Where Are You in the Whole Damn Mix?



After the craziness of yesterday’s post, I got to thinking (which never leads to anything good)…what is UP with this thing called the Soul Patrol?

I came up with few answers…and, rather, lots more questions.

First of all…here is what I’ve observed.

We in the Soul Patrol turn on each other more often than Paula asks for refills.

We in the Soul Patrol turn on Gray Charles as easily as insults roll off Simon’s tongue.

Hell, we in the Soul Patrol turn on Taylor at the drop of a hat (or the wearing of the wrong shirt…the using of too much hair gel…the singing of a non-precious song…etc.)

Where is our civility? Our sense of community? Our soul?

Webster’s defines soul as: (sol) n. [OE. sawol] 1. an entity without material reality, regarded as the spiritual part of a person 2. the moral or emotional nature of man 3. spiritual or emotional warmth, force, etc. 4. vital or essential part, quality, etc.

I have to say, we don’t really measure up to our moniker, folks.

More often than not we fall prey to mob mentality…divided by cliques and a class system…Pious Music Geeks verses Fangirly GlitterNazis…ready to band together in said groups, wielding torches to run each other out of town.

Many of us have so calloused ourselves to other people being just words on a screen that we feel we can simply pop into a discussion…say what we want and pop out…and damn the consequences.

I don’t know about y’all…but I can honestly say that I’ve gone from being intimidated to post at Gray’s site because of the high intellectual bar that was set by the blogger and commenters to now being (at times) intimidated to truly speak my mind because I don’t want to get beaten down with ugly comments from folks who want to hear nothing but their own opinions vomited back on them…or only want to hear about how wonderfully great Taylor Hicks is.

Hey, I like Taylor Hicks.

Hell…I think he’s great…wonderfully great.


Is it even about Taylor anymore when it comes to these online “communities” we’ve created?

To me it seems Taylor has become as fictional and non-human in all of this as we’ve made Gray Charles (who is, by the way, a real person). It’s like Taylor/the Soul Patrol is this monstrous beast with appendages that fight one another.

I have to wonder what the purpose is of us all coming together if we’re only going to bash one another. What is our collective goal now that Taylor has won? Do we even have a unified purpose? What do we even WANT to get out of being in the Soul Patrol (or an off-branch of TOSP)? What is it we really CARE about as a group?

There has been discussion about the interactivity level of Taylor’s new website. Some folks are pissed that GrayCharles.com is so embedded in the deciding/transition process…but why can’t people stop and look at the bigger picture…which is why Gray’s place was the chosen point of contact.

To many it’s obvious why…Gray’s has offered an intellectual community with a sense of fun…at least I felt it has…or did…for a while.

But as things have evolved…I now have to wonder if such an online nirvana can ever really exist. And I wonder if Taylor’s new site should even offer such interactivity since we seem to remain so divided.

Is it possible for geeks and glitters to co-exist peacefully?

I throw all of these questions out into the void…anxiously awaiting y’all’s feedback.


121 Responses to “Where Are You in the Whole Damn Mix?”

  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    1. You are so cool. What a badass to put it out there like that.

    2. Where can I get some of the Soul Patrol trail mix? I’d like some for stocking stuffers this year!

    3. Okay, now to be serious. I have felt the “great divide” for some time now..and I know that I’m guilty of segregating myself. I’m terrified of the Glitters so I have separated myself from them, believing in my own superiority. This might be true…but probably is not. Especially since I don’t really belong with the intelluctual geeks either.

    I will have to add more later b/c I am being called away…this is good b/c I can mull this over some too.

  2. shelley Says:

    Bama…in my 36 years on this planet…this is the first time IN MY LIFE that anyone has ever called me a “badass.”

    I almost choked on my Trail Mix when I read that.

    Can’t wait to hear more from you after you’ve mulled it over. πŸ˜‰

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Shelley,

    What you describe about the behavior patterns of the Soul Patrol is to be expected.

    I am not new to fan boards, and the experience of meeting, travel, and a summer of fun centered around a personality.

    It is fantasy mostly, and the folks will eventually show their true selves, somewhat spoiling the fantasy for many.

    I work in human services, and I have found it is always hard for everyone to get along with other people. Even the nice and popular ones. The day always comes for even the best loved people, that is a bad day, and it really, really irks someone- irreparably. Then it can get ugly.

    –Unless there is leadership, incentive, and expectation of certain behaviors.

    I find your effort at leadership and inspiration to better behavior to be the brave and hopeful thing to do.

    I just don’t want to see the “Bash Talylor” websites pop up when the mood shifts on the websites, like I have seen happen before.

  4. shelley Says:

    Anonymous…great insight…and you’re right about how office environments can turn nasty.

    I guess what really makes me sad is that this environment (the Soul Patrol) was one that folks voluntarily took part in.

    You know the funny thing is…a “bash Taylor” website would at least be an honest attempt for folks to come together for an admittedly negative purpose…instead of being a part of something that is SUPPOSED to be about enjoying life and fun and music and community and the champion spirit…and THEN raining on everyone’s parade. Ha.

    I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  5. Holeigh Says:

    Helllo…I wasn’t here for yesterday’s comments (although I did read the interview, good job with those questions, everyone!) but I’m glad you decided to blog about this.

    Like anonymous, I have seen this happen before. Probably because I am a child compared to most of you, haha, but I went through this same thing with Johnny Depp after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean (Black Pearl). He exploded from this mostly indie star (at least to a bunch of 16 year olds) into a bonafide movie star and the fans flocked.

    Over on IMDb (where I first started posting about AI too) myself and a small group of others started what I would later see at GC — a group of friends who got together to discuss more than just how hawt a person is. It was great times…until the fanzillas showed up. Long story short, we were driven away from IMDb and sought a new site, much like what has happened with Shelley’s blog. (How dramatic does that sound? I love it…) Thankfully, I am still friends with those people because we just stopped dealing with the fangirls.

    Unfortunately, with Taylor’s sight aiming to be so interactive, this can’t continue. Depp is something of a recluse most of the time so he didn’t have to worry about what his fan club had to say, but Taylor is the opposite: he loves hearing from us. That’s why I’m concerned about what he’ll think if’n he reads some of these sites. He’s just a person (albeit a seemingly fantastic one!) but some people have elevated him to a God-like status. These arguments broke out at the drop of a hat during the show and soon the SP was known as a gang of sorts (mostly at the scary boards) but now we have no common “enemy” and we’re preying on one another.

