Happy Birthday, Gray Charles!




You are an ass…an unmitigated pain in the neck…snarky beyond belief…and a total tease when it comes to sharing your knowledge, your connections, and yourself.


You are our friend…and, as Shrew so eloquently put it…our cyber brother.

Thanks for always putting quality first on your site. Thanks for providing so much to so many with your wit and wisdom. Thanks for your tenacity. Thanks for your veracity. Thanks for putting up with snotty comments and undue criticism. Thanks for giving us so much time…time we know you’d rather spend with your wonderful wife and children.

But mostly, thanks for being you.

We really do love you a bunch and appreciate everything about you…ya big jerk.

Have a fabulously happy birthday!


124 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Gray Charles!”

  1. robin4tay Says:

    Gray’s birthday? Nooo. He has birthdays??? Well damn. I had no idea.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAY! Everything Shelley said (as usual) is exactly right. Your are an ass, etc. But you are undoubtedly the most loved ass on the planet. And since I’m still a little skeered of you, I can’t believe I just called you an ass! So, moving past that–please know that I don’t have words to express what I really feel. Thank you is not enough. But it’s all I have. Thank you, Gray, for everything you and your site have meant to me this year. Thank you for creating the world of GrayCharles. And thank you for letting me hang out there. We do love you–a bunch.

    And for God’s sake, take the day off and spend it with your family. I pomise to keep everyone in line…

  2. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I second that emotion!

    Happy Birthday you big snarky lovable blog-o-master!

  3. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh PS Gray…

    I don’t think you can really comprehend how much you have changed some of our lives…

    I have met some wonderful people at your place…Ms. Shelley for starters, My sista DD, The couragous Texan, Squeebee and her evil twin Splenda(said with love), Jaxy and Wompie, Tojo, Nola, and Bama and Q to name just a few. Most of us still congregate on your pages, but we share so much more now beyond Taylor and even music.

    For these connections, I hope for you the very best for years to come. The bonds of the Gray Charles commutiny, that community you built, are very strong and wonderful. Thanks.

    Now, I need to redeem myself…Happy Birthday oh marvelously snarky one.

  4. double d Says:

    Day off? Are you crazy Robin? That’s all he’s done all weekend. Come on, Gray, get to the good stuff, or I’ll make you watch the We are the World video again.

    What can I say? Us Libras got it going on. Sorry you’re not a Dragon but we can’t all be perfect.

    Ok, here goes…Thanks so much for changing my life in such a profound way. Without you there is no sun nor moon, the tides cease to happen and without you we would all shrivel up and die.

    ….Ok, so I couldn’t do it without the snark…..

    Bottom line: We like you. We really like you.

    Happy Birthday….and Many More!

  5. Gray Charleshttp://www.graycharles.com/ Says:

    Shit, now I have to be sincere?

    Thanks for your best wishes everyone – I appreciate it.

    Of course, when I saw the link I thought Shelley had the scoop on the Ray Charles cover song choice.

  6. shelley Says:

    Maybe I do have the scoop, Gray…you know, you don’t hold the monopoly on mystery. 😛

  7. nolagirl Says:

    Happy Birthday Gray! Life is good for me right now, better than it’s been in many months, and as odd or sad or wacked out as it may sound, your site actually plays a part in that. It’s just so …. comfortable. And good too.

    So, hope you have a good day and enjoy yourself with some good old fashioned teasing, taunting, smart-assing, and the like. 🙂

  8. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Awe was that a cyber blush, Gray?

  9. double d Says:

    WHERE IS BAMA? Is she off today so no internet? Dang. I’m off and looking for some “witty opining”….

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…..

  10. shelley Says:

    Yeah…I think Bama is still off work.

    However, maybe she’ll check in from her parents’ computer.

  11. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Off from work…what the? I guess those of us who are not banker slackers will have to carry the burden of keeping capitalism alive and pumping today!

