Monkbot Memory Lane…Can You Feel It All Over?


I’ve got to say, I’ve been thrilled to see all the new faces here at Monkbot in recent weeks!

I also need to give kudos to my regulars…everyone puts so much into the conversations and discussions that it makes me a proud Mama Monkbot.

But even with folks dropping in from lurkdom and all the wonderful and thoughtful comments…sometimes I have to ask myself…why am I doing all of this?

There are times when I wonder if the work on this blog is worth all the effort…worth all the late nights…the loss of sleep…the frustration…the worry…etc.?


Anyway…I needed to kick myself in the ass a little and take a look back on what’s transpired here over the past five months (wow…five months…that’s amazing).

I went through my image archive and was seriously tickled by some of the silliness that’s occurred. I was so tickled in fact that I decided to montage a bunch of the images together to probably the BEST feel good song EVER! (Download Sir Duke here.)

I hope it brings y’all as big a smile as it brought me (and I guess smiles are as good a reason as any to be doing this…right?)

Anyway, for today, I have two thoughts and one question for y’all…

Thought One
How friggin’ awesome was it to see Judith Light acting again last night on “Ugly Betty”?! She was so incredibly amazing as Daniel’s mom. She was all like…”I’m the friggin’ Boss…for shizzle.”

Thought Two

Taylor describing his new sound as “womp” music fills me with glee. I can’t get the image of innertubing down the river wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and a t-shirt out of my head! It’s gonna RAWK! Is very happy.

One Question
I ain’t Gray Charles…so fancy buttons, search bars, and other features ain’t gonna happen…but tell me what topics or discussions you most enjoy here…or you’d most like to have here (remember…depth isn’t my strong suit…shallow = shelley)

Happy Friday!


65 Responses to “Monkbot Memory Lane…Can You Feel It All Over?”

  1. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley…great video! I am going to have to go back and read the posts you did before I started lurking. I am not working tomorrow so I know what excuse I will use now NOT to do housework!

  2. baby duck Says:

    Thank you, Shelley, for the great video montage. It’s the fast forward version of the Monkbot for all of us newcomers. I feel like the woman crying in the comic pop art poster who’s saying, “I forgot to have children!”. We’ve missed so much!

  3. Robin4T Says:

    I can feel it. All over.

    And I love you, Shelley. That’s all I got.

    Well, one more thing. Thanks for rescuing my girl Jan from the Jackson MS airport. Now I’m done.

  4. Shrewspeaks Says:

    WOW Shelley…This was great. Indeed a long strange trip. And to have that Taylor Pic front and center…well I am touched.

    As for topics…well gal I am the one who requested schlock fest America’s Got Talent so…don’t look in my direction. πŸ˜‰

  5. Rowan Says:

    Really enjoyed the montage! Like Squeebee, I will be going back to visit all the great threads I have missed. Good to see the endearing, must-have but sadly can’t have dog dishes in there…(Scrabble scrabble, nose pressed once again to screen.) Hope they get a good home. Awoooooo!

    Be sure Shelley, that all your hard work and zany wit are appreciated.

  6. shelley Says:

    Rowan…as a lover of all things pop culture and television…the fact that you said I have a zany wit has made my rainy Friday shine like the soft lumniscent glow of my Goldstar.


    By the by…I just got an e-mail from my sister-in-law in Hawaii this morning. She and my brother, Beau, have THROWN OUT THEIR TELEVISION!! I literally gasped when I read that. (Malia, if you’re lurking here…know that I’m totally in shock…but I’m proud of y’all’s courage. πŸ˜‰ )

    She had told Beau about a bumper sticker she saw that read “Kill Your Television”…and they DID it!

    And I thought I was brave for getting rid of cable! LOL

  7. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley- I loved the montage! What a sweet walk down memory lane. And, my favorite pic will always be the one of you going to prom with Taylor. I love that one!

    Girl, I hope the reason you are doing this blog is for you. If you are exhausting yourself and putting your life on hold to do this…I think we’d all understand if you had to back off a little, or do fewer posts. Selfishly, I want you to be here forever, b/c I love it here. So, if it means a little less quantity…that’s fine with me. I hope I’m not reading too much into your “frustration” statement…. πŸ™‚

    I was thrilled to see Judith Light last night on Ugly Betty! She looked amazing! That show is sooo good! I can’t decide if I want Betty dating Walter or Henry(?)….

