Mayer’s Take on Timberlake’s Diss of Hicks


I can’t claim a bit of responsibility for finding this tidbit…only for sharing it.

Go listen to John Mayer’s audio interview with Rolling Stone.

Great stuff.

WARNING: There are some lewd comments made from 11:13 to 11:40…for those who prefer to fast forward.

Source: Gray Charles


20 Responses to “Mayer’s Take on Timberlake’s Diss of Hicks”

  1. Holeigh Says:

    When I get back to my cable internet at school on Monday…

    …I will SO be listening to this!

  2. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley…this interview warrents you buying Continuum! Isn’t the “dish” comment focused on Justin’s rise not Taylor’s?

    Favorite quotes…”Get what you can get” that and “You can’t F*ck with music fans”

    AND the man drinks scotch!

  3. TALK! Says:

    I, too, loved the whole interview, Shrew!

    The part about messing with poeple’s music was sooo true.

    And, yeah, I also questioned if he was talking about Justin with the “weird dish” thing.

    I think it can go either way…but since he was mainly talking about Justin…I thought it was probably target toward him.

  4. double d Says:

    Ok, now I REALLY like John Mayer.

    He’s cool. Not Taylor cool, but cool.

  5. NOLAgirl Says:

    I was having a hard time following him during the interview! He was just … all *over* the place. But his candidness just blows you away. The written piece was nice too, hearing about his broken heart over the record exec’s opinion about Continuum, etc.

  6. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Nola…He had the same reaction to Shelley’s opinion of Continuum.

  7. NOLAgirl Says:

    Ahh yes, Shrew, good point. And also much like Shelley’s reaction to her iPod dying. Tissues for everyone! *sniff sniff*

  8. TALK! Says:

    He did, Shrew…you’re right.

    He actually was so upset at my initial knee-jerk reaction of the sample clips on iTunes that he showed up on my door step and piled me in his car and took me Starbucks for a latte.

    We had quite a bonding experience and, after the thoughtful and playful banter shared over froth and sweet caffine, I have an entirely different perspective of the artistry that went into Continuum.

    On a more serious note…we should all plan to attend his next stand-up gig. I think he plans to work in one of my jokes (told totally off-the-cuff while at Starbucks).

    I don’t want to give away anything…but it had to do with a 20-pound ham, a snorkel, and Christina Agueilera.

  9. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I wake up to find the most creative retort evah! Bravo Ms. Powers!

  10. Shrewspeaks Says:


  11. TALK! Says:

    Thanks, Shrew.

    I think I’m gonna use it until my brother gets the logo done!

    Thanks for the pic. I lurve it.

    You’re awesome. 🙂

  12. double d Says:

    Woo HOO! Monkbots 4 ever!

  13. osb Says:

    I would hazard a guess that John sees Taylor as more of a peer than Justin, musically, that is. Good for him not being afraid to voice his opinions.

    I’m still not bowled over by Continuum, but, I like a few of the songs.

  14. TALK! Says:

    i need to download it.

    i keep forgetting…that can’t be good, can it.


  15. NOLAgirl Says:

    Shelley!! Get your butt on iTunes, STAT!

  16. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Yeah…what Nola said!

  17. TALK! Says:


    I’m going to download it RIGHT NOW!!!

    Hold on to your friggin’ pop tarts.

  18. Shrewspeaks Says:


    Oh did you see iTunes has a special season pass price for The Office?

  19. TALK! Says:

    Saw it.

    Used it.

    Already downloaded the first episode!

    By the way…I’m now the owner of the digital Continuum. 🙂

  20. Shrewspeaks Says:

    (get’s misty) Welcome to the club.

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