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Has Hicks Called for the Oobleck…or Are the Skies Clearing?

September 27, 2006


Hmmm…it’s gotten a little too quiet here over the past couple of days.

So, I thought I’d put up a post that (hopefully) will spark some discussion.

My first thought this morning was to come in moaning and griping about folks who drive big-ass SUVs but who are unable to park them worth a crap. I mean, if you chose to drive a car that drinks enough gas to fuel a small town then at least learn to line your damn gas-guzzler up BETWEEN the parking lines instead of flopping a tire (or an entire half a car) over into another parking space. I mean…come on! (Is it too obvious I had to, basically, suck in my stomach when I parked this morning?)

But, instead of talking about how morons park, I decided to talk about what all went on this summer and what it means for the future in Taylorland.

I had a great talk with Shrew the other night and she shared with me her thoughts on the whole Taylor/LMBO thing. She thinks, with LMBO’s new website and Taylor’s aligning with Gray for reaching the Internet audience, that we’ll probably see less and less LMBO/Taylor performances.

I, on the other hand, thought it was evident by ALL the after-party concerts that Taylor would never fully leave his bandmates behind.

And…thinking about Taylor and LMBO and Gray and TPTB and the Soul Patrol and the Monkbot Division…I got to wondering if this is what we all expected at the beginning of summer.

When AI ended and the tour began, there was no way we could have predicted the frenzy around Taylor (people traveling 1000s of miles to attend one…two…all of his appearances) and I know that I was surpised that all the speculation and inner-Soul Patrol back biting would continue (and even expand…monstrously).

I guess I was hoping for a kinder, gentler Soul Patrol…but it seems that, as the Taylor Hicks phenomena continues to grow and grow…things are getting stickier and stickier.

Folks are worried about his album tracks, album sales, book deal, Internet presence, LMBO committment, dating status, alignment with other artists, alcohol consumption, etc., etc.

There seems to be no end to what, I feel, is useless…or at least, unproductive…speculation.

Did any of you foresee this at the beginning of summer? Are things better or worse than you thought they’d be?

Has Taylor created a rain of Oobleck or do you predict clear skies ahead now that he’s off the road and in the studio?