Two Questions for Tuesday




Question 1:

Did anyone NOT expect this to happen?

Question 2:

(Two parts)

Gray Charles has issued the challenge for the Soul Patrol to bring Taylor Hicks’ pre-order album sales into Amazon’s Top 5. It’s great that we’re backing Taylor and helping to boost his visibility. However, this initiative raises two questions in my weary brain…

  1. If the push is made now to bring Taylor’s pre-order album sales up…realistically, how will this affect his overall sales once the album is actually released?
  2. To meet Gray’s challenge, many folks who have already pre-ordered or who plan to download or who plan to purchase the album from Wal-Mart (to get the bonus track) will have to buy a second, third, or fourth copy. Because of this, I have to wonder, is it accurate to measure Taylor’s success by his album sales if those sales are generated by the same people over and over and over again?


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  1. Gray Charles Says:

    Come closer to the computer, that’s right, pull out your credit card.

    I command you to empty your bank account by buying Taylor Hicks CD’s.

  2. Squeebee Says:


    Ok, so I see your point Shelley, but I also see the other side. (how’s that for not taking a stand?)

    Like Gray said on his blog, the higher profile Taylor’s CD is on the Amazon site, the more likely it is that “uninitiated” Taylor fans will pick it up while shopping for other music.

    The other side is the crazed obsessed Taylor fan who can’t afford to buy 20 CD’s, but does so anyway. Honestly, if I had never watched AI, and some random person with a crazed look in their eyes gave me a CD from the winner, I would probably accept it graciously and surreptitiously throw it in the trash at my earliest convenience. But that’s just me! 😉

    Personally, I have pre-ordered one CD from, but that one is being sent to a friend whom I know wants the CD, but can’t afford it. I will go to Wal-Mart sometime on the afternoon of the 12th to pick up the demon-store’s special edition with the HOAD track.

    I have neither the means nor the motivation to buy 15 extra copies for my friends and family. I am not one to push my personal musical tastes (or anything else!) on anyone. I will leave that to others, and hope that it works for them.

    I have some concerns about the Soul Patrol being likened to the Claymates (this may have already happened) in regards to this issue, but I guess time will tell. I’m certain if the general public gives Taylor half a chance, they will see what we all see in him; an amazing artist, a brilliant businessman, and an all-around nice guy!

  3. shelley Says:

    Must…resist…the pressure…the guilt…of having to buy more CDs than I have stereos to play them on…

    Squee, you mention some of the very concerns that are floating around in my head.

    You said, “I am not one to push my personal musical tastes (or anything else!) on anyone. I will leave that to others, and hope that it works for them.”

    I think this is true.

    I mean…I’d like to think I could give a CD to someone who would like Taylor’s music…but that seems like the same thing as picking out someone’s underwear…it’s very personal and should be left up to the one wearing it.

    I mean, I guess it couldn’t HURT…but I’m a pessimist in thinking it would actually help.

    I honestly thought my dad (above everyone else I know) would like Taylor’s music…so, months and months and months ago, I burned him a CD of all my favorite Taylor songs. He politely listened once and, since then, it’s sat in his CD bin above his desk. 😦

    Maybe it goes back to a discussion we had a Gray’s many moons ago…about how different people seek out music. Some folks say they readily seek out new artists from blogs and other music sources. But I said then (and still feel this way) that I most like to “accidentally” find artists (by chance)…because it seems like more of a real discovery.

    For the record, I am buying TWO of Taylor’s CDs…one pre-order and one from Wal-Mart. I did the same with the single…one online and one physical. However, I only bought one Under the Radar…but that WAS after I had downloaded for free from GC…so I didn’t NEED it, but I wanted to support Taylor.

    Not only am I a tightwad, I usually have a hard and fast rule to NEVER buy an album unless there are at least three songs that I’ve heard and totally love on that album. So for me to buy TWO COPIES of the new album without listening to ANYTHING prior to purchase is pretty crazy behavior for me.

  4. nolagirl Says:

    I don’t care about Pam and Kid, so on to question #2!

