Shut Up and Eat Your Lunch



Yeah for me…my iPod Shuffle came in yesterday…FINALLY! (I only ordered it about two months ago!)

I’m so excited.

I absolutely lurve it. I want to kiss it and hug it and marry it.

It’s so cute and tiny…and has its own clip. I think I will wear it as a barrette…talk about a fashion statement.


Okay…I have to make mention of a few things from my Thursday night shows.

First…and possibly the most important…”Ugly Betty’s” Daniel Mead (played by the scrumptious Eric Mabius) is quickly becoming the new love of my life…well…except for my new iPod Shuffle.

For Daniel/Eric…I would tell Taylor to take a hike…um…well…maybe.

My second observation is this…and I mean this in no cruel or jealous way…but…Selma Hayek looked positively masculine in the episode last night. Yeah, she has a great rack…and her butt is to die for…but her neck…her jaw…her forehead…YIKES…Callie Come Home! I never thought I would be so critical of Ms. Hayek (it could be that I’ve never gotten over the fact that she has dated Edward Norton and I haven’t…but…I don’t think so). She just really looked rough.

About “The Office”…what a craptacular ending.

First Michael gets dumped and tries to kiss Pam but then Jim gets drunk and ends up hitching a ride with the chick in his office. It was the most lame ending EVER. Seriously…they could’ve ended it with Ryan telling Kelly’s parents that he wanted to earn more money to “travel…and buy an X Box” and that would have been a GREAT high note.

Poorly done.

Plus…what was up between Dwight and Angela? They didn’t even interact. I DEMAND A RESHOOT OF THIS EPISODE…WE DESERVE IT!!!

On to “Grey’s Anatomy”…pretty decent episode.

I loved how Bailey caught on to everything at the end. And I LOVED the single steady shot of Christina’s face…Sandra Oh can do more with a frozen expression of worry/guilt/desperation than any actor I’ve seen. Seriously…she could be the new Meryl Streep. I LOVE her.

Please allow me to address the on-going rash I have caused by the chaffing of my ass from the character we call Callie. GET HER OFF THE SHOW! I don’t buy it. I don’t buy that George wants her…I REALLY don’t buy that McSteamy would come on to her like he did…I don’t buy that she made it through med school…and I don’t buy that anyone who “breaks/sets bones” in their daily job would wear their hair like that. She ain’t playing Rapunzel…she needs to be more realistic and wear a damn Scuci!!

Now about George…is it me or is he even sexier now that he has come out of the closet? He was really hawt last night. It must be the whole “I really can’t ever have this guy” thing that is making him even more attractive to me. I swear, if Taylor was to all of sudden say he’s switching teams…I think my head would explode.

Finally…McSister (cue sinister music).

She was horrible. Did anyone else catch that she played the snooty witch in the first “Bridgette Jones” movie? Well…she apparently plays these roles well. How dare she call Meredith a slut while she’s slept with Mark! (It made that lovefest between her, Mark, and Addison REALLY creepy.) I really couldn’t get a grip on what the writers were thinking with this character.

The best part of the show was when McDreamy told her, “Shut up and eat your lunch.” I howled.

Oh…and did anyone else catch McDreamy saying, “I’m just sayin’…”


Well…that about wraps things up…but before I go…let’s take one more look at my beautiful shiny new little Shuffle.


Jellis anyone? (Admit it…you know you are!)

Happy Friday!


37 Responses to “Shut Up and Eat Your Lunch”

  1. Rowan Says:

    Very happy for you Shelley. the Shuffle is indeed a thing of delicate beauty. I dare you to wear it as a barrette, but only where there are thickly carpeted floors – would worry it might fall and well…no, I can’t go on. Fab and groovy! Very impressed.

    I do not have an Ipod, as they are still kinda beyond me. Have an Instant Messenger-tastic mini-computery mobile, though, and was reading “Monkbot Talk” on it recently. Yay! Leaving luddism behind, a wee bit at a time.

  2. Mind Doc Says:

    I am not in the know with all of the shows you mention. I work on Thursday nights and miss it all. Sigh.

    However, I completely understand your affection for your iPod. My husband bought one for me a while back, for my birthday. Ever gracious, I told him that I did not need it, but sort of grudgingly started using it.