  12. doouble d Says:

    Ah, yes, what a lovely monetary system we have….

    GET TO WORK….heh, heh, heh.

  13. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I was wondering where all the snarky goodness was…My client’s office is closed, so I am stuck at my desk waiting for some good convo (and not biting on the “Goodnight good luck” thing)so I am booking all things Paris.

  14. shelley Says:

    i’m pretty swamped today…but when i hear a call for snarky goodness…i must come to the aid of my fellow monkbot.

    here goes…

    go back to gray’s and keep a tally of how many actual comments are made about taylor’s hair style.

    be sure to keep track of anyone who mentions it more than once. (let’s see…without mentioning names…what the top score will be)

    it kills me that the way taylor combs his hair will spark an entire day of “conversation.”

    seriously, who gives a crap?

    it’s how he combed his hair (actually, how a stylist combed his hair) for one day…for one photo shoot.

    it has no bearing on his music, his image, his state of mind, his artistic expression.

    it’s a DAMN PHOTO SHOOT!!!!

  15. Squeebee Says:

    Hippo birdy two ewes
    Hippo birdy two ewes
    Hippo birdy dear Gray
    Hippo birdy two ewes!

    Hope you have a great day, Gray!

  16. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh Shelley…AMEN…I love that challenge. I have already counted at least one comment calling for a New stamp to be made.

  17. double d Says:

    It serves Gray right…post some “meat” dammit.

    Ok, I’m working on a post that may require thinking. It’ll take me about 1/2 hour but I’ll post it here and at Gray’s and we’ll see what kind of “discussion” we get….game?

    (did I say how much I REALLY like not being at work?)

  18. shelley Says:


    So you’ve officially accept this personal Monkbot Assignment today?

    I expect a full report.

    No. of hair comments (for and against)

    No. of new stamp comments

    No. of Taylor could be bald and still be beautiful comments

    And whatever nonsense is spouted.


  19. Shrewspeaks Says:

    DD and Shelley…I here by accept the terms and conditions of the challenges mentioned here!

    May god help me if the IT dept is monitoring all of this…get a good laugh boy, this IS what a VP does.

  20. shelley Says:

    DD…you gotta give Gray some slack.

    He is a year older today.

    Old people need our patience and understanding. ;P

    I’m now diving back into work. See y’all in a bit.

  21. Squeebee Says:

    DD, you may have ruined our fun here by posting the link to Shelley’s site. Now they will know what we are up to! Looking forward to your post!

  22. Shrewbie-Doo Says:

    Okay this is a harder challenge than I thought…some of these posts fit under multiple catagories…

  23. shelley Says:

    total comments…not necessarily by post.

    squeebee…it’s okay…i think folks know we’re about the snark here.

    plus, i wouldn’t tolerate for any bashing of a particular person or post…snark is one thing…being mean is another.

  24. Squeebee Says:

    True enough Shelley!

  25. shelley Says:

    I just said I wouldn’t single anybody out…but…

    Meggie’s comment on Gray’s about the Shoney Big Boy hair totally cracked me up.

    Get that snarky girl to the Monkbot headquarters…STAT!

  26. double d Says:

    Ok, here goes…

    In my quest to further my unending wisdom as a Maven, I came across an interesting article in the October 2nd issue of TIME Magazine. In an article entitled “Why the future of Television is LOST”, the author, James Poiniewozik explores the wildly popular TV show LOST, but more relevantly, how TV has recently changed in the “new-media era”.

    The article goes through the major plot lines of the show and tries to analyze appeal to viewers. But the fascinating part of the article (at least to me) was the author’s take on affect that the internet has played on TV viewing since the advent of LOST. Since “serials typically bleed viewers as causal fans tune out”, his assertion is that LOST has maintained appeal because of the “mature, broadband Internet.”

