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Fellow Monkbot Jan, a founding member of Soul Patrol Relief (SPR), wanted me to make sure all of us Monkbots are aware of what SPR is doing this Christmas season to help those in need. Read below for details.

Soul Patrol Relief (SPR) is a charitable organization whose main purpose is to inspire and recruit volunteers world-wide who will work together as a team to to make this world a better place.

Our latest cause is the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic (NOMC). NOMC is an innovative not-for-profit occupational medicine and wellness partnership that offers comprehensive health care to musicians and their families in the New Orleans area. Dedicated on May 2, 1998, NOMC became the first such health initiative in the United States, addressing the health care needs of musicians and their families.

To date their dedicated consortium of service providers has treated more than 800 local musicians. SPR will be selling Christmas ornaments for the holidays with all proceeds benefiting NOMC. It is important to realize that things aren’t back to normal in New Orleans. Many musicians have left and not come back. Others are living in New Orleans but have lost their homes and most of their possessions to Hurricane Katrina. I am asking for the Soul Patrol to come together in the spirit of the holidays to help the musicians that are so vital to the culture of New Orleans.

There are a limited number of ornaments because we can’t order more and send them out in time for Christmas. We are putting our name and a number on each ornament that we make and personalizing them so that they will be special.

Click here to order your ornament!


4 Responses to “A Time to Share…A Time to Give…A Time to Help”

  1. TKls2myhrt Says:

    What a great idea! I ordered mine. Now…hope to get T.H. to sign it! Or the trifecta: Taylor, Gray and Shelley!

  2. UHadMeAtWooHoo Says:

    Hi Shelley, Thanks so much for posting about this project. I’m a
    part of the group that started it and we’re excited about the response so far. We hope to sell
    all 250 of them and make a nice
    donation to NOMC. Plus, they will make a nice momento from a very
    special SP year!

  3. shelley Says:

    uhadme….no problem! I hope they are all sold! 😉

  4. Anonymous Says:

    These ornaments are going to be so nice on the tree, think I’m goning to order three!

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