Y’all Love John Mayer’s Continuum…Now Convince Me


continuum.jpg Okay…so I went to iTunes tonight to download the new John Mayer CD, Continuum.

Since DD and Holeigh and NOLAgirl (and others) had given it such high praise…I was ready to plop down the $10 for the digital album.

However…being the frugal Scot-Irish lass that I am…I first wanted to make sure I’d like at least three songs on the album before making the purchase. This is a rule I established for myself years and years and years ago. I’ve only broken my rule once and that was to buy Susan Tedeschi’s Just Won’t Burn album. I had been in a store and “It Hurt So Bad” began playing. It blew me away. I ran to the counter to ask who was singing…they told me and showed me the album and I bought it right then and there. Best $16 I ever spent.

So, hoping to be as WOW’d by John as I was by Susan, I used the 30-second sound clips offered by iTunes to listen to each of the tracks.

Gotta admit, girls…I wasn’t WOW’d.

The first three song clips sounded pretty “studio” to me.

“Gravity” perked my ears somewhat…and “The Heart of Life” was more than a little intriguing.

The next four songs clips were ZZZzzzzz for me, but “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” was very, very, very nice.

The next song…not so much.

But “I’m Gonna Find Another You” seems like it, alone, is worth the price of the album…or I could just buy it and leave the rest.

I need y’all’s input.

If y’all really have a lovefest going for Continuum, convince me why I need to get this album.

There are three songs that have piqued my interest…one of which I honestly was taken with after just 30 seconds. But since I wasn’t absolutely WOW’d by the album…I am leaning toward not purchasing it in its entirety.

Should I buy just those few songs I was okay with or should I buy the whole album?

Give me your honest feedback…a full $9.99 is at stake here, folks.

Tell me what I’m missing and if this is an album that matures over increased listens.

Or tell me I shouldn’t get the album at all and, instead, I should shove my e-dollars back in the mason jar, bury it in my over-grown backyard, and save my money to buy Gray a great, big, shiny Christmas present…mmmmm…what do you get for the man who’s met Taylor Hicks?


56 Responses to “Y’all Love John Mayer’s Continuum…Now Convince Me”

  1. Holeigh Says:

    Hahaha, I don’t think there is anything you can get for the man who has met Taylor! Perhaps a nice fuzzy pair of socks. 🙂

    I will stick by “Gravity” until my dying day, its a wonderful song (it calms me down so well…especially when I’ve been working on Chemistry all night) but you probably have to hear all of it. “I’m Gonna Find Another You” is deeeefinitely my second favorite on the disk, that’s a keeper and very fitting for me right now, haha. I have to throw in a good word for “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room” (so sexy) and “Vultures” (catchy and kind of a “everybody sucks!” anthem) has been good since I heard it on the John Mayer Trio CD. “Waiting On the World to Change” is on the radio, its pretty catchy…the only one I don’t really care for is “Belief”. I’m buying the CD this weekend (first time I’ve been home in a couple weeks) but I have those first listen tracks if you’d like me to send you some!

  2. TALK! Says:

    Holeigh…thanks! I’m willing to give Gravity an entire listen if you want to send it to me.

    Send it to shelleypowers@gmail.com.

    You rock.

    Now…DD…I’m sure you have thoughts on the matter…

  3. TALK! Says:

    By the way, Holeigh…I hope you have a good visit home. Wow…a couple of weeks…that’s a pretty good stretch. 😉

  4. Holeigh Says:

    Hehe, I know it! You know how I am about this college experience and I’ve actually managed to stay over here. 🙂

    I’m sending Gravity right now!

  5. TALK! Says:

    Thanks! 😉

  6. nolagirl Says:

    Wellllll ….

    My fave on the album is “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” It’s a bit sexy, a bit sad. And I can relate all to well to parts of it. I get exactly the moment he means through his choice of lyrics. So, for me, that is a great song.