    “The fans set up blogs, reference sites and podcasts. They watched, then debated and posted tidbits and theories….” “’Part of watching this show is talking about it. It doesn’t just end at the credits’, says Nicholas Gatto, 14 , who runs abclost.blogspot.com.” Holy crap! A 14 year old….

    Although LOST appeals to the mystery-solving types, the assertion that TV viewing is changing with the availability of band-width is interesting. I immediately made the parallel with American Idol and in particular, Taylor Hicks’ Soul Patrol. I mean, wasn’t the fun of it all the analysis over song selection, wardrobe, beating TPTB? Gray Charles’ is back by popular demand, and primarily because of Taylor’s popularity. However, it all started with a TELEVISION program.

    So, my question is….will we shortly see a day with truly integrated Internet with Television viewing? For example: wouldn’t it be cool to watch Grey’s Anatomy on a big screen Plasma TV and be able to comment on your favorite “discussion” site during or after the program by toggling over with a “picture-in-a-picture” function? Kind of like a built-in laptop on your TV. And, it doesn’t have to be limited to TV programs….how about concerts, sporting events, soap operas, etc.? New Media Era, indeed…

  27. Gray Charleshttp://www.graycharles.com/ Says:

    double d, that’s very interesting.

    maybe i could post it somewhere for you.

  28. Squeebee Says:

    Interesting stuff, DD! I think you are on the money with the integrated TV/Internet idea. Really, it is not that far of a stretch from how things are now, ie. people watching a show and commenting on it at the same time via a laptop.

  29. robin4tay Says:

    All I can say is I’m glad I read this thread before posting any (anymore?)drivel at Gray’s. Eeeek. You monkbots take no prisoners, do ya?

  30. double d Says:

    Gray – it’s in the comments on the bad hair thread.

    Squee – yes, but I’m the last of the Baby Boomers. I want it integrated, easy, affordable and NOW.

    : )

  31. Squeebee Says:

    Geeze, DD, you’re not demanding, or anything, are you? 😉

    I would be surprised if someone is not developing this already. And if they’re not, get on it DD!

  32. nolagirl Says:

    Well, since you are all so BORED today, I present to you this…

    Yesterday at around 11:30 a.m., Dwain (that’s the boyfriend) sent me a text that said: “I just met Meg Ryan.”

    Well, I’m off to lunch!

  33. double d Says:

    NOLA – WHAT?!?

    Where? How?

  34. Squeebee Says:

    Ha NOLA….you know how to stir the pot, don’t you? Anxiously awaiting details……

  35. Shrewspeaks Says:

    OOOOHHH…SO Do we debate the blog thing here and now?

    And Meg Ryan…NOLA Spill it!

  36. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Silly me…I check here first now…forgive me

  37. MonkBot CPA Says:

    Latest tally for today 1:43 PM

    1. Hair comments = 15

    2. Stamp comments = 5

    3. Beautiful no matter what = 12

    good news?

    4. Happy Birthday Gray = 46

  38. shelley Says:

    Official Prize of the Day goes to Monkbot CPA

    DD…I put my response to your interactive television question on Gray’s site. GREAT topic, chick.

    NOLA…you cannot tell us that your man met Meg Ryan and then FRIGGIN’ GO TO LUNCH!!!

    You are officially demoted one Monkbot point.

    Spill…tell about the Meg meeting…

  39. nolagirl Says:

    I like this monkbot cpa person. 🙂

    Ok, so here’s the story …

    (yeah, I tried to pull a Gray with the teasing bit, but then realized afterwards that if no one actually *cared* about Meg Ryan, it would be horribly ineffective)

    Dwain works at a Kroger pharmacy in — get this — Shreveport, La. Just like any other Sunday morning, he was going about his business behind the counter when Meg Ryan walked up. She had a mini-entourage of a nanny, a bodyguard and her adopted kid (Dwain said he could have taken the bodyguard, and the kid was about 2).