    As far as ideas…hmmm…I know we all like your personal stories, pop-culture seems to be “pop”ular, maybe you could try your hand at some more short stories? I don’t know…If I have more ideas I’ll let you know.

  8. Rowan Says:

    Shelley – aww, you’re welcome!Really dig your take on life. πŸ˜€

    Wow! that is brave of your sister-in-law and bro…I don’t watch a lot of tv, as my daughter’s eyeballs are glued to the Disney Channel in the early evening, and then I’m online. Oooh, couldn’t do without my cable, though. Without it (spoken in hushed appreciative tones) I wouldn’t have enjoyed AI and made the aquaintance of the superb Taylor Hicks, and in a less exalted category: Nip/Tuck; The Tyra Banks Show; America’s Next Top Model; 100 Things Removed from the Human Body…(coughs, blushes and walks sideways in a spider-like fashion out of the side of the screen.)

  9. shelley Says:

    Bama…I’m not as frustrated as I was on the phone the other day…I decided to ask for y’all’s feedback to help guide me so I don’t feel like I”m making this up as I go along (which may be adding to the charm of the place…if so…let me know that too). I just wanted to get a feel of where everybody was. πŸ˜‰ So LET ME HAVE IT GUYS!

    Um…I’m so glad I’m not the only one who delighed to see Ms. Light last night on Ugly Betty. I have to say…I didn’t know she was such a good actress…I think acting alongside Tony Danza held her down. Viva le Judith Light!

    As for Betty…I want Walter OFF THE SHOW! She needs to date Henry and DANIEL…how funny would that be!?

    Oh…and if you want more short stories…I gots ’em. They are on my home computer. I’ll post another soon. πŸ˜‰

    Now, Rowan…what is crazy thing of which you speak? “100 Things Removed from the Human Body”….sounds FASCINATING. I would watch it definitely! LOL

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Rowan watches America’s Next Top Model?? That’s awesome! I thought I was the only Monkbot watching that cheesy show!

    Shelley, are you going to do a Halloween post? What about childhood fears or maybe the scariest movies you’ve ever seen? Ummm…I don’t know.

    I was impressed with Ms. Light’s acting skillz too. Who knew? Okay…I wanted Walter gone until the end of the show last week when he sang Beauty and the Beast to Betty. How sweet was that? I think Daniel should date ME!

  11. nolagirl Says:

    Aww, I love the montage! Good times, good times.

    Shelley, I kinda like not knowing what to expect from you and Monkbot Talk each day/every other day (or however you space it out). Will it be a self-deprecating git tooth-like story, a plunge into the past, a free-for-all Friday?? Who knows! Variety is the spice of life, right?

    I hate that you get frustrated/stressed/worried about the blog, so don’t know what to tell you there other than I’ve enjoyed it all and hope you keep it up!

  12. shelley Says:

    Okay…no one else is allowed to apologize or feel bad about me saying I was frustrated! πŸ™‚

    I’m being pro-active.

    NOLA…I like that you like that I like to keep y’all guessing. πŸ˜‰

    Bama…Daniel Mead is hotter than Taylor Hicks, baby.


    And Walter singing Beauty and the Beast…gag!

  13. Rowan Says:

    Shelley – it was this very sick-making but truly riveting show, which toured around hospital A&E departments, reviewing their most bizarre cases of foreign-object removals. Remember one study of a construction worker whose colleague had fired a six-inch nail into his skull, mistaking it for a roof-tile…there were no hard feelings! Another case followed a biker, thrown from his Harley and impaled on a fence-post…gruesome, and only to be peeked at through splayed fingers, but yes, as you say, completely fascinating! Hee hee.

  14. shelley Says:

    Wow…Rowan…that sounds friggin’ awesome!

    I think the weirdest thing to ever be removed from my body is the end of a pen (the stopper to the ink end of a Bic).

    And it was removed “naturally.”

  15. Quossum Says:

    Great retrospective, Shelley!

    Look, I’m here during the day! =P There’s a teacher in-service day and I’m already comped out, so nanna-nanna-boo-boo! I’m going to try to get some things done around here, since I’ve got a big Agility show this weekend.

    Shelley, thanks for continuing to fight the good fight and go on with your blog despite the long hours, the sometimes frustrating quest for topics, and the occasional silliness from your posters. Even though I don’t get to comment as much as I’d like, I still love it (and you!) and come here to read whenever I can.