    I love my iPod. I look for little presents to buy it. I dare not hope that the fondness is reciprocated. I wish that there were more accessories to adorn it with. Yours is lovely, and I am happy for you. I have to tell you, podcasts are awfully addicting, but help while away my commute.

    Taylor likes my iPod, too.

  3. shelley Says:

    Rowan…why am I all of a sudden so jazzed to learn that you were reading Monkbot on your “Instant Messenger-tastic mini-computery mobile”? That is very cool.

    Mind Doc…the first present I will buy for my new little buddy is it’s own booster seat so it can eat meals with me.

    Taylor likes all that which is good and right in the world…iPods…ice cream…me…

  4. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I wish I had an iPod. I wish I had the internet at home. I wish I didn’t owe $25k+ in student loans. I wish I were playing Callie’s character on Grey’s so I could make out with gay George and so fulfill two fantasies: Poofing other Callie into thin air…and getting to pretend that a hot gay man really loves me. I wish Ugly Betty didn’t come on at the same time as Earl and Office. I wish you coulda seen Rosanne Barr on Earl last night b/c although I don’t really like her, she rocked. I wish Mind Doc could see all our shows and love them as desperately as we do. I wish that Jim/John Halpert/Krasinzki was my lover. I wish that you thought more of the Office ending b/c I thought it was quite poignant. I wish I said things like “wee bit” like Rowan.

  5. Holeigh Says:

    I’m SO jealous, haha. I have a pink iPod mini that I loves to death but she’s 1.5 years old and her battery just isn’t what it used to be. 😉 I think when Holeigh turns 20 in April (ahhh!!!) she will be expecting an upgrade.

    My brother (Seth) has an iPod shuffle (or did, until he let it go through the wash). My mom bought the replacement plan with it so he keeps getitng new ones (this will be the 4th one he’s had) but he has the old model. I looove the look of the one you have, I really hope that’s what they give him this time around, haha.

  6. nolagirl Says:

    The barrette look is hot, Shelley.

    Congrats on the new toy! The booster seat comment nearly made me pee my pants, so thanks for that. 😉

    Callie got on my nerves last night. I mean, I know that McSteamy has a penis and all, but *seriously* isn’t there some other prettier girl he could be hitting on besides her? I think so. (and I suppose next week that will be Meredith)

    I can’t WAIT to see what Bailey does next week. I have a feeling shit’s gonna go down on that front. Hooooo boy.

  7. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…you out gadgeted me… can I justify having mega video iPod and shuffle? Must ponder this…must find answer.

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh yeah, and have I ever mentioned how much I hate Callie? And that I think she’s a disgusting, hairy, no-necked, over made-up, transexual from Transylvania? I swear, whenever she gets close to tiny George I fear for his life…she’s 10x his size and could squash him like a bug. And don’t get me started on her over-processed, medusa weave hair….and her drawn on “surprise!” eyebrows. Gross. She needs to step off.

    And, yeah…I’m feeling you on Salma. I kept flipping over during commercials and I thought she did not look “pretty” like I remember her. Kinda hard looking. She does have a rockin’ bod though. And Daniel Mead is sooo fine. Puhleeze like she doesn’t want him!

  9. Shelley via Bama Says:

    “How is it that Selma has looked so good in the past. I couldn’t put my finger on the problem…but it was hard not to be kinda weirded out by her Gunther neck and mannish face. Scary. I had to go Google pics of her to see the “softer side of Selma .” I think her hair pulled back so tight in that pony-tail didn’t help. AND…did y’all know that Selma is 40!!! That blew me away (and made me a little happy). I thought she was younger than I am.

    Oh…and Bama…every week your Callie descriptors get better and better. Keep ’em up. (She so doesn’t deserve George.) ROFL”

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, I’m pretty opinionated about Callie…so I’m sure I won’t be able to stop if I tried!! Now, Izzie…she is my sweet, sweet angel (or angle). She’s so beautiful and intuitive…she reminds me a lot of me. 😉

    I had no idea that Salma was 40!! Crazy! She looks amazing…except for her man-face. (And..haha…Gunther neck!)