    And in true “normal person” fashion, she needed help for her kid who was congested, etc. Being the darling and smart man that he is, Dwain went out of the pharmacy and with Meg into the aisle where they discussed the different options and she asked him questions, etc. until they decided on which med to go with.

    Of course, I bombarded him with questions, dreaming of You’ve Got Mail all the while. “Were you standing there thinking ‘I am talking to MEG RYAN'”? I asked him. “Uhhh,” Dwain said, “actually I was just thinking how much she looked like shit.” Niiiiice. He said she was FUNKY, in like an old t-shirt, no makeup, etc. and he was really surprised at how not pretty she looked (OK, so he said ugly). He said she was very personable though.

    Apparently she is in town filming a movie. A few have been filmed there since N.O. was out of commission for a while, plus the state is offereing big time incentives to moviemakers to come here. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were in town recently too (which did not involve a trip to his Kroger, but to another Kroger – damnit!).

    I was SO excited about his rendezvous, but he was less enthused and said he’d much rather have met The Rock or Aaaahnold. (I threw in … “or Taylor Hicks” for good measure- ha!) Boys …

  40. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh wow! This is not the first time I have heard about Ms. Ryan’s personal hygene…yikes! Great story NOLA…and YES we care.

  41. double d Says:

    Meg’s aged a bit…not looking as “perky” as her “When Harry Met Sally” days.

    I have a friend who is an Exec. Chef on these movie shoots in Shreveport. Interesting….

  42. shelley Says:

    I can’t abide with any Meg bashing.

    I don’t care if she’s had WAY too much plastic surgery or collagen put in her lips…I don’t care if she stinks to high heave…I don’t care if her shirt had pit stains…

    Me. Loves. Meg. Ryan.

    (Truthfully, I spit Barq’s through my nose when I read Dwain’s observations…thanks for sharing, NOLA! Ha.)

  43. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley…you just described me…snif, snif

  44. shelley Says:

    I said PIT stains…not BEER stains.

    Go take another Levaquin.


  45. double d Says:

    I prefer Dennis Quaid…mmmmm.

  46. shelley Says:

    I’m going old school here…

    I prefer TAYLOR HICKS.

  47. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh Dennis…”Drop the towel, Drop the Towel!” Oh sorry.

    Heehee..not so much beer as whisky stains

    PS- I don’t have to keep counting in the bad hair thread do I?

  48. shelley Says:

    No…Shrew, you’ve fulfilled your duty as Monkbot CPA for the day.

    However, we may need your talents again on the next Thread Gone Wild.

  49. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Aye, Aye Skipper MonkBot!

  50. double d Says:

    Is Gray EVER going to give us some more news….you know he’s sitting on a pile of it.

    Dagnabit! If I don’t hear something new soon, I’ll have to produce my post on stopping nuclear proliferation in North Korea.

  51. Ridearoundsally Says:

    Happy Birthday Graycharles!!! Dont worry…your age isnt old..(for a tree!..snikker) luv yer old pal Sal x

  52. shelley Says:

    DD…I’ll give you the Official Prize of the Day every day for a week if you do that right now!

    I want to see how quickly conversation about stopping nuclear proliferation in North Korea can turn into a talk about Taylor’s ass.

    Seriously…I gotta know.

    Here’s my prediction…

    Post 1
    Gray…what do you know about North Korea that you’re not telling us?

    Post 2
    Will Taylor perform or record in North Korea?

    Post 3
    Taylor could stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea just by singing middle C for one measure.

    Post 4
    Taylor is perfect and has a gorgeous ass.

  53. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Do It, DD!

  54. double d Says:

    Shelley — I’m laughing out loud and my little kitties cocked their cute little heads….you are so right. Seems that the discussion is staying pretty intelligent, except for you yahoos.

  55. shelley Says:

    You really are right, DD.

    I noticed that, too.

    Slaps self and Shrew for being idiots today.

    Sorry. 🙂


  56. shelley Says:

    DD…I can’t believe you posted that…I bet Gray is ready to boot us today.

