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Great Article on Taylor’s New Album

September 7, 2006

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Entertainment Weekly has a wonderful Q&A with the silver-haired Soul Man online today.

Although the interviewer is a little snotty at times…I like how he asks meatier questions than the usual fare.

One concern about the album that this interview raises for me is the “new-wave sounds” that will be driven by producer Matt Serleti, who worked with Carlos Santana on “Smooth.” Yeah, the effects were great…but I can’t stand Santana. I hope we don’t get a Santana-esque type sound.

Bites nails nervously.

However, I love, love, love that Taylor’s collaborating with Michael McDonald and John Mayer (who, by the way, isn’t dating Jessica Simpson…I don’t think).

And the reference to Chris Gaines was hilarious.

I also love that Taylor aspires to be a legend…although the interviewer made it sound cockier than I think Taylor meant it.

Geesh, our boy is being evasive on the theme of the album…but maybe because it’s not a theme-driven piece of work. Perhaps he’s going for great songs…that touch on all kinds of themes.

Still it surprises me…seeing how he’s a very old-school-type of musician who seems to appreciate the traditional approach to album-making, which cohesively showcases a collection of songs that play off each other to create a unified piece of art work.

Although he does say, “I’m collecting and writing music. I’m starting to put ideas together for the record to have a similar thread, and I’m using one producer as opposed to 50.” But is he talking about the sound of the album or the theme? Mmmm…ponders.

I’m just going to have faith…and cross my fingers.

Finally, my favorite quote from the article is about what Taylor expects from the Soul Patrol:

“Yeah, they’re on the soul train. My hope is that the Soul Patrol will be as large and as fun and as vibrant and as cool as (Jimmy Buffett’s) Parrotheads.”
–Taylor Hicks

Baby, as the webmaster of the home of the Soul Patrol/Monkbot Division…I can promise that I am very much a cool…vibrant…fun…and “large” fan.

Shoot. Blow. Holster.