Monkbot Mail


Our Traveling Monkbot is closer to becoming a reality!

Details about the Traveling Monkbot Project will be forthcoming.


20 Responses to “Monkbot Mail”

  1. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Cool Shelley! ahem….CRAAAZY EYEEES!

    So sorry

  2. shelley Says:

    Glad you like it, patrickkadiddlehopper. 😉

    You got CRAZY EYESSSS!!!!

  3. Mind Doc Says:

    very excited …

  4. Shrewspeaks Says:

    This is exciting! Frebreeze that bad boy!

  5. shelley Says:

    I dowsed it with FaBreeze last night and let it sit out.

    Now my office smells like chain-smoking daisies.

    Anyway…I’m gonna go to the store today to see if I can get what I need to “monkbotify” it.

    Hopefully, I can get it out the door this week!!! 🙂

  6. Rowan Says:

    Aww, Shelley – he is fab…or is he a “she” now, with the makeover? Very edgy mokbot – love it! Love the monkbottian Irony Patrol vibe.

    The video is great – very cool and groovy.Thanks for sharing the anticipation of the grand opening. Would love to spirit Travelling Monkbot to the UK!

    Good luck on de-smokifying him…maybe he was one of those monkeys I’ve read about who were given cigarettes in research labs to test the effects of tobacco. However, this particular enterprising ape was a big reader of Ray Bradbury, and picked up on the writer’s fascination with autometa..the clockwork fortune-teller in “Something Wicked This way Comes” who is really alive. Monk sat up all stiff amongst his playthings, liberated the cymbals from a toy drum-kit and made his escape, freezing in mid-clash if footfalls drew near.Bwoohahahaha (creepy laugh as a farewell to all things halloweeny.)

    I like the crazy eyes, and the way they’ve been highlighted. He has to be edgy, ironic, and feather-ruffling, as the personification of the Monkbot vibe. Yay! 3D Travelling Monkbot rawks! :oD

  7. double d Says:

    Fan freakin’ Tastic!!!

    Can’t wait…I got plans….big plans.


  8. Mind Doc Says:

    just got to see the video. I am honored to be at such an event. I can say that “I was there” when Monkbot was just a monk.

    Neato — get that monkey ready for a trip, already.

  9. bentendo Says:

    Now aren’t you glad I talked you into that? 😉

    Great video, but, who’ll take the goat?

  10. shelley Says:

    awww…patrikkadiddlehopper and bentendo…what great bros.

    yeah, ben, glad you talked me into it…seriously…now…let’s get this thing fixed UP! 😉

  11. bamaborntxbred Says:

    This makes the fact that I’m at work on a Sunday seem like the best day ever!

    I’m DYING!!!!! I can’t wait to meet the Monkbot in real life!

    Ben…work your magic brotha! Bring the ‘bot to the monkey and the monkey to the ‘bot!!

    I’m prolly not gonna be around much this week….I’m gonna be workin’ my booty off. I’ll miss y’all. I’ll check in as much as I can.

    Shelley- you might need a surrogate “comment via X”.

  12. shelley Says:

    Actually, Bama (and the rest of y’all)…I won’t be around much (or posting much) this week…as I want to get the Monkbot project underway.

    Don’t worry…I’m not leaving for good…just put time into what has the potential to be a fantastic project. 😉

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Very excited!!! Are we gonna draw straws for who gets him first??! 😉

  14. Quossum Says:

    OMFriggin’G!!! I am totally LMAO–that thing has got to be the scariest creature I have ever seen! I can’t wait for my turn!

    I’d like to take Monkbot to an Agility show, and the last show of the year is Nov. 18-19, so I volunteer to either be the very first one (if he / she is ready to arrive by that time) or to put off my turn until January, when the shows will pick up again.

    BTW–1 Q (as in qualifying score!) and 2nd place at the show this weekend, and a few good runs with only small errors. Also went to the Houston International Quilt Festival Saturday evening and got all inspired, so I may be scarce too as I do some quilting this week!


    P.S. Shelley, I’m going to mail you a box cutter. Yikes with the scissors!!!! lol

  15. Jan Says:

    I may have nightmares about this incredibly scary monkey! That’s way more creepy than the clown from IT.

  16. shelley Says:

    Q…funny thing is…I have a box cutter…I was just too excited to go get it (hence the ridiculous hair and no make-up and crappy shirt…I wanted to rip the thing OPEN!!

    Mind Doc has already taken the first shift. But don’t worry…this thing will have a pretty long life (I hope).

    And Jan…it’s even scarier in person…my dog is afraid of it. Ha!

  17. Squeebee Says:

    Whoooo! Exciting stuff! What an uuuuuugly little monk he is. Maybe the cold clear air of the Great White North will rid him of the ciggie smell. Chain smoking daisies made me laugh!

  18. Holeigh Says:

    Hahaha, “that is the scariest damn thing I’ve ever seen.” I couldn’t agree more! I can’t wait to see the finished product, though. 🙂

  19. Mind Doc Says:

    Jan, nothing is scarier than the clown from It, because clowns have balloons, which scare the bejeezus out of me. Give the monkbot balloons and back he goes!

    Q, you make quilts and agility trials? Awesome! (As Sam would say.) I am jellis of Shelley and Quossom for being able to do crafty things.

  20. Ash Says:

    Thank (G)od for Shelley and the Monkbot. I’ve had the crappiest night I’ve had in a while, but damn, watching the video cheered me right up.

    I’m confused, but also amused and laughing.


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