    Oh, the throwing out the TV thing: Good for them! I don’t watch much, but I sometimes think about the actual, *real* things I could be doing instead at times when I *am* watching. I didn’t have TV when I lived in Crockett, Texas (well, I had a TV, but it didn’t get any channels, so I watched my endless supply of MST3K videos and sometimes rented movies)–and I was very productive during that time as far as writing, crafting, training the dogs, and personal growth.


  16. Gray Charles Says:

    Here is what I want . . .

    I want a chopped together video of Taylor dancing intercut with the Peanut’s characters dancing to the Lucy and Linus theme in “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”.

    I’d like it posted on YouTube or a similar service.

    I want this Real Bad.

    First Prize is this DVD

    Send submissions to

    I’m posting this on multiple sites

  17. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ewww, Shelley! To the Bic pen!

    I might have to agree that Daniel Mead is hotter than Taylor…I wish I could see him gray-headed. Yummy, yummy.

    Now, would I want some jackass singing B and the B to me? Helltotheno! But for Betty, it was a sweet moment. Did I ever tell you about the guy I dated that wrote me a song and played it over the phone for me? He emailed me the lyrics first and had liberally used the word “angel” in the song…however, the man was inept at spelling…and spelled every “angel” as “angle”…I laughed hysterically at him. Yeah, that didn’t go over to good.

  18. shelley Says:

    gray is a blog whore.

  19. shelley Says:

    Um…Angle…do you still have the lyrics?

    Please post those mugs!

  20. Gray Charles Says:

    Shelley, here is what I want really.

    Just keep writing – you’re honest and open and funny – those qualities draw people in over time. It’s a slow process though.

    You’re early in this and you’ve already built a “personality” that people can identify with. That’s a big part of the draw.

    I enjoy reading whatever you’re writing about.

  21. shelley Says:

    to my precious angle…

    and to top it off…he’s only a year younger than me!!!!

    what a friggin’ hottie.

    i’m in lurve.

  22. shelley Says:

    awww…gray’s a blog whore with a heart.

    (seriously…thanks, dude) πŸ˜‰

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I wish I still had that song. My idiot self threw it away when we broke up. It had to do with walls around my heart, and how he was going to break them down with his guitar and we could float together on Angle’s wings. And something about me having an angle face…

    My angle’s wings are all a-flutter with Gray’s sweet lil stuffins!

    I concur with Uncle Monkbot.

    Damn! You’re angle is haaaaawt!

  24. Jax Says:

    ok I’ll say it … as much as I love Taylor… I love the pics of that sweet sweet dog… I am emailing you a pic of one of my grand dogs.. His name is Boegan!

  25. nolagirl Says:

    I love the Angle Song very much, Bama.

    And Uncle Monkbot ain’t that bad either, alright alright I said it.

    Now, I have to run to the ladies room – we are having our annual “Team Water” competition at the office today, which basically consists of downing water til you are sick. I am almost on cup 4 and I am DYING.

  26. shelley Says:

    Official Prize of the Day goes to Bama’s ex-boyfriend for floating us away on angle’s wings.


    wipes tears from corners of eyes from laughing so hard

  27. shelley Says:

    Jax…I think I do need to do a post folks’ pets…I know we all LURVE ’em.

    Everyone…send me pics of your animals (please limit photo count to two ONLY!!!!) Thanks.

    NOLA…”Team Water” WTF?

  28. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola- You’re office is weird.

    Shelley- Too bad I’m not talking to “him” anymore. He’d appreciate the naked angle. What’s really neat-o about the situation…is that we weren’t 14…nope…he was 34 and I was 30 when all this went down. So, so, sad.

    I can’t wait for the pet post!! Yay!

  29. nolagirl Says:

    Ok, I am back.

    The people at my office are crazy. Crazy in a fun wacky sort of way. Any sort of project or competition we can focus on to take away from actual work, we are all about. So Team Water was started a few years ago before I got here just for kicks. This year, we had to make up nicknames for the big day, so I am Katie “McDrinky” Macaluso. And I am tied for the lead. Hells yeah.

  30. nolagirl Says:

    Oh, and did I mention the people here are also competitive? The trash talking has already been going on.

    Pet post- yay! I will send you a picture when I get home, Shelley!

  31. shelley Says:

    Bama said “he was 34 and I was 30 “

    y’all i can’t stress enough how hard i’m laughing. i had to shut my office door.

    nola…can you please explain what water day is. i don’t get it…and i truly want to.

