Wii Had a Great Holiday…Hope You Did, Too



Let me start by saying that I still haven’t listened to a single preview song from Taylor Hicks, nor have I read anyone’s reviews…and I’m very proud of myself. Only two more weeks to wait! Yeah!

Next, I have to give props to my brother, Ben. You’ll see him pictured above…he’s the guy pushing the broom atop my roof, while wearing flip-flops. I’ve been begging him to stop in Jackson on his way to Biloxi from Memphis (or vice-versa) and clean the pine straw off my roof. I’m not nimble enough to scale my house…nor do I want to pay someone to do it (mostly because if THEY fall…they can sue me for millions…if BEN falls…well…seriously, he knows better than to sue me because, as he put it, “I know you don’t have any money…so it wouldn’t do me any good.”)

Anyway, Ben swept three HUGE piles of pine straw from my roof tonight…for that, I’m very thankful. (Love ya, Ben.)

I also want to let y’all know I had a great holiday. I ate lots and lots and lots of turkey and pie…and I had a blast with Ben, Mom, Dad, and Cooper.

We visited and went Christmas shopping. (I’m almost done with my present buying!)

But we also played with Ben’s new Nintendo Wii game system.

Let me tell y’all…if you don’t know what a Wii is…check it out here.

It’s a new way to play home video games. The controller is motion sensitive…and the games are completely enthralling.

Ben, Coop, and my oldest brother, Beau, have tried for years to get me involved in gaming…but I’ve resisted.

Two Christmases ago, Ben bought me a Nintendo 64 with a Mario 64 game cartridge. I begrudgingly played…got all 120 stars…and beat the entire game.

It took me three months.

Then Ben bought me a Zelda game to beat. I gave up before I got past the first level. I just couldn’t invest that much into a video game again…plus ZZzzzzz.

However, the Wii is different. Because you don’t have to learn key strokes or button combinations, the system lends itself to being learned more quickly and by a broader audience.

Not only did I play and have fun…so did my mom and my dad.

To use the controller…all you do is, basically, pantomime. We all played Wii Sports, which includes baseball, boxing, tennis (my favorite), bowling (my second favorite), and golf. It was great. I had a ton of fun playing…plus it got us up off the couch after eating all that turkey. I actually got a case of tennis elbow and I was nowhere near a real court!

And if family togetherness and a fun way to exercise don’t sell you on the Wii…you need to check out the Mii feature. This feature allows you to create a player that looks like you to play all the games with.

We made caricatures of the entire family…and laughed our butts off when my 2-year-old niece and 5-year-old niece stepped up to the plate in the Wii baseball game…and when they were in the virtual pit of the bowling alley during our living room tournament.

Anyway…take a look at how the Wii system is great for all different folks. (Be sure to check out the clips of tennis and bowling…I’m ready to get my own Wii and play any of y’all online…yeah…the Wii lets you do that, too.)

By the way…since we didn’t get to discuss Grey’s Anatomy…please allow me to say I was more than a little irritated with how the entire episode was about placing blame.

I expected a little more of a “thankful” episode…you know…with it airing on Thanksgiving Day and all.



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  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley – so glad y’all had a great T-day! I sooooo want Wii!

    I am sure Beau and I would have a blast with it!

  2. shelley Says:

    Awww….Shrew…Beau is adorable.

    And he couldn’t have a better name. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing vid of you little pooper pupper.

    I’m greedy…send me a pic, too.

  3. double d Says:

    Beau RAWKS!!! What a cutie…

    Course he’s not the kittens, but then, what could be?

    Awesome pooch. Congrats!

  4. Jax Says:


    Congrats Shrew!! How sweet & I love the name!

    Shelley, we should have gotten together.. I had 60 bales of pine straw delivered here for my yard.. lol.

    Glad you had a great holiday. Same here lots of food & lots of family. We held our first party here in the new house, the annual family “after Thanksgiving oyster roast” about 45 here & the house & yard stood the crowd! yeahhh!!

  5. double d Says:

    60 bales? Geez, Jax, do you live on 40 acres?

  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh. My. Gorsh!! Beau is beau-tiful Shrew!! What a sweet lil pooper-face! I bet he’s so happy to have such a sweet Momma like you!

    Shelley- can Ben come to my house and vaccum? Memphis is only about 7 hours from Dallas…I figured it wouldn’t put him out too much. πŸ˜‰

    I ate too much on T-day. And my parents tried to set me up with my cousin, so it was really awkward. I should clarify by saying that he’s not really my cousin…he’s my step-uncle’s third wife’s grandson…so he’s actually my step-step 2nd cousin. Still, it was weird. I mean, he’s hot and funny and lives around the corner from me in Dallas…but there were about 18 old people staring at us the whole day…and they made me and him sit at the “kids” table by ourselves….

