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Houston, We Have Lift Off…A Report from Quossum and NOLAgirl

September 11, 2006


Once again my dear readers have graciously decided to share their stories here at TALK! On Saturday, Quossum (pictured above at left with Bucky Covington) and NOLAgirl (pictured above at right with Chris Daughtry) went to the AI concert in Houston and then to Engine Room to see LiMBO perform, so I’m letting them take the blog out for a spin today.Here’s their recap (conveniently combined into a Q said/NOLA said format by yours truly).

Enjoy! (I know I did.)

Q said:

First things first: No Taylor at LiMBO.

It was great to meet NOLAgirl. She and her mom met with me, James, and three of my friends from work (plus a boyfriend of one of them) at Olive Garden and had a great gab and meal.

At the AI concert, I did get a picture of myself pretending to take a bite from one of the giant poptarts. Score! Our seats were great! James and I happened to be on an aisle, which made me hope…well, get to that later!

It was pretty much what we saw in B’ham, though I think that Lisa was better and Chris wasn’t as good. It was very warm in there (it’s a small venue), and all the performers were sweating like racehorses. Kat sang three songs–ugh. Didn’t get a good “me doing something while she sings” picture because the angles were all wrong.

During Elliot through Kat, the security began *aggressively* clearing the aisle that I was sitting on, and then commenced to station themselves along it at intervals. I became convinced that Taylor would be doing his “Jailhouse Rock” intro along that path! And I was ON the fuckin’ aisle!

But he didn’t. He went down the aisle one section over instead. I was sad.

Taylor did NOT sing “Don’t Let Me Down” and again I felt a bit robbed. He was sweating like a racehorse (like everyone else), and his hair was doing some funny things: a little tuft of it was sticking straight up near his forehead, like he’d pushed his hand through his hair before the gel had “set” and the piece got stuck. It was cute.


In my humble opinion, he started a bit stiffly, but as he sang, he loosened up immensely, so that it ended up looking like him having a hell of a great time, big smiles, spinning in circles, the usual Taylor schtick. He said, “Gimme a T for Texas” during one song, and inserted “Houston, Texas” into several songs.

The harp during TITTS was phenomenal–different from what I’ve heard before. He did the “throw the harp to the ground and jump away from it” move, and by this point was *really* “into it.” He kept saying, “I’ll see you later! I’ll see y’all later!” which I took as a hint that he’d show up at the Engine Room! LOL


NOLA said:

The people behind me were just annoying. Before the concert started, the woman said to her husband in all seriousness, “So who are the Idols this year anyway?” as if it has been 6 years since the show was on in May. Her husband laughed and said, “Well there’s the guy with gray hair, you know the one who won???” I wanted to high five him for making fun of her. Score! Then they proceeded to stand up for most of the concert, yet didn’t crack a smile. Seriously. No clapping along, moving to the music, cheers, NOTHING! I found myself wondering why they spent $70 to be on the floor if they were just going to be the epitome of bumps on a log. Oh well, it didn’t stop me from doing all of the above, like a fool.

There was little girl in the seat next to me who sat on her mom’s lap the whole time. Extra elbow and grooving room for me…sweet!

My mom went to get me a beer before the show while Q and I stood in the closer bar line for their drinks. She told me when she got back that she thinks she looked stupid because she went up to the MILLER SPONSORED beer booth and asked for a Bud Light. Good one, Mom, but thanks for the brew. 😉

Mandisa sounded awesome, but the close-ups on the Jumbotron were gross because of all the sweat. I don’t blame her…it was hot up in that joint.

Lisa gave me goosebumps when she did “Your Song” on the piano. She was the best surprise of the night for me.

Paris and Kellie were my least favorites. Kellie because you couldn’t hear her at times over the music; Paris because she did too much booty dancing and not enough singing.

I would later feel enormous guilt for this, but I went to the bathroom when Bucky started (sorry, it was the beer!). However, while I was peeing, I could hear him singing “Drift Away” and confirmed for the girl in the stall next to me that that was indeed Bucky still singing. (Hey, no one else answered her when she asked…I didn’t want to leave her hanging!)