    I’m with Holeigh – Don’t dig Beliefs much at all. Also, Waiting on the World to Change. I didn’t think I’d like it that much at first b/c of its poppy tendencies, but it has grown on me. Now I really like it.

    You are correct in deeming The Heart of Life (which sounds Beatles-esque to me, and DD agreed) and Dreaming with a Broken Heart as intriguing. The end of Dreaming is so hauntingly beautiful to me, with his reference to sleeping with roses in his hand. Love it.

    In Repair is good, but it sounds like ColdPlay to me. Did anyone else get that feeling? I like the lyrics though (as I do with all of his songs).

    Gravity and Vultures I already loved b/c of John Mayer Trio album. Vultures reminds me of Taylor and all that he is having to deal with now. I like Gravity better on this album though b/c the guitar solos are “sexier” IMO and I like the background singers added at the end with the “keep me where the light is” part.

    I like ALL of the other songs, for real. And I can’t even pinpoint exaclty what it is about each, but saying the lyrics are what do it for me is a good blanket statement.

  7. double d Says:

    Dern, Shelley, does the unabashed brown-nosing ever cease with Gray?

    Continuum — I like the whole thing. So much so that I went back and downloaded previous John Mayer.

    If I had to choose “favorites”, I’d have to go with ‘Gonna Find Another You’, ‘Dreamin’ with a Broken Heart’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘The Heart of Life’…..

    HOWEVER, the one song I’m “into”, right now, is ‘Stop This Train’. Because of my impending increase in age, I guess, but I like the lyrics and I like the tune.

    ‘Belief’ and ‘Vultures’ are listenable. For me, if I’m going to spend $3 for three songs, I just as soon by the whole CD for $10 and get the digital liner.

    I must say that this is the most completely liked CD by me in a long time.

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay, the first time I listened to the whole album I was kinda disappointed. I thought…man, this sounds just like “Heavier Things” (which I loved, but I already own that cd.) Well, I listened to it again…and again…and again. Then I read the lyrics.

    By far, In Repair is my favorite song on the whole album. It might not be the best “sounding” song…but he channeled me when he wrote that song. Also, Vultures, although he has a different meaning…I identify with from a more spiritual perspective. It is very applicable to what I’m going through in my faith. It’s kind of like that whole section we did over at GC’s about soundtracks to life. I always seem to choose music that intreprets what I’m going through. I also like Stop This Train b/c I’ve been feeling like I want to pull the brakes on life for awhile. It’s moving too fast and I’m terrified of losing my loved ones…and not living a life that was well lived.

    Songs based on pure sweet sound: I love Gravity (it has a nice message too), Dreaming With A Broken Heart, and I’m Gonna Find Another You.

    P.S. Gray should get the entire line of Monkbot Division clothing and accessories for Christmas…duh.

  9. TALK! Says:

    Okay…wow…this is some GREAT assessment and feedback.

    I’m surprised that y’all are recommending some of the songs that I didn’t really connect with.

    I guess 30-second clips don’t tell the whole story. 😉

    I’ll buy the album!

    Truthfully, though, I’ll be happy if the only song I end up listening to regularly is “I’m Gonna Find Another You” because that song is amazing.

    I bought “Room for Squares” and downloaded songs from “Heavier Things” then I got a little bored with John. His albums do start sounding alike to me, but I think it’s time to give him another try.

    I do wish I had gotten some of his live stuff…’cause that’s when I love him best.

    I think I may download some of the Trio stuff as well.

    Y’all have really inspired me. Thanks!

    Note to self: Monkbot T-Shirt for Gray for Christmas. 😉

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I could not stand John Mayer at all. Hated him. He made me want to stick needles in my eyeballs. Then I got free 2nd row tickets to one of his concerts and thought, “Eh, I don’t have anything else to do…I’ll go and if it sucks, I’ll leave.” Let me just say- I was converted to the church of John that night. The man is amazing live. His musicianship is craaaazy. It really doesn’t translate onto cd.

