they have a more mature audience. Second, they actually play videos sometimes. (Weird, I know).

    I remember Kelly made a video for A Moment Like This…it played for a while and I think went to #1 on MTV. I have no idea about the others. I really hope Taylor doesn’t make a video for DIMYP. I would rather see one for an original song….and initially, I’d prefer an ooey gooey slow simmered song. I think he’d win more fans that way.

    I know it’s “all about the music” (which, btw, the more I hear, the more it bugs me…I don’t know why…maybe somebody can shrink me and lemme know), but video’s can be a valid form of self-expression. (Hello, Peter Gabriel…I know it’s not so current…but still..he’s really respected as an artist, yet made rad vids.)

  2. TALK! Says:

    Oooooo…Bama said “rad.” If DD hadn’t already won prize of the day…I’d have to hook you up for that one! Great word.

    I see your points. My only problem is him being on VH1. Doesn’t that come with an air of “uncoolness” or “oldness” associated with it…at least to some degree? I think I’d rather see him NOT do a video rather than do one and have it run only on VH1. But then, I don’t have cable and haven’t seen VH1 in about 7 years.

    Not that MTV is the pinnacle of greatness…but in it’s 25-year history it has (unfortunately) gained some status as the litmus to pass when climbing the ladder to pop stardom.

    I guess the bigger question may be…is Taylor actually trying to achieve pop stardom? Or is he simply working as a musician? I mean, yeah Billy Joel hasn’t had a hit in while, but if he did…I wonder if a video would even be considered. He’s already established himself and has all the “cred” he needs. But then…it may just be expected for musicians to have videos.

    I totally am behind you on NOT having a video for DIMYP. Point. Less. (And, yes, ooey gooey sexy goodness is the direction I’d like to see a first video go in.)

    Also…I hadn’t thought about it until now…but I think you’re right…”all about the music” is getting pretty annoying. I think because it’s starting to sound trite and overused…since he’s on tour with AI and we haven’t heard anything new out of him (for good reason…but nonetheless).

    Great feedback, Bama. You’re so rad.

  3. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Am I your only reader with no shame when it comes to goofing around at work? It’s always just me and you in the middle of the day!

    You do have a good point about MTV being way cooler than VH1…but I’m afeared for him to stick his toes into the muck that is the sexually and materially driven, 14-22 year old (main) viewership of MTV. I think that the peeps that would appreciate Taylor aren’t them. And is it about building #’s for him to prove that he is what we say he is? Or is he just who he is…because he is? (What?!)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one getting annoyed by the “all about the music” phrase. It’s not even that it comes from him…but that other people so freely and liberally use it in reference to him. It’s so overdone.

  4. TALK! Says:

    Yeah…I don’t know where folks go during the day. I can’t imagine people NOT wanting to spend every minute here…chatting with two of the greatest minds to ever walk the planet!

    You’re right about MTV. I don’t think the 14-22-year-old set is Taylor’s market. Not that he doesn’t have fans in that range (my brother, Cooper, and Holeigh), but I think more often, older fans have a greater appreciation for his style of music. I wonder how he feels about that. I mean…if he’s doing these side gigs with LMBO at the more “club” type places…does that mean he’s still shooting for the younger set?

    I’ve often wondered how he, as a 30-year-old guy, feels looking out at a sea of middle-aged women in rhinestones and who, often, could stand to lose more than a pound or two. Not that that type of fan DOESN’T appreciate the music…but…

    I mean…with me being so overweight…and older than Taylor…sometimes I wonder if I’m the kind of fan he wants. (Is this line of thought devolving into how men prefer young, thin, blondes? If so, sorry.)

    What do you think?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Everytime I post here it gets rejected. Shelly is mad.


  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’ve thought the same thing myself. I realllly hate to say this but, I get frustrated at other fan sites a lot b/c even though I’m 34, I have a very young mentality…not to say I’m immature…although I am…that’s not the point here. 🙂

    I’m just trying to say that I am very much aware of what is hip in clothes, music (not just pop-also alternative, hard rock, rap, etc.), entertainment trends…

    So, I get frustrated at some other sites b/c I feel like everyone is sooo old. They sound old, listen to oldies music, talk about old stuff, about how it’s “all about the music”, and just SEEM old.

    I sound like a beeotch. My point is this: I feel like the only person in the world that loves Taylor, that isn’t a Grandma (except for you and the other chicks on this site). (Not that there’s anything wrong with Grandma’s. I love ’em!)And I feel like this is such a disservice to Taylor.