  32. Quossum Says:

    Only TWO dog pics??? But I have FOUR dogs!!!

    LOL–I’ll restrain myself. I have some nice ones of my girls.


  33. Jax Says:

    Hate to look like an idiot but the email I sent came back… what is the correct email address??


  34. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley- your reaction is pretty much the exact reaction I had. I still don’t think his ego has recovered. He “got back at me” by marrying one of my best friends. She always did have simple tastes…

  35. shelley Says:

    Jax…send it to

    bama said, “She always did have simple tastes…”…um…doesn’t that mean YOU have simple taste?

    i’m just sayin’…

  36. nolagirl Says:

    Shelley – There’s not much to get with Team Water. It doesn’t really make sense or have any rhyme or reason. It’s just basically a stupid competition (with no prize in the end, mind you) that happens to involve drinking water.

    Did I mention that the people I work with are crazy?

  37. bamaborntxbred Says:

    No, cuz I dated him against my will. I shudder to think of it now…

    Nola- I drink about 80-100 oz. of water daily…where would I rank?

  38. nolagirl Says:

    Uhhh, you would so win Bama. This crowd is more like the Coke and margaritas (not at work of course) crowd so no on is used to drinking SO much water.

  39. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Cool! I’m a winner!

  40. shelley Says:

    bama said “Nola- I drink about 80-100 oz. of water daily…where would I rank?”

    does it matter where you rank…if you spend your entire day peeing?

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I don’t pee all day! I’m used to it I guess. I’ve always been a volume drinker. (Except that one time in Mexico when I refused to use the toilets.)

  42. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley, don’t sweat the blog stuff…you are doing a great job! Whatever you wanna do, do it! Or don’t. Or whatever. I love it all! Ok now I sound like I am sucking up.

    You’re an angle, Shell!

    Love the pet post….will send in some pics today or tomorrow!

  43. shelley Says:

    thanks squee. πŸ˜‰

    bama…you have no idea what an idiot you have turned me into.

    i just googled “enlarged bladder” to post a funny picture and…and…and…all i can say is…don’t google “enlarged bladder” before going to lunch.

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, Shelley….I can sleep well tonight knowing my life’s ambition has been accomplished: Turn another human into a slobbering idiot by just being myself!! I feel so successful today! πŸ˜‰

  45. robin4t Says:

    Hmmm. My post at 11:49 pm last night reads suspiciously like the conversations I have with people after my third glass of wine. There could be a reason for that…

    Not that I don’t love you, Shelley. Because I do. And I did feel good all over. Great montage set to one of the best songs ever. It still works for me this morning without the wine.

    As for your question–I can’t answer it any better than Gray did. You ARE open, honest and funny. And I have been drawn in. I lurk here a bit most everyday and always enjoy. I like the variety. And I like your voice. Just keep talking about what’s relevant to you, and I believe you’ll continue to strike chords with others.

    And I like your preview button.

  46. shelley Says:

    okay…i’m changing the subject.

    how many people think kate hudson needs to get her son’s HAIR cut.

    his name is ryder…not friggin’ SAMSON!

    I’m all about little boys lookin’ rough and tumble and shaggy, but he looks like a little girl.


  47. shelley Says:


    now about that wine… πŸ˜‰

  48. nolagirl Says:

    That is a damn shame to do that to that poor kid. Not cute AT all.

  49. double d Says:

    Shelley — on Coldplay, JR. — I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Cut the damn kid’s hair…geesh.

    I can’t tell you any more than I’ve said already about this place. It’s like a continuous party line of my girl friends….only one slight, very slight suggestion…no need for any angst. We love it here, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

    Now, back to bed as my head is FRICKIN’ SPLITTING WIDE ASS OPEN!


    Shelley, I think you should do the Gray collage. I can’t capture the video but it’s on YouTube…the whole frickin’ thing…can you believe someone actually captured and uploaded 20 minutes of the 1973 Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? I may have some Monkey Dancin’ I can give you too, in my “library”.


  50. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ryder’s hair? Ehhhh…I’ve seen pics of it shorter and wavier and I think it’s cute like that…but this pic looks like she’s taken her straightner to it…weird. But can I just say…she is GORGEOUS!

  51. nolagirl Says:

    Update: McDrinky here is leading the pack with 6 glasses of water so far. I am “on break” right now. Can’t fit much more.

  52. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Go Nola! Go! You can do it! I believe in you!

