For those on Weight Watchers…A Must-Have Workout


Crazy fitness chick

Thanks for the link, Ben. I almost peed my pants.


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  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Mommy? I’m scared, Mommy.

    No. No, no, no, no, no…Noooo!!!

    My eyes! Dear God, my eyes!!! Oh, the images are burned into my psyche forever. FOREVER!!

    I’m going to huddle under my desk and suck my thumb now….

  2. shelley Says:

    I’m sorry…but I HAD to share that.

  3. Ridearoundsally Says:

    (Picks jaw up off floor) …did those poodles have a pertuberance?

  4. shelley Says:

    ROFL @ pertuberance

  5. ridearoundsally Says:

    Pertuberance…said it the voice of elmer fudd…pertubewance?

  6. shelley Says:

    oh…i thought you were quoting michael scott from “the office.”

  7. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay, I understand the need to post it. I woulda done the same thing in yer shoes. It just scared me Momma!

    Where does Ben find this stuff?

    How did they do that to those poodle heads?

    I’m gonna have nightmares…

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh! Howard Jones!

  9. shelley Says:

    huh…”No one ever is to blame?”

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    No…I just remembered the man, with the hair, and the keyboards…that we were randomly talking about the other day. I don’t really know what the point was…or why I suddenly remembered his name…but I had to say it before I forgot it again!

    Phew! Now maybe I can get some sleep this week!

  11. nolagirl Says:

    Can I hold your hand Bama?? I’m skeered too.

    I did love, however, how the chick fit her leg warmers over her *ahem* bulges. Can’t go without the leg warmers!

  12. ridearoundsally Says:

    Ok fess up…who all wore legwarmers at one point..True confessions..I did. I thought I was as cool as Irene Cara on “Fame”…Baby look at me…and tell me what you seeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. shelley Says:

    We were too poor to buy leg warmers.

    I wore three pairs of socks at once.

  14. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley is so cute. I was really poor too but we had dollar store leg warmers…and Jellies. Do you remember those shoes? And twister beads? And Units? We had fake all of those things!

    My Grandma made us all fake Cabbage Patch Kids too…

    Ahhh…the 80’s!

  15. shelley Says:

    I still have my fake Cabbage Patch.

    And I wore my jellies until they fell apart.

    I want us to all get together and play Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit.

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    That is a MUST-HAVE at the Monkbot Festival! How fun!

    Watch out though…my mind is full of useless trivia…I could kick some serious Monkbot butt!

  17. nolagirl Says:

    I think I was on the tail end of the leg warmer phase. However, rolling the jeans and double layer (two different colors, naturally) socks were pretty cool. Then in high school we used to wear WigWam socks – did y’all have those? They were really expensive, so I had like 2 or 3 pairs and I’d have to wash them during the week so that I could wear a pair every day to school (you guessed it – we were not rich at all either!)

  18. DaniCalifornia Says:

    I’m right up there with Nolagirl, I did the double-sock thing. I did have a few pairs of jellies too!

    Oh and the video …crazy! Who comes up with that stuff?

    Shelley, I sent you an e-mail, I hope you find it entertaining. It’s sort of weird, but I’m sure you’ll see why I did it. 🙂

  19. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…80’s trivia…YOU ARE ON…I am a font of useless knowledge.

    PS-Stuck at work because my report slacked on something…I want poodle girl to pee on him.

  20. double d Says:


    Let’s go way back, way back, way back….

    THE ’70’s RULE

    Where else could you have seen this

  21. double d Says:



    Groove Thang

  22. Shelley Says:

    I find it best to not question Ben on where he finds things…they usually come from very dark places.

  23. Mind Doc Says:

    pants because of terror or because it was funny? Just wonderin’.

    I thought it was kind of skeery, myself. The poodles had good rhythm, though. They all kept up the pace. Still skeery.

    And, no — no jellies. I took one look and decided that my feet would sweat like a son-of-a-gun. I did not wear legwarmers, but I thought I looked pretty good in my denim mini-skirt, men’s t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and pink high-top reeboks. I think I finally threw those shoes away.

    Pink reeboks, I loveded yew!

    (I am a fount of useless information — all trivia wannabes beware!)

  24. Mind Doc Says:

    (grrrr! having trouble posting. that should have started …)

    Shelley — did you almost wet your pants … because of terror or because it was funny?

    (honest, I am semi-literate)

    (and why can’t I capitalize my name?)

  25. shelley Says:

    Mind Doc…your name is capitalized on my screen.

    Maybe this blog is haunted.

    Halloween IS just around the corner.

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