    About Taylor and CD sales/the big push …

    I was thinking about this today on my commute into work. Here is my “theory”: Taylor knows he needs to create a buzz and create the opportunity, first and foremost. I beleive he, along with us, is confident that consequently, when eyes and ears turn to him, some people are going to like what they see/hear. (and you just hope that “some people” is enough to help you win Idol or sell a ton of CDs).

    The whole way in which we came to know about Taylor was via this very concept. He took a shot at creating an opporunity to “have his voice heard” by even showing up in Vegas for that audition. And that was just the beginning …

    He created buzz with the now-famous-in-Idol-history “Top 24 harmonica walk.”

    He created buzz with his monkey dancing, getting every water cooler in America hoppin’ with discussions of “that crazy gray-haired guy” on Wednesday mornings.

    He created buzz by performing with Snoop Dogg, the Allman Brothers and other far-from-Idol type of “gigs.”

    He created buzz during the AI Tour by joining LMBO several times for after-concert gigs.

    And y’all could probably add more to the mix. My point is that, even while creating the buzz for himself, it is still all about the music. Taylor himself said “I ain’t stupid.” He’s got to sell himself to the public –and just like he did when he auditioned for Idol — and hope that people buy what he’s selling. In this case, it happens to be his first album on a major label.

    I see the concern about boosting sales now as opposed to more long-term buying “plan,” but I try to think of this whole Amazon push now as part of the buzz to create that long-term buying, and hopefully, staying power.

    About buying multiple copies and accuracy. I have no clue if that sort of thing can even be tracked and analyzed. I think in Taylor’s case, having good numbers period is what will be important, as TPTB probably don’t care if one person bought 20 copies or 20 people bought one. Do we care, though? I do. I’d much rather 20 people experience his music, and then maybe they would share it with others in their family or group of friends. The more, the merrier. But, I know that there is nothing that is going to stop some of these determined multiple-buyers, so that is just going to be part of the mix. In the end, if this album selling well means more albums (possibly those with less “give”) from Taylor, then it’s a success regardless. Because with more albums, there is more buzz (Grammys one day?) and more chances for non-Soul Patrollers to see and hear what he has to offer. And so the cycle keeps going …

  5. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Gray- if you are still lurking around these parts…

    Do the pre-order sales count towards the first week sales numbers?

    Just a curious cat lookin’ to get killed….

    P.S. I wondered yesterday if peeps were exaggerating the number of albums bought…interesting to see the numbers come in.

    Shelley Bean- I really thought Pam and Kid would last a little longer. They dated for quite awhile. Oh well! Now if it doesn’t work out with me and Jim from The Office…I can go drink beer and live like white trash with Kid. He’s a P.I.M.P!

  6. Shelley via Bama Says:

    NOLAgirl…you made some really great points…and had me nodding my head in agreement as I read what you wrote.

    However, I still am concerned about the album sale “fall off” come Dec. 12…and after that.

    Gray…if you are still lurking, please, do, answer Bama’s question (if you know…which I’m sure you do…because you know all…right?…don’t disillusion us).

    Do the pre-sales count toward the initial first week of album sales after release? Or will we have to go on yet another buying spree once “Taylor Hicks” hits the store shelves?

  7. Jan Says:

    It really annoys me that I am forced to buy the Wal-Mart version of the CD for HOAD. I think if record companies keep doing this, people will buy 1 copy and find the new track online.

    I would pre-order it from Amazon since Gray and Taylor have asked so nicely if HOAD were on it. I’m not buying multiple copies unless Sony puts out a vinyl version. Then I will buy that for a keepsake.

    I talked to a friend last night who said that she is buying 3 copies.
    1. Amazon Pre-order
    2. iTunes download for an interview
    3. Wal-Mart version

    She also tried to talk me into downloading the new LMBO CD from iTunes. I don’t download from iTunes because there are restrictions and I want a physical copy of the CD if I’m paying the same price. She may have talked me into that one just because I really want to hear the new tracks. I’ve heard several of the tracks in person but I have heard that the sound quality is so much better. Yeah, I’m in for the new LMBO CD.

