Discounts Available for the Frugal Monkbot in Us All



If I may direct all of y’all’s attention to the flashing CafePress banner at the right.

There is a coupon now available for purchasing Monkbot merchandise! The offer expires Oct. 18…so don’t wait. (And be sure to watch that flashing ad for the coupon code!)

Just thought I’d let you know, so you can go ahead and get your goodies!

I still ain’t making a cryin’ dime on these…so my motives are purely Monkbot oriented.


44 Responses to “Discounts Available for the Frugal Monkbot in Us All”

  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Did my MonkBot duty! Never let Levaquin buy.

  2. shelley Says:

    Yeah!!!! 🙂

    Don’t forget to send pics. 😉

  3. shelley Says:

    By the way, Shrew…so for being so goofy on the phone last night.

    You know me…one beer and I’m flying! Ha.

    P.S. Yes, Jan, I drank your leftover Killians. Thanks. They were yummy with my pizza. 😉

  4. nolagirl Says:

    I wouldn’t say one beer and flying, Shelley .. I’d say more like one beer and happy-happy. At least that was my take. 😉

    I will have some time on my hands this weekend, and of course, that’s when the urge to shop is the strongest, so I just MIGHT have to stop by the Monkbot shop. 🙂

  5. shelley Says:

    thanks, nola…my little inabler. 😉 LOL

    enjoy your weekend of shopping.

    I probably bought too much, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted…and since I had the coupon, I bought more. LOL

  6. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Heehee…Love love, Soul/Funk in pink…redheads love pink…can’t wait to have a MonkBot T-shirt photo op in Paris!

  7. shelley Says:

    You’re gonna look lovely, dahling.

  8. nolagirl Says:

    Shrew, I didn’t know you were a redhead! (or did I, and I am just forgetting?) That automatically makes your extra cool, did you know that?

    Shelley – Did you mean ENabler??

    Smooches! 😉

  9. shelley Says:

    Um…yeah…what you said.

    Ask Gray…I can’t type or spell worth a crud.


  10. nolagirl Says:

    Spelling is overrated anyway, right? 😉

  11. shelley Says:

    speling is redikwewwlus

  12. double d Says:

    Shrew…you could do like a “flat Monkbot” and take him all through Paris and your trip.

  13. shelley Says:


    We totally need to do a Flat Monkbot project.

    Monkbot Assignment No. 2!

    I’ll print and laminate the original. Should we mail it to each other to sign and have a pic taken with…or let it travel by hand?

    How should this work?

    I’m stoked!!!

  14. double d Says:

    Once again, my wisdom astounds me…and others! HA!

    Kewl. I’m in. We should have to take a picture with things in our town, etc. How about emailing instead of mailing…faster, and we could use digitized signatures.

    Hey, think that if we send it to Gray he might be able to get the MonkBot to pose with it the next time he sees him? Maybe asking too much, huh?

  15. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley, I’m totally stressed about my bday project. It’s done and, although it looks like a 2nd grader did it, I’m very proud of my work. However, THE ENTIRE STUPID TECH DEPT WENT HOME EARLY TODAY AND THERE IS NOT ANOTHER SCANNER IN THE WHOLE DAMNED BUILDING BECAUSE IT’S ONLY 2006!!!!!!!!!

  16. nolagirl Says:

    Breathe, Bama, breathe! (I had one of those moments yesterday)

    Shrew – I *suppose* you are still extra cool. 😉

  17. shelley Says:

    Bama…what do you want to do?

    Can you get it scanned somewhere (like Kinkos) tonight?

    DD…I think I’d like to send a physical Monkbot around for photos that can then be e-mailed to me.

    Maybe the actual Flat Monkbot can make it to Taylor…maybe not (I would hope so). How does it usually work with Flat Stanley?

    The idea of one thing getting passed around to everyone is so cool to me…you don’t know where it will end up.

    Plus…the photos of where it is could be great.

    I need feedback from y’all before I do this.

    Give me your thoughts.

    Does everyone understand the concept behind this project?

    How do you think it should work?

    I’m thinking of mailing out, to say Shrew first, and have her take a bunch of pics, then mailing it on to Katja or whatever.

    Let me hear from y’all.

  18. shelley Says:

    For those who need a little background on Flat Stanley (a.k.a. Flat Monkbot).

  19. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I can try to do Kinko’s. I have so much to do before I go out of town tomorrow. See, I told you we needed that helicopter.

    I am so totally down w/Flat Monkbot! My friends and I stole a little inflatable tator-tot character thingy (came from Sonic apparently) from another friend of ours (whose dad had just died) and each of us took Tot around with us for awhile and would take pics with him. When we were done, we handed Tot and a photo album filled w/the pics back to our friend. He loved it. I remember I took Tot on a dinner date and made my friend take pics of the waiter waiting on us, etc. But my fave pics in the album were of my friend that took him to the local fire dept. and had pics with him on the fire truck and with the firemen. Cute!

  20. shelley Says:

    Seriously, Bama…that is EXACTLY what I’m talking about for this project.

    I’d crack up seeing Flat Monkbot pictured with all kinds of crazy folks all over the place…with facts about the visit.

    About Kinkos…don’t knock yourself out, sweetie. I can always add your entry late…I just wanted you to be a part of the fun. (Plus, I’m greedy…we don’t have that many submissions)

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I really wanted to submit on time b/c I know you don’t have that many submissions and I wanted it to be a success. Not that my one little card would make it a success, but you know what I mean. I have one more option at work…but it involves asking for help from a manager in another department. I think she might do it for me….but I don’t really know how she feels about “using company property for non-business purposes”.

