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So I peeked into Monkbot Chatter from last night and saw an exchange between Squeebee and Pamela that I thought was interesting.

Of COURSE we ALL would have liked to have won the phone call Gray Charles offered as a prize to one lucky Soul Patroller for Taylor Hicks’ album sales reaching the Top 5 on Amazon.

But, sadly enough, there could only be one winner…congrats to HicksKicks.

However, getting back to last night’s chat, Pamela asked, “How many SP’ers wondered what they would say?”

I thought it was a pretty fun question (plus, I have to admit…blushes…I had wondered what I would have said).

So, to all my Monkbots…IN ALL SERIOUSNESS (read: no fangirly comments, please)…what WOULD you say/ask/discuss with Taylor if you had a chance to talk with him on the phone for a few minutes?


53 Responses to “What Would You Say?”

  1. shasha Says:

    I would ask him:
    1. If he’s had any other calling in life, aside from making music.
    2. What topics would he like to cover when he writes lyrics?
    3. What is the plan to keep people interested in his music?
    4. What was the last movie he watched? and then recommend ‘Over the Hedge’ if he hasn’t seen it.

  2. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I would ask him how he’s feeling…if he’s tired, happy, discouraged, excited, sick…

    I would tell him how my life has changed b/c of him….new friends, more music, less work…:)

    I would tell him about Shelley and my Monkbot friends. I would ask him to please stop by and visit us whenever he gets the time. (And does he want the Traveling Monkbot to come visit him.)

    I would ask him, in all seriousness, if he would go to my company Christmas party! You don’t know unless you ask, right?

    I would give him my phone number and tell him to call me anytime. 🙂

    Actually, I’d probably be so nervous that one of two things would happen: 1. Complete and utter inability to speak. OR: 2. Complete and utter inability to shut up and filter my words.


  3. Squeebee Says:

    Wow…this one should result in some interesting comments!

    My first question would be similar to shasha’s. The question I submitted to Gay’s little contest a while back was, “Taylor, you seemed to know that music would be your path early in life. How old were you when you made that decision, and was there ever a time in your life that you questioned that decision?”

    The mother in me would want to know how he is REALLY handling fame and all of its trappings (yeah I am only 3 years older than him, but nonetheless). How hard is it for him to have people wanting a piece of him all the time, how does it feel to have to be “on” all the time, stuff like that.

    And, just because he seems to have a good sense of humor, I would ask him, “If you were a cookie, what kind would you be?”

  4. Squeebee Says:

    OMG GRAY’s contest!!!!!!! Shel we need an edit funcion!

  5. Squeebee Says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. shelley Says:

    Squee…I love this question…”If you were a cookie, what kind would you be?” Actually…that would be a fun one to hear his answer on.

    For me…I think I’m a Snickerdoodle…a little salty and a little sweet.

    Oh…about edit function. Blogger doesn’t allow me to have stuff like that.

    However, if you register with Google…you have the ability to delete your posts! So, you can post, delete, and re-post with edits! 😉

    Oh and the Seinfeld reference was smooooooth! 😉

    Sasha…welcome to the party.

    Bama…I can’t believe you’d ask Taylor to your Christmas party and you havent’ even invited me!!!

    huffs loudly


  7. double d Says:

    Bama, I’m betting on #2.

    If Taylor ever was to call me, I’d say:

    “Dude, you RAWK! Seriously.”

    “Even though you’re an Auburn/Alabama fan, I still like you. GEAUX TIGERS.”

    “Don’t get yankee-fied and make sure you stay true to who you are, where you came from and your family. Call your G-Momma every Sunday, ‘cuz before you know it, she’ll be gone. Visit home every once in a while…keep your perspective.”

    “We’ll all be there to see you whenever you hit New Orleans or Mobile, Pensacola or Biloxi. However, we’d REALLY like to see you at the FloraBama for the Mullet Toss.”

    “We really like it when you “talk” to us. Ever consider a monthly “focus group” chat or conference call with 10 lucky fans to bounce ideas/thoughts off of? I’m happy to volunteer for the first round” :o)

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah DD…you’re probably right. I get that way pretty often when I nervous! (However, when face to face with a good-looking man, I can get extremely tongue-tied!!)

    Good phone call too…you should’ve won!

    Shelley- I brought one of my girl-friend’s to my Christmas party last year and the Executive Director of the Board was a little drunk and grabbed both of us and announced to the 15 people standing nearby that it’s perfectly okay to be a lesbian. Niiiice…He was kidding, but I was already feeling weird about being the only one there without a “real” date. So, I’ve vowed to have a male date this year. (Or go alone, which is what will most likely happen.) Otherwise, I would’ve picked you up in the Monkcopter and brought you to the party.

  9. Theresa Says:

    Maybe I’d ask him about the book…how is it being written, what will it be about, etc. A phone call with someone who’s singing I enjoy kinda crosses the line for me, without some other legitimate connection to him. I’d feel like a fangirl no matter WHAT I’d ask him. Know what I mean?