  8. Gray Charles Says:

    Pre-orders count towards first week sales.

    If you don’t want to buy more Taylor CD’s when they ship I will gladly accept your money directly.

    I don’t care how much of a tightwad you are.

    I have seen research that shows that over 80% of Customer Revenue from Casino’s comes from folks who could easily be diagnosed as “Degenrate Gamblers”. In other words, folks who have a disease and should not be allowed to gamble in the first place.

    I have seen no similar research about Taylor Hicks fans.

  9. double d Says:

    Ok, y’all…chimin’ in with my new GIT tooth, a la Shelley. I get the “REAL” one for Christmas.

    First, for Taylor to “move” CDs, it’s GOT to be outside of the maybe 100,000 Soul Patrollers out there. To do that, sure, we’ve all got to buy, but he’s got to get early notice so that others outside the initial fan base begin to inquire, listen, sample and then, buy also.

    By having a Mover and Shaker, he can go on the NBC Rockefeller Center Special and the Leno Show this week proclaiming that his CD is on the Best Seller List at Amazon and it’s not even released yet. That will create more “buzz” and get people to “noticing”.

    It kind of tweaked me a little to be asked to pre-order but then I thought that Gray, nor Taylor, would ask folks to do something that was not on the up and up or something that would hurt Taylor’s first week numbers and otherwise.

    Like many of you, I don’t like to push my musical tastes on others but I do make suggestions when we discuss music. But, I have three office mates who adore Taylor. They are not big CD shoppers and probably don’t even know that his CD will drop on 12/12. Therefore, I ordered three to give to them. I will order mine via iTunes as I don’t like all the cases and physical CDs and I would like the Q&A/interview. The HOAD version…I’m sure I’ll be able to listen to it somewhere and I have a FEW live versions, the GMA version, etc., so I won’t be going to Wal-Mart for that.

    Using the core fan base to move the CD up the Best Sellers list is a good move and will serve Taylor well in the next few weeks of publicity.

    On another subject…has Gray run out of topics? Sort of slow on that front.

    Oh, and Pamela and Kid Rock…who were they kidding? Even the wedding was “fake”.

  10. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I find this pre-sell push really interesting. When Mayer was interviewed, way back when, about his first week number vs. Justin Timberlack, Mayer said he didn’t feel he would ever have the numbers to compete. Different fan base with a smaller group of buyers. Is Mayer and Hick’s fan bases similar or for this first cd does Taylor have the AI crossover crowd before settling into his smaller loyal fan constituency?

    Personally, I am not pre-ordering. It’s is on my Christmas list. And I am not much of one for pre-orders…I just did my first one for St Elsewhere on dvd and I must say AMAZON was stellar…I received it today…the day of it’s release…Pretty good, pretty, pretty good!

  11. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Never blog at work…every grammer mistake was an introduction.

  12. Squeebee Says:

    NOLA…you made some good points about the “buzz” aspect. Taylor is all about the buzz!

    Shelley, I really don’t think we need to worry about a drop-off in sales after the release, because by then, Taylor will have been on some pretty high-profile shows. Like I said before, I think once Joe Public sees Taylor outside of the AI bubble, many will be impressed and seek out his album.

  13. shelley Says:

    jan said, “I think if record companies keep doing this, people will buy 1 copy and find the new track online.”

    not only that, jan…i think folks will get a bad taste in their mouths about the whole thing.

    i hate marketing maneuvers like that. of course i want “hoad” and I’m going to buy a copy at wal-mart even though i pre-ordered my album when gray first posted about it…but i’m pissed about it for sure.

    plus…unless you’re already a taylor fan…you’re not going to know (appreciate) the difference between the album with the bonus song and the one without it.

    SOOOooooo…that means this tactic (selling a bonus album at a specified retailer) is NOT going to suck in new fans…it’s only going to pick the pockets of those who already support taylor.