    However- on cd-his lyrics are what make his music an exceptional investment. He just has a way with words that is so truthful.

  11. TALK! Says:

    I think there’s a LOT of truth to what you write, Bama.

    My love for John revolves around his live performances. He’s captivating on stage.

    In the studio…I don’t know…that spark gets lost.

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m not speaking to you until I get a proper apology. See Demi Moore post please.

  13. TALK! Says:

    I can’t apologize for showing you how cruel the world can be.

    It’s called tough love.

  14. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I thought you only used tough love when your friend or family member was being bad. Was I being bad? 😦

  15. Holeigh Says:

    From earlier John Mayer CDs I have to throw in mention of “Come Back to Bed” (woo-hoo!) and “Not Myself” (great message).

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Holeigh- I love “Come Back to Bed”…now that is a sexy song. Off that album I also love “Home Life”. I want to live in the center of a circle too!

  17. TALK! Says:

    What’s the name of that album? I need to get it, too, apparently.

    No, Bama…you were being bad…it was a pre-emptive (sp?) strike on my part…after all, aren’t all Fembot programmed by evil geniuses? 😉

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Crap. I thought you’d forgotton that I was a Fembot.

    That cd is called “Heavier Things”. I really like the two songs above, as well as “Something’s Missing” (When Autumn comes, it dosen’t ask, it just walks in where it left you last. You never know when it starts, until there’s fog inside the glass around your Summer heart.)

    I wouldn’t say it’s very “bluesy”, but, again, the lyrics are great.

  19. TALK! Says:

    Thanks. Meant to say you “WEREN’T” being bad.

    I am only familiar with a few songs off of Heavier Things…looks like I’ll have to take closer look.

  20. peyo Says:


    You can download Gravity in stereogum, and while you’re there, you can read the indie music fans take on john mayer. They have strong opinions, to say the least 🙂

    I’ve listened to the album (I have yahoo music so I can stream the whole album). If I were you, I would spend my money to buy Ray Lamontagne’s CD instead. He has taken a different path in his sophomore album. This album has more instruments involvement, less heartbreaks, yet still maintain ray lamontagne’s signature. Overall a very good album.

    Amos Lee’s album is coming up pretty soon too, and surprisingly, Miss KT Tunstall has quite good tracks on her album (other than BHCT which has been banned from my iTunes).

    And if you like KT Tunstall, you might also like Corrine Bailey Rae album. The track I like best is “Like a Star”.

    OK, stop … writing … now.


  21. peyo Says:


    Link to stereogum article on john mayer with download link to gravity


    One last tidbits. You may want to consider John Mayer’s first album “Room for Squares” which is his indie effort (smaller record company).

    The tracks are about the same as in “Heavier Things”, but less studio feel. It’s more raw and you can really focus on his voice and his acoustic guitar chop.



  22. TALK! Says:


    I’ve been debating buying the Ray Lamontagne album (I’ve been too lazy to actually make the decision and do it)…you’ve inspired me. Thanks.

    I’ve never been to stereogum…but I WILL go and see what those folks say about Mayer’s album.

    About KT…totally…agree..with…YOU! I think BHCT is the WORST song on the album, actually. My iTunes play count on “Stoppin’ the Love” has flipped into the hundreds mark, I’m sure. Love. Love. Love. that album.

    Never heard of Corrine Bailey Rae…but will look into her.

    Thanks! Great feedback…and very much appreciated. 🙂

  23. TALK! Says:

    I have “Room for Squares” and listened to it non-stop at first but the tracks on there began falling off my radar as time when on (to be fair, though…I tend to listen to stuff until I become sick of it…bad habit, I know.)

    I guess that’s why I didn’t really commit to “Heavier Things.” I thought I would grow weary of it. I need to give it all more consideration.

    Thanks for the links.

