Fetish Friday…First Celebrity Crushes



There is no possible way I can describe how desperately I was in love when I was 14.

I yearned for my love. I marveled at his charm… his charisma… his talent… his… his… pouty lips.

My world still quakes a bit at the mention of his name.

Simon. Le. Bon.

Yes, it’s true.

I was a Duranie…and in a big way, baby. I loved all that was Duran Duran.


I still have my posters…the one above of Simon was hung above my bed…the one below of the guys hung above my Emerson stereo with dual cassette player AND radio AND turntable.

I still have my buttons, which I dug out to photograph just for y’all. I found them nestled in a Snow White musical jewelry box along with a Reagan/Bush ’84 pin, a Gumby pin, a B-52s pin, a Cyndi Lauper pin, a Police pin, and a ceramic figurine of Tinkerbell.

I still have all my cassette tapes (yes, cassette tapes, NOLA and Holeigh…go find a time capsule from the 80s to find out what these strange things are). They are pictured above…including the mixed tape made by my late friend Jeff Bristol. It features songs from Duran Duran’s first album…such classics as “Girls on Film” and “Planet Earth.” But I didn’t photograph my “Arena” album…because that album was the beginning of the end for the group’s successful part of their career…plus…the album sucked. Oh, and my “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” album is a replacement. I played the first one until the words wore off the cassette and the tape broke.


Like I said, I loved Duran Duran.

But what I really loved was Simon.

He made my little heart go pitter-pat. Nothing was sexier than the fake scratches on his neck in the “Hungry Like the Wolf” video or his gyrations in “The Reflex” video.

I didn’t have MTV at my house…but I’d stay up ’til midnight every Friday night…hoping I’d see him on “Night Tracks”…or I’d beg to sleep over at my cousins’ house or my friend Jeri Lynn’s house…’cause they all had cable.

Mmmmm…Simon all wet and throwing over tables…

Mmmm…Simon jumping and dancing on stage in his black pants (I had a pair just like them) and his black and white jacket and Dippity Do’d hair style…

Yeah…I had it REALLY bad for the guy. (As a matter of fact, I dated a guy who looked a LOT like Simon…we ended up engaged…but he refused to allow “Tiger Tiger” be our ceremony processional…so I had to end it.)

So, what’s the point of this post?

Well, since Gray brought up earlier this week that he once had the hots for Winona…AND since we mentioned Simon here yesterday…AND because so many of us gals have the itch for one smokin’ hawt gray-haired fella…I thought it would be fun to talk about our first celebrity crushes.

I’ve shared mine…now tell me yours. Was it Billy Idol? Jordan Knight? Sting?

And I don’t just wanna hear from the girls. Guys, I want you to ‘fess up, too…who was your first celebrity crush? Farrah? Christie? Samantha Fox?

Spill…and don’t leave out the details!

Boyfriend” by the Moldy Peaches…thanks, Ben


96 Responses to “Fetish Friday…First Celebrity Crushes”

  1. DaniCalifornia Says:

    Haha yes I’m first. You know who my 1st celebrity crush was? Michael Keaton in Batman. Granted, that movie came out even before I was born, and I don’t know how old I was when I first saw it, but I thought, and still think that he is one sexy fella! (And I died when I was 11 and my mom told me that he was BeetleJuice! What an amazing actor!) …Other than that, I really can’t think of anyone else. I liked NKOTB, but only because my older sister did. I never really had a favorite. Just thought they were cool. Especially in that “Please Don’t Girl” video at the abandoned fair place in that convertible. 🙂 🙂

  2. Shrewspeaks Says:

    It was the summer between 8th grade and Frosh year…a friend said you have to see this movie on HBO…this really hot guy is in it…CLASS. Okay she was refering to Rob Lowe (who I have always thought was a little too pretty) But I saw this guy in this movie and I was gone…He was minor character but so good…wait…lemme show you the smart, funny cutie…Here he is

    Yeah…John Cusack…wow. I had it bad…then 18 months or so go by and the seminal classic The Sure Thing is released…

    clip here

    That was it! I was a goner!!! John wasn’t one carried in Teen Mags…which is good cause I wasn’t the type to buy them…but I did have one little picture in my wallet that I carried.