  10. PhotoHolic Says:

    I’d try not to ask him the same old question(s) every boring news reporter/interviewer has asked. I think I’d like to tell him how much I enjoy his laugh – it’s full, boisterous and exciting – just like him……..no holds barred, all out laughing. Then I’d tell him how uplifting his music has been to me and how I look forward to all his future music and performances. Then, just for fun, I’d asked him if he needs me to cook up a good old fashioned southern meal to put some meat back on his bones. (He lost almost too much weight during his tour).

    And if I actually managed to get any of that out without blabbering like an idiot – I’d be a happy camper. 🙂

  11. shelley Says:

    DD…GREAT phone conversation (I want in on the round table).

    Bama….okay…I understand about not being your date. Take the Monkcopter and pick up your boyfriend/cousin. That’ll give your drunk boss plenty more yule fule! ha.

    Okay, folks…I know we all LURVE our cute little Taylor (I know I do)…but tell me some of the meatier questions you’d ask.

    Be specific.

    Plans for future recording sounds?

    His laundry list of what he ACTUALLY wants to accomplish in the music industry…songwise, charitywise, messagewise, educationwise?

    Dig in…let me hear some thought-provoking stuff!

    And if you don’t have questions but want to just have a discussion…think about it.

    A disussion would entail more than telling him something nice about his person. That would evoke only a “thank you” from him.

    A discussion would be more of an exchange.

    Let me hear it!! 🙂

  12. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Digging in…

    First Bama, do you work for Michael Scott?

    Round Table…excellent idea…word

    I would ask Taylor what the CD would have sounded like without Serletic? NA dwould he work with him again…if not why and who else would he choose?

    What was the song he turned down for AI coronation? And would he consider penning a AI coronation song for a future winner?

    Will there be a Taylor/Mayer tour ever?

    How do you feel about Ray Lamontange’s opinions on AI?

    What do you think Ray Charles would think about AI?

    What are your future plans to gain legitamacy within the music listener community?

    What are your non-musical aspirations?

    Do you like beagles?

    and finally…The Soul Patrol is being compared to groups like Claymates, Fanilows and to a lesser degree Parrotheads. You have mentioned growing the Soul Patrol into a “Parrothead” kinda thing…how do you plan to to make that subtle but important shift?

  13. Pamela Says:

    Wow, Shelly, you really know how to make a girl feel welcome!! Thank you for coming over to get me last night at Gray’s; it was very sweet.

    I wanted to ask Taylor about his music. I’m afraid any other subject would be too awkward and make for a short and painful conversation. I started to describe what I’d ask but my prose is not up to the challenge so here’s a fantasy version of THE CALL:

    ***phone rings and I answer
    Taylor: Hey! Taylor here. I heard you won a contest.
    Me: Yea. (blank mind) ah… thanks for calling (dead air for 3 seconds) you must be busy…
    Taylor: not too bad now that the CD’s finished… (more dead air) so you post on Gray Charles?
    Me: Yea. Taylor, can I ask you something?
    Taylor: (hesitantly) sure – go ahead
    Me: “Somehow” is one of my favorite songs. I notice it’s a soul patrol favorite also but you never sang it with LiMBO this year. What’s going on with this song?
    Taylor: (sigh of relief) Oh man… I wrote that song when I was just a kid…
    {{{conversation here gets fuzzy… Taylor gets animated when discussing the music… but what did he say??? Did he say it makes him sad, or that he was afraid he would make us all sad and depressed, or that he’s saving the song for something special… damn! I really don’t think he said he was adding brass with ass! Was he adding a lone sax – like the one you used to hear walking back from Bourbon Street at 4am? This is the most important part of the conversation and I really want to know what Taylor said!!!}}}
    Me: Wow! I’m really looking forward to {{{hearing that in the next concert?… one day?… the new stuff since you won’t be doing “Somehow” anymore in public…}}}
    Taylor: Well, got to go, they just called my flight {{{allergist can see me now, whatever}}}
    Me: Taylor, I just also have to thank you for all you’ve done. I know this sounds stupid but you really have brought music back for me. My husband and I even took my sister and her husband to see the Doobie Brothers last month. That’s all your fault.
    Taylor: (back to awkward since I got fangirly on him) No problem… well take care…
    Me: bye ( stares at the dead phone for over an hour…)

  14. Squeebee Says:

    Pamela….so glad you posted…welcome! Great question about “Somehow”.

    I have thought about it a bit more, and I think I would ask Taylor about his musical direction. As we all know, there has been a fair bit of criticism that some of the songs we have heard on from the CD have too much of a “pop” feel. I wonder if this CD (mind you…we have only heard smatterings of it) represents where Taylor wants his music to go, or if it is somewhat of a compromise. From what I understand, Taylor has been waiting a long time to be able to afford to produce an album with a bigger sound (ie brass with ass). I think many of Taylor’s fans expect more of an acoustic sound from him, because that’s what we know of Taylor from before AI (IYT and UTR).