I have never been a big fan of Chris’ style of music, but I was hoping I’d like it/him better after hearing him in concert. Meh. Not so much. Too much screaming to me. I did, however, like him after having a drunken conversation with him later on in the night

I was not as impressed with Elliott as I thought I’d be. Liked him singing “Trouble” best by far.

The cowboy-hat-wearing, binoculars-using men behind me enjoyed Kat immensely, and I admit that she looked pretty hot. I was afraid the girls might fly out when she was “dancing” during one part in “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” but, thankfully for ME, we were spared. Did not enjoy “Think” or “Over the Rainbow.” Showed my sign of protest by not clapping. I know, I am lame. But my mom didn’t either, and she’s one of the nicest people I know. So there, Kat!

And of course, best for last. Taylor’s set seriously whizzed by. It was over before we knew it! As expected, “Takin It to the Streets” was HOT, figuratively and literally. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt WITH a jacket over it, and by the end of it, you could see the shirt underneath was soaked. Did I mention it was not very cool in the arena?? Gah!! It was cool to see the “throwing the harmonica and the tambourine on the ground because he just burned them the hell up” move…love that!

Despite Taylor’s obvious awesomeness, he didn’t get the amount of love from the crowd that I expected. Chris got the most. Booooo!

The frozen Pop Tarts things they give you as you exit are nasty, in case you were wondering.


Q said:

When NOLA and I got to Engine Room, LiMBO was already playing. They’re a great band, seriously! Had a different bass player than the usual Mitch.

Eventually Bucky and Chris–yes, CHRIS, wearing one of Ace’s beanies! Showed up.

NOLA and I just *knew* that Taylor was there, too! They sang, looked like they were having a hell of a great time.

Then NOLA and I (through the devices of a friend of a friend) got to go backstage!!!!!!!!! We rounded the corner, fully expecting to see Taylor, but he wasn’t there. We did get to talk to the band members and to Chris and Bucky at some length.

Let me tell you, Chris was drunk and cursing like a sailor. He was very loud, very “in your face,” very noticeable, very “up.” He was also wearing heavy eyeliner. He talked to me and NOLA, who took a picture with him (I didn’t–could kick myself), and he let NOLA film him doing a little movie saying hello to her boyfriend’s sister. Classy! Though I doubt he’ll remember anything about it tomorrow! LOL

Bucky was a doll. Seriously, he was the sweetest, nicest man, very laid-back, very
personable–you just wanted to sit and kick back a beer with him. NOLA and I both got pictures with him and he talked to us for a while. I’ll let NOLA tell you a couple more of the cute things he said to her–he was just marvelous.

Eventually we went back out. Chris and Bucky came out and sang again–band still great, goin’ strong. They ended around 1:45am, and we hung around for a little while, hoping for a Dallas-esque post-LiMBO Taylor experience, but no. (If I hear that he showed up at 2:10, I’m gonna be pissed!)

While we were walking to the car, a group including an older lady with a cane was also going to their car near ours. Bucky and a couple of others happened to be coming out from the back at the same time, and we all yelled,”Bye Bucky! You were great!” The group with the little old lady said, “Thanks for coming out tonight, Bucky!” and Bucky went over to that group and hugged and talked to the little old lady–it was the sweetest thing.


NOLA said:

First, let me give an enormous shout out to Q and her hubby, James, for being my chauffeurs for the evening (and for a fabulous dinner earlier) and for being an all-around great couple to hang around with. Plus, Q, thank you so much for the beautiful quilt (pictured below).


And an equally enormous shout out to the awesomest (I don’t care that that’s not a word) friend who made the night beyond special…there are no words, I am honestly touched!

So not long after we got there, they did “Hey Pocky Way,” which set the night off great for me! After a quick series of events and jamming to the band, I was informed that at the next set break I would be going backstage (HOLY SHIT GET ME ANOTHER BEER STAT!!!!!). Some hustle and bustle occurred, and it turns out Bucky and Chris were there. As I was at the bar getting said beer (and trying not to freak the hell out) Bucky was taking pics with people near the backstage door. The bartender asked me if I knew who that guy was and if he was famous. I told them, and they thought it was pretty cool . And then robbed me of more of my money for booze.