    And the 80’s ensued…Better Off Dead, “Two Dollars, I want my two dollars”, Once Crazy Summer, Hot Pursuit, Say Anything (my least favorite) and then…At a point when I felt I was done with teen comedys…he is in the Grifters…That cemented it! Our relationship move to a new level…it went from teen crush to real appreciation.

    Over the years, for the most part I have not been disapointed…Oh sure there was Tape Heads which was quirky and unfocused, but come on…Grosse Point Blank…CLASSIC…Bullets Over Broadway “don’t speak”and must I bring it up…I can’t help myself…High Fidelity! Great!

    Yup…I think this is a life long committment…He’s a keeper.

  3. double d Says:

    Heh. Shrew…Cusack….I can see that from you.

    Ok, we’re going to go really old school albeit not original.

    My first celebrity crush was Elvis. From the time I was five until his death…that would have been 8 years. I loved the music, the man, the legend. Still do.

    When he died, I compiled a scrapbook in a picture album of hundreds of pictures and I have held on to it through about 7 moves. I actually forgot I had it but Monklex came across it while I was at work and put it on the coffee table to have a good laugh when I got home….as he knows that I am NOT fangirly…heh.

    Anyway, I’ve got to run to the beach for the Shrimp Festival today (actually working), so I can’t be all fancy like Shrew with pictures and videos, but I’m sure you remember Elvis, right? If not, there’s a new singer around who’s rumored to be a lot like The King…

    : )

  4. shelley Says:

    OOOoooo…Shrew…you have just created my movie itinerary for this weekend. I haven’t seen even HALF of those…and I love Cusak. Great first crush!

    Dani…Keaton as Batman…very nice. I had forgotten that Burton did that movie…I actually liked it. I’m having to take back what I said before about hating all Burton movies.

  5. Mind Doc Says:

    Shrew — you are going to have to knock me aside. John Cusack all the way. And I like his sister, too, so there will be no awkward family gatherings. The crushage began with The Sure Thing and continues to this day.

    However I did moon about a bit for Patrick Duffy from the Man from Atlantis days and … er … Harlan Ellison. I am a bit embarrassed about that one. I admit to a bit of a penchant for smart, edgy men — viewed from afar. In real life that would last for about a second and a half — or until I kicked them out of bed.

    I was a awkward girl who harbored her crushes in secret — I did not wear my heart on my sleeve, no posters or anything. Shelley, I find your enthusiasm for SLB endearing.

  6. Mind Doc Says:

    but yeah — those back scratches were both informative and intriguing …

  7. shelley Says:

    Mind Doc…I totally didn’t consider the “Duffy Factor.”

    Yeah…he was very nice. But I was always a little creeped out by the gills.

    Now Parker Stephenson…there was a man with great hair…great eyes..and NO gills.

  8. double d Says:

    Ok, true confession…only by BFF knows this one and she still teases me unmercilessly…

    David Jansen in Harry-O….

    what can I say, I always had a thing for older men…mmmmm, Sean Connery, Paul Newman…mmmmm.

  9. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Mind Doc…I don’t know whether to be honored that we have the same taste or to don the war paint cause BABY I ain’t going down with out a fight.

    Patrick Duffy…Parker Stevens…TV crush…mine was the guy who played Kip On Boosom Buddies..I swear…look it up.

    Shelley…which ones haven’t you seen? let me know…I can give you the order and skip Tape Heads…it is best saved for a seperate viewing.

    Awe…and DD and ELvis sitting in a tree

  10. Holeigh Says:

    For those of you that have seen Look Who’s Talking and it’s sequels, you can already guess who my crush was…

    John Travolta!

    My dad is big into movies (as am I, as a result) and we would watch movies like Grease and Saturday Night Fever (he also loves the Bee Gees) over and over again when I was a kid. Coupled with the aforementioned Look Who’s Talking, I loved this guy! I also think he is quite a good actor, gotta love him in Pulp Fiction, haha. My only regret is that whole Scientology thing. 😛

  11. Shrewspeaks Says:

    For DD

    Chest hair baby

  12. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Holeigh…you display true unconditional love…scientology is a deal breaker for me

  13. shelley Says:

    Shrew…I’ve only seen High Fidelity (own it), Say Anything (own it), Gross Pointe Blank, and Better Off Dead (own it).