    Grey’s- I just watched it last night when I got home. I didn’t notice the anti-thankfulness thing. Maybe I would’ve if it had been on T-day that I’d watched it. Still, I get kind of sick of watching “themed” shows…especially b/c you know that people aren’t really like that. I’m glad Burke and Christina were “outed”. That whole thing made me nervous. Sandra Oh is freaking fabulous.

    Top moments from the show:

    1. After The Beast tried to kick Merry’s ass…Izzie giggles and says, “Dude! She went all street fighter on you!”

    2. Karev and Addison sharing a sexy eyeball moment. Hmmm…wonder where this will lead.

    3. Burke shutting the bedroom door in Christina’s face.

    4. Merry and McDreamy staring at each other in bed and then having a very sexy kiss…which I’m sure led to the demise of their “no sex” rule.

    5. George yelling at The Beast in the stairwell…and fronting her out about McSteamy!!! Rawk on!!

  7. Shelley via Bama Says:

    bamaborntxbred…totally cracked me up with “the beast” thing.


    also…”And my parents tried to set me up with my cousin”…I thought this only happened in MS.

    you should go out with him though…there’s no blood relation.

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ha! I feel funny posting for you Shell when it’s a comment for me…

    Does The Beast have a name? I don’t know what else to call her. It was funny, too, when Izzie told her to back off b/c Merry “is so tiny”. What she meant to say was b/c “you are a freakin’ mammoth sized hair ball, you freakin’ psycho freak!”

    Only in MS..haha! I’d totally go out with my cousin. He did say, “let’s get together sometime”, but literally everyone from his Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma to my parents, aunt’s and uncles were staring at us. We both got all weird and shuffle-y…so I ended up bolting w/o his number…however, he did say, “there’s always Christmas!”. So, we’ll see what destiny has in store. It would be fun to introduce him to people as my boyfriend…and my cousin. Just to see their expressions!

  9. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley….maybe you can send Ben over to my place to shovel the TWO. FREAKING. FEET. of snow we got here in the last couple of days. Our driveway isn’t TOO long. I would even feed him dinner!

    Glad you all had a great Thanksgiving. Shrewbie your pup is the cutest EVAH! (well except for Mayo)

    Bama, I have no words to express how funny the cousin-dating story is…”everyone, this is my boyfriend/cousin so-and-so” Bwahahahahahahaha!

  10. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I don’t know which is better Bama…the shorthand “cousin fix up” or the “he’s actually my step uncle’s third wife’s grandson”

    With every word of that sentance I felt my hope grow for you!

    Thanks all about Beau…he moves in on Friday! I am so darn excited about him.

  11. Shelley via Bama Says:

    squeebee said, “TWO. FREAKING. FEET. of snow “

    it always kills me that, while we’re wearing flip-flops and shorts…somewhere…out there…folks actually know what it’s like to have snow at the holidays!

    i’ve never had a white Christmas.


  12. Shrewspeaks Says:

    By the way Shelley..>that Wii is way too cool…I want one, but you can’t find them ANY where!

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, I’m glad my relation-dating is amusing for y’all. At this point in my life, I’ll pretty much take anyone. Sort of. Well, not really. But he is really good-looking and it would make “where should we go for the holidays” discussions moot!

    I am soooo fiending for a white Christmas that I’m about ready to blow off the family for a solitary Christmas vacation in Colorado at some beautiful b&b. Do you think that would be rude???

    I’ve never had a White Christmas either…altough, 3 years ago we had an ice storm on Christmas Eve. It was all melty and gross by Christmas day though…sad. 😦

  14. nolagirl Says:

    Is that a Monkbot shirt that Ben is wearing??? It sure looks like it. πŸ™‚ Your brother is so nice to do that for you. All three of mine would have laughed in my face. Bastards …

    That Wii thing is SO COOL! I am a total spaz at video games. The last one I actually even attempted to play was Super Mario Bros. on the old school Nintendo – it’s been THAT long. I couldn’t even get to like the 3rd level. Sad, huh? So it seems that this Wii thing makes the lack of hand-eye coordination a non-issue?

    Shrew!! Beau is so handsome!!!! Tell us more about him!!

    Bama – I want to see your cousin, errr I mean, potential lovah!!

    Grey’s Anatomy — When it started out in Cristina’s voice instead of Meredith’s, I knew it was going to be a different kind of episode. Burke slamming the door on Cristina was awesome. What a way to end the episode huh? I just knew that something was going to go wrong with George’s dad this episode, so was relieved to not have to deal with that … but I have a feeling this week I will. 😦

    And finally, GEAUX TIGERS and GO SAINTS!!! πŸ™‚

  15. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Nola…good eyes! I was so fixated on the flip flops that I didn’t even notice the M-B-T!