    I don’t think b/c you (me too-don’t we all?) need to lose some weight has anything to do with if Taylor would want you as a fan. You seem to have a broad knowledge of music and trends, etc. I think he might be way more frustrated if he thought the only fans he could muster are the types that only-ever listen to old styles of music and would be uncomfortable with Widespread Panic or Snoop Dogg. I think he wants to shake things up and fuse old and new. So if he could have fans that can embrace all types, styles, periods of music, he would be satisfied.

    So the MTV generation may not be right b/c they might not be open to the old…Some of the current SPers might not be right b/c they won’t be open to the new.

    You see?

  7. TALK! Says:

    Huh? Gray…how are you getting rejected?

    TELL ME!

    I will drive to Blogger headquarters and kick someone’s ass for rejecting our little Gray!

    Seriously…let me know what the problem and I’ll try to figure it out. I’ve got all the settings on this thing set to where anyone should be able to post.

    Oh…wait…I did have to switch over to Blogger Beta (Google bought Blogger and the site was crashing all the time…so I had to switch)…and a known bug with the new system is how the site works with Safari.

    That could be the problem (you’re a Mac user, right?). They say they are working on it.

    If you have Firefox…it works pretty seamlessly with the site…just a suggestion.

    I want to hear your thoughts on this video thing, though…

    (Glad to hear from you…it’s been too long.)

  8. double d Says:

    I would love to see a Taylor video in the Jamie Lidell vein. Fun and lively. I think a “slow burn” video could actually hurt Taylor in gaining street cred.

    He may not have a choice as J Records may demand the video. That’s why if I were him, I do the fun/PTFMWB-type video. Then he could “stick it to the man”… again, and have them love every minute of it…again.

    p.s. Hey Gray…hope you’re getting some sunshine at the Mouse.

  9. double d Says:

    This is what I’m talking about…


  10. TALK! Says:

    Bama…that sounds like an equation that won’t balance out!
    Wow…Taylor really has a fine line to walk. 😉

    But did see where you’re coming from. Although, you know, he may just be happy he HAS fans.

    DD…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Multiply video. I think that kind of thing could definitely work for Taylor.

    Yeah, a video might just be a contract standard thing to do…but tell me a little more about WHY you think a “slow burn” could hurt him.

  11. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nah- I think there are craploads of peeps that are open to all kinds of music.

    I think music industry folk might only see the MTVers as being the only consumers out there. Then there are the SPers who, I’m afraid, might reject Taylor if he doesn’t fit their “mold”.

    But-I believe the children are the future…NO..I mean, I believe that there is that middle ground of people….”The Masses” that will really dig his music. So, he’s all good.

    I just hope that others that aren’t really tuned into him yet don’t get that granny-vibe off of his current fans. That’s why he’s lucky to have us. ‘Cause we’re so freakin’ cool.

  12. double d Says:

    I think that the “sexy” slow burn type of video would receive much ridicule from the music industry. I think that it might look to some as though Taylor is taking the whole sex symbol thing a little too seriously and that it’s really not “about the music”. Makes him too easy of a mark for that kind of stuff.

    Just as a DIMYP video would be cheesy, so would a sultry, romantic type of video. A fun, upbeat video like Multiply let’s him show off, have fun and really keep it “about the music”.

    That’s my take on it, but hey, he’s not askin’ me. I’m sure he’ll do what makes him most comfortable. Of course, if he MUST make one, Mobile is most likely the best location to do so. (it’s still only 3 hours from Jackson)


  13. TALK! Says:

    LOL…so true, Bama…so friggin’ true. 😉


    And for the record…if some die-hard SPer up and rejects Taylor because he suddenly doesn’t fit their mold…they are morons.

    I say this because I don’t believe Taylor is the kind of artist who would suddenly do something that is against his better judgement as an artist with a particular vision…videos included. I mean…he had to have a vision beyond singing in bars or we probably would have never heard of him. I think the same could be said for chosing to do a video…or chosing the type of video he makes (if he’s contractly obligated to make a video).

  14. TALK! Says:

    DD said, “receive much ridicule from the music industry. I think that it might look to some as though Taylor is taking the whole sex symbol thing a little too seriously and that it’s really not “about the music”. Makes him too easy of a mark for that kind of stuff.”

    I didn’t think of that…very good point.

    I forget that there are those folks out there who won’t cut him any slack no matter what.