    Not good, folks…I think it can be reversed, or at least distanced from GC, but it’ll take work. I just hope those of us that are a little more intellectual can stop fighting through their computer screens. Just because someone can’t see your face doesn’t mean they can’t make an opinion about you and others you associate with. And that opinion is not looking so “hawt” lately.

    And I’m done, sorry for the length, haha.

  6. shelley Says:

    Holeigh…I loved what you had to say.

    But I have follow-up questions for you…

    Is it wrong to “stop dealing with” any group?

    Shouldn’t we try to find our common ground? (And maybe I’m coming at this from a Christian standpoint rather than purely Monkbot.)

    Or is that unrealistic?

  7. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley…Thank you so much for this…I have been plagued with this question for days. My thoughts arose from a very interesting conversation with Pamela over in GC chat and to be nakedly honest, some of my thinking is due to my nature to over analyze everything.

    I think most, whether geek or glitter, feel they have invested do much time and effort into Taylor…that the need to stake a claim in his succuess and the tools/format it will take is exceedingly high. I know I have certainly felt that way.

    I gave this much thought last night…the vision…the vision…what are we as Soul Patrol to do?…What does Taylor want? I went it over and over…and then right before I dropped off to sleep…I kept playing one phrase over and over…

    It’s just about the music…center there…enjoy it…and don’t freaking worry so damn much about it.

    I think in some ways I knew it…but with all the activities of the past few weeks…I personally lost perspective. I apologize to any/everyone for that weakness.

    So…this MonkBot…will just focus on that…THE MUSIC…carry a lighter heart and f-ing get on with my life. This doesn’t mean I won’t post here or at Gray’s…just means the hand wringing rappid fire questions will stop.

    For me…Soul Patrol..will be to just enjoy the music.

  8. shelley Says:

    Shrew…does that new perspective make you at all sad?

    Like the end of an era or something…’cause it kind of does me.

  9. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Nope quite the opposite…very liberating.

  10. claire Says:

    Hi shrew and Shelley…I popped in briefly on that Chat with Pamela and she was very worried, if I remember correctly, about what was going to happen to the AI posters when the boards “closed” for Season 5. I got the impression that she thought the posters there would have to go into some sort of Soul Patrol Home for the Bewildered. “Where are they to go?” she kept asking. I was quite surprised at this. Like there aren’t at least a dozen other Taylor sites they could visit before choosing a new home, from the more fangirly sites to not-so-fangirly places. I got the impression that Pamela felt the “AI board ladies” ( I think she used that phrase, or something similar)felt slightly polarized from other boards, including GC because of the reputation that the AI boards have for being, well, skeery,and encrusted with glitter and little THUDding icons.

    I certainly find a different tone to the posts at GC since he came back. There are lots more new posters (not a bad thing)and lots of new opinions. Up till recently, lots of the new posts consisted of “wowicantbelieveyourbackthankyousomuchtelltaylorwelovehim hehaschangedmylife…” you get my drift. Hopefully that’ll stop soon. People want to give Gray a shout out for coming back. I get that. Gray gets it too, (we know that much). Maybe things will level themselves out in that respect.

    Ok, I’m drifting here, so I’ll post this and come back soon with a REAL point, LOL!!

    Hi Pamela if you’re here….hope I didn’t misrepresent you!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Shelley,

    Thanks for the response.

    I know that the “Bash sites” seem honest at first, and they usually are.

    Eventually they become petty, bitter, and ugly. All of the time.

    They generate a negative buzz that can be picked up by the mainstream press. Gossip can destroy your career or enhance it.

    Of course Taylor will be the #1 effective agent against this happening. He is already taking the lead, and I imagine, modeling the expectations he has for us.

    “Keeping it real, keeping it cool, love the music.”

    It is what I see him

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Please disregard the last sentence fragment.

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hmmm…Well, I don’t know how much “mulling” I got done…

    For me, there is something different going on. I love Taylor, but I’m not really “using” GC’s site for info about him. To tell the truth…I’m not that kind of fan. I can’t get into every detail of every video, song and picture that comes down the wire. I’m happier being surprised and really experiencing moments as they happen…and having a more (I don’t know what word to use here)”impressionistic” experience.

    I like GC’s site and the Monkbot site b/c I can be among people that share an interest in this special person…Taylor Hicks. I’m much more invested in the relationship/people side of the blogging experience. That is why when we start hurling insults at one another, I get really defensive…especially of/for those folks I feel much respect for.

    As many of you know, the monkey in the Monkbot came out in me yesterday…and I don’t mean that in the good way…:). I want to apologize specifically to Shelley and Gray for stirring a pot I shouldn’t have…and to Claire and heyhowyadoin for assuming the worst in you both…that was unfair of me.

    I wish there was a way to mend the growing divide in the Soul Patrol…but it probably won’t happen. I think we can co-exist peacefully and can all still be considered SP…

    Shelley, since you brought up Christianity, maybe you can think of like this: Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Episcopalians….They all fall under the umbrella of Christianity…they just have different rituals and some differing beliefs…but when it comes down to it…the main belief holding them/us together is the same.

    So we are under the umbrella of the SP. Some of us are music geeks, some intellectuals, some Glitternatzis…and the lucky ones are Monkbots…We are the same family…

  14. shelley Says:

    Point taken about the bash sites…you’re right.

    So I guess my next questions are…

    Is Taylor the one be the leader?

    Does that role come with the territory of being an entertainer?

    Shouldn’t we be responsible for our own behavior?

  15. shelley Says:

    Bama…that was quite eloqent. πŸ˜‰

  16. Anonymous Says:

    It’s called intolerance. We seem to have difficulty in accepting someone else’s point of view in their comments when it differs from our own. Or difficulty in accepting that a blogger who owns his site has guidelines by which to post.

    How many times have I seen a comment in response to a topic, only to have someone else come back “on the attack”? Or the response isn’t intended to be an attack, just a response, but the OP takes it the wrong way and goes on the attack herself. Or she gets defensive and feels the need to come back with an apology, especially if more than one person disagrees with her.