  16. shelley Says:

    Official Prize of the Day goes to NOLAgirl for spotting the Monkbot shirt.

    I was wondering if anyone would notice!


  17. nolagirl Says:

    Oooh, it’s a goodie too! Thanks Shelley!

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Cool! I didn’t notice the shirt either…I was too busy looking at his legs…ummm, I mean the flip-flops…yeah, the flip-flops.


    Nola-If my crazy aunt sends us some of the 800 pics she took on T-Day, maybe I’ll post one of my hot cousin.

  19. nolagirl Says:

    Oh, you have one of those aunts? The picture-taking-maniac kind? I had one of those once, but she chilled out on that. (thankfully)

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola- she showed up after we ate, walked in and starteds lining people up for pics…after she’d taken as much as people could stand…she left. She really is the crazy pic-taking aunt.

  21. Squeebee Says:

    I have a picture-taking mother-in-law. Luckily a couple of years ago, she bought a digital camera and can’t figure out how to download the pictures to her computer or to a disc, so the bags full of prints have dropped off.

    My favorite was the millions of pictures that she took of me while I was pregnant with my oldest (8lb 13 oz). She kept telling me how “cute” I looked. For those of you who haven’t had kids, 8 1/2 months pregnant and fighting pre-eclampsia does not feel “cute”. I finally had to ask my husband to ask her to lay off.

    P.S. I love my mother-in-law to bits….don’t get the wrong idea. I hit the jackpot when it comes to in-laws!

  22. Jax Says:

    Squee!!! 2 feet of snow?? well come on down we’re barefooted here today!

    I had a white Christmas.. for this southern gal 70 degrees is more like it! Kids can ride the new bikes & go play outside!

    Shrew! Just in time for Christmas… have you told Beau about all of his Aunts? (and please use the southern pronunciation of “ants”)

    DD ..lolol we actually have 1/2 acre but 460 feet of fence line makes a lonnnng flower bed.

    Bama… gonna invite “cuz” to CO?? hmmmmm???

    Miss talking to all of you!

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jax-That sounds like a great plan. Just me and the cuz in snowy CO. at a romantic B&B…ahhh, niiice. Of course, I don’t know if the peeps up there would think it was funny that two “related” Southerners are dating. It kinda goes from funny to creepy when you go north of Oklahoma!

    Yeah, Shrew! Tell Beau about his Aunt Monkbots!

  24. nolagirl Says:

    I forgot to say that we actually had a “white” Christmas in N.O. a few years ago. It was just flurries and barely stuck to the ground, but dammit, it was snowing!! Only the second time it has there in my lifetime. Thankfully I have gotten to experience “real” snow in NY and DC, so I don’t feel so robbed. πŸ™‚

  25. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Well…as for White Christmas…NJ has had a few…this year I don’t know if it will.

    Beau will know all about his whacky cyber Aunts and cousins…don’t you worry.

    And Shelley…I have called 30…yes that is right 30 stores looking for the Wii!!!! Seems this is the hot, Hot, HOT item this year.

  26. shelley Says:

    shrew…it is extremely hot.

    try costco.

  27. Quossum Says:

    Aw, what a nice bro!

    As far as video games…I’ve had my time with those beasts. I was totally into Sonic during the Sega days (remember those?), and then it was Spyro the Dragon all the way. I played every version of that game to the bitter end, and I’d play for hours at a time, until my eyes were watering, and literally cry with frustration when I got stumped by a level or a task. But MAN was I lovin’ the “flying” levels on that game! Good times, good times.

    James and I went through a Tekken phase and a Crash Karts phase, but I haven’t played any games (except for RealArcade puzzlers like Zuma and Diamond Mine) for ages. The systems keep upgrading too quickly!


  28. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Oh yes what an awesome brother. Nintendo always has made family oriented products. I highly recommend it. Great post!

  29. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    By the way quossum you are awesome for playing video games. If only someone else I knew gave it a better chance! πŸ˜‰

  30. Ash. Says:

    I had the pleasure of Wii-ing for the first time on Saturday night. Initially I sat back… way back from everyone else. For four hours I denied the opportunity to toss away my Wii Virginity. But after 4 and a half hours and five beers I finally decided that it was time I stopped sitting there like a sissy and pick up the wii-mote. And I am so glad I did. Apparently I kick @ss at wii-bowling and kicking screaming bunnies. Who would have guessed? Not I!

    You and I should wii-bowl if ever we get the chance.

  31. shelley Says:

    ash….i think you were playing the rayman game (with the crazed bunnies). my cousin, jamie, brought his wii over and he had that game. i didn’t play it…but it looked like a LOT of fun. i love the disco dancing level.

    also…if i ever get a wii and you ever get a wii…we can play online! ha!

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