  11. double d Says:

    WOW! 40! Ancient…geesh.

    big ole eye roll

  12. Squeebee Says:

    Awww D-Dub..we loves ya!
    I have nothing to add to the convo today.
    I missed Grey’s Anatomy last night
    I don’t watch Ugly Betty
    I have no IPOD-type device
    *hangs head in shame*

    Can you all put a good word in to Santa for me?

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay, now…I hate to beat a dead horse…as a matter of fact I’m against spanking all kinds of dead things…ummmm, yeah…

    BUT: I went to watch the 20/20 thing at Gray’s and got distracted by the “Beauty Trumps All” video…and lo and behold…they are going to do a 2 hour report on just the thing I was talking about last week. I think they called it the “halo effect”…you know, beautiful people getting ahead b/c people perceive them as being somehow “better”.


  14. Shelley via Bama Says:

    Okay, DD…my point isn’t that she’s 40 and old…it’s that she’s 40 and older than I am…which is one of my vices for making me feel better about myself. If there is a celebrity who I think is YOUNGER than I am…especially if they are REALLY HAWT…and then I find out they are actually OLDER than I am…I feel that not all hope is lost for me, as I have time to improve myself! 🙂

  15. nolagirl Says:

    I saw that Bama and thought of you and that convo. Tell the truth – Is that lady he was interviewing really you?? LOL

    Squee – Sawwww-ry you missed Grey’s. They usually replay the episode tonight. Maybe you can catch it then?

    Bama – I am now realizing how much angst you must have had toward me when I kinda liked Callie a while back. Yikes!

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah, Nola…John Schlosser went to the future in a Delorian to interview me when I’m 54 and have a couple PhD’s under my belt…cuz right now I’m just a stoopid nobody….I did good in the interview, right?

    I’m so glad you’re coming back from the dark side! Callie must’ve cast an evil hairy-ogre spell on you! Now I just have to convince you that Addison is super cool….

  17. nolagirl Says:

    I like Addison OK. I wouldn’t go with “super cool,” but hey, whatever tickles your pickle darlin’. 😉

    Did you watch Laguna? Grrrrrr. Tyler is the most annoying guy on earth. Actually all of those people are, yet I keep watching!

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Can we just talk about what a bunch of crabby babies there are commenting at Gray’s today??

    Gratefulness seems to be in short supply.

  19. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Me too! I don’t even like this season…but I keep hoping Tessa and Chase get together so I’m holding on.

    Tyler is such a d**k. But that stupid girl should know better by now.

    And what was up with horse face Breanna making out with cute boy?

    Can you please tell me how those kids stay wasted all the time and the parents don’t seem to care?

  20. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama I am on a Gray Lite diet…I just reduce my intake to what Gray and those I know say…limits the sugary/bile over load.

  21. shelley Says:

    Okay…I’m risking life and limb and job to post this…but…

    instead of talking about the crabby babies…how about talking about the actual video (which I snuck a peek at)…it was soooo rough…I wonder why it was even posted?

    If you MUST discuss disgruntled behavior…remember…try to keep the criticism constructive…we don’t want to add to the stink being created! Monkbots, I pose this to you…how can WE help folks see that their negativity is sapping the fun out of everything.

    How can we help the problem?

  22. shelley Says:

    oh…and please don’t rip into any one person by name or “direct quote”…remember our Memo-festo! 😉

    Shelley slinks back into obscurity until 5 p.m.

  23. nolagirl Says:

    Bama – Isn’t Chase just the cutest little thing? He looked so adorable with those cool glasses on last episode. Love him.

    Yeah, Breanna just came out of nowhere in this episode – I so didn’t need to see that scene between she and Derek – ewww.

  24. Squeebee Says:

    Good question, Shelley! I really think RESPECT is the key here. Some people aren’t real good at respectfully disagreeing. That’s what I like about this place. We had some pretty different views here on the “expectations” post, but no-one got thier panties in a wad because the language was respectful.

    If someone came in here saying, “That is just idiotic!”, we would ALL get our backs up and carnage would ensue.

    So I think the best we can do is set a good example here and at Gray’s by being respectful at all times.

  25. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay- The video?? First off, try listening to it w/o watching Taylor. It sounds amazing. Like a group of very talented guys jamming and having a great time. Taylor sounds very…for lack of a better word…sexy.