    Um, Gray…did we tell you how much we love you?

  57. double d Says:

    That was for Shrew.

    ; )

    The point is valid, Shelley….an on topic. I think the topic and discussion is very good. Better than…to gel or not to gel…

    And, if there’s better things to talk about, then BY ALL MEANS, put it out there, Mr. Charles.

    (I do adore you….)

  58. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I am soooooo glad I came here first cause I was going to follow-up to DD’s 4 hour erection with one of two comments…
    1. I do, I do
    2. then she won’t like Grey’s Anatomy….


  59. nolagirl Says:

    Glad y’all liked the story!

    I guess I should head over the Gray’s to see what kind of nonsense you kids are pulling …

  60. double d Says:

    I must say…this has been the best Columbus Day, EVAH.

  61. shelley Says:

    DD said “Better than…to gel or not to gel…”

    AMEN, sista!

    Shrew said, “2. then she won’t like Grey’s Anatomy….”


    NOLA…DD made us proud today.


  62. double d Says:

    See Gray’s post….re: LMBO.

  63. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Bwaaaahaaaahaaa I love pope humor

  64. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    Happy birthday Grey!!!

    you guys crack me up! i dont wanna leaave to go to work 😦

    hope everyone has a good one!

  65. double d Says:

    Shrew – Amos Lee’s Supply & Demand….

    I purchased. It’s good. Not like the first one, but good. I like Freedom, Skipping Stone and Southern Girl, so far.

  66. nolagirl Says:

    Amos Lee’s new album is on my buy-very-soon list – I previewed it and LOVED it.

    I believe there was a resurgence of the battered jacket that Taylor wore early on in Idol (was it for Levon?) in this TMZ clip. It’s really nothing interesting – just him walking into a club with some peeps, but the jacket caught my eye of course. 😉


    It’s toward the end ….

  67. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shoot…now I have to buy it…was hoping to get away with just buying JT’s new Christmas CD this week.

  68. shelley Says:

    how did i miss the official change of topic.

    i’ve never listened to amos lee.

    should i?

  69. double d Says:

    oooh, glad you reminded me…off to buy.

  70. double d Says:

    OH, and Amos’ “Sweet Pea” is fun….very Leon Redbone.

  71. double d Says:

    He is in Gray’s Artists with Soul. Very good stuff. We’re not officially off topic, just a short diversion.

  72. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley…Amos’s first CD well it is fabulous. Double D…JT not out until tomorrow.

  73. Shrewspeaks Says:

    What was the topic again? Oh yeah, “Gray Charles is old.”

  74. shelley Says:

    i was just curious…talk about amos if you want. 😉

    nola…i think waht you failed to mention about that damn clip is the BLONDE!!!!!!!!!


  75. double d Says:

    Gray says ’32’. True?

  76. shelley Says:

    What’s 32? His age?

    If Gray is 32…then I’m 97.

    By the way…I just texted Bama…she said “hey to y’all.”

  77. double d Says:

    Thought so. I’m guessing 42 or 43….heh…my age. Maybe he IS a Dragon? That might explain it.

  78. Shrewspeaks Says:

    This is the best day online evah…I just about pee’d in my pants at Gray’s last comment

    Shells I though Gray was the same age as us…why am I remembering that? High School comment I think way back in the day.

  79. Shrewspeaks Says:

    *waves at Bama* Miss ya gal.

  80. nolagirl Says:

    Hey Bama!


    Are y’all talking about JT as in James Taylor for the Christmas album?


    Shelley – What blonde? I didn’t see a blonde? 😉

  81. shelley Says:

    I was putting Gray at a couple (or few) years older than myself (36).

    I’m basing that on his pop culture references.

  82. double d Says:

    NOLA, yes JT Xmas.

    Sooo, about 38 or so. Still a bunch of youngin’s. Ain’t I won’t even talk about NOLA.