    I am really disheartened by the lack of discussion we are able to generate. Someone always gets their feelings hurt and sulks off into lurkdom. Or vents on a different board, presenting a distorted view of the original post based on how it made them feel. (WAAAA!!! I’m not intelligent enough!!)

    It’s a predicament, partially due to the nature of the cyberworld of communication. There’s no assistance from body language or previously established relationships. LOL and emoticons only go so far. We are bringing way too much emotional baggage to these boards. Why be objective when you can get mad and self-righteous instead?

    Intolerance is a hard word. There are times when it’s needed, but I don’t see it’s usefulness in the Soul Patrol sphere.

  17. mrspaul Says:

    I guess Im more fortunate than I thought to be a regular at the boogie boards. this whole post makes no sense to me.

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Anonymous- it’s funny that you say that about bringing emotional baggage to the boards. I’ve been having some “issues” with some of my closest friends in “real life” and I projected those feelings into the situation yesterday. I didn’t realize it until much later.

  19. shelley Says:

    Mrspaul…your comment is exactly what the post is about.

    Why would you feel the need to be negative when you could have either…

    a. realized that this site is not your cup of tea and move on?


    b. give a response as to why this particular post makes no sense to you?

    I’m wanting to understand.

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    mrspaul- Is there anything we can do to help it make sense? You are welcome to be here…even if it sounds like we aren’t saying that.

  21. Squeebee Says:

    Great topic, Shelley, and one I have also been thinking about recently.

    Okay, so originally, when the “Soul Patrol” came together (which by the way, has ALWAYS been fragmented to a large degree), our common aim was to help Taylor win the cheesefest called AI. But you question now, what is the purpose of the Soul Patrol now? Are we just a fan club? Or have we evolved into a different animal?

    I think there are (at least) two sides to this. Part of Taylor’s vision is to “bring the REAL back to pop music”. Sites like Gray’s and Ash’s expose us to different music, and allow us to contribute in a real way by supporting little-known artists.

    The second group are the people who are content to be part of a fan club (which I have no problem with!).

    So the problem becomes, how do we integrate these two groups? Personally, I don’t believe it’s possible. The goals aren’t the same, so there will always be friction.

    I agree with anonymous that wherever people and personalities are involved, there will be conflict. CHurch, work, school, personal relationships…you can NEVER get away from conflict.

    My 2 cents, for what it’s worth…

  22. bamaborntxbred Says:

    This passage of your post seems apropos here:

    “Many of us have so calloused ourselves to other people being just words on a screen that we feel we can simply pop into a discussion…say what we want and pop out…and damn the consequences.”

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey Squeebee- I don’t really feel I fit into either of the categories that you outlined. Maybe there is a Misc. category for misfits like me? πŸ˜‰

  24. shelley Says:

    squeebee…i totally agree with you and anonymous…it just makes me sad though…especially when we COULD come together in fun.

    you know, i don’t always agree with my friends and co-workers and family members and church members and…fellow monkbots…but…i value each of their opinions and, while i may not LIKE what they say, I try to understand from where they are coming.

    am i being too pollyanna to think folks should all strive for that?

    what about the fact that so many sit by (well..except for Bama) and let people dump and get away with it.

    why don’t those who want unity hold people accountable for their actions?

    it’s just sad.

  25. Squeebee Says:

    Bama….I said AT LEAST 2 groups….I just didn’t expound on any further ones! πŸ˜› Ok, so describe the group you feel you belong to…I am interested to hear!

    *Adds one member to the misfit group*

  26. claire Says:

    Bama, seriously m’dear, don’t even worry about it. It was a simple misunderstanding. Maybe I should have phrased that particular post better. It’s all good. Teeny-tiny fluffy kittens and rainbows to you. πŸ™‚

    And part two of my rambl-athon above?

    I got nuttin’.

    Except to say that now the common goal of the SP is reached (ie Taylor to win Idol, and the ensuing summer tour whirl) what is there left to do but debate and speculate (for the most part) until the album comes out?? Hopefully once the album/solo tour/book thingy start rolling, the SP will sort itself out and become about supporting TAYLOR, instead of fighting amongst ourselves for lack of any real substantial news/facts about Tay. There will always be the glittermaidens in any fanbase, along with those who are All About The Music. They will just have to tolerate each other, much like my dog and cat tolerated each other for many many years, with the occasional snarl and flash of claws. In the end, they still slept together in the kitchen every night. (I miss my doggy 😦 )

    Is that too simplistic? Do we need to get into the psychology behind Blog Mentality? Feel free to dive into it if you want.

    mrspaul? Did ya get yer tail back yet? (little Boogie in-joke there..)

    Looks like no deep-and-meaningfuls from me today….very tired after work. I’m going to have a cup of tea and a low-fat apple slice.

  27. Squeebee Says:

    I just wanted to add that relationships, for me, are a big part of why I continue to hang around. If it weren’t for the Monkbots and others I have met on GC, I probably wouldn’t continue reading and posting. I love the intelligent (and sometimes not -so intelligent) dialogue that goes on at the sites that I frequent.

  28. shelley Says:

    au contraire, mon claire

    i think you did bring some deep stuff to the table.

    maybe the solution is we DON’T need to mingle any more.

    is sad at lost of potential friends by separating from another group of people on the planet

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Squeebee, if you’ll see my above post, I describe why I hang around these boards. Don’t get me wrong…I’m a Taylor fan…but I’m not on these sites for Taylor…but for “fellowship” with other fans.

    Shelley-I think that holding one another accountable signifies true respect and (growing) friendships.

  30. Squeebee Says:

    Bama….I just re-read your post after posting my last one…looks like we are pretty much on the same page.

    Shelley…as much as I personally hate conflict, I have learned that you can only be responsible for yourself. We can’t will others to act in an apporpriate way, and sometimes we just have to throw up our hands and give up. As long as we are doing our part to “keep the peace”, it’s all good. I’m sorry you are having such a hard time with this, Shel 😦

  31. deejay Says:

    Shelley, very interesting discussion. I’m a regular over on the Boogie and visit Gray’s and MJ’s often. I discovered something this summer. When the people come out from behind the websites and are real – like when I met people at the concerts – you see how silly these artificial divisions really are.

    We are all fans of Taylor Hicks. We have made “friends” with certain people on the Internet. We none of us KNOW much about any of us, including Taylor. We make assumptions based on 2 sentence posts. It’s insane.