  24. nolagirl Says:

    I’ve been meaning to buy Ray LaMontagne too Shelley, so you’re not the only slacker!

    I was kind of disappointed with Corinne Bailey Rae’s CD, save a couple of songs.

  25. TALK! Says:

    NOLA…what are the songs you recommend from Corinne’s album?

  26. Holeigh Says:

    I recommend “Put Your Records On” from Corinne Bailey Rae — so much fun to listen to! That’s all I’ve heard of her though, so I’m looking forward to some more suggestions.

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I feel like a bad Monkbot b/c I don’t know who the heck yer talkin’ about…and about RLM, I slacked too. I really meant to get his album awhile back but never did.

    It’s kinda like I said earlier about my personal soundtrack. I will really connect to something and listen to it until my ears fall off…then it’s time to find something I identify with again. Until recently, I’ve only identified with loud, angry stuff…and left the softer, moodier, or more fun stuff for “musical breaks”.

    Luckily, Taylor’s music helped bridge the gap quite a bit. He came along at the exact right moment…but I’ve yet to connect to another person that has similar sensiblities to him…like RLM. (I still love my old faves like Bob Seger though.)

  28. TALK! Says:

    Okay, folks, Holeigh just send me a pre-clip of “Gravity” from Mayer’s new album…have to admit…the whole song makes a much greater impression than a 30-second clip.

    Good stuff.

    Bama…I’m with ya on the “listening ad nauseum” thing.

    I kind of did that with Taylor’s stuff…and now I’m doing it to the KT Tunstall album.

    The good thing is with Taylor…HIS NEW ALBUM IS ONLY THREE MONTHS AWAY!


  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yay for Taylor’s new album! I’m so curious it’s killing me!

  30. TALK! Says:

    Me, too. I can’t wait.

    I’m expecting GREAT things…which, I hope, is not my undoing on liking the album.

    You know?

    Is anyone else afraid of having too high of expectations?

  31. double d Says:

    Ok, I will comment on peyo’s assessments since I bought all of these and listened to all on my 2.5 hour drive this morning.

    Corrine Bailey Rae sounds like Bille Holliday. If you like Billie, you’ll like Corrine, however if you think all of Mayer’s music sounds alike, hers does even moreso.

    Ray’s CD is ok. It is NOT Trouble so don’t think that you’re going to have that earth-shattering experience you had with that one. It’s good, but for my bucks, Mayer’s is more soulful.

    I absolutely LOVE Amos Lee’s last album, but didn’t like the preview song from the next album that Shrew sent me. Again, ok, but not in his “clear” voice that was on the last one.

    I do like BHCT from KT Tunstall but haven’t purchased the CD because she reminds me too much of Kat now. I’ll have to let some time go by and then I’ll try.

    If you like Aaron Neville, his new CD is also worth buying. They are all songs you know — Soul must haves….lastly, Jonny Lang’s new CD is decent also…maybe he caught Taylor on AI since the last track is “Livin’ for the City”….

    There’s the DD review for a while. ((Hiding the iTunes bill from hubby dearest))

  32. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I don’t think I’m having high expectations…but I’m not having low ones either. I’ve heard from “others” some talk about the first album from AI winners not being very good, but I think Taylor is a new breed of winner. I really think he’s going to surprise a lot of people with what he’s planning…which might be their version of “not very good”.

    I’m really looking forward to him having the room to spread his wings! Maybe I do have high expectations…

  33. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- I love Aaron Neville! I didn’t realize he had something new out. That’s great! I’ll have to look into Amos Lee’s last album too.

  34. TALK! Says:

    DD said, “I do like BHCT from KT Tunstall but haven’t purchased the CD because she reminds me too much of Kat now. I’ll have to let some time go by and then I’ll try.”

    DD…please hear me on this…BHCT is NOT indicative of the rest of the album…which sounds NOTHING like Katharine McPhee.

    I like BHCT…but really only when she plays it live. It gets really repetitive on the album version. The rest of the album is very mellow.