    Oh…and Kip…a real cutie. What DID ever happen to him? 😉

  14. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Apparently there is a reason I dated two guys in highschool that later came out: My first major crush was Boy George. Hahahahhaaaahhahahaa!!! I was such a weird child!

    I also was desperately in love with Andrew McCarthy. Who couldn’t love those crazy eyes?

    And, my most enduring love: Bono

  15. shelley Says:


    Yeah…I can see that.

    (But Boy George…honey…let’s get you to the optometrist…STAT!)

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    But Boy George was sooo stylish!

    I also loved Andrew Ridgley from Wham! What ever happened to him?

  17. shelley Says:

    Bama…sweet, little lamb that you are…I need to let you know something important…something that someone who loves you should have told you years ago…

    honey…you can actually find men in this world who like women.

    don’t be shocked or afraid. I know gay guys are colorful and lots of fun…but straight guys, I promise, are even better when it coms to crushes.

    (although I’m really one to talk…I’ve got the BIGGEST, FATTEST crush in the world on Thom Filicia.)

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:


    The last guy I actually dated (after crazy Chad the buttpad) was a super-hot, ex-marine, chef. He was the perfect balance between supermasculine and frou-frou guy that knows how to cook a fabulous meal and order the perfect bottle of wine. But he broke my heart. A real gay man would never break my heart!

  19. Squeebee Says:

    Ok Tex told me about this thread…what a fun idea! So my first thought was Johnny Depp. I had the hugest crush on him back in the “21 Jumpstreet” days. And it was really cool because that show was actully shot in Vancouver, so I felt like I had a special ko NECK shun (thank you DD!) Not like i ever met him or anything, but you know how the teenage mind works.

    But then, I remembered an earlier crush that I had nearly forgotten about. We’re talking a crush before I knew what a crush was. Wait for it…

    Hawkeye Pierce from MASH. Love Alan Alda, love his laugh (yeah he’s like 40 years older than me, but who’s counting?) As I watched MASH re-runs as a young kid, I think I was beginning already to form my opinions on what kind of guy I wanted to marry. Hawkeye was the guy (well minus the promiscuous sex part…but I didn’t clue into that at that age).

    Funny, sweet, sexy….what more could you want?

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ummm…Alan Alda? Well, I loved Boy George so I guess I can’t say anything….

    BTW, Dani: Batman came out b/f you were born??!! How old are you?? Gah, how old am I??

  21. texan Says:

    Geee…it is hard to focus in here! I am torn between revealing my first celebrity crush, my first targeted celebrity husband or the first celebrity that truly stopped me in my tracks!!!!! You know me, I am spilling all three!

    The first boy on TV that I wish I could meet. High School boyfriend candidate type. An old, old show called The Rifleman! I loved the character Mark McCain and I was sure he would love me right back! LOL

    My first husband candidate…There is no doubt about it. I watched a million western re-runs with my parents and grandparents. There is one actor that reigns supreme in my early teen warped crush department. I was certain that I would marry this guy ( if only we could meet) and ride off into the Texas sunset, and live our days on the Ponderosa! It is of course, the amazing, the handsome (hawt was not a word then) LITTLE JOE CARTWRIGHT…yep Michael Landon himself! Mine all mine!

    Now the first crush that made my brain fry, my heart pound was the white linen clad SONNY CROCKETT, aka, DON JOHNSON, Miami Vice. So cheesyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Gee, the things I admit in public these days.

    Does the monkbot have some truth serum potion that seeps up thru my keyboard?

  22. texan Says:

    squee …as much as I love ya…STEP AWAY from the pirate!

  23. shelley Says:

    texan…about the truth serum…um…i’m not at liberty to say.

    i will say, though…Michael Landon…very nice. 🙂

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Pa Ingalls? That’s like incestuous or something….

    Now, Sonny Crockett, that’s a whole different ballgame! Yummy!

  25. texan Says:

    well Little Joe was no Pa! LOL

  26. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah…I never really watched that show. I was a lil kid when Little House was on…and that was “my” show. The world stopped for Half-Pint!

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I loved his make-up and hair! And, come on…Karma Chameleon?

    Who couldn’t love that?

  28. shrewspeaks Says:

    A straight man, bama

    Love ya

  29. susieq3cauthenticmagnets.blogspot.com Says:

    Double D…you took the words from my mouth. It was definitely Elvis for me too. And I was 7.

