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A New Day…A New Look…Viva le Monkbot!

September 28, 2006


Well…here it is, folks…the Monkbot logo we’ve been waiting so long to get.

I have to give a GINORMOUS thank you to my extremely talented brother, Ben, for totally and thoroughly kicking complete ass on the logo.

Ben…you aren’t as much of a punk as I tell you you are…well…almost. (Seriously, buddy, thanks. I love you, and I friggin’ LOVE the logo.)

I’ve received a request from Gray for a Monkbot Manifesto…I promise, it’s coming.

I will get it up and posted on the sidebar this week. Until then…for you newbies…visit this particular post and sludge through the comments to see how combined weirdo brain power (and total slacking during a workday) devised the concept of the Monkbot.

Finally, there will be T-shirts available later this week (wait ’til you see the Monkbot in red!). Again…I’m making no profit on these Ts…they are simply available for the fun of it (though I’d LOVE for you to wear it and pitch the site when asked about the freaky monkey/robot/thingy).

Viva le Monkbot!