    My problem with “the video” and what “people” have been saying is that “people” are basing they’re impressions on the images more than the audio (IMO). For months I’ve had to defend Taylor’s image of being “goofy” and “weird”…now his image is being picked apart by “people” as looking tired, rough, bored, not into it, unimpressive and lackadaisical, lazy and uninspired…and more.

    Is it really about the music?? Or is about what Taylor gives us visually?? I know at a show, we have come to expect a full energy performance…but THIS IS A REHEARSAL. And maybe the reason it was posted was b/c we have been clamoring for it…he wanted us to see an authentic rehearsal when he is dead tired…he knew it sounded badass.

  26. Squeebee Says:

    Bama…some great points! It’s a good thing the site is called “” and not something like, “”. Can you imagine the number of complaints there would be in that case? At least SOME people clued in that these were REHEARSALS.

    Yeah, What’d I Say didn’t have the same energy as Hollywood Nights, but I wouldn’t expect the same kind of performance in a live venue.

    My husband is a member of a band, and these videos (especially this last one) are representative of what happens during a rehearsal. Goofing around, throwing in words that don’t belong in the song, all-around silliness. After you have practiced a song a million times, sometimes you need to shake it up a bit to keep it interesting and fun.

    I wonder though, who is making the decisions as to which videos are being released? Is it Taylor, his “People” or the people at

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I grew up with my brother playing in bands (still does) and I remember hours and hours of rehearsals where the music could go from actual “song x” to weird experimental stuff that included any new “instrument” they could find…such as, furniture, cats (meow!) and possibly melons…:)

  28. NOLAgirl Says:

    It’s so funny that some people have *already* forgotten that Taylor himself just last week in talking with Gray made a point to say “it’s rehearsals dot com, not final performance dot com …” I know we are “supposed” to disagree with someone’s opinion and not them per se, but sorry, sometimes people really just are idiots, plain and simple.

    P.S. I Loved the clip!

  29. Nashvegas Says:

    Well, I guess I will be labeled an idiot then. LOL! Here’s what I don’t understand. Why are those honest Taylor fans who don’t like a particular clip of Taylor labeled as “negative”? Is it the same reason I label those who would gush over a video of him picking his nose “kool-aid drinkers”? 🙂

    If a critique is heartfelt, honest and obtuse, why is it labeled “negative” or “whiney”?
    Does Taylor need protecting that much? Would it benefit him?

    I still feel like a guest here, so please don’t mind me….I’m just thinking out loud.

  30. NOLAgirl Says:

    Hey Nashvegas!

    I have ZERO problem with someone saying they don’t like a clip, picture, song, etc. of Taylor. Hell, I am a participater (though I’ve been MIA from there recently) and people freely bash Taylor just for existing (and gush over him too) there. It doesn’t offend me at all.

    For me, with this thing in particular, I simply don’t think there is a need to critique. He’s been rehearsing with bands for years, what would any fan really have to give in the way of criticism that would cause him to re-think his ways of rehearsing? Many people have no idea what goes on when bands rehearse (me included).

    Now, by comparison, I can see why people would critique, say, a live performance, or the album cover. Is it annoying when those are so picked apart that my head is spinning? For me, yes. So I just don’t read all the comments.

    I have no idea if that even addresses what you brought up LOL but that is my 2 cents. 🙂

  31. shelley Says:

    Okay…my thoughts on…

    (I’ve already hashed this out with Bama…we agreed to disagree.)

    After seeing these videos (and even though I LOVED “Hollywood Nights” and “Hell of a Day”)…I think the whole idea of posting a REHEARSAL as a video for public viewing is totally and completely ABSURD.

    This is NOT a polished performance, but the majority of folks…right or wrong…won’t recognize that fact. They just won’t… ever… never… no matter how many times or ways you tell them.

    An entertainer needs to have that mysterious invisible wall between him and the audience where he blows everyone away with his magic as a performer…by the performance itself.

    Music is a performance art. Presentation is vital.

    Painters paint THEN hang their works…

    Writers don’t hand out chapters of their novels before the story is written…

    In the same vain…the public doesn’t need to be privy to a musician’s REHEARSAL.

