The Don’t-Lose-Your-Heads Discussion Post


losehead.jpgI don’t want to abandon the “Friday Fetish” post below…but I also wanted to provide space for folks to cover three four other VERY important things…

1. Response to Gray’s news that may be up and running before Monday…which means the reroute to Gray’s would be VERY short lived.

2. McDreamy “stepping aside,” Izzy as a millionaire, and Callie continuing her whorish ways.

3. Who would put my head on ice if I were decapitated.

4. UPDATE TO LIST OF TOPICS TO DISCUSS: Sarah Evans has filed for divorce and quit “Dancing with the Stars.



23 Responses to “The Don’t-Lose-Your-Heads Discussion Post”

  1. double d Says:

    1. So does this mean a direct link to Gray’s or does it replace Gray’s?

    2. McDreamy needs to learn not to be so noble, good for Izzy and Callie’s a slutto. What IS up with Chris McDonald’s hair?

    3. I would, I would…and I’d talk to you every day…

  2. shelley Says:

    Well…if D says it needs to be on ice…then by all that’s Jethro Tull…ice it IS.

    DD…poor Chris’ hair could NEVER compete with McDreamy’s hair.

    As for Gray’s site…I doubt it is being replaced. Seriously.

    Gray???? Yohooo! Gray!!!!

  3. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I would build a coffin out of a Kleenex box for you…and set you on fire in the office parking lot…

    I love Izzie and she deserves all the good things she gets. I just wish she would adpopt me and Cheryl Burke.

    Meredith is a fool and those guys are better off w/o her.

    Callie is a disgusting hairy hooker. I can’t stand her skank-ass. She’s spreading her cooties all over all the good men!

  4. shelley Says:

    Ah…Bama is in rare form today, folks.

    I always look forward to Friday’s and hearing Bama share her feelings about Callie the disgusting skank-ass hairy hooker with cooties.

  5. Shrewspeaks Says:

    1. Wallpapering is such a bitch…just when you think everything is a smoothed out…there is always a wrinkle or bubble

    2. Okay…what does Izze do with that money? McDreamy, pffft now we are in the will they or won’t they senario again. Carlie is a bit of a hose monster…but McSteamy…need I say it again…McSteamy…”shhhh…don’t speak” But the HERO of the night…Bailey! I love that woman.

    3. Shelley I am with DD…infact I could imagine MonkBot HQ with a hyperbolic chamber proudly displaying your noggin. Kinda like Lenin in Red Square

  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hahaha! Shrew! Noggin…that’s a funny word. That should be the word of the day…

    I want a man that will hunt down a bag of chips for me. One that uses his noggin to find it.

  7. Squeebee Says:

    Ok I will comment later after I watch GA that I taped last night! Izzy as a millionaire??? Ack!

  8. shelley Says:

    updated topic to discuss at top of post, y’all.

  9. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I know! I heard that this morning and I meant to say something! That explains why she always looks so crappy…I mean, her eyes are always puffy and dark circled! Does this mean your fave, Willa, can come back?

  10. shelley Says:

    Hush your mouth, child.

    Willa must stay GONE!

  11. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Purty eyeshadow lady!

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m sorry, is there such a thing as “too much of a pinup”? Maybe that’s why I can’t get a man…

    I do agree though…especially about Meredith. That girl is toe-up! She’s like a scrawny cat that’s been left out in the rain.

    Sandra has a giant freak head but she’s awesome!

    I. Love. Addison. Gorgeous!!

    I. Hate. Callie. Vomit!!

    Men aren’t people…they are pretty pretty ponies. Made to be objectified.

  13. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Umm…what about Bailey’s personality Gray…or is she in the scary category too? Gray do I sense a theme here…what show does offer the bevy of beauties to your liking?

  14. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama…I am in the Addison is cool club…especially after last night!

  15. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yay! I’m not alone in the Addison fan club anymore!!

    I think Nola is still alone in the Callie fan club though…

  16. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I like the curves…hate what she is doing with them…is SKANK a Joisey term?

  17. shelley Says:

    Um…I’m banning all commentors who like Addison Montgomery Shepard. (Then I can skate down the aisle of Monkbot without running into a single soul.)

    She gets on my last nerve…and…she’s a damn mouth-breather.

    Watch..she always has her jaw dropped open like she need to go blow her nose or something.


  18. Shrewspeaks Says:

    mwmhwm,whal u amske…


    melley…dud pew bin moi?

  19. shelley Says:

    Je ne comprend pas.

  20. shelley Says:

    Nulle, J’etais rendre le plaisanterie…translation…No, I was making a joke.

    (Um…I totally cobbled that phrase from an online English to French dictionary…so I’m sure my conjugation and everything else is totally off.)

    C’est le vie.

  21. Le Schrewspeaks Says:

    I am screwed for the Paris trip

  22. Ash Says:

    Would ice truly help or would it hurt?If it would help I would pack you like an igloo, baby.

  23. Gray Charles Says:

    Why are the men on GA so hot and the women are, I don’t know “meh”?

    Dr. Gray – too skinny
    Callie – not sexy and i’m afraid
    Sandra Oh – sexy, but i’m afraid (I use her real name out of respect)
    Izzy – too much of a pinup
    Addison – #1

    We are people too.

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