Emmitt and Cheryl Win…and I Couldn’t Be Happier


emmittcheryl.jpgI haven’t written about “Dancing with the Stars” for several weeks because I didn’t think that many folks gave a rip…but I can keep silent no longer…


I have been rooting for them since the beginning.

Not only is Emmitt Smith a total cutie-pie…and, let’s face it, a pretty sexy dancer…he just seems like such a wonderful person.

But as much as I love Emmitt…I gotta say…I LURVE Cheryl Burke.

Of course she’s fabulous because last night marked her second straight win on “Dancing with the Stars”…but she’s also fabulous because…well…she’s Cheryl Friggin’ Burke.

Five Reasons Why I Want to Be Cheryl Burke:

  1. Her freckles…seriously, I had them when I was a kid and now they’re gone and Cheryl has all of them and she looks amazing.
  2. Her figure…she’s not too tiny and not too round. Plus, her back is flawless.
  3. Her hair…not since Joyce DeWitt has someone been able to pull off such a crazy, sassy haircut. I WANT CHERYL’S HAIR.
  4. Her charm…she’s not sappy or full of herself. She works hard and choreographs incredibly entertaining dances.
  5. Her dancing…I’ve never seen her dance where she was less than captivating. I absolutely love to watch her do the jive.

For those interested…here’s a great write-up about the show that pretty much encapsulates my exact feelings about how everything went down this season.

Okay, now that that’s out of my system…allow me to give y’all some other topics on my mind this week…

George Clooney is Sexiest Man Alive…so who is the sexiest dead guy?

Britney finally kicked K-Fed to the curb…now maybe we can scour the word K-Fed from our vocabulary…as well as the phrase “all my ladies.”

Opray isn’t invited to TomKat’s wedding but Jada Pinkett Smith is…nothing against Jada but doesn’t TomKat know that Oprah could buy them an entire planet for a wedding gift…Tom, Kate…it’s not too late to send out a quick eVite.

OJ is slated to write a book called “If I did it…”…yeah, and I’m considering writing one that’s called “If I was really fat…”


35 Responses to “Emmitt and Cheryl Win…and I Couldn’t Be Happier”

  1. double d Says:

    M-IT! M-IT! M-IT!

    Emmitt totally RAWKS! He’s such a NICE guy. He’s from Pensacola originally and is one of those rare athletes who is grateful for every opportunity he was given and has made the most out of them. Another good guy wins…could the winds be starting to blow in a different di-RECK-shun?

    The man with the most super bowl rings now has a friggin’ Dancin’ with the Stars Disco Globe trophy….Ain’t America grand?

    George. Clooney.

    Extreme eye-candy. While I don’t care for his politics, he is absolutely deserving of his title. I think Taylor gets a little “rub” off ole George because of the similaritiesin looks.

    Brittany, Brittany, Brittany….too bad you waited until you had two kids with that slime before you got some sense. yuk. STAY SINGLE!

    Oprah needs to get a clue. Maybe she wasn’t invited because Tom is Rosie O’Donnell’s cutie-patootie (although if she’s gay, I don’t see why she likes Tom Cruise). I’m sure Oprah will get over it, especially since John Mayer was LIVE on her show this morning.

    Ah, lastly O.J. I refuse to discuss O.J. as all he’s trying to do is to sell some books….P.O.S.


  2. double d Says:

    BTW, Shelley, I wanted to mention that Cheryl Burke was the winner last year on DWTS. So far, she is UNDEFEATED.

    Oh, and I really didn’t like that other chick’s ‘tude. She appeared to be a sore loser.

  3. shelley Says:

    I totally agree, DD. Carina looked like she was chewing on nails at the end of the show.


    Cheryl is undefeated…a sixth reason why I want to be Cheryl Burke. 😉

  4. suzi-q Says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!! M-It, M-It, M-It and Cheryl Burke the best!!!!!! Such a nice man and so talented, he truly should win the versatility title of the year:) Did you hear this gentleman giving credit to the other dance team????? Fantastic, Shell I’m telling you that your hair would look great like Cheryl’s!

  5. Libby Says:

    I admit I only watched the final competition night of DWTS. Throughout the competition, I half-heartedly kept up with who had been voted out/off.

    But I thoroughly enjoyed the final competition. And voted for Emmitt and Cheryl. He had that special charm — and certainly worked hard to become a dancer. Mario was very handsome and a gifted dancer — but too slick. Emmitt was genuine – just like we see TH as genuine.

    Cheryl should receive a lot of credit for being the “undefeated” champion for 2 seasons. Hope she receives many kudos and dollars for her talent and patience in teaching.

    As far as the People Mag Award, I must agree George is incredible. Like him. Like him. Dont know if Shelley’s follow question is rhetorical. But — since I am in a gabby mood. JFK Jr was such a handsome man. He received this award several yrs before his tragic and untimely death — very deservingly.