    As was said upthread, it’s all about the music, Taylor Hicks’ music and his career. It’s not about which board you post on or whether you think or thud, or both! I hope the posters over on the AI boards will find homes at a website that they feel comfortable with and I hope the folks who call thoses sites home will welcome the newcomers.

    I appreciate all the sites, yours included, for the special piece of the puzzle they make up. All different but working toward the same center – Taylor’s music.

    Well, awfully long first post…sorry ’bout that. Thanks for what you do here Shelley. It’s a fun and interesting blog.

  32. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Squee…the collection of friends and the connection some of us have made beyond this crazy thing called the Soul Patrol is the true treasure…that I DO Get passionate about.

    AND Don’t for get about the blind dates Squee…

  33. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley- It’s their loss. I know that sounds trite…but it’s true. This is one of the most outstanding blogs in the blogosphere (partially due to the fact that I comment all the time…kidding!!). You are a supberb writer and we have so much fun here! We really do support each other…even during disagreements. When we fight, it lasts about half a minute and ends with squishy, fluffy bunnies and kittens and sunshine and roses being handed out. Seriously, anyone that wouldn’t want to hang out here…isn’t someone that I think could make a meaningful impact on your life anyway.

    And don’t forget…you are a quality…not quantity kind of girl when it comes to friendships.

  34. Squeebee Says:

    Shrew…do you have a webcam on your laptop so I can be on the first “real” date? πŸ˜‰

  35. Holeigh Says:

    Shelley — You ask a good question. When I mentioned the “stop dealing with” policy, I meant that it worked on the Depp boards only because nothing else did. People would attempt at getting people to just calm the hell down and listen to one another and they would get chastised. Soon it became a conflict between the “original cult of Depp” (original SP?) and those who had just caught on. Personally, I would love it if everyone could get along because we all bring something unique to the table. (Even Alex — remember him? Haha.) But we’ve been at this for months and it doesn’t seem to be calming down. Maybe the best we can do is just try to keep our regular blogs a sort of sacred place…we can’t control the randomness that spills over from other boards, but we can control what we say and do and try to set an example.

    Anyone else picturing that Church meeting in Scout’s livingroom from To Kill A Mockingbird? All the do-gooders try to do-good in foreign nations but ignoring what was right in front of them. (I in no way am implying that we do that, this blog is fantastic. But “baby steps” to the future!)

  36. shelley Says:

    squeebee…don’t be sad for me. i’ll get by. πŸ˜‰

    deejay…wow…great thoughts. thanks for sharing.

    you’re right…we DO put too much into one or two sentences and don’t really know anything more than “we all like taylor’s music.”

    you’re also right (and I give you the Official Prize of the Day for stating it outright) about how silly these artificial divisions really are.

    truly…i am more than a monkbot.

  37. claire Says:

    “maybe the solution is we DON’T need to mingle any more.”

    Um, Shelley that wasn’t really where I was going with that one – what I meant was… “Can’t we all just….get along??”
    (what film is that line from – and why am I thinking “Batman”?)

  38. Anonymous Says:

    (Same as 16 Anonymous above)
    bamaborn, I think having an emotional reaction is the natural thing to do, the default behavior. That may be why gray wants us to think first, comment after, and not just go with the gut reaction. “OK, what am I projecting into this that may not really be there?” I think if more people did that, what instigated the kefaffle yesterday and then what followed may not have happened.

    And BTW, I’m the first to raise my hand, Guilty as charged. I try to be very careful in how I phrase my posts, be direct in my responses, but someone felt bad because of it. Then it’s a quandry for me as to what to do… apologize??… (((HUGS)))??? When does all that get to the same touchy-feely level as the incessant thank-you, thank-you’s? Is it just more fluff that gums up the works? Or is a necessary oil for the boards to function?

    My response has been to let it go, hoping that the person will get over it, and realize a different opinion is OK, not an attack.

  39. claire Says:

    You posted about being direct in your responses – so, care to share your name, anonymous?

  40. shelley Says:

    lol…claire…i almost used that quote..but it’s not from a movie…it’s from rodney king who was beat up during the l.a. riots.

    i decided it might be a little TOO virulent a quote to reference.

  41. shelley Says:

    anonymous…i’m slowly learning that that is usually the best way to handle “net”iquette.

    however, i do feel, when i’ve wronged someone…i should apologize..and when i feel i’ve been wronged…i should let folks know…albeit in as much of a compassionate and humble way as possible.

  42. claire Says:

    Yeesh. Colour me wrong!!! Sorry if I offended, for some reason Jack Nicholson kept popping into my head saying that line…yeesh. Oy vey.

  43. deejay Says:

    Why, thanks, Shelley! Nice prize!

    These online communities are tricky. How to convey context in a few words or sentences. And what to do when it is inevitably taken the wrong way by someone.

    As soon as GC came back up, I knew the problem of melding together these diverse people would surface. (I already saw some of that over on LMBO’s message forum.) But either we give each other the space to be ourselves or we lose sight of the goal.

    Individual bloggers (you, Ash, MJ, etc.) can have your own individual voice and community on your site. Gray has to become all things to all Soul Patrollers and try to hang on to some thread of what made Gray gray. Fine lines.

    And will this all be moot when the CD drops and we all drink from the fountain and are healed? (context: rolling my eyes here!)

  44. claire Says:

    Check out what Gray just put up on GC.com. Methinks he’s lurking here…

  45. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Anonymous- I really do stop and think about what I’m writing…but what happened yesterday…the “truth” of my personal situation didn’t come to light until waaaay later in the day (after conversing w/a certain someone). And really I’m referencing the way I reacted to my buddies statements…not the intial commenter.

    I rarely post comments at Gray’s b/c I take so much time thinking over what to say…that a 100 comments get posted in the meantime…and what I have to say becomes pointless…

  46. shelley Says:

    ROFL @ claire…no, no, no…it didn’t offend.

    I had actually typed the quote in my post and then removed it for fear someone would think I was saying we are as bad at a rioting crowd.

    Now I’m thinking I should an entire post as to why Jack Nicholson should play Rodney King in the big screen version of “L.A. Riots: No One Is Your Friend.”



