Jim and Pam and Dwight and Andy and Betty and Daniel and Meredith and Derek and Alex and Izzie and Callie and George



My thoughts on Thursday night TV…

Jim & Pam: Believable and I liked the tension. Can’t wait to see how the whole “Karen” thing will play out. Nicely done.

Dwight & Andy: coughHILARIOUScough

Betty & Daniel: Very sweet…especially at end when she helped him out of the bar. I loved Willamina and her daughter…but I discovered something devastating this week…Eric Mabius is married with a kid. I can no longer pine for him. I refuse to swoon over a married man…I have my principles!

Meredith & Derek: I could have really done without the bathtub scenes.

Alex & Izzie: They were great together this week. Maybe Double D knows what she’s talkin’ ’bout with all her Alex lovin’.

Callie & George: George continuing down path of complete cutie-pieness, and, dammit, Callie is even more likable. Dang!

P.S. The Traveling Monkbot has made it to his first destination. I will post my pictures with him on Monday. Viva le Traveling Monkbot!

P.P.S. Don’t overlook the post below…it’s yet another Monkbot experiment!


8 Responses to “Jim and Pam and Dwight and Andy and Betty and Daniel and Meredith and Derek and Alex and Izzie and Callie and George”

  1. Staci Says:

    Cannot comment on the office, as I was watching Ugly Betty instead, thanks to your continuing to write about the show… and I like it. I don’t see how, in the REAL world, Betty would be so serving to the job to the neglect of her family… I obviously should watch the first few episodes.

    As for Grey’s Anatomy, I am tired of Meredith, but the other story lines were all great. I am anxiously anticipating how the Bailey-Christina/Burke-George story line will end… and Kerev is a guy, but he still should have known better than to kiss Izzie last night… She’s not ready, man! You blew all your brownie points…regardless of what happened in the bar.

    have a great weekend.

  2. ivoryhut Says:

    I am lost. 😦 Who are these people? (says the TV-deprived girl who spends way too much time in front of a computer)

    On another note, yesterday I happened to catch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and was wondering why all of a sudden the questions seemed much more difficult — and obscure — to me. Turns out they’re doing a Pop Culture theme. Go figure. That’s what I get for not having grown up in this country, or even in the western hemisphere.

    But I thought to myself, hey! I bet Gray and Shelley would kick serious butt there. (Not that you wouldn’t during regular WWTBAM shows.)

    Now, if they had a special theme on creepy-ass animals of the tropics, you know I’m there.

  3. nolagirl Says:

    Was it just me, or did y’all get emotional at times last night with Grey’s? Man, when Cristina told George’s dad that George is the best, etc., – hoo boy that killed me!

    I am DYING to know why Callie is pushing Meredith up against a wall in the previews for next week!!

  4. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I taped Earl and The Office b/c they were “supersized” and I didn’t want to miss any Grey’s. So, I’ll have to hold off on that until later. (Although, I saw the last scene with Dwight and Andy in the elevator….OMG…this pairing is going to be brilliant!!)

    Meredith is an idiot. Why the hell is she taking a sexy bubble bath with McDreamy and insisting that they take things slow?? Mixed signals much???

    I love Izzie. I want to scoop her up and put her in my pocket and carry her with me everywhere I go. She is the epitome of squishy muffin bunnies.

    Sandra Oh rocks. I could feel her tension coming through the television. Great actor.

    The beast (Callie) has not been so disgusting over the last couple of weeks…This doesn’t mean that I’ve forgiven her for being gross and hairy.

  5. shelley Says:

    “This doesn’t mean that I’ve forgiven her for being gross and hairy.” ROFLMAO

    Bama gets Official Prize of the Day.

    OH…and NOLA…I, too, can’t wait to see why they are scrapping it out next week.

  6. Squeebee Says:

    I am so ticked that all the characters I love to hate on GA are redeeming themselves! When Izzy said to Alex, “I didn’t know you still felt that way about me”, and Alex replied by saying, “Neither did I!”, it made me feel for the guy.

    And Callie with her damn persistance. I agree with Bama, though. She is just scary-looking. I suppose some would call her beautiful, but her looks seem so manufactured to me. I wonder what she would look like with no make-up and her hair un-done? Probably much better, is my guess. I hope her and George can make a go of it without too much drama (yeah, right!)

    And Christina is also surprising me. I thought it was so sweet when she told George’s dad that George was the best intern and that he had raised a good person. I will be interested to see how her character develops. Sandra Oh is such a great actress…she can portray so many different emotions just using her eyes.

  7. double d Says:


  8. nolagirl Says:

    Ahhh, yes. Alex Karev. He put some stank on it this week, just for you DD. 😉

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