    I dont really care about Britney and Kfed or Tom-Katie. No opinion.

    As far as OJ goes — it is just sick. In my opinion, the less said or attention paid the better. Shame on Fox and Regan Books for having any part of this ghoulish project.

    And may I add.. miss talking with Shrew, Shelley, Tex, Squeebee, Tojo on Gabbly. What has happened ?

  6. shelley Says:

    Libby…it was rhetorical…but I’m glad you answered it.

    JFK Jr. is a GREAT answer. So true.

    I think I’ll have to add River Pheonix to that list, too…and Gregory Peck.

  7. Mind Doc Says:

    I really liked Dancing with the Stars last year. I could not watch it this year, because it conflicted with House. Grrr.

    I am blushing to admit that it just occurred to me to look on YouTube for the show, and Emmitt was just great. He is light as a feather on his feet and seems to be having a really good time. I also want to be Cheryl, if I can’t be a Prince Dancer, which is my not-so-secret ambition.

    I am huge sucker for dancing movies. I even loved Grease, although, as my daughter observed, the moral of the story is that the way to get the boy is to dress like a hootchie in skin-tight black leather. My roommate and I saw Dirty Dancing and Urban Cowboy more than once. We used to Texas-Two Step around the house singing, “Lookin’ for love (and a cowboy!) in all the wrong places …” I love Shall We Dance (the Japanese version, NOT the Richard Gere one). One of my all time favorite movies is Strictly Ballroom. Oh, and the Full Monty.

    I think that I have to have an all-dance movie night soon and live vicariously.

  8. shelley Says:

    Admit it, Mind Doc…you secretly dress up like Jennifer Beals and dance around singing “Maniac,” don’t you?

  9. Mind Doc Says:

    Er — maybe. I am taking the fifth on that — you can’t make me talk, you lousy copper.

  10. Jax Says:

    Emmitt!! So proud of him & Cheryl.

    What tickles me the most? DD cheering for this Gator! Yes, he was all that in the NFL but before that he was a Florida Gator and still hold many records.

    I missed the finale… blush… not only do I have the House conflict like Mind Doc but then they threw Vincent D’Onofrio into this mix, dang it.

    Brit… hey he slept with you while his girlfriend was pregnant.. what did you really expect? Tom-Kat.. shudder.. I actually liked her on Dawson’s Creek, but enough already.. OJ? One day he will answer for it all.

  11. ivoryhut Says:

    You guys are hilarious. Perfect way to start my morning, since I am faced with the dreaded blank screen trying to write out a presentation for later today.

    I, too, confess to not having seen DWTS. But from the short clips they replay on Good Morning America, it looked like M-IT was having a lot of fun out there. I’d ask my mom, who spends about 6+ hours a day dancing (she’s an instructor too), but she’s never home to watch the show. Tsk. Doesn’t she know that actually dancing instead of watching it on TV is bad for you? Heh.

    I’m with Mind Doc: I watch House. My not-so-secret ambition is to have lunch with Hugh Laurie. He can bring Stephen Fry along if he wants. That’s not a lot to ask, right? Just lunch.

    Cheryl Burke rules! She’s a really nice person. I have family in California (dancers too), and they go around in the same social/dance circle. They have nothing but good things to say about her.

    George Clooney. Such a pretty face, but what does it for me is his sense of humor. Real sexy.

    I am angry that I missed John Mayer on Oprah. And I was home, too. Grrr.

    Mind Doc, I have a DVD set here of dance movies. I got it in July but haven’t opened it yet. (Eight movies in all, including the non-Gere “Shall We Dance.”) Think you just gave me an idea for Friday night.

    I love Full Monty. Run awaaay! Keep running!

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Mind Doc- You are hilarious with your list!! I love, love, love Strictly Ballroom!! Definitely in my Top 50 Fave movies.

    Shelley- What can I say to impart the depths of my reverence for Cheryl Burke? Words are not enough…Should I send pics of the Cheryl Burke shrine I keep in my closet?? Maybe I should keep that to myself…I would hate to sully the purity of my sancutary. Wonder if I could get Cheryl to come live in my closet….

    George Clooney: Yummy in my tummy! He could only be more appealing if he was chocolate covered.

    “They” are calling K-Fed, Fed-Ex now. That’s pretty funny. He’s such a disgusting low-life. I heard that he’s threatning to sell some honeymoon “sex tapes” starring Britney, if he doesn’t get full custody. And of course he wants full custody b/c he wants the $$$. I don’t know if that’s true…but I wouldn’t put it past him.

    I could care less that Oprah wasn’t invited to Tom-Kat’s wedding. She’s safer not going anyhow…considering that once they are pronounced alien and wife…the mother ship is going beam everybody up.

    OJ is a sick bastard and I would support a boycott of the Fox special.