    Squishy love muffins on fluffy pink wings of love.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Claire, I’m thinking about it! I’ve never posted here before today, never really checked you out until the interview. So I’m feeling you out a bit. Let me tell you, I love the dialog. Thanks for letting me post.

  48. shelley Says:

    Letting you? Hell…I’d pay you for the way you’re kicking ass today.

    Glad you’re here.

  49. claire Says:

    You’re welcome, anonymous. Squishy pink fluffy kittens with bright shiny rainbows on marshmallow clouds of snuggliness with hugs and smooches and oodles of baby ducks to you. πŸ˜‰

    Keep on postin’.

    And Shelley? Jack Nicholson playing Rodney King? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? (LOL)

  50. Gray Charles Says:

    I don’t lurk here – I’m responding to all the fun over there

  51. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey! Baby frikin’ ducks to the new kid?! I want a baby duck!

    Anon-I’m thrilled you’re here…although I think you’ve brought the IQ level up signifigantly ’round here…(just kidding Monkbots!)

    Hey, just call yourself Baby Duck until you “come out”….haha!

  52. heyhowyadoin Says:


    get over here you…..SMOOCH!

    no apology needed!

  53. Anonymous Says:

    (This will come up as anonymous only because I can’t figure out how to put my name in- I am not a Google member and when I tried other it didn’t post. So I am EJ on GC and the Boogie Board, to any who may care.)

    I just discovered this site, and am putting my toe in the water here by commenting. The way I see it, at this stage the most important thing that Taylor needs from us is to buy his merchandise so he can win a modicum of artistic freedom for the rest of his life. I’m sure he might prefer that his fans have a certain mindset that jives with his, but right now the bottom line has to take precedence over everything. Do you really think he gets off on unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirts, or does he do it as a small concession to be more marketable? (and isn’t it funny that as the AI tour progressed, all the men except Elliott followed suit? I saw the tour early and late, and the expanse of male chest certainly expanded). So in a real way we do have a common goal in supporting Taylor by encouraging the sales of his products. Aside from that, it seems like there are various groups of fans that appreciate different facets of the entertainer who is Taylor Hicks. When I’ve met others in person, most have been very nice, even if we didn’t see eye to eye. But I don’t feel the need to develop any common goals aside from financial support of the artist. I know that a lot of folks on the boards I frequent came together because they were shell-shocked by the effect Taylor had on their lives (mostly about being a crazed fan when you’re way past the age where that sort of thing is expected to occur). It was nice to meet others who had the same experience so I didn’t think I was so nuts. But others may not have that experience and may care more about other aspects of Taylor (onions, anyone?), so different strokes (i.e. boards) for different folks. And so on, and so on, and scooby dooby doo.

  54. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, Gray…MAN THIS ISN’T FAIR!! I WANNA FIGHT! Grrrr….I’m gonna be a good little monkey and do like Baby Duck said and think about stuff before I post. I know Gray’s a big boy, but I WANNA FIGHT!!

  55. shelley Says:

    Wowie..Zowie, Gray…I’ve packed my Pollyanna outfit in mothballs and taken it to the attic.

    I guess it’s just human nature to want to stay divided.

    Peggy Lee sang it best.

  56. Squeebee Says:

    Ummm…Gray…I tried to read that post, I really did, but the caps hurt my eyes. I think I got the gist, though….

  57. heyhowyadoin Says:

    jeez gray…..someone should tell this ham person they really need to use paragraphs…

    and 28,000?? where do they get that figure from??

    it’s total sour grapes….not even worth a response in my opinion…

  58. shelley Says:

    EJ…if you’ll e-mail me at monkbottalk@gmail.com…I have a pretty good “how to post” explaination that I’ve sent to others and it seemed to help. πŸ˜‰

  59. deejay Says:

    wow, Gray. no wonder I never stray too far from the sidewalk…

  60. heyhowyadoin Says:

    he EJ….good to “see” ya!

  61. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey, heyhowyadoin!! Yay for forgiveness!

  62. claire Says:

    Hi EJ!!! Nice to put a name to the posts.

    And wow. Hammy is seriously upset about TOSP not getting Taylor’s official recognition. There’s nothing else I can say about that without “bashing” seven shades of shit out of her, so I’ll just leave it at that. Thankfully lots of people are disagreeing with her and telling her she should apologise to Gray. It was a bit OTT.

  63. heyhowyadoin Says:

    bashing 7 shades of shit??

    LMFAO….i’ve NEVER heard that one before!

  64. deejay Says:

    Claire’s too shy to say (yeah, y’all get that shy part, right?) she’s in Ireland. I’d steer clear if she gets ready to start bashing…just sayin’

  65. EJ Says:

    Make ’em love ya or make ’em hate ya, just don’t bore ’em. And make sure they spell your name right πŸ™‚

    (Gray, not Grey…)

  66. Holeigh Says:

    Hahaha, “28,000 strong”…well if they can’t play nice we just won’t invite them to the sandbox.


  67. ej Says:

    I just tried following that link and it said it was either removed or I did not have the credentials to access it (and I appeared to be logged into the site). Anyone else have the same experience?

  68. claire Says:

    I’m getting me shillelagh out!! I’ll bash the whole feckin’ lot of ya!

    Gray, if you’re still here, nice response over on TOSP. Sounds like Hammy has let the SP take over her life. And I don’t mean that as a “bash”, it just sounds like from what she said in her post about her crappy year, that the SP has become the main focus for her energy lately. Maybe she’ll gain a little perspective when she sees that the majority of responses are either “I’m staying here” or “I’m shocked at this and you should apologise to Gray” or a mixture of both. How many posters actually completely agreed with her? Very few, if I remember.

  69. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Like I said people, it’s about quality not quantity. What we have here and at Gray’s is what you’d call…QUALITY.

  70. ej Says:

    claire- posts? I was not the original “anonymous” that you were talking to. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it.

  71. shelley Says:

    no…it took me right to the post.

    i think i might have registered there months ago…but i dont’ remember. that could be why it worked for me.

    i honestly dont’ know. sorry.

    gray posted a pretty good repsonse. he’s a big boy.

  72. Squeebee Says:

    EJ ….same experience here…I’m guessing the thread was poofed.

  73. bamaborntxbred Says:

    “They” have deleted the post.