    I really recommend it…called “Eye to the Telescope.”

    Right now the only Ray I have are the “Trouble” and “Crazy” tracks I downloaded from Gray.

    I really think I would enjoy the rest of his stuff. There’s something about his voice that just grabs me, you know?

    Oh…and iTunes WILL be my financial ruin. 😉 Ha.

  35. TALK! Says:

    Bama…you’re a walking contradiction. Ha.

    I think my expectations are a little too high.

    It’s kind of not fair, I think.

    I should just anticipate hearing what he does…not expect him to do a certain thing(s).

  36. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shell- That’s only ’cause I wanna be just like you…’cause you’re sooo cool.

    I don’t really “expect” him to do anything I guess, except to just be Taylor and do something cool…I guess I’m having high anticipations then. (Make up your mind already, right?!)

  37. TALK! Says:

    OH…I see you’re point now.

    True…he’s already kind of set the bar high for HIMSELF…right?

    Personally…I can’t wait for him to record a live album…that’s where I’ve enjoyed his music the best.

    I mean, I like UTR, but the spontaneity of the live stuff is so much fun!

    On the other hand, since his self-produced studio albums were a little too polished…there is the promise that a different producer (other than T himself) could really add the grit that maybe someone who is strictly a musician can’t.

    I know when I record at home, I tend to want perfection…which can zap the fun or emotion out of a song.

  38. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah, his live music is best, but I really think we’ve only scratched the surface of what he can achieve in the studio. I mean, talent is talent…and the man has it in spades. We think he’s set the bar high for himself…I’m not sure that’s true for the studio albums..esp. UTR.

  39. peyo Says:


    Some different opinions I see.

    To be honest, I only have few tracks of the artists that I mentioned in my previous post 😛

    For Corrine’s album, I don’t like all of the tracks, a bit bland if you here the whole album. But again I enjoy ‘Like a Star’ a lot. It’s a good song to listen to while you’re writing your journal. Plus, you have to give credit to a very young artist that dares to release a soul album. Although, she doesn’t need any help in the marketing department. MTV is giving her a full support!

    I agree, Ray Lamontagne’s second album has less impact than the first one. But it’s a very good album to put on during a relaxing Sunday. It’s not my top 10 album, but it is still a very good album overall. My favorites for now are “Can I Stay” and “Three More Days”.

    I’ve heard few Amos Lee’s new tracks, and I’m worried that I will be disappointed as well. But I keep my fingers crossed.

    For KT haters,


    Try to download the other two songs, not the BHCT.

    It’s a live performance and I actually like the live version better than the album’s.

    (Check out the live performance by other artists while you’re there. They have Ray Lamontagne, Josh Ritter, My Morning Jacket to name a few)

    Taylor’s album. Being pessimist that I am, I’m having a low expectation 😦 Not because of Taylor, but because of AI. But Taylor has surprised me everytime, so I’m hoping to be surprised as well with a kick-ass album. So does it mean that I have a high expectation?

    Last but not least. Is anyone fond of Ryan Adams?

    What was it that I suppose to do? Oh yeah, work ….


  40. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Peyo- Work? Ummm…yeah, not a lot of that gets done around here…

    Thanks so much for your input! I love that we have new “faces” around here! Yay!

    Y’all- I’m outta here. I gotta go fight traffic so I can get home and get ready for America’s Next Top Model. It’s so weird that Tyra hasn’t discovered me yet. I guess she would have to end her series if she did…b/c there would be no topping this kind of stunning good looks… 😉

  41. TALK! Says:

    Bama…have fun with Tyra and the gang…you should send in headshots of yourself wearing the new Monkbot t-shirts…if my brother will ever get off his ass and finish the design (he’s already pissed at me for “bothering” him about it…so who knows when it will get done).

    Peyo, “Through the Dark” is an absolute MUST HAVE from KT…thanks for the link! Can’t wait to hear live versions.