  13. nolagirl Says:

    I didn’t watch DWTS but was caught up in a bit of a disagreement between my brother and his wife last night about whether or not Emmitt’s MC Hammer moves were good or not. My SIL said hell yeah, my brother said “meh.” Opinions from the peanut gallery?

    I am glad to see Britney dumb K-Fed’s sorry ass and also glad that she is looking great. However, she has already embarrassed herself and the state (guilty by association) way too much for me to give her *that* much credit. However, she will make her “I’m back” album and sell millions of them and I say that is better than sitting home having more babies with K-Fed. 🙂

  14. nolagirl Says:

    oops – meant to say DUMP K-Fed, not dumb K-Fed (although he is that)

  15. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola! We need to discuss Laguna Beach! Do you think Tessa and Rocky are still friends?? I hope so. I love Tessa. She’s adorable. I can’t stand Breanna.

    And, what was up with Cameron trying to start things up again with whatsername? Gross!

  16. nolagirl Says:

    Bama! I felt like such a nerd last night b/c I actually went online to see the after show, but only watched about 5 minutes b/c I got bored with it. Rocky and Alex and still together, and she and Breanna are still friends. I didn’t hear them mention Tessa. I think there is stuff we didn’t see that makes Tessa not like Breanna so much and vice versa – it just doesn’t add up.

    I was shocked that Jessica didn’t say “sure, I’ll be your girlfriend” to Cameron – she is so easy, it seems! And what was up with his sensitive, touchy feely side coming out of nowhere?

    Oh, also on the after show Kyndra said she admits that she feels bad about some of the stuff she did/sad after she saw herself on TV. (sure, sure)

  17. nolagirl Says:

    Oh, and you gotta read this too, Bama:

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m sure Tessa doesn’t like Breanna b/c Rocky prolly talked shit about her the whole time they were apart. I think Breanna is super jealous of Tessa.

    Yeah, Cameron got all sweet and sensitive…kind of showed his little boy/insecure side. I still think he’s a tool though. And I was pleasantly surprised that Jessica didn’t run back to him. Hopefully she’s grown up a little bit.

    Alex did a major turnaround after he decided he wanted to be back together with Rocky. I wonder if he still acts that way with her.

    Kyndra is an idiot! So is Cammie.

  19. Squeebee Says:

    I am back after my power was knocked out by a freak wind storm for the better part of 18 hours. Didja miss me? I know you did!

    Yeah, I wouldn’t kick George outta bed. I agree with DD in that I don’t love his politics…but what was it that callie said on GA? “You were sexier when you didn’t talk!”

    Britney and Fed-Ex…are we really surprised? Sad for the kids, but maybe Brit will think twice before getting involved with a cheating low-life again.

    I am so over Oprah and couldn’t care less about any “injustice” done to her. I will watch her when Taylor is on the show (the things I will do for Taylor!), but I really have no patience for her.

    O.J.’s book……in a word….disgusting. His poor kids…the guy obviously has no sense of shame.

    Libby…as far as gabbly goes, it seems to have been taken over by people from other sites since Gray made the link more visible. That’s fine, but the quality of conversation IMO has decreased to an “all Taylor all the time” format, which, frankly, I find boring. I still check it out on occasion, but I miss the old gang too!

  20. ivoryhut Says:

    Squeebee, Gabbly chat should work with any other site. If you go here, then a new chat window will come up so you can chat here instead.

    The way Gabbly works is just adding the “gabbly.com/” in front of the URL of the site you’re in, and presto! You have a chat room. Works with any URL.

    Also, over at GC, you can choose to “mute” certain users and, in effect, hear only those you want to hear from. The caveat there is that you may forget that there are others around, and say stuff you’d rather not have them read. It’s been known to happen. So I’ve heard. 🙂

  21. ivoryhut Says:

    Er … I should have asked Shelley’s permission before posting a link to a chat window on her site. *offers grilled fish and fresh tomato salad as penance*

    Sorry about that, Shelley. The help desk in me jumped in without checking with the boss.

    That’s what I get for surfing instead of working. Still haven’t started that presentation! Ack!

  22. Shrewspeaks Says:

    O.J. gives me reflux. I opt for apple juice now. Oh….the OJ…he gives me reflux too. Whether speculation or confession, he should keep his big fat trap shut…and the publisher should be ashamed making a blood money profit. OJ guilty or no is not the issue I grapple with, it’s the fact that people are profiting from these greusome murders…(hmmmm, must re-think my postion on Truman Capote)…

    George Clooney…meh…not my ideal.

    Britney and Fed-Ex (heh love that) who cares…oh and NIETHER should have full time custody!!!!!

    OKAY Tom-Kat…I have HAD enough of them and the alien ways. Until either one makes a really decent movie again…Shhh!…Side note…was staying down the street from the LA mother ship church. I keep looking for tenticles on the bottom of my feet. But no dice…I must be a lowly human.