    I really wanted to read Gray’s response. 😦

  74. ej Says:

    sounds like it deserved it πŸ™‚

  75. ej Says:

    me too, but I’d bet that Gray just wants to move on…

  76. ej Says:

    nice blog, shelley. I’ll be sure to keep checking it out! just realized it’s 3:43 here and not much work done today.

  77. shelley Says:

    for those who missed heyhowyadoin Says:

    click on grays link above…


  78. bamaborntxbred Says:

    That, my friends, is what I am/was talking about. I don’t (by any stretch of the imagination) think that Gray and I are “friends”…he’s never even responded to one of my posts. But, I couldn’t sit there yesterday after reading “the infamous post” and not call the commenter out.

  79. Gray Charles Says:

    I love bamaborntxbred – I am disheartend that she/he/it feels that we are not “friends”. I am willing to do what it takes to make that happen, so, can you send me your myspace page?

    I apparently have one as well but I don’t know how to use it.

    And “infamous” it pales in comparison to the one Shelley linked on Sendspace.

    But really, thanks for your support everyone, I have a lot to say on the topic but unfortunately I should keep my mouth shut.

  80. BabyDuck Says:

    Holy cow. I wouldn’t call that opening up a discussion, more like a tirade. Hollering and all. If Taylor is as smart as I think he is, he’ll think twice before making his site interactive. Or else hire Claire as the mod. Get on with the shillelagh clubbin’.

  81. claire Says:

    I understand you wanting to keep your mouth shut, GC. Stuff was said. You responded to said stuff. Why drag the whole mess out in to the street.

    Anyhoo, if this became a full-scale brawl, how many WE LOVE YOU, GRAY!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! posts would that generate, huh? πŸ˜‰

    I don’t have a myspace page – am I weird?

  82. shelley Says:

    i DO have a myspace page…am I weird?

    thinks to herself…YES

  83. deejay Says:

    I’m proud to say I’ve broken bread with bamaborntxbred and she/he/it’s a fine upstanding citizen. I’ve not yet met the infamous graycharles but I hear he can be an ass. That’s not really him posting here, is it? ooops, is my face ever red now!

    (bama, I sat by you at Natalie’s in Dallas…glad I followed your advice and wandered over here to Shelley’s to lurk about. fun place.)

  84. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Awww, he likes me! He really, really likes me!

    Gray-Ummm, yeah, If I knew how to work myspace I’d get right on that. The whole “myspace” thing scares the crap outta me.

    Btw- He/She/It? How ’bout Shit!

  85. Soulkaren Says:

    Well, I can say I’ve met BOTH bamaborntxbred AND Gray Charles, and I like them BOTH and choose to call them both my friends!

    And I DON’T have a myspace.

    But I do have a sort of one in my head, and I have a list of friends that I can add to or subtract from at will.

    Mostly, lately, I’m adding…

  86. claire Says:

    I’ll bet Gray Charles is HAWWWT!! Is he HAWWWT? *insert several winking smilies here*

  87. robin4t Says:

    Wow. I’ve actually spent this workday working–completely swamped. Just scanned things over at Gray and headed here to check your blog post, Shelley. Still feeling a bit clueless about all that’s happened. But do appreciate your efforts to examine this prickly pear. So. Guess I’ll read the comments tonight and try to post my thoughts after absorbing all this.

  88. nolagirl Says:

    Whoa. Talk about drama today! I know we’re all about the rainbows and kittens today, but sorry, in the keepin’ it real way, that person who went on a rant about Gray is an idiot and I feel like 3 minutes of my life were wasted by reading his/her steaming pile of crap. Sorry, it had to be said. (and that is my edited for Shelley’s family version)

    About the “Great Divide” … to be super simplistic, I honestly think a lot of the problems have to do with the fact that it is a fan base primarily made up of women. Sorry if it’s not PC, but when a group of women get together, the tendency for cliques, overanalyzing, hurt feelings, passive/aggressive behavior, and the need to feel like a well-liked part of the group emerge, IMO. There are so many different examples of each of these types of behavior taht I am sure we could all think of, so there’s no need to go any further.

    My deal is, I know it’s not going to go away. In fact, I think it will get WORSE when his album comes out. But the bottom line is all of those people are still going to buy his album and go to his concerts – even if they are pulling each others hair on the way in (figuratively, let’s hope). And you know, just maybe that’s all Taylor even cares about. He wants to be a success and we all know he has to sell records to do that. Do you really think “The State of the Soul Patrol” is something he worries about? Maybe I am just being cynical today, but I don’t think he’s losing any sleep over it. So neither am I – I’m just going to enjoy the music when it comes, the friendships that have already come and will continue, and go with the flow.

  89. Soulkaren Says:

    nolagirl – I just love what you said:

    “And you know, just maybe that’s all Taylor even cares about. He wants to be a success and we all know he has to sell records to do that. Do you really think “The State of the Soul Patrol” is something he worries about? Maybe I am just being cynical today, but I don’t think he’s losing any sleep over it.”

    You know, you’re right. No sense worrying about all this ~ Taylor’s focus is fixed, and ours should be as well.

  90. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi Deejay! I totally remember sitting next to you at Natalie’s! I thought we kinda “clicked”. I wish we could’ve spent a little more time together!

    Hi Karen! You’re so sweet! You and Deejay were both there on “the night that Taylor showed up late”. Did either one of you end up meeting him?

    Good times…

  91. robin4t Says:

    Hi Bama, I believe I was sitting just on the other side of Deejay when we all met at Natalie’s. Such a fun time. As for “the night Taylor showed up late”–Karen and I had already left and I’m pretty sure Deejay had as well. I don’t recall–did you also go to The Galaxy that night?

  92. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah, I was at The Galaxy Club. I came separately from you guys. I saw Deejay and Karen there that night. (And the crazy sexy dancing ladies…Karen loooved them!)

    I left around 12:30pm. Poor Taylor, I can’t believe he missed an opportunity to meet me.

  93. deejay Says:

    you and me both, bama. damn shame. bless his heart.

  94. Holeigh Says:

    I wanna see your MySpace, Shell! Haha, if anyone is bored: The place where Holeigh spends time when she isn’t talking on monkbot

  95. double d Says:

    Yet another day of drama I miss…

    Ok, I’m going to be as simple as I can…it AMAZES me about grown people’s lack of maturity. I mean, it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T….for each other, for Gray, for Taylor but mostly for themselves.