  42. nolagirl Says:

    Shell – You don’t have “Shelter” from Ray???

    A must have!

  43. TALK! Says:

    I’ll get it!

    This post is going to end up costing me a fortune…donations are welcomed! Ha. 🙂

  44. Holeigh Says:

    “Shelter” is soo great, good call, Nola! I also enjoy “Hold You In My Arms”.

  45. Shrewspeaks Says:

    All I can say is I am bummed I am at work and can’t give this dynamite conversation my full attension…please mister cable man fix my home modem!

  46. double d Says:

    I would add “Forever My Friend” and “How Come” from Ray.

    Aaron Neville’s new CD is “Bring it On Home…The Soul Classics”

    Playlist includes:

    Ain’t No Sunshine
    Sittin’ On the Dock of the bay
    Stand by Me
    You Send Me
    When A Man Loves A Woman
    It’s All right
    My Girl
    Ain’t that Peculiar
    A Change is Gonna Come
    Gyspy Woman
    Let’s Stay together (with Chaka Khan)
    Rainy Night in Georgia
    People Get Ready
    Respect Yourself (with Mavis Staples)

    Pretty good stuff….

  47. Holeigh Says:

    Oh, my…thanks for the song list, DD! I may be buying two CDs this weekend, haha. “Rainy Night In Georgia” is just about one of the best songs ever, I have the Sam Cooke/Conway Twitty version, it is perfection!

  48. TALK! Says:

    DD…that is a great playlist…and I can picture Aaron singing all of it…except “When A Man Loves a Woman”

    How is his rendition on that?

  49. TALK! Says:

    Shrew…we’re missin’ ya.

    Let’s hope your cable can be fixed without delay!

  50. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Awe Thanks Shelley! I am clicking my heels for tomorrow night!

    One parting shot…
    The River in Reverse

    Elvis Costello partners with Allen Toussaint for this one…Elvis seems to have left his easy listening Bacharach years for the sizzling soulful south!

    The track listen is:

    1. On The Way Down
    2. Nearer To You
    3. Who’s Gonna Help A Brother
    4. Sharpest Thorn
    5. Tears
    6. River In Reverse
    7. Freedom For The Stallion
    8. Broken Promise Land
    9. Ascension Day
    10. International Echo
    11. All These Things
    12. Wonder Woman
    13. Six Fingered Man

    I was able to take a sneak peak listen last week at Barns&Nobel and this is some pretty sweet stuff…it is a cross between Sam & Dave and some harder funk like Sly and the Family Stone…worth a listen.

    Okay, Shrew must get back to the salt mines to pay for her iTunes habit…

    Love you all to MonkBot Bits

  51. TALK! Says:

    Shrew…don’t know why you’re working so late…but I hope you can get home soon.

    I know today’s not the day..but you’re gonna have to enlighten me on the appeal of Elvis Costello. I’ve never “gotten” it.

  52. Holeigh Says:

    Hey, Shell, do you like that looong version of Gravity? 🙂

  53. Shrewspeaks aka Pharma Ad Slave Says:

    Shelley, Shelley, Shelley…First Contiuum and now EC? Oh man wait until I get my home puter back online.

    (I swear this is the last time I am posting from work tonight…yeah right.)

  54. TALK! Says:

    Holeigh…i gotta go download! Thanks for the reminder.

    Shrew…don’t be mad! I just thought you should know. LOL

  55. Holeigh Says:

    No problem, enjoy!

  56. double d Says:

    Shel –

    Aaron Neville – When a Man Loves a Woman

    Alot of Aaron woo-woo falsettos at the beginning but then traditional Percy version….It’s awesome and you know I don’t even like vibrato.

    Bonus Review: Aaron and Mavis Staples on RespecK Yourself is DA FUNKY BOMB!

    p.s. I never “got” Elvis Costello either…BUT, if Shrew recommends, I will explore.

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