The Littlest Birds


A friend introduced me to The Be Good Tanyas this week (thanks, Abby)…and I had to share. They’re very Alison Kraus meets The Whites meets Ray Lamontagne…a really interesting mix. (Quossum will really like this…they liken themselves to a quilt.)

Footage for the above video was shot in and around New Orleans after Katrina.

Let me encourage you to visit their MySpace page and check them out, especially “Human Thing.” Such nice folks they are…they are offering a free download of “Human Thing” here…trust me…you’re gonna like it. (To save the file, right click on the link and choose “Save Link As.”)

I think I know what I’ll be asking for for Christmas.



6 Responses to “The Littlest Birds”

  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    The Be Goods are one of my favorites…”In Spite of All The Damage” is a terrific song!!!

    *ducks and avoids fish slappign for use of the “!!!”*

  2. nolagirl Says:

    Can’t listen now at work, but did some reading on their Web site. Sounds interesting, thanks Shelley!

  3. Squeebee Says:

    Thanks, Shelley! I quite like this group…I think Alison Krauss meets The Whites meets Ray is a good description. I checked out the tour dates and they are actually playing the Commodor Ballroom in Vancouver on the 30th. I will have to see if I can make it work!

  4. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I liked their sound…I’d like to have their cd playing in the background at a casual outdoor party.

    Okay, can I change the subject for a sec?? Shelley, I think you will be interested in the following:

    I heard this on my fave radio program this morning:

    British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen has been threatened with legal action by the Romanian village which stood in for his comic creation Borat’s native Kazakhstan in his hit movie. Gypsy citizens of Glod are outraged that Cohen ridiculed their lifestyle in Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan, which has topped international box offices, and paid them a pittance to allow farm animals into their homes. Local leader Nicolae Staicu will meet with a public ombudsman today to formulate legal action against Cohen and distributor 20th Century Fox. Staicu accused the producers of paying locals just $4 to perform degrading acts, misleading the village into thinking filming was for a documentary and refusing to sign proper filming contracts. Resident Dana Luca, 40, says, “We thought they came here to help us – not mock us. We haven’t got anything here. We haven’t got running water. We can’t even bathe. We are poor people, but we are still people.”

    Shelley predicted this kind of thing was going to happen b/c of this movie! (You’re sooo smart!)

    Has anyone seen the Borat movie? What did you think if you did?

  5. Shelley via Bama Says:

    okay…Bama…you’re forcing me to have to bring Borat to my site.

    i think it’s worth a discussion.

    i know my brother, Ben, has already seen the movie twice.

    y’all feel free to discuss it here…but i’m going to try to put up something more substantial on my own opinion when I go home for lunch…though i think you know what i’m gonna say about it.

  6. Quossum Says:

    This song was *great!* My kind of music, definitely. I think I’m going to add it to my Christmas list as well! =)


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