  53. shelley Says:


  54. Quossum Says:

    I’m careful not to drink too much at work…teacher, you know. Can’t get to the restroom very often.

    Wow…just imagine…being able to get up and go to the bathroom pretty much when you want to…that must be some kind of dream job or something! =P


  55. shelley Says:

    you know, q…it always amazes what folks DON’T realize about the lives and day-to-day of others.

    thanks for sharing that.

  56. Quossum Says:

    Hee hee–my urine retention skills really come in handy when attending those dog shows where the only “facilities” are porta-potties that have been languishing in the Texas sun all day!


  57. nolagirl Says:

    Yes, dream job, that’s what this is. (not!) But nice perspective there Q.

    Well, I am sad to report that I lost. Jamie drank 10 glasses and I only drank 9. But, the good news is, I don’t feel sick or bloated. However, I hope to make it the hour drive home without having to stop at a gas station to pee. Fingers (and legs) crossed!

  58. shelley Says:

    NOLA…when you’re sitting at the third looooong traffic light and you don’t think you can make it to your house before peeing your pants…just focus on this one thing….

    a babbling brook

    I like to help where I can.

  59. StrongandFree Says:

    I have a co-worker who often says ‘Hold that thought, I’ve got to pee’ and my usual reply is ‘Go, I don’t want to be responsible for a stretchy bladder when you’re 60’

    That’s exactly why I like this place. And, I googled it… should have followed Shelley’s advice.

    Happy Friday!

  60. shelley Says:

    StrongandFree…I’m sorry you had to see that.


    Happy Friday back at ya!

  61. NOLAgirl Says:

    Shelley, thanks a lot.

    Next time, not only will I not tell you about Duran Duran coming here, but I will go there myself, get backstage and make a video of it all just to say BOOOOO-yah.

    So there! to your babbling brook.

    (btw, I made it home just in time – whew!)

  62. Lana Says:

    I like this site the way it is.

    I can’t believe anyone swore off as in got rid of their TV! My good TV was down for 4 days, 5 hours, 23 minutes and 16 seconds and I am still traumatized. I missed Gray’s Anatomy this week unless (dare I hope?) it didn’t come on. You don’t understand, I have another TV that is 27 inches but it doesn’t get all the channels. Also, it’s in the study. Dang. I need to smash my 55″ obnoxious TV with a sledge hammer which I doubt I could lift due to spending so much time on my ass on the couch watching it.

  63. Lana Says:

    Shelley: I actually hava some constructive criticism or really a usability issue with your blog. I hate it that clicking on a link loses your place in the blog. I hate it so much that I try to remember not to click on a link but I always do. Every single time
    (Homer Simpson Voice).

  64. Jan Says:

    lana is Jan dang it. Shelley wins Jan’s prize of the day. OK. I don’t have a prize of the day but that is funny.

    “NOLA…when you’re sitting at the third looooong traffic light and you don’t think you can make it to your house before peeing your pants…just focus on this one thing….

    a babbling brook”

    I went to a Rolling Stones concert last weekend and drinking that last beer was a bad decision. I wasn’t willing to miss any of the show and I’m not sure I could have gotten out in the middle of the show. I was 20 feet from the stage and 10 from the center in the middle of 42,000 people.

    I made it to the restroom but it was a close thing. One thing I have learned in this life is that that if you need to go, using the restroom is a good time. I swear I was on a climbing wall about 400 feet up and it took us hours to get there and I had to go. I was in a climbing harness on an exposed face of rock and didn’t want to die or have people see me but I had to do something so luckily I came to a ledge where there was a bush. It still was a bit dangerous because you can’t take really take off your harness or increase your risk. Fun times in Mexico.

  65. shelley Says:

    Jan/Lana said, “Shelley: I actually hava some constructive criticism or really a usability issue with your blog. I hate it that clicking on a link loses your place in the blog. I hate it so much that I try to remember not to click on a link but I always do. Every single time
    (Homer Simpson Voice).”

    Hey Jan…thanks for the input!

    There is nothing I can do to make the links open different…but you certainly can! πŸ˜‰

    When you see a link you want to follow…use the right-click feature of your mouse. Choose “Open Link in New Window” and you should have a brand new window open to the page desired.

    Also, you can download Firefox as your browser (go to and it allows you to open web pages in tabs instead of new pages…which is VERY handy feature.

    I hope it works! πŸ˜‰

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