    …but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a video of Taylor walking barefoot on the beach with the cuffs of his jeans rolled up and his feet in the surf…while the sut sets over the water and it begins to mist…making his white shirt cling to his chest…and then he reaches a bareback horse and climbs on and rides through the rain…to me…and I’m wearing a willowly white dress and have no trace of ever having a git tooth…and, together, we ride the horse up a rainbow and into the clouds…and…

  15. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Right on Shelley! I just know how quickly people can turn when things don’t go how they think they should.

    Also-How would you feel about someone that is a die hard Taylor fan that wants to turn in their Soul Patrol card? Can a fan of Taylor NOT be an SPer?

  16. double d Says:

    …with a little kitten on his shoulder…

  17. double d Says:

    Bama – I’m sure that there are many Jimmy Buffet fans who are not “Parrotheads”.

    I still like the phrasing “Soul Patrol”, just don’t need bracelets, bands, woo dust or the like…I’m thinking that in about 6 months, you’re going to see a more clearer picture of Taylor’s fans….the wheat will separate from the chaff when AI cranks back up.

  18. TALK! Says:

    Okay…I think I see where you’re headin’ with this…but tell me if I’m wrong.

    Here’s the thing…I will always be a Soul Patroler…regardless of how kooky I think other Soul Patrolers may be.

    It’s like me always being a Southern Baptist…regardless of how kooky I think some Southern Baptists are.

    To me…you define the title…not vice versa.

    I will remain a Soul Patroler as long as Taylor calls to the Soul Patrol for support.

    Will I join the ranks of the Glitternatzis? MMmmmm….very doubtful.

    Did I want to pounce on Taylor at Linn Park in Birmingham while others were hounding him for pictures and autographers? Yes. But did I do it? No.

    Did a crazed SPer try to take my spot on the floor at the WorkPlay? Yes. But then did other, normal, SPers help me out? Yes.

    It’s all about showing restraint and…as silly as it sounds…showing respect.

    Other than registering on several boards months ago…I’ve never done anything to officially sign myself up for the Soul Patrol. I’m a self-proclaimed Soul Patroller…a title I feel I EARNED because of my dedication to voting for Taylor…and spending money to support Taylor and his goal of winning AI.

    Because I logged so many hours at GrayCharles and because I’ve listened to hours and hours of Taylor songs and because I voted and got others to vote for Taylor (it took me two months to pay off my texting bill) and because I have a sense of belonging to Taylor as one of his fans…I won’t let any nut that tarnishes the name of the Soul Patrol take away MY joy in being a Soul Patoler.

    Cue the trumpet fanfare and release the friggin’ doves.

  19. bamaborntxbred Says:

    All I know is that I’m whole grain wheat. The chaff can burn baby! Burn!

    I just feel separated from the group mentality of the “Soul Patrol”. I’m too independent, I think.

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    And, yes. I feel I’ve earned something in terms of being a fan of Taylor’s. I’ve done things for him that I never even did for my favorite band of all time, U2. So, I feel definitely like I CAN call myself Soul Patrol if I want….I just don’t know if I want to. Maybe I can be Monkbot Patrol. You can too….if you wanna….Monkbot Patrol! Wooo!

  21. TALK! Says:

    How about I can be both!

    Soul Monkbot Patrol…Woo! 😉

  22. TALK! Says:

    Oh…and DD…the kitten is a must!

  23. double d Says:

    Talk! said: “Cue the trumpet fanfare and release the friggin’ doves.”

    and kittens, don’t forget the cute, little kittens.

    Exactly, Shel. You so articulate my thoughts so well. Thank you.

    Soul Patrol comes with a lot of different faces and only some factions are beserk. I think that Brian, Sam, Zippy, Jeff and Mitch are all Soul Patrollers, Randy Jackson is a Soul Patroller, Mandy Moore is a Soul Patroller…hell, even Gray is a Soul Patroller. And Gray is cooler than watermelon ice cream on an Alabama August day.

    It’s been my experience that in virtually every situation, there are 20% of the crowd that are, shall we say “overly enthusastic”, while 80% (the silent majority) are much more restrained and yes, respectful. There is always a bell-shaped curve…with fringes on both sides.

  24. double d Says:

    And Bama – I hear ya! Whole grain wheat — Yeee-asss!

    I choose to think that I am of the Soul Patrol that Taylor refers to as a way of being true to one’s self.

    I do like the Monkbot faction of the Soul Patrol, though. Like “Soul Patrol/Monkbot Division”

  25. TALK! Says:

    Gray is even cooler than Muscadine Ripple ice cream on a hot Mississippi Day! 😀

    Now cue the trumpet fanfare…the friggin’ doves…and those damn kittens!