    I really don’t see why someone has to “choose” one place. We go to and fro from here to Gray’s. I don’t feel that I am “owned” by Shelley or by Gray or by Ash…’cuz I go there too. If I like what’s going on, I go frequently…if I don’t I come back another day.

    Lastly, most of the time people spew venom at someone because they don’t feel good about themselves. Therefore, I genuinely feel sorry for this poor poster. Gray handled it respectfully as I’m sure those words were hurtful…good for you for having more class than to fall into a war you can’t win.

    I think the blogmaster at TOSP was embarrassed as she delete the posts….that says quite a bit.

    Shelley, as for “factions”, you can’t stem the tide. All you can do is be polite and respectful. It’ll all fall out like it needs to.

    And EJ…great to have you here! I think your snarkiness will fit right in….AND we’ve got COOL t-shirts!

  96. shelley Says:

    Well said…as usual…DD

    “Lastly, most of the time people spew venom at someone because they don’t feel good about themselves.”

  97. double d Says:

    Shelley, it’s this simple…


  98. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Whew, home from a tough day and i find you all had a thoughtful day full of complexities and some struggles.

    I am for one happy to here…a thoughtful little corner.

    Like many of you I am stunned and saddened to see the level of anger and misperceptions that are out there about Gray. All I can say, ignorance remains when minds are closed and made up.

    I am hopeful that maturity and respect will win out.

    Viva le Gray

  99. Shandykat Says:

    What a great topic! I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet so it might have run it’s course already but I wanted to pop in and comment anyway if I may.

    I admit I let things get to me last night. It was late and I was tired and I was reading through Gray’s “no more thank you’s” thread and saw reference to a few things that pushed me…well…over the edge. So to speak. And I made a couple rather curt posts about touchy-feely nonsense. After sleeping on it I was very happy to wake up to see the posts had been completely ignored and the thread has since died out.

    The one poster who did respond to me basically espoused common decency and civility. But does that mean we have to make everyone feel warm fuzzies? Do we have to validate everyone and every thought someone might have?

    There has got to be a happy medium between the thinkers and the feelers somewhere…hasn’t there?

    hmmmm…I guess I don’t really have any thoughtful insights or answers…it’s just been nice to be able to follow up with what I posted at Gray’s last night without keeping that thread going.

    Thanks for giving this topic a forum, Shelley…hope I didn’t just beat a dead horse here πŸ™‚ I’ll go back and read through the rest now πŸ™‚

  100. shelley Says:

    Shandykat…you didn’t beat a dead horse. As a matter of fact, I appreciate your perspective.

    I am one of those who always want to “make nice” and smooth over hurt feelings, but I think your post shows me that sometimes it might be better to not feel SO responsible for others’ feelings.

    As long as comments are genuine and constructive…and not derogatory or provoking…why make nice for simply stating an opinion.

    Great points.

  101. Shandykat Says:

    Thanks Shelley, you’re post back to me makes me realize how much I enjoy the combination of thinkers and feelers. Too much of one can sometimes be overkill and too much of the other can sometimes be too cold and clinical.

    I’m convinced we can all coexist…as long as the fruitcakes keep their distance πŸ˜‰

  102. Mind Doc Says:

    I think that there is room in the world for all types. There are people that I choose to associate with, and those I don’t.

    To get to the question of whether there is one, homogenous group called the Soul Patrol — I don’t know if there is one. If there is one, I don’t know if I am in it. I am sort of an anti-joiner. I loves me some Taylor (in the purely hands-off, admiring from afar sort of way), but I don’t feel like I am part anything official. I have never even been in a fan club. I was, however, the president of local chapter of the Ranger Rick Club when I was in the fourth grade. We cared about Mother Nature, dammit!

    If anyone remembers when Rowan and I did the SPASI, it was because I found the concept itself to be amusing (that there would be such a thing as an Official Soul Patrol). And not a contemptuous, β€œI am soooo above all of this” sort of way. I like people, in real life and in the blogverse. Foibles r Us, baby. Oh, and peccadilloes, too. Oooh, oooh, and penchants, definitely. Penchants r Us.

    However, if I was going to be honest here, I find grown-ups posting fairies and hearts to some anonymous singer (which Taylor is) to be embarrassing. For reals. It makes me look at my shoes. It does not mean that I despise people who do it, but I don’t get it. I suppose I can tolerate it, but I don’t seek such things out – in fact, I scamper away when I see them. I don’t think that is dismissive or anything, it is just personal preference.

    If I was going to be reeeaaaly honest, I would even admit that it is not all about the music for me. I am not even all that well-versed on the topic. My education has been furthered by GC, certainly, but for me, it is about the people and the ideas that are provoked. I like smart, funny, snarky people who make me think. A tough feat, indeed.

    I don’t know where I am in the mix, but I am very comfortable around nuts.

  103. Shandykat Says:

    So much word to that, minddoc. I admit, I flirt with the “I am soooo above this” mentality, but for me it’s closer to, “I am soooo not like them.” Like you I am extremely embarassed at what I see posted around some Taylor sites. I was extremely embarassed by what I saw at some LiMBO gigs, too. And Taylor’s myspace just freaks me out, the things i’ve read. I can’t even go there.

    I suppose it’s all just my way of trying to distance myself and not be lumped in with all that.

  104. shelley Says:

    totally off topic…but I just wanted to give Mind Doc a fair warning…

    I WILL be stealing this phrase from her…

    “It makes me look at my shoes.”

    I loved that. Hilarious.

    Oh…I never said…I’m pretty comfortable with the nuts, too.

  105. Jax Says:

    I miss a day and come back confused.

    Shelley, incase I have never told you .. Thank you for all the work you put into this site. There have been times when I have not felt like my input was received with the warm fuzzies that I meant, but such is life.

    Poor Gray .. I read a post last night where someone was all over him for not explaining to him how to view a pdf file. Not.. “Could someone please help me?” Just went on a rant at him ..

    Sometimes folks are just mean.. you see it everywhere …I do my best & try to ignore them. I see the folks that must work retail during the holidays catch so much crap. I always ask the cashiers.. “Have folks been nice to you today?’ If they say not really I always tell them ..”Here’s a trick, look them directly in the eye & think to yourself… I DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS PERSON … then feel sorry for those that do.”