    I had a thing for Donny Osmond at about that time too. (Why was I noticing boys at this age??? I just thought they were really “handsome” men—handsome is such an innocent word!)

    Later it was Shaun Cassidy.

    And in high school…Micheal J. Fox, Harrison Ford, Christopher Reeve (watch movies much??) My best friend and I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at least 7 times IN the theater (this was long before DVD sales were even thought about ).

    Ah, nostalgia.

  30. shelley Says:

    Am I alone with Ferris Bueller?

    (Boy, I’d like to be)

    I was totally smitten for Matthew Broderick…oh…and Michael Anthony Hall.

    (I’ve always like guys with a bit of a dork factor.)

  31. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh I was an Alan Ruck gal…”when Cameron was in Egypt land…Let my people go”

  32. shelley Says:

    You make me make a phony phone call to Edward Rooney? Ann annn annn then…

  33. nolagirl Says:

    Bama, this should cure your Boy George hang-up…



    Back after lunch with my crushes!

  34. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley…”He’ll keep calling me, he’ll keep calling me until I come over. He’ll make me feel guilty. This is uh… This is ridiculous, ok I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go. What – I’LL GO. Shit. ” Haahaa I love that one.

  35. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ewww…Nola! I’m talking B.G. way back when…not B.G. now…gross!

    I loved Ferris Bueller Shelley!

    But how is Matthew Broderick, Donny Osmond and John Travolta less gay than B.G.?? Just because they aren’t actually gay?

  36. Claire Says:

    Who remembers John Erik Hexum? (sp) He was the guy in the ’80’s series “Cover Up” about a crime solving modelling agency, or something like that…..anyhoo, he was the first person who made my tummy go all funny.

    He actually died soon into the first series in an on-set accident, something to do with a gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks, but wasn’t…..I’m really hazy on the details. But I DO remember him!!! Yowzah!

    After that…Michael J Fox. Didn’t ya just want to pick him up and squeeze him and pinch his cheeks??

    And George Clooney. Do not even GO there.

  37. shelley Says:

    Claire…your mention of John Erik Hexum has officially stumped me.

    I have NO idea who you’re talking about.

    Was “Cover Up” some show from Ireland?

  38. nolagirl Says:

    Ok, I’m back. 🙂

    My first crush was Joey McIntyre of NKOTB fame.
    What was I thinking??

    My BFF back then, Allison, and I wrote him a fan letter one night at a sleepover. We even put on my mom’s lipstick and kissed the letter. We of course had NKOTB playing in the background. (on a TAPE, btw Shelley)

    I went through a brief stint of loving Elijah Wood, but then my main squeeze became Chris O’Donnell (partly why I love Finn so much on Grey’s Anatomy).

    Yet, all of those were mild for the love I developed for the one and only Garth Brooks.
    Another Man and his guitar

    This was a bad one. I had every CD, knew every word of every song, had posters, magazines, the whole nine yards. This was around 1995ish when he was wildly popular, so he was always doing some sort of TV appearance. I taped EVERY one, and watched them fanatically. I thought if only he wasn’t so much older than me, that we should just get married cuz I loved him THAT much!

    Although I still do love Garth, that passed and I was big into Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre. Here’s an older, but still so damn cute Favre doing a little advertising!
    Gettin’ a little gray

    I also had posters of him too (this was sophomore year of high school). My mom and I still think he’s adorable and squeal just a tad when he’s playing football. Hee hee.

    P.S. If none of my links work I am going to kill myself. It took me forever!!!!

  39. Claire Says:


    (I haven’t mastered the art of the hotlink thingy yet!)
    This is him, Shelley – Irish men don’t look like that, let me tell ya!!!

  40. Phile Says:

    Dang, you know how to make a girl delurk. Don’t touch Roger – he’s mine! 😉

    Anyway, I’m working so I will try to post later, but in the meantime here’s a Friday the 13th/early Halloween present for all the Durannies (doing this quick, hope it works):

  41. Claire Says:

    Shit, that link didn’t work. Um….fancy a spot of Googling, shelley?.. 🙂

  42. Holeigh Says:

    NOLA! Thank you for mentioning Garth, I was coming back to add him to my list, hehe. Aren’t you excited for Nov. 1 when that 5 DVD set comes out?