    And,yes, NOLA…Blonde…front and center with Mr. Hicks. Doesn’t seem like it’s ever the same one…maybe a blonde fetish? Imagine…damn, I thought that he was more original than that.

  83. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Nola yes

    JT Xmas out tomorrow

    I hope this works…my first hot link

  84. shelley Says:

    well remember, DD…he hasn’t met me yet.


  85. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Whoo hoo hot link success!

    Yup, 38…that seems right since I turn that freakin’ old this year *grumbles and shakes fist at wasted youth*

  86. Gray Charleshttp://www.graycharles.com/ Says:

    I’m lying about my age.


  87. shelley Says:

    You’re really 58, right, Gray?

    I knew it.

    mad hotlinking skeelz, shrew

    i SO just pre-ordered my JT Christmas album.

    I wonder if there are any holiday albums we can get for our resident Penacostal Jew?

  88. double d Says:

    I have been burning 50 DVDs from the video of my son’s 8th grade thingy from May and I’m on #36….the on-line banter has made it much more enjoyable. We’re only missing one important element…Bama. We’ll take this sucker over 100 without her wittiness. Imagine if she were posting…

  89. Shrewspeaks Says:

    And if Gray get’s to lie about age so do I…I will NOT be turning 38 this year!

    Anyone buying that?

  90. nolagirl Says:

    Awww, JT looks so cute on the cover of the CD! I am SO on it too.

    DD: Of course I saw the blonde, I was just messing around. She was kinda hard to miss – looked very tall, and basically, like she could kick my ass.

    Oh, and what do you mean you won’t even talk about me??? It’s OK, you can call me grasshopper and call it a day. 😉

  91. double d Says:

    Snatch the pebble from my palm…and you are ready, grasshopper.

    Nola…next week, all week…I am in the Big Easy.

  92. shelley Says:

    I love the cover of JT’s album.

    It makes me want hot cocoa.

    But then again…most things make me want hot cocoa.

    I just really like hot cocoa.

  93. Shrewspeaks Says:

    And Shelley…I think these people can help with the Holiday music search.

    pente who?>

    And unlike Nola and Gray I give real links that work

  94. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah …. hot cocoa …..

    DD: I remember! We’ll have to talk details later this week! This grasshopper is ex-CITED. 🙂

  95. double d Says:

    So, just what does the all and knowing Oz do to celebrate another year gracing the lowly with his presence?

    Wonder if the kiddies made breakfast?

  96. nolagirl Says:

    I think he prays, DD.

  97. double d Says:

    Oooh, Night Train by Amos is good too…this is another good CD by this guy….I like him soooo much.

    Shrew, have you bought?

  98. double d Says:

    Shrew, did the Fanilow turn you in?

    I planned on starting to watch Grey’s anatomy season 1 today but this has been way too much fun.

  99. shelley Says:

    DD…had I known you were choosing blogging over catching up with Grey’s…I would have slapped your wrists!


    We need you to be ready for the weekly discussions!

    (Although, I have to admit…today has been banner!) 😉

  100. Shrewspeaks Says:

    No the Fanilow is afraid of me…she thinks I am a whacked out fan…jeesh…come to think of it…very few have come near me since I am on the levaquin…hmmmm

    I didn’t get a chance to buy Amos…I will wait for tomorrow and buy Amos and JT together.

  101. Gray Charleshttp://www.graycharles.com/ Says:

    Born and raised in Pineola
    His mama believed in the Pentacost
    She got the preacher to say a few words
    So his soul wouldn’t get lost.

  102. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I Was 100….I was 100!!!!

    Okay, I almost hurt myself jumping up and down.

    Ummm speaking of upcoming travels..are we doing FlatMonkBot?

  103. shelley Says:

    “I think I must’ve picked up a handful of dust and let it fall over his grave.”

    gray…you got an mp3 of “Sweet Old World” so we can hear it?

    yes, shrew…we are…i’m working on it! 😉

  104. double d Says:

    Yeah, Flat Monkbot….will Gray play?

