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"Brass with Ass"

September 9, 2006


Got my new Entertainment Weekly in the mail yesterday evening and found just a smidgen more about Taylor’s album.

The article lists the release date as Nov. 14…though we all know that might not happen.

The rest of the section reads:

“Season 5’s winner–the man who gave hope to rhythmically challenged white men everywhere–will actually be releasing his third album. (He recorded two pre-Idol independent discs.) ‘It’s going to be soulful, old-school, R&B-flavored. But it’s also going to have a new-wave edge,’ he says of the untitled project. Another issue: Hicks hasn’t started recording it yet. ‘There’s gonna be horns,’ he promises of the CD, which may include a track written with John Mayer. ‘I like to say brass with ass.’ Hmmm…now, there’s a title.”

New Wave. Brass with Ass. Soulful. Old School. John Mayer. Michael McDonald.

Rubs hands together with gleeful anticipation.

It’s sounding better and better.