  43. shelley Says:

    May I direct you ladies to this page on the site…I think you’ll find it helpful for your future linking needs.

    (For future reference, I keep a link to that page on the right-hand column of the Monkbot homepage.)

    And John Erik Hexum was definitely a LOOKER.

    Oh, and Phile, I promise to let you keep Roger to yourself…but I’m happy that there is another person out there who also saw value in Duran Duran members other than John. 😉

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Sorry Shell and Phile, I was a shallow 11 year old in love with John Taylor. I had never seen anything prettier…

    I did love the others too. Duran Duran was my official first “favorite band”.

  45. shelley Says:

    Bama…you’re killing me today. 😉

  46. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Claire: John Erik Hexum…verrry nice!

  47. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m running on fumes…so I don’t even know what I’m talking about…I hope I don’t offend anyone…

  48. claire Says:

    Thanks for the tip Shelley, I knew you had posted that somewhere recently.

    Larry Mullen Jr., amyone?

  49. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hello! Larry Mullen Jr., Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton…I’ll take one…I’ll take ’em all!

  50. Staci Says:

    Not that I wasn’t already annoyed that I have been in a meeting for six hours on a Friday, but I finally get to my computer to discover you guys are talking a FANTASTIC subject! And Bama, I’m with you on Bono… I remember an AWESOME dream with Bono coming out of the fog to save my day… and of course, then there’s Patrick Swayze… cause nobody puts Baby in a corner… how can no one have mentioned him?? (sure, hold Road House against him if you will).


  51. shelley Says:

    Road House was Swayze at his best…because…”pain don’t hurt.

    Stace…I’m not necessarily a fan of Bono…but didn’t you just break some ancient code of honor by mentioning him in the same breath with Patrick?

  52. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…I was on the call tussling with UPS and forgot I left the blog up with SLB face smack in the center of my screen. My direct report walked in and started laughing so hard he dropped to his knees. AND then the Fanilow who sits next to me ran over and started laughing too…That’s twice the Fanilow has made fun of me. One more time and that Fanilow will be like Lola if you know what I mean!

  53. shelley Says:

    the 14-year-old shelley is crying on the inside that a fan of friggin’ BARRY MANILOW would laugh at my simon fetish.

  54. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yesterday a dj in Dallas was talking about Clay Aiken being gay…and gah(!) the Claymates came out (heehee) in full force! It was like when He Who Shall Not Be Named said something about the Great Monkbot and a bucket…CRAZY!

  55. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I am sorry…BUT I knew you guys would understand.

  56. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh by the way…I am sure one of you will know

    How do I get glitter out of my eyes…some how I must have been exposed to a lot of it…

  57. Claire Says:

    Hi Shrew….thanks for responding to my post on GC. Sigh. Maybe I shouldn’t post there in this mood.

  58. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Claire…hang tough…there is still good stuff to be had at GrayCharles! And we always have Shelley’s!

  59. texan Says:

    I hate when that happens Shrew! I can see you scrambling now! hehe! But I am in your are in the Fanilow battle!

  60. shelley Says:

    Okay…my brother, Ben, just sent me “this song in response to today’s post…hilarious.

    (It’s “Boyfriend” by the Moldy Peaches)

  61. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh…Beanjhameen…so, so funny that one!

    I wasn’t dating Simon Le Bon!

  62. claire Says:

    Oh I know Gray has quality content, I’m just a little sad today at the quality of the RESPONSES he’s getting from a lot of new people. I’m not saying I want GC to be a scary, intellectual, highbrow, unapproachable type of place, far from it, but there are plenty of other sites where All Those Words Which Cannot Be Spoken when referring to Taylor are abundant. Why drag a fun, clever, non-thuddy blog down to OMG THUD DREAMY etc yada yada. I know any thread where the “subject” is a Picture Of Taylor is inviting fangirliness, but seriously. It’s gotten so much worse.

    I thought about e-mailing Gray to ask him what he thinks but he never answers my e-mails. 😉

  63. Rowan Says:

    Hey Shelley – I do love your site. Have been lurking shyly for a while, and have summmoned up the courage to post on this topic.