    We could make a Flat Monkbot album for Taylor and give it to him on his 31st bday!

  22. shelley Says:

    Ask her…explain that you wouldn’t normally ask but this was a weird circumstance.

    I’ll be she’ll just laugh…plus, it’s the Friday before a holiday…she’ll be in a good mood.

    About the album, great idea.

    I just spoke to Ben (designer extraordinaire of our logo)…he suggests I buy one of those actual Monkey with Cymbals and he could rig a visor and antennae for the thing. That way, it would be more like the Travelocity Gnome that goes everywhere (like from the movie Amalie).

    What do y’all think?

    There are two available on eBay right now (one for $20 and one for $30).

    I told Ben I’d have to see what y’all thought.

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I think that would be hilarious!! I would much prefer the “real” Monkbot to a flat one. We could all chip in!

    (P.S. Amelie is in my Top Ten Favorite Movies Of All Time.)

  24. shelley Says:

    Okay…I’ll put a bid in.

  25. shelley Says:

    Okay…I don’t mean to sound cheap…but with shipping…the thing will be between $30 and $40.

    Yikes…that seems a little high for such a frivolous purchase.

    I need feedback from y’all on this.

  26. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’ll give you some money to have a lil Monkbot mascot! If you don’t want to commit to it today, I’m sure you’ll find more ebay auctions for them in the future.

    P.S. Check your email please.

  27. shelley Says:

    Bama…that’s PERFECT!

    Don’t give it another thought. I like it just the way it is (Again, Mark Darcy.)

    Thanks so much!

    I don’t want y’all to have to pay for the monkbot…but let me think on it. (I’m also dragging my feet ’cause I promised Ben I’d buy him a shirt to thank him for the logo. I’m hugely cheap…but I guess y’all know that about me by now.)

  28. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, we can certainly wait on the mascot. Seriously, Shell. Take care of Ben first because he deserves it.

  29. shelley Says:

    well said, Bama.

    will do.

  30. double d Says:

    Ms. Practical here…

    I think the effort and cost of shipping the “living” MonkBot around will cause the process to breakdown. My motto is K.I.S.S. — Keep it simple, stupid.

    That’s why I suggested email with digitized signatures. Then at the end you can print it and include pictures. This whole electronic thing IS really fabulous.

  31. NOLAgirl Says:

    The lab board that I post on did a Flat Stanley sort of thing but instead called him Myles (I think they voted on the name) and Myles was a little stuffed lab doll (like not that much bigger than a beanie baby). I didn’t participate b/c I had a ton going on and wasn’t on the board that much, but I remember seeing some of the pics from people and it was Fu-NNY! I y’all want to see some, I can post a link.

  32. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Post a link Nola!

    I just bought a Monkbot tee and the pink Soul. Funk. tee! Yay!

  33. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, I gotta go…they’re kicking me out of my office. Bye y’all!

  34. NOLAgirl Says:

    Ok, here’s the link to the whole “Tracking Myles” forum on my lab board – you can look through the different threads at pictures. It is pretty cute. However, IF I had a traveling Monkbot, he would have to do to some more partying and less sightseeing. 😉

  35. Shrewspeaks Says:

    To MonkBot or Not to MonkBot…Flat is the question….Hell, I am in Flat, 3-D, as long as he is male and single and can go with me to Paris!!!!!

    Shelley, let me know…I might have to buy a special MonkBot fare on Continental. Oh gee, does the little guy only eat metal banans? That could be a problem in Paris, what with the embargo on yellow metal items and all…

  36. shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh and Nola….*thanks*

  37. Quossum Says:

    I’m down with Flat Monkbot. I vote for shipping the physical article, but maybe have the “photo album” digital. There’s not a HUGE number of us, and I think it would be so neat to see Flat Monkbot in each of our “environments.”

    I want him first! (Or second, or third, you know–whichever. =) )


  38. shelley Says:

    NOLA…that’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about!
    I love it.

    We’re gonna do it.

    I’ll keep y’all posted on the plan as I get my act together. 😉

    I’m about to hit the road to Biloxi.

    I’ll work to have Taylor’s cards up first thing in the a.m.

    Looks like we’ll have around 10 or so to enjoy! 🙂 Yeah!

  39. shelley Says:

    Q…when you get him…will you take him to the radio station that made you into famous crazy taylor fan? LOL 🙂

  40. NOLAgirl Says:

    Hope you made it to Biloxi safely! Can’t WAIT to see what everyone came up with for the postcards!


    Q, are you already trying to hog Flat Monkbot? Hey, I know – He can go to the dog show! 🙂

  41. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Nola!!!! fellow redhead? Excellent! Do I qualify for extra coolness if my redness comes from Loreal?

  42. Quossum Says:

    Yeah, I’m totally hogging Flat Monkbot. He can go to the dog show, to school, maybe even to the radio station.

    I loved looking at some of the journeys of Myles. Weird how all the labs wanted to taste him. Oh, wait…they *are* labs…maybe not so weird after all!

    I’m torn over whether my birthday greeting is delightfully tacky or just plain “serious ugly,” as Laura of Project Runway fame would say. You guys are going to have to give me lots of positive affirmations.


  43. NOLAgirl Says:

    Yeah, isn’t Myles cute? He has really been around!

    Don’t worry Q, I pratically caused my self to go cross-eyed with my card, so by the end of it I didn’t even know what to make of it! Shelley said she liked it, so I guess I made the grade! 🙂

  44. Quossum Says:

    My husband has this software called “Corel Paint Shop Pro X” so I loaded it and tried to make something. There must be a learning curve involved, because weird things kept happening. And things that I wanted to happen kept not happening. Still, I produced something!


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