  105. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Let me know if I have to do a “special” one for Paris?

  106. shelley Says:

    I certainly hope so.

    By the way, I went to CafePress to see if I could buy Gray a birthday gift certificate so he could pick out a Monkbot shirt…and they don’t do gift certificates.

    How lame is that!?

  107. double d Says:

    Lame. Talk about bad marketing. Ok, I think that Shrew and I should open a Marketing Company. Shelley and NOLA can be our copywriters. BAMA will be our salesperson…we’ll specialize in Integrated Marketing programs for TV shows..and we’ll throw in a freebie for Gray and Taylor.

  108. double d Says:

    Last Amos recommendation…Truth…great bass beat.

  109. shelley Says:

    I gotta get with the Amos thing. Dang! 😉

    Great idea about marketing company, DD.

    We’re sure to make a million.

  110. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Ummm…where would we be HQ’d?

    I am assuming poor little ol’ me is out numbered here…so I will go with the flow if only I can afford to fly home when ever I need to.

  111. nolagirl Says:

    What will be our first purhcase with our million? Dare I say a ….. helicopter! 🙂

    Just ordered Supply & Demand AND pre-ordered JT. Threw in Sonya Kitchell too – she’s been on my list for quite some time, but poor thing kept getting passed over.

    Speaking of new CDs, I finally got Ray L’s new one this weekend. On first listen, I really only like Three More Days and Can I Stay a lot. A couple more were just OK, and the rest were …. meh. (to me at least) Anyone else?

  112. double d Says:

    shrew…guess Gray didn’t catch my blogger comment…

    This has been most excellent fun today. An appropriate celebration for Gray’s birthday.

  113. shelley Says:

    NOLA…I need to get off my ass and get the Ray L. album, too. Let me know if it grows on ya.

    I saw the blogger post. At first I was “lost” and then i was “found.” (Shrew had to do a little explaining for me.)

    Funny. 😉

  114. double d Says:

    NOLA – I like Ray L’s CD…

    Empty, You Can Bring Me Flowers, and I like Gone Away from Me.

    I find the horns nice. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

  115. Shrewspeaks Says:

    DD…are you so sure…I thought I saw something about you posting love letters to Kat again.

    Nola…Sonya Kitchell? To iTunes I go…driving home now…I suppose our new venture will be called MonkBot Marketing? And what will Bama do? Can’t leave her out.

  116. double d Says:

    What, shelley? I was talking about the 14 year old blogger….did I miss an Amazing Grace reference?

  117. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay, I think it is funny how a yankee is doing the translation between two southerners!

  118. shelley Says:

    dd…it was a very bad pun on my part.

    shrew…you know the north always has to step in to straighten out the south. 😉


  119. double d Says:

    Too many “lost” references today…heh.

  120. nolagirl Says:

    OK, I will give Ray more of a chance then. 😉

    Shrew – Gray did an Artists with Soul post on Sonya WAY back in the day. Since then, she got jotted down, but I never actually bought the album.

    Oh, and Shelley – I finally bought KT Tunstall’s CD too, which I first listened to on lunch-time errands today. I like what I hear so far. 🙂

  121. shelley Says:

    very nice, nola…may i suggest an evening cruise with the windows down while you listen.

  122. double d Says:

    OK, gotta run…It’s been real. fun. Email me if I miss anything I shouldn’t.

  123. Janhttp://www.soulpatrolrelief.com Says:

    Happy birthday Gray! May your day be filled with friends and family. I’m happy your you and you site are back in my life. I still get all nostalgic when I hear Jazz in the Bookstore.

  124. bambaborntxbred Says:


    Wow! I can’t believe how much y’all had to say…and you even mentioned lil ole me! I do declare!

    Happy belated birthday Oh Great Gray Man! I hope you had a wonderful day!

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