    Gray said, “Pre-orders count towards first week sales.”

    Well…why didn’t you say so in the first place?! 😛

    This makes a HUGE difference to me!

    Also, I wasn’t saying that buying multiple albums makes for a “dengenerate soul patroller”…I was saying it could mean for leaner numbers down the road because once the soul patrol’s buying power has maxed out…where is there left to go?

    I know, I know…visibility is the key to gain new fans…but I’m not convinced me buying five copies of the album is the best way to achieve that visibility.

    Is this new guerilla marketing for the digital store age? I’m asking…seriously.

    DD said, “I would like the Q&A/interview.”

    I didn’t know that…so if I order from iTunes I get an interview with Taylor?

    Now I’ll have to buy that one.

    And I’m thoroughly pissed about it. I’ll have three albums…two of which I don’t need.

    And, let’s face it, even I’m not so cheap as to gift a CD that I’ve taken the shrink wrap off!

    *grumbles in her coffee*

    squee…i know you’re right about folks seeing taylor after AI.

    i’ll try to “drop” my “drop-off” worries. 😉

  14. double d Says:

    shelley–as long as you don’t “re-gift” to one of us who will also have multiple copies, I say…”Go For It”.

    Maybe Gray would like the Wal-Mart Brand with HOAD on it? ; )

  15. Squeebee Says:

    Shel…I think the “degenerate Soul Patroller” comment from Gray was directed at my first post.

  16. shelley Says:

    Ah…you’re right, Squee.

    Sorry. 😉

    (Y’all realize that I make everything about me! Ha.)

  17. Squeebee Says:

    S’ok Shelley….I am all about deflecting Gray snark, bot in the interest of accuracy….;)

  18. Squeebee Says:

    BUT….not BOT…..pretty funny typo, though!

  19. nolagirl Says:

    But Shelley, here’s the thing, TPTB don’t care if you’re pissed that you have bought 3 of the album – they are just taking the money to the bank!

    (I care that you’re pissed, however, as I do not want to see the wrath of a Monkbot)


  20. Jan Says:

    It makes a huge difference to me that pre-orders will count as part of first week sales.

    Someone suggested on the boogieboard to buy them for the troops. That’s a legitimate reason to buy the CD and have it actually be listened to. I will buy at least one pre-sale version if not more and send it to the troops. It’s not the money for me, it’s the principle. We all know that record companies suck in many ways so I guess I should be over that by now even thought they will keep pushing the envelope on that front.

    Shelley, I suggest buying multiple copies but only open the one you want to keep. Have friends let you listen to the interview and then give the rest out as Christmas gifts. That way, you support Taylor and get to hear HOAD and the interview.

    Alternately, there is no reason that you couldn’t give away the pre-sale version since you will have the Wal-Mart version.

  21. Jan Says:

    Also Shelley, if you give CD away, you introduce Taylor to a new audience which is also of value.

  22. shelley Says:

    jan said, ” Alternately, there is no reason that you couldn’t give away the pre-sale version since you will have the Wal-Mart version.”

    conundrum solved! thanks.


  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Man, y’all have been busy talking this subject up!!

    My prollum is that every person that doesn’t make fun of me for being an SPer is already an Sper…so I don’t have anyone to buy an extra Taylor cd for.

    I guess I could buy for the troops…but I was thinking they’d prefer Drowning Pool or Tool or even 50 Cent…something tough guyish. Is it really coming from a good place to send music I don’t think the troops would relate too?? It seems self-serving to do it to promote Taylor…b/c that is the only reason I’d send a Taylor cd to our military fellows….Not that I don’t love Taylor…I do.

    Now, if your head and heart are telling you they would love a Taylor Hicks cd, then you would be doing the right thing for you…but for me, personally, if I wanted to give (truly) selflessly to our troops, I’d spend money and send other artists…b/c I really feel they would prefer something else.

    All of this is in my own head. But, if I can’t share it here, I can’t share it anywhere.