  26. double d Says:

    Yeah for the kittens!

    And, let’s hear it for wheat, baby!

    Now, I really HAVE to do some work.

    D to the 2nd power

  27. TALK! Says:

    DD said…”Soul Patrol/Monkbot Division”


    Gotta do this, folks…DD, it’s a historical day, as you are now the first person to get the Prize of the Day TWICE in one day!

    The Official Word of the Day Prize.

  28. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Gray is cooler than ice cream flavored kittens after the 38th straight day of 100+ pure Texas heat wave!

    Soul Patrol
    Monkbot Division

  29. TALK! Says:

    Check out the new TALK! banner…in honor of Bama and DD.

  30. double d Says:

    Bama…I give..YOU, are the coolest.

    Shel, on the new banner… I’m verklempt……talk amongst yourselves….

  31. TALK! Says:

    Okay, girls…I’m off to yet ANOTHER dentist appointment.

    I swear…I’ll be so glad to get all this crap finished!

    See ya later, gators.

  32. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, Shelley! I’m crying laughing at the banner! That is hilarious!

    Unless people read every comment of every post…they will never understand. Ever.

    That’s fabulous. I love it!

    Have fun with the sexy gray haired dentist. Hope he’s gentle!

  33. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- I only dream of being as cool as you!


  34. NOLAgirl Says:

    Bama, don’t you worry, I would have MUCH rather been playing here with y’all today … but I have had to actually work at work this week (novel idea, huh?.

    Ok, so my 2 cents.

    Please no DIMYP video. And I don’t think I have to beg, because I seriously doubt that would happen anyway. Bad move.

    About videos. Ok, maybe I am just completely unhip, but I think VH1 has become cooler that it used to be. But that might be because I am in the 25+ category as opposed to the 21 and under MTV lovers. (although I do love me some Laguna Beach on MTV) I kinda think videos will me a moot point for Taylor’s career. The older fans who do not watch those stations won’t need to be persuaded by any video to decide whether or not they buy an album. They’ll preview it on iTunes. His already established fans are ALREADY in line for his album, so it doesn’t matter there. And then for the younger crowd that may actually watch videos on MTV/VH1, I think they will recognize that he’s from American Idol and root for him on that basis, if on nothing else. If his music is doing well on account of the more solid part of his fanbase, then it will get more air play as it is … and that age group seems to be easily swayed by what’s on the TRL Top 10 or whatever it’s called.

    Ok, I am rambling and don’t even know waht the hell I”m talking about any more! Loooong week!!

  35. suzi-q Says:

    I love reading all the great insights and friendship y’all carry to each other. I have just a brief word about the man who is Taylor Hicks. I am a grandmom and will have another sweet one to join the two I have now BUT Taylor Hicks is his own phenomenon. I can remember being so in love with Elvis the Pelvis and thinking that I would die if ever I had the chance to see him in person, he was just beautiful and oozed manliness and humility, believe it or not. I was a young married woman and imagined my husband to be akin to Elvis in looks, dance and charm. Elvis was unheard of as he did the country fair circuits for several years and toured clubs around the country. He was loved by anyone with life in them and all enjoyed him and his music. I did not imagine him as having any faults, especially the tormented life he must have lived prior to his death (uppers and downers). Demands to remain the beautiful entertainer he started out as being, slim, svelt, and good looking. Anyway though Taylor worked for a long time at his music we saw him for about four ? months and overnight he became a sensation. I think in his wisdom he is aware how time flies and “slow and steady” wins the race. Taylor will be a hit for a long time whether he does videos or not. He is a charming, manly, beautiful entertainer who is comfortable in his own skin. Something tells me that he is such a smart man that we won’t have to worry about him.

  36. TALK! Says:

    Wow, Suzi-Q…that’s really insightful.

    And for the record…your sweet hubby is very much akin in looks to Elvis! Believe me girls…I know. 😉

    NOLA…I’m glad to hear that VH1 is more hip than it used to be.

    And, although I do want to see a video of Taylor with rainbows, waves, kittens and me…I think you may be right.

  37. double d Says:

    Yeah for the kittens!

  38. NOLAgirl Says:

    Yeah, I think it has gained popularity in the wake of the reality TV craze. They have a series of shows that fit under what they call “Celebreality” and I think they are raking in the big bucks with it. Such has been the advent of “Flavor of Love,” “Hogan Knows Best,” “The Surreal Life,” etc.

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