    A dress rehearsal? Sure.

    But a regular rehearsal…NO!

    We don’t need to see every little thing Taylor does.

    I played violin in symphonies for years. I sung and played violin as a part of duo for years. I’ve been in choirs… ensembles… quartets… duets… etc.

    I’ve never felt comfortable having folks watch what wasn’t ready for consumption.

    So…even though I love some of the things coming out of…ultimately, I think it’s not a great thing.

    About the video put up today…I thought Taylor came off as goofin’ around while the other musicians were playing their hearts out…and that bothered me.

    Did I read the situation wrong? Probably.

    But who’s fault is that? I watched what was put out there for me to watch. My opinion came without malice…moreover…I started the viewing with an excited and glad heart about WHAT I was about to see.

    Did I expect perfection? No.

    I’m an intelligent human being who’s worked as a professional musician. I can put one and two and three together to realize that this is ONE song from a day of many songs….AND it is not supposed to be polished because it’s a rehearsal…AND this particular take might not have been for Taylor to wail on for some reason we don’t know about (sound check, he was saving his voice, it was their first song and he was getting accustomed to the room).

    But will folks who aren’t musicians or who don’t understand the process be able to realize those things and look past them? No (as we can see from the comments at Gray’s) and we can’t expect them to…they have no point of reference.

    The point is…there are MANY things to speculate on as to why this particular clip didn’t hit home with most folks.

    And even though folks are told that it’s a rehearsal….the masses are ignorant and they only know that someone was singing and it was filmed and they were asked to watch.

    When you put something out for public viewing…it’s GONNA get criticized…especially if it’s not a finished product and there are holes left to fill in.

    The world is full of arm chair musicians…this was, unfortunately, fodder for their soapboxes.

  32. Nashvegas Says:

    Nola…good points you made.



    I HAVE a musical background. I HAVE rehearsed before. If someone told me they were filming my rehearsal for the public, you can be damned sure I would give it all I had. That’s what’s bugging me.

  33. Nashvegas Says:

    another thought Shelley on what you said above about the idea of using a rehearsal as a video for the public being absurd.

    It was only through this very process and website that I found Beth Hart. She is an amazing talent who used her “rehearsal” as a chance to showcase that awesome talent. Even on the one 19 minute clip, where the music stops and they are working out the piano & guitar riffs, it shows passion and devotion to the craft.

    Some of the other lesser known artists on that site also seem to view this as a huge opportunity to show the world who they are. They perform like they know the world is watching and they are grateful.

  34. shelley Says:

    Nashvegas…you make some great points…and perhaps I need to take time to view other artists on the site.

    Maybe it should be more of an artist-to-artist decision.

  35. Quossum Says:

    Hey, y’all!

    Shelley: Your ipod. I am jellis. I enjoyed it for what it was: a glimpse backstage, as it were…but I am a bit bemused that Taylor’s usual savvy publicity machine would approve of this particular vid at this particular time. It’s the sort of spot that lays itself open for nit-picking, and I think it would have been better-received at another point in the journey, maybe during a Taylor dry spell sometime.

    That said, I just kind of chuckled over it, a casual, more musician-oriented rehearsal, then I started reading around and was surprised by the maelstrom of opinions swirling around, and how heated some of them were.

    I can see both sides of the issue–show it, don’t show it–but personally I liked it. Cute stuff. Big goofy guy. *sigh*


  36. baby duck Says:

    After reading most of the comments at gray’s about WIS at, I’m getting an inking of the expectations that Taylor is trying to distance himself from.

    Shrew, I want to adopt your lite approach, but I’m afraid I get bogged down in the sticky (sugary?) goo.

    Hopefully anyone looking for respect has already gone to bed. Notice, I’m still up :).

    OOOooo!!! Is there really a video of Taylor picking his nose?? Somebody post the link before I die just thinking about it!! Oh, marry me, Taylor! I’ll wash your hankies!!

    **baby duck runs off to look for her homemade glitter T-shirt that she wore to the LMBO afterparty. Also needs fresh panties after wetting herself thinking about TayTay’s boogers**

  37. Mind Doc Says:

    Baby duck — very funny.

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