    I’m ready to duck when the poop comes flying…

  24. Jan Says:

    bama: I have contact info for someone who is sending CDs to the troops. I am assuming that only people who are fans in the military will get them. Otherwise, that doesn’t meet my criteria of the CD actually being listened to. The military has Taylor Hicks fans just like the rest of the population.

  25. Jax Says:

    If buying multiple copies of a CD will help a guy I think is talented move that much further along with his dream, well it’s not a problem here. Think of it as a kind of “pay it forward” … I gift it to my sister-inlaw who plays it for a co worker that buys it & plays it for a friend…etc, etc, etc

    I have asked for an I-Pod for Christmas so if that happens I will also download from I-tunes to get the interview.

    I will also get the Wal-mart version … I really don’t care for HOAD so I will probably gift that one to my hairdresser that will play it in her shop and who knows what happens from there.

    Why do I do all of this? I am a fan & I think he is worth the trouble for me to try & help him along. He’s been very good to his fans, has always been very appreciative and at times quite humbled by them. As long as he remains the young man that left a throng of “fan-girly” fans to walk over to a car to speak to an 80 year old fan.. well I’ll continue to help.

    Much Love to the Monkbots!!!

    PS… Shrew you will be glad to know that I finally deleted all of my “back-ups” lol

  26. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jan- If I knew the cd’s were actually getting to Taylor Hicks fans then that’s a different story…

    Jax- I see your point of the “pay it forward” idea…but literally everyone I know that likes Taylor, already has plans to own the cd. Everyone else beats me down for liking Taylor.

    The only people that don’t fit into either category are my parents…and the don’t listen to (what they call) “devil music”!

  27. Jax Says:

    Bama.. lol they beat me down too! But hey … can we help it if we have excellent taste??

  28. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I know, right? Stoopid people to not love our lil TayTay!

  29. nolagirl Says:

    Bama, I think you need to beat your friends down for beating you down about Taylor, you know like The Beast. 😉 (just kidding)

    (I meant to ask you if you heard this morning about Taylor from Kidd K. going to the Billboard awards with her bf)

  30. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Alright, I have a question…

    You all are talking about the merrits of multiple copies…and here I am with the cd on my Christmas list…am I a bad fan for not wanting to rush right out that first day and own TH 12.12.06?

  31. nolagirl Says:

    Shrew – puh-lease. Good fan/bad fan talk is for the birds. A debate among the SP on what is a “good” fan or not would be enough to make me gouge my eyes out. (can you imagine the panties that would get in a wad over that?? *shudders*)

    In other news, I keep forgetting to note that in looking at this pic of Kid Rock, I realize how fugly he is.

  32. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola-Yeah, Kid Rock is sooo not handsome, but, for me, he has some weird attractiveness…the whole bad boy-my parents would kill me, kind of attractiveness…

    I totally heard about stoopid little Taylor (the chick on the radio) going to the Billboards with CB. Whatevah! If I see that chick on tv I’m going to scream.

    What. A. Hooker! Oooh, look at me! I’m so cute and tiny and my boyfreind’s a rockstar! Yay for me!

  33. baby duck Says:

    ::baby duck paddles back from a lo-o-ong road trip, just in time to be challenged to charge::

    I pre-ordered a couple of copies at amazon at gray’s request. (In amongst the gas and hotel charges, who’s going to notice a measly $25 at amazon?) As the day wore on, I became annoyed that the ranking didn’t continue to rise to reflect the board buzz. Were people just commenting so they’d have a chance at the prize, even tho they didn’t purchase? In hindsight, it may have been better to require purchases to be made using gray’s click-through. That way SP contributions to the ranking could have been measured.

    I noticed that most of the CD’s with higher ranking than Taylor’s were priced lower than his. Even Chris’s is $9.72 vs $12.88 for Taylor’s: 25% less. (BTW, I heard Chris’s music on the car radio, and the dj introduced his album as DOUGH-TREE.) I hope the price doesn’t discourage sales. has two versions of the album available to pre-order: with and without the bonus track. I intend to buy from there to get HOAD, but didn’t I read somewhere that sales there aren’t counted towards Platinum? I hope that’s not true, because why give “purchasing incentives” of an extra track if the sales stats aren’t furnished to Sound Scan? I guess I don’t know much about marketing.