Q covered the main points of the backstage experience (thank God she came with me, btw, I needed her for moral support and to slap me if I said something retarded). We did indeed assumed Taylor was there (hence me freaking out inside…Q, did I hide it OK??). Why would Chris and Bucky be there, but not him??? Still don’t know the answer to that, but that was actually exactly the case.

We went on our way, however (well, not really much room to move around in…the backstage area was about the size of an apartment living room) and were introduced to Brian first and then Chris. Chris was LOUD in the drunk sort of way, but not obnoxious. He was saying to Brian how great the band sounded and that it was cool to meet him. Then he got introduced to Sam right then and there for the first time, and then we met Sam as well (he seems SO sweet! Well, they ALL do actually). Brian asked if I had anything for them to sign to which I said I didn’t have anything, just myself! (and later hoped he didn’t think I was implying that I wanted them to write on me) He then kinda scurried here and there like he was looking for something and then I didn’t see him again. Chris was telling us that the reason he hadn’t been able to come to any previous LiMBO shows is because he had to work on his album, but that tonight he didn’t have to. He was like, “Yeah, I asked Taylor if he was coming and he said no, so I decided to come.” (or something to that effect)

Chris was telling Brian that he and Bucky wanted to do “Suspicious Minds” in the next set, and that he might do one of his own songs (both did happen). They all did “Whipping Post,” too, which was cool. It was kinda cool to see how on-the-fly these gigs must turn out to be with “special guests” showing up willy nilly, and also shows the talent of LiMBO to go with the flow.

Then we introduced ourselves to Bucky. I mean, really, I just LOVE him now. So sweet and gentle-like. Made you feel all special and stuff. He and Q had a laugh over the double first name with a hyphen that “country” people tend to like (Q’s real name is a double name with a hyphen, although she is not “country” at all). He said he knew all about that. And we giggled.

Then he was going to get some fresh air (out of a door that was right there in the backstage room and opened to a big concrete fenced-in yard in the back of the building) and I joked “yeah, nice hot, humid fresh air” and pointed out that it does nothing for your hair. He agreed and said that’s why he wears a cowboy hat, and told me I should get me one too. I wasn’t too sure about that, and then he took off his hat and put in on me. We had a laugh over that, and then I saw his bad case of hat hair. I gave the hat back. 😉 (when I talked to him about 10 minutes later and to get a pic, he had already forgotten us I think, and introduced himself again. I joked that he must have had a few…which he so did…and he was all “Nah, that’s not it, it’s just that I meet so many people” to which I told him it was OK (Suuuuure, Saint Bucky!) and we posed for our pic, which turns out to look like he is pointing at my boob. Craziness.)

I met Jeff the sax player, and he was very sweet, as was Zippy. Zippy and I talked about Tipitina’s in N.O., and he said he’s played there about five times with his old band. I told him LiMBO needs to get there SOON!!!

Our initial meeting with Chris was kinda in-your-face and we were smack in the middle of band members coming in and out, etc., so I didn’t request a picture. I truly wanted to get one for my boyfriend’s sister who loves Chris almost as much as I love Taylor. She would have killed me if I had no photographic evidence of the night. Drunk Chris happily obliged, and then in a stroke of genius (and a surprise move considering I had been drinking since about 4:30 at dinner) I thought to use the neglected video mode feature on my camera and get him to do a little message to her.

I explained to him that her husband was deployed right now, and that she could really use a pick-me-up. He was all over it, and did it in a heartbeat. I thanked him profusely and told him that she was going to be so excited that she might even want to make out with me. He laughed and said “Man I’d like to see that, that’s awesome!!” (or something like that, right Q?) It was, frankly, funny as hell, and I decided then and there that I loved Drunk Chris.

I think that about covers everything that I can think of. Man, I’m wiped out!