    Uma Thurman had John Mayer on her show?

    (Okay that joke didn’t work for Letterman either.)

    And what can I say about DWTS…M-IT, M-IT!

    For those of you following the saga of Shrew gets a dog…I have made it to step two of the adoption process…the dreaded home visit…yes, just like adoption for a child…they come to your home. So Friday night when I get home I will be a whirling derbish (derbish? dervish?) I will be frantically cleaning and puppy proofing! Fingers crossed gang.

    Hey MindDoc & Bama…Stictly Ballroom…”Love is in the Air…Oh, Love is in THE air.”

    And Ivoryhut…your family runs with dancers? cool

  23. nolagirl Says:

    Good luck with your home visit Shrew! Are you trying to adopt a specific dog, or are they going to “suggest” what you should get? Not sure how the particular group you are going through works, so was just curious!

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- Yay for new adopted poopy dogs! I hope you love him/her and he/she loves you back!

  25. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Nola…thanks for asking…I am going through a rescue organization…

    The sweeties

    They have new little ones and big ones coming through weekly, so I believe they will try to match living situation and personalities. You can view all the little ones through a link on this page…I am trying not to choose a favorite…but Reily is tugging at my heart strings.

  26. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Poopy dogs…heh…it’s funny cause it’s true

  27. shelley Says:

    Ivoryhut says, “*offers grilled fish and fresh tomato salad as penance*”

    why oh why couldn’t I have had this for lunch instead of my ham sammie and tomato soup.

    yeah for shrew and her foster dog. i hope the adoption goes through without a hitch…or with one…as the case may be.

    and, for the record…FedEx is cracking me up everytime i read it.

  28. ivoryhut Says:

    Shrew, Sparta is where I got married three years ago. We still go back every year on our anniversary to have brunch there. I call it returning to the scene of the crime. Of course, I say that with love. 🙂

    Riley looks absolutely adorable. Made me want a poopy dog for myself too. Added bonus was seeing that he’s already house trained.

    I wonder what the rescue mission will think if they visited your home and found Monkbot half-peeking out from a be-stickered box with “Vive Le Monkbot” written all over it …

  29. Squeebee Says:

    Awwww, Shrew….Reily is a cutie-patootie! Good luck with your home-visit tomorrow!

  30. nolagirl Says:

    Riley is pitiful looking with those eyes! My co-worker friend and I were just talking about her beagle Brulee at lunch – weird.

    Rescuing dogs = a wonderful thing

    My pound puppy is ma girl!!

  31. claire Says:


    DWTS? Don’t see it. Sorry.

    George Clooney? Yes please. With a side salad and fries. And a large Coke (NOT Diet.) 🙂

    Brit-Fed? About f**king time, you silly girl.

    TomKat? weirdest.pairup.evah. “I now pronounce you leprechaun and wife”

    OJ? True story coming up: I flew into JFK (Student visa)THE MORNING the whole OJ thing broke back in ’94. My brother met me and we took the subway to Penn Station to get the LIRR to Montauk. Now, I had never heard of OJ Simpson before. Really. And all I could see were people’s newspapers held up to their faces on the subway with “OJ!!! ” and “OJ SUSPECT!!!” headlines.

    I turned to my brother and whispered in all seriousness “what’s wrong with the Orange Juice in this country?”
    I kid you not.
    He just gave me that look only big brothers can give their innocent little sisters who have just said the dumbest thing and gave me the Readers Digest version of the Whole Story.

    Oprah? Girl, just go ’round to TomKat Heights while they’re in Italy and jump on THEIR damn couch. It’s pay back time….

    I’m in a rather snarky mood today. Don’t worry MonkBots, y’all are safe. It’s cool, man….

    Shrew, good luck with the Puppy Police!! I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colours.

    And just a throwback to yesterday’s discussion – I have absolutely no opinion on Borat (The man or the movie), but here is a short blurb about Sacha Baron Cohens “reasons” for his portrayal of our Kazakh friend. Make of it what you will. I haven’t taken enough interest in the film or the controversy to comment more informed-ly.

    Peace and fluffy baby bunnies with twitchy noses to all!!!

  32. wompuss Says:

    what a coinkeedink….my National Restaurant Association newsletter featured an M IT quote:
    “For me, winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream.”
    –Emmitt Smith,
    professional football player

    Go ‘head on wid your bad self, M IT!!

  33. shelley Says:

    what a great quote, womp! thanks for sharing. 😉

  34. double d Says:

    AMEN to THAT, M-IT!

  35. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay a little moment of Zen…

    This guy was sitting behind me on the flight to Tampa

    This Guy

    But he did look more like this…
    way too cool

    He was very nice and a regular guy. Sad thing…highlight of my business trip.

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