    Off topic, I should have had the Monkbot with me on the road. He could have had his picture taken in LasVegas in front of the audition auditorium where this saga began. And he could have had the distinct pleasure of getting completely covered with Amigo dog-hair after spending 3 weeks in the kennel-on-wheels, as I affectionately call the mini-van.

  34. Shrewspeaks Says:

    OMG Bama you are making me cry today! “What. A. Hooker!

    Nola, I was asking cause in some way, based on my buying habits, I seem to not be pulling my weight for the SP effort. Yet, I have always thought the rush to have things the DAY they release is a bit odd AND mutliple copies…have never appealed to me. In some circles, wouldn’t that be tant-amount to excommunication?

  35. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- I haven’t bought or pre-ordered yet either. I’m going to the Devil-Mart the day it’s released to pick it up…I want HOAD for sure! I guess you and I can wear our scarlet letters together!

    Yay! Baby Duck is back with all her feathers! The Monkbot woulda had so much fun in Vegas…prolly woulda brought you much luck too!

    That’s hysterical…Dough-tree! Ha! What did you think of his music?

    I’m sure the selling price of Tay’s cd will go down after awhile.

    I’m excited cuz 12/5 is Gwen Stefani’s new release and 12/12 is our boyeeez release! Yay for December!

  36. double d Says:

    No good fan, bad fan, thing…to each his own, chicas. If you likee, you buyee, whenever you wantee.

    Hey, if only 166 peeps actually can be tracked as BUYING through Gray’s website, maybe ONLY those should be in the “hat” for the raffle items. **she says knowing that she is one of those few and the odds to win would go up exponentially.**

  37. nolagirl Says:

    Shrew, in some circles, yes, probably. But who wants to be in those circles anyway?? Not us cool people, surely. 😉

    Bama – I *knew* you’d call Taylor (from the radio) a hooker for that. I just knew it! If the band is up for something, there is a good chance they’ll have pretty good seats. I dare you to throw something at your TV if you see her.

  38. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I definitely think you are right about the 166 DD! Is someone still gonna get a phone call? Or is that out since he didn’t make Top 5?

  39. double d Says:

    Don’t think the phone call will happen, but if it’s me, I’ll give him my conference call number and we can all join in…heh.

  40. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola- I’m gonna have all kinds of nasty stuff to throw at my tv! She’s just so vapid, you know?? I wanted Morgan in the first place! Waaah!

    I wonder if they are performing on the show….

    I’m seeing them live tomorrow night! I wonder if “she” will be there. I can take her and put her in my trunk and then go steal her boyfriend!
    (Second from the right.)

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD! You totally have to do that! BTW- can you ask him to come my company Christmas party with me? (I don’t think my “cousin” would be a right choice.) There will be karaoke and he can sing DIMYP for the old people!

  42. baby duck Says:

    bama, Chris’s music is the peppy kind you need to hear on the radio when it’s dark at 5:30pm and you still have 200 miles to go to the next stop. Helps to keep you awake, but other than that, completely fogettable. Didn’t make me want to rush out to amazon to buy it.

  43. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Aww come on Baby Duck…you know you bought 15 copies of Doughtree’s cd and are planning to send one to each of your Monkbot sisters!

  44. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Did anyone else get the Pimp-mail from J records?

    Seems like they are beating the dead horse here.

  45. nolagirl Says:

    I bet she will be there Bama! If you don’t go all Callie on her, at least try to get some good gossip or something, ok?
    (the guy second from right doesn’t even look cute – what’s up with that?)

  46. Squeebee Says:

    I did, Shrewbie. Didja know that parts of 2 songs from the CD have been “leaked”? I am glad they sent that email out or I would have missed them!

  47. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Maybe I am being skeptical since I work behind the curtain…and I understand the value of the first launch…but there is a fine line between Buzz and Beg.