    I share most of my early crushes with others posting here. Like Susie Q, my earliest crush was at a tender age – I think I was eight. The object of my tender affections was also the redoutable Donny O, he of the impossibly glossy hair and gleaming gnashers. My teacher, an elderly and rather crotchety lady, had put up a huge poster of him in class,attempting to import a bit of hip and cool-ness for herself.

    Donny was hip and cool to me in 1972. My little heart burned for him, and I pretended to be ill when the others went to gym-class, so I could spend a little time alone, gazing at him without distractions. When the other kids left,I stole over and gave him a kiss, which was impossibly brave. Surprisingly, at interval, there was a lot of whispering and giggling behind hands. Someone whispered, “And she kissed the poster…” I am still puzzled to this day as to how they knew.

    My next crush was on Simon of the blusher and blindingly white trousers. Went to see Duran Duran live, at a big concert venue in Dundee. Got all dressed-up to look the part. On a cold january night in 1982, I bounced into the concert-hall in white canvas jeans, green suede pixie boots, cut-off sweathirt and with a gauzy irridescent scarf knotted behind my head. (This detail was my piece de resistance and had only been achieved after much swearing. Hair gets caught up, when you do stuff like that yourself.)

    The sad thing was…i was the only one of my age-group dressed this way. The venue wa packed: the first few rows with sober parents in overcoats, and twenty-somethings sneaking in incognito. The other rows and balcony were filled with fainting eleven year-olds. Sat and cheered, feeling, at 18, a little like mutton dressed as lamb.

    Before I go, did anyone else like Christopher Plummer? He was wonderfully sinister and a bit old for me, but he had a really great voice. Had a strange teenage crush on him at about 14, after seeing him all tanned and feathered as Attahualpa the Aztec in the film version of “Royal Hunt of the Sun.”

    Mind Doc – can I return my Fireman, since he was on approval? He is still pristine. Can I swap him for a more outdoorsy bloke, maybe a park ranger or a mountie? I need to get out more and see me some scenery. If you have no mounties, rangers or even cowboys on your books, can I swap him for a wireless router?

  64. shelley Says:

    Claire…I’m lovin’ ya more and more each day.

    When it comes to picture threads…I usually post early and then get the hell out of dodge.

    It was one of my top pet peeves before Gray went on his sabbatical…and it’s been great to create a site where I can cast my scepter over my minions and rule against “ALL THOSE WORDS WHICH CANNOT BE SPOKEN.” LOL.

    Hey…I think Taylor is a cutie patootie beyond belief…but discussing every detail of a photo really zaps the enjoyment out it for me, you know?

  65. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Rowan!!! OH MY soooo glad you de-lurked! Missed my first Scottish/Taylor connection.

  66. shelley Says:

    Rowan…excellent post! So glad you shared.

    I have to admit, I’m thoroughly jealous about you seeing Duran Duran in concert…I never had the chance.

    Also, Christopher Plummer is wonderful…be sure to see his performance in “Syriana”…very good.

    Finally…for your braveray in posting for the first time AND sharing the bitter tale that forever will be known as the Donny Osmond Poster Incident of 1972…I award you, kind Rowan, the…

    Monkbot Medal of Honor.

  67. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Ummm…I am still at work and can’t listen to it yet…but..

    *bashfully waives at Ben*

  68. susieq3cauthenticmagnets.blogspot.com Says:

    Umm…does professional analysis of a photo count as “discussing every detail of a photo?” If so, I’m crushed. I was hoping by writing those analyses to get folks to see beyond the subject and see the artistry of the image itself. That would, in effect, elevate the conversation beyond “thud” level.

  69. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yay to Rowan’s bravery and her awesome stories!

    Yay to Claire and her refreshing bitchiness at Gray’s! Love it! I didn’t realize we were supposed to analyze every pic that came down the wire…how exhausting!

  70. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oops…sorry Susie…you can slap my hand…

  71. shelley Says:

    susieq3c…inherent artistic beauty is entirely different. 😉

    and i’m not gonna say i haven’t admired taylors jeans…and what’s in them…i just dont’ discuss it (that much) ha.

  72. susieq3cauthenticmagnets.blogspot.com Says:

    Whew! I feel so much better! I intentionally left out all references to body parts, swooning, etc…

    And no hand slapping is necessary bamaborntxbred. It’s all good.