    Same thing on the boards … I try to stay out of the fray because it only gives a troublemaker satisfaction. They don’t call them Trolls for nothing.



  106. shelley Says:

    Jax…that is GREAT advice.

    I’m so going to do that from now on.

    I DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS PERSON … then feel sorry for those that do.

    I know this was yesterday’s post…but I’m awarding you the Monkbot Medal of Honor for that contribution.



  107. Jax Says:

    Awww Shelley thanks so much.. that means more than you could know!

    I am gonna frame it!

  108. TKls2myhrt Says:

    Excuse me for not reading through 108 comments before making my own comment.

    (TK climbs on soapbox)

    I think this is easily explained. Taylor Hicks and his music, fostered by GC’s site, has stirred up PASSION in people. For some of us, we quit having passion in music years ago. For others of us, we’ve had passion, but no one to share it with. GrayCharles’ site was the first place we EVER found (at least for most of us) to share our passion for good music.

    Trouble is that we are all different people – differing lives, thoughts, opinions, expectations, etc. In the great online forum of GrayCharles and, now, of Monkbot, those passions sometimes collide. But isn’t that just like in real life – community issues, politics, religion, etc? We all need to keep our passion, yet live in a caring and responsible way. Seems to me that Taylor Hicks often encourages people to turn their passions outward into the community and that’s what we all should do, too.

    Will we passionate people still turn on each other at times? Sure, I believe that is our current human condition. But don’t be discourage when we fail; we are also very capable of gently (or not so gently) reminding each other of why we are here on this earth and encourage each other to strive higher. That is what Taylor Hicks does with his music and so should we.

    (TK climbs off soapbox)

  109. TKls2myhrt Says:

    I highlighted you on my blog today, Shelley.

    BTW, can we purchase that bag of nuts? It’d make a great Christmas present…further proof to my family that I’ve gone off the deep end. Or maybe I could just each them in secret whenever I view GC and other Taylor Hicks websites in secret for fear of teenaged ridicule.

  110. shelley Says:

    The Soul Patrol Trail Mix can be obtained at the Photo Shop.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Can I just interject here…..where has the ‘Soul Patrol’ humor gone? There are so many ‘fans’ that seem to believe that the only way to be a true fan is to either be constantly ‘doing’ something ( raising money for charities, gifting the performer with some kind of gift) or laying claim to having followed him all over the country… Why can we not just sit back and appreciate the music? Thats his gift to us. Lets accept it as graciously as its given.
    What happened with Gray is unacceptable, inexcusable and sad….I guess maybe it comes from a fan going from being a fan to becoming alittle deluisional.
    I still say, the man is owed an apology.

  112. Shandykat Says:

    Can I ask…what exactly did happen with Gray that everyone is talking about? I don’t get around much and everyone seems to be referencing it but I don’t know what it is.

  113. shelley Says:


    there was a negative comment made on another website.

    see my post above to download a copy of the comment and gray’s response.

  114. Jan Says:

    bama: I was at the Galaxy Club and we were all talking with each other and the band when Taylor showed up. I was thinking I won’t bother him and then I was standing in line saying something totally lame like yours is the only signature that I don’t have… I may as well have added Baby. He said, well now you do. The fact that I actually care about another person writing their name on anything is riduculous. Well, I’m actually over that. I think.

    It was so great to have you guys come to my restaurant! Email me and I will send you the link to my pics from Natalie’s. jcbelgium@hotmail.com

  115. Shandykat Says:

    Thanks, Shelley.

    Man, that was harsh.

  116. girlwithacurl Says:

    I am a proud member of TOSP and only recently began reading Gray’s blog. A fellow member PM’d me the tirade early this evening and we had a long discussion about it.

    This is what I want to say to you (I’ve already e-mailed Gray). I am horribly embarrassed by the rant Hammy posted. I can only speak for myself, but I think most of the members of TOSP would want Gray to know that we are very appreciative of the hard work he has put into his blog and the info he has been bringing the last several days. Hammy essentially was having a temper tantrum (much like a 4 year old) because Taylor has chosen to communicate through Gray. I want people to realize that this is not a representation of the majority of TOSP members. The Webmaster has put in a lot of hard work to make TOSP what it is, but Taylor had to make a decision. I respect that and will just be thankful that he is willing to be so connected.

    Don’t be disheartened by one person’s inability to keep her disappointment private. As far as the division, and the eventual desegregation at TaylorHicks.com, we will survive as long as well relax and enjoy the ride.

    I would like to be more profound at this time, but I have to be up in 5 hours. This’ll have to do.

  117. Mind Doc Says:

    Shelley — thanks for posting the original remarks and Gray’s response. I knew that something had been said, but was not sure of the content — I did not see the link.

    Well, that was revolting, now, wasn’t it? I find myself angered and offended on a number of levels, from the rude all-caps to the inaccurate statements to the petulant tone to the childish (and churlish) remarks. Gray does not need me to defend him, he is a big boy and well-able to take care of himself, but oooohhh, grrrrr ….

    That rant was cowardly and pretty shameful. I am so sorry that it happened.

  118. shelley Says:

    girlwithacurl…thank you for taking time to write such a thoughtful and humble comment.

    it is very much appreciated.

    i just wanted you to know that this post was inspired by a combination of events…not just one person or one comment.

    thank you, again, for coming over to share. i hope you come back.

  119. girlwithacurl Says:

    Hey, I’ve already bookmarked ya’!
    That makes four forums/blogs I have to keep up with. Damn, I’ll never get anything done now!

  120. Jan Says:

    Shelley, thanks for posting the content of the post on TOSP. I’m surprised that the person is angry at Gray instead of Taylor. Taylor picked the site that he felt most comfortable with which is what anyone would do. It’s true that TOSP has raised that much money for KidOne but hey, I know for a fact that it didn’t all come from TOSP. Not by a long shot. If she thinks that her tirade is going to do anything but scare people away, she is mistaken. That is creepy. I’m glad the moderator deleted the post as she should.

    I am staying away from the obvious slams but I really laughed when she used the word mists instead of midst. That’s something that I can honestly say that I have never seen before.

    TOSP ought to raise funds to get her help. D’oh! Sorry. I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy…

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