  48. nolagirl Says:

    Well, none of us Monkbots won the phone call from Taylor. I will call each of you and sing, though, if that will make you feel better. 😉

  49. double d Says:

    Sorry, unless you know HicksKicks, you ain’t gettin’ that Christmas Party escort with Taylor, Bama.

    Oh well.

  50. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Yeah! Nola cellcert! Awesome!

    *flicks bic and sways ever so gently*

  51. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Da-yum! Fine, I guess I will have to go with my boyfriend cousin.

    Nola- I know, CB isn’t really that hot. He’s kinda chubbly…although, I like my men like my pasta sauce…rich and meaty…so I could hang wit da brotha!

    (And she ain’t all that either!)

  52. nolagirl Says:

    Shrew – I am taking requests until 5:00 EST. Get on it.

    Bama – Word. No skin and bones boys for me. Good thing Dwain likes his meat-n-potatoes. 🙂

  53. shelley Says:

    Not that I’m bitter but…DAMMIT…I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

    shakes fist at the world…and in the general direction of gray charles

    I need to have a contest here at Monkbot.

    Hmmm….let me think on that one.

  54. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yummmm…meat-n-potatoes….I’m hungry…

    Nola- if you are curious about (girl) Taylor…here’s her my space.


  55. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I don’t hate her b/c she’s beautiful. I hate her b/c she’s stupid.

    Although, she has mighty fine taste in music!

  56. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey, Shelley- How bout we can win a phone call from you?! 😉

    Orrrr…a date with one of your single bro’s??

    Orrrr…a homemade pie??

    Orrrr….a free overnight stay at a cozy home in Jackson, MS????

  57. nolagirl Says:

    Ooooh oooh pie pie pie!!!!

    (Bama, tell the truth, you are stalking girl Taylor)

  58. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ummmm….stalking? Who me? Nawww! I’m just wondering what she has that Morgan doesn’t…or whatever.


    Pie! Pie!

  59. nolagirl Says:

    I was just kidding. *Clearly* we have better stuff do with our time, such as talk about pie. (ummm, did you see that she posted her “size” as “more to love” – whatev.)

  60. bamaborntxbred Says:

    She has got to weigh under a hundred pounds. So, what am I? “Too much to love”? Must be…

    I gotta jet kiddos. See y’all manana.

  61. nolagirl Says:

    Exactly! She is teensy tinsy. That is a good example of what is wrong with society and body images today. Crazy people ….

    Later Bama!

  62. Banda Says:

    I’m the last person to ever second guess the darling Gray, but I frankly feel this is a bit of a misstep. Done with love, of course, but I hate hate hate any relationship to the spooky claymates, and I feel the album should be released and earn a place on its OWN MERITS. Yeah, I’m saying that. If it’s good, it will win fans. If it isn’t, multiple copies are like Confederate bonds (Shell, see the way I sneaked in Gone With the Wind there? hehe Go South!) they won’t be worth much to anyone.

    The success of Chris’s beastly album gives me hope. I mean, why not Taylor too? Without the fake out marketing?

  63. shelley Says:

    Banda…as God as my witness…I shall never buy multiple copies again!

  64. double d Says:

    Banda – I hear you and somewhat feel that way, but it’s Taylor so I’m “blind”, you know?

    I must disagree, however, on the Confederate Bonds. If you had one now, it’d be worth a small fortune.

    I don’t get Chris’ CD. It ALL sounds the same…Nickelback rip-off. However, I do see that the media and critics are generally being very postitive toward Chris and are already being negative toward Taylor (“trite” lyrics, too poppy, etc.)

    Everybody better hold on tight…I don’t think folks are going to be very kind to our poor boy. Remember, most of them can’t stand that he “beat the man”.

  65. nolagirl Says:

    I agree, DD. I am preparing for a good review of Taylor to be like a needle in a haystack. I am already cringing at the utter outrage from SPers that will follow bad reviews. Glad I have thick skin and know that Taylor probably does too!

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