  73. suzi-q Says:

    Okay, time for this older, yet wiser lady to post about crushes!!!!! Shell don’t blush:) I enjoyed watching anything movie or tv that had (in their younger days, and some even now) Sean Connery, Paul Newman, James Farentino, Elvis Presley, Robert Redford, Matt Damon, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Gene Hackman,Matthew McConaughey, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, John Corbett, Harrison Ford, Cary Grant, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Day Lewis (in some movies), Heath Ledger, Russel Crowe,Mel Gibson, Orlando Bloom, Jeff Bridges(loved his dad too Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt) Viggo Mortensen Hugh Jackmanand last but certainly not least Captain James T. Kirk!!!!! A man for every season!!!! 🙂 I am sure there are more if I tried to rack my brain, oh and I like Christopher Plummer (from way back to Sound of Music fame and Pink Panther oh and may as well through old George Clooney in there.

  74. Mind Doc Says:

    Yes to Christopher Plummer. He made my heart go pitter pat when, in an icy rage, he tore down the Nazi flag in Sound of Music.

    And Frank Langella, when he had both hair and fangs.

    Yes to Patrick Swayze, if he dances with me, otherwise, not so much. He is sorta funny lookin’, but I forgive much in a man who can dance.

    (Rowan, will take your outdoorsy bloke info under consideration. However, chica, remember that outdoorsy guy want you to go outdoors WITH them, more’s the pity. Don’t come crying to me when you are schleping up a mountainside with a back pack and climbing poles.)

  75. shelley Says:

    Wow…Suzi-Q…I had no idea there were so many.

    I guess I get my appreciation of manly men honestly. 😉

  76. shelley Says:

    Who knew christopher plummer would be the Stud O’ the Day?


  77. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Holy cow Susie!! That’s a lot of men! Woo-hoo!

  78. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley, I hear ya…and I thought I was going out on a limb with Cusack. Most of you have more than one celebrity too…maybe that is why I am still not married…I need to broaden my horizons and play the number game.

    Viva Le Men!

  79. susieq3cauthenticmagnets.blogspot.com Says:

    So Shel, can we start a list on another day of called the “front porch list”?
    The DH and I have a list of celebs, etc. If the women on his list showed up on our front porch asking him to leave, he’d be gone in a heart beat. Same for the men on my list. Of course, it’s all in fun…I think….

    Well, yeah, it’s all in fun.

  80. Rowan Says:

    Awwwww, thank you so much for the kind comments. It is great to see everyone, and I am very thrilled with my medal. To quote one of my favourite characters in literature, Old Lodge Skins, “My heart soars like a hawk.” If you could see me now,I am floating slowly back down to earth in the fashion of Muttley, when he received his coveted medal in Wacky Races. Yaay! (Beaming.)

    Actually, you could not see me, as my autistic son stomped on my desklamp, the last working light in the room, whilst I was posting before, and plunged me into total darkness. Please put any typos down to this! Like Mary Wollestonecraft, writing about her early feminist struggles, I am “groping in the dark.” I am cutting my medal out tomorrow and laminating it. Whoo hoo!

    Shelley,your lovely song “Remembering” is still going around in my head, btw. It is so nice to be here.

    (Off into the black void now, groping for the fuse-box)

  81. bamaborntxbred Says:

    It’s so nice to see all the new and/or old familiar faces ’round here. I had a feeling the lurkers would come out just as soon as Shelley did a post about Simon Le Bon!

    Y’all have a great weekend…I’m off into the wild world sans internet! I’ll miss you crazy kids!

  82. shelley Says:

    Bye, Bama.

    Rowan…you’ve just upped our intelligence level by about 10 points.

  83. Squeebee Says:

    Let me clarify, Bama….I had a crush on Alan Alda when he was younger, during his MASH days. Now….not so much.

    And yeah….Boy George? 😛

    Love ya Bama!

  84. Rowan Says:

    Bama – lol – I feel as though I’ve been aptly outed! Mind-Doc: that is a nice Plummer image to retire to dreamland with. Hmmmm, you could be right on the perils of outdoorsy blokes, tho. I will just sit in the jeep and eat the picnic.

  85. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Patrick Swayze always seemed like he was coated in Vaseline or something greasy. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

    Bono hasn’t maintained the same type of intense passion that he once had….but man, back in da day!

  86. Quossum Says:

    Late to the party, as always, but…

    I have to say that I wasn’t much into crushes. (Did I mention that I was a pathetically late bloomer?) However, thinking back, I do remember crushing on Julian Lennon (poor fella–one hit wonder) and Johnny Depp (this was ’round about Edward Scissorhands time).

    Since my teen days, the only crush I’ve had (besides the present one on Taylor, of course), is serious, persistent, and never-ending. I heart Julian Sands. Yes, yes, I know–he usually plays really creepy roles and has a rather bizarre personal vibe, but what can I say? He’s my man. I have many of the movies he’s been in and at least seen many more. (The Warlock movies, Room with a View, Arachnaphobia, Tale of Vampire, Oxford Blues, Boxing Helena *shudder*, Black Moon, and more.) Even the ones where he was bit parts like The Killing Fields and Naked Lunch *shudder*.

    Possibly there’s no star more different from Julian Sands than Taylor Hicks. Yet I love them both. I am a woman of conflicts and extremes, a paradox wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. I am silent as the night, yet I cry out in the storm. I am–

    What the hell am I saying? No more plum wine for you, little missy!


  87. double d Says:

    THanks for the Chest Hair, Shrew…

    WHAT?!? nobody shares the love for David Jansen.

    Oh well, OK.

    Jon Erick Huxim….good call.

    Boy George…WTF?

  88. suzi-q Says:

    sorry guys I should have check my writing, I meant THROW in old George Clooney:)

  89. Jan Says:

    I had the biggest crush on Daryl Hall and John Oates. It’s true. I had a poster of them from their Voices album on my wall. Spandau Ballet and David Lee Roth (in a towel) also graced my walls as teenager.

    I still love Hall and Oates. I tried to buy every album they had ever made. I got really close. I had a Hall and Oates folder with every bit of press I could find and the lyrics to every song that I could find in a a lyrics mag that I can’t remember. I had a white baseball shirt made with lavendar sleeves that proudly proclaimed “I love Hall and Oates” that I had made and used to wear it everywhere. I was crushed recently when I realized that I don’t have the folder anymore. I saw them in Dallas in the 80s and knew every word to every song performed during the whole show by heart. About 3 years ago I had a friend from highschool send me a DVD of Live By Request with Hall and Oates. It’s great. That’s how big my love for Hall and Oates was.

    Here is one of my favorite Hall and Oates songs that you probably haven’t heard – August Day.


    Claire: I’m sad about what the Gray Charles site has turned into. The quality of the material posted by Gray is awesome as expected but where did the intelligent people go? I have read a few insightful and interesting posts there but not enough to make it worth reading through that many posts. I am usually on the boogieboard when I have time. I actually think the intelligent people went here and to the boogieboard. I don’t understand why people talk about any freaking picture to that level of detail. I started reading posts and stopped at the second one nit picking the pictures. Comments about the artistry of the pictures are appreciated by me.

  90. Jan Says:

    Sorry Shelley for posting about Gray’s site. I hadn’t read your post about that yet when I posted. To be fair, the pictures and comments were mentioned in this thread or I wouldn’t have commented.

  91. shelley Says:

    Jan, no apologies necessary.

    We certainly can express opinions here…and you did so without being deragatory. That’s exactly what I’m looking for! 😉

    Discussion of Gray’s site is VERY welcome here.

    Now about Hall and Oates…I have to say…I wish I had seen that jersey shirt with the lavendar sleeves…nice…

  92. Lana Says:

    I wish I still had it but it sure wouldn’t fit. I’m waring my All Skate shirt right now.

  93. shelley Says:

    Are you going by your first name now, Jan?

  94. Jan Says:

    No. How did that happen? I see Jan (Your Blogger display name).

  95. Lana Says:

    Well, I take it all back about the quality of threads on GC. I finally read one that is very interesting. Gonna Move x 3. I read 10 pages and saw many videos and read info on Paul Pena and am kicking myself for not seeing Delbert McClinton since he plays around here a bit. That is going to change at my first opportunity.

  96. shelley Says:

    Lana Jan, DD has pointed out that she thinks the reason for the “Gonna Move” post is in response to Taylor’s site opening on Monday. Hmmmm…

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