    So that was very long-winded, but I guess I would like to know what kind of sound Taylor wants to go for, both now, and in the future. I have an inkling that the two may be somewhat different.

  15. baby duck Says:

    I’d ask Taylor if he plays harmonica on any of the numbers on his CD. I love to hear him play, and I will be disappointed if there’s no harp on this album.

    I’d ask him what happened to the song with John Mayer that was supposed to be on this album. Was that just a rumor, or can we expect collaboration at some time in the future?

    I’d ask him what music, if any, that he’s done represents the kind of music HE wants to produce. His fans certainly have opinions about what they like to hear from him, beit AI-type songs, LMBO bar band music, or playing with professional studio musicians. But if money and audience-satisfaction were no object, what would he play? Would he revert to FloraBama? Would he continue to define womp with more of the Runaround sound? Would he put out an album of reinterpreted old soul music, like Try a Little Tenderness? What direction would he like to go in if he weren’t constrained by fans’ expectations, producers, budget, friends?

    I’d ask him what his experience was like on AI. Did he feel like the TPTB had chosen in advance who they wanted to win? Did he detect any favoritism toward certain contestants, or roadblocks for some (like requiring song changes at the last minute) that were designed to skew the results? Were some of the things that outraged his fans as attempts to influence the outcome (like Simon’s drunk dad comments) perceived the same way by him? Is he appreciative of his AI experience — what he went through — or only with the outcome: recognition and a record deal? Will he thank AI when he wins the Grammy?

  16. double d Says:

    I just don’t think you could get into a real discussion on real “in depth” issues on a phone call, particularly as the “winner” of a contest. (Not like he’s really calling to get your opinion or REALLY discuss his career — more of an obligation.)

    Hence, I would keep it light and discuss SEC Football…

    Taylor: Hey, is this the infamous Double D?

    Me: Why yes, but you can call me D.

    Taylor: Loved your Tipping Point post back when at Gray Charles.

    Me: Why thanks….you know, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you “stick it to the man.”

    Taylor: Yeah, I guess some folks saw it as that, I was just trying to do the best I could given the situation. So, anything you want to talk about?

    Me: Well, I figure that everyone else talks infinitum regarding you and your music, so I’m going to take a different tack. Taylor, as an Alabama fan, how do you feel about Shula being canned?

    Taylor: Well, sometimes it’s just time to go. He was a great “insider” for the program, but as a coach, not so much.

    Me: Who do you think will take the job? As an LSU fan, I sure hope it’s not Nick Saban. But I was thinking if it’s Steve Spurrier, it would put hating on Steve on a whole new level for me.

    Taylor: Well, Saban would be excellent…great college coach, but I don’t think he’ll leave Miami just yet. And, Spurrier, no way…I really don’t think Tide fans REALLY want Spurrier. I’m thinking Rich Rodriguez from West Virginia. It’ll be interesting over the next couple of weeks. I’m getting excited about the Bowl Season coming up. Pretty cool that LSU will be playing Michigan in the Rose Bowl. I’m getting tickets so I’ll be sure to throw in a GEAUX TIGERS for you.

    Me: Taylor, that would be awesome. Thanks for thinking of me and have a GREAT time promoting your CD. Love what I’ve heard so far and looking forward to the rest.

    Taylor: Cool. Thanks for your support. Take care. Peace.

  17. Pamela Says:

    dd – lol, good idea but I don’t think I had better talk football with Taylor since I’m a GATOR!!!! Fun & Gun at Alabama? Interesting thought.

    Here’s a stupid but burning question: Taylor, did you just slip up by accident when you said the f word on TV after the Beatles song – or was that on purpose???? He’d probably just laugh and say “I guess you’ll never know”.

    Here’s a bigger question: Taylor, Is there any chance at all that you’ll show up with LiMBO again or is that over? He’d probably just say “I can’t answer that”.

    OK… I’m starting to ask and answer myself which may be a sign of insanity so I’d better leave my computer for a while.

  18. baby duck Says:

    double d said… I just don’t think you could get into a real discussion on real “in depth” issues on a phone call…

    I don’t think you could, either. For one thing, I don’t think you could get him to talk about some things, like his AI experience because of confidentiality agreements. And for another thing, I think Taylor has to be so careful about every little think he says. Just look at the way “fizzled” is now being taken out of context. I can’t imagine him speaking unreservedly or in-depth with some unknown fan on the other end of a phone line.

  19. shelley Says:

    um…guys…did i mention this was HYPOTHETICAL!!?!

    don’t get bogged down in logistics.

  20. baby duck Says:

    Hypothetical? Aw, phooey, Shelley. You mean Taylor isn’t reading these insightful comments and deciding to add all of us to his call list? His loss.

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ha! Baby Duck is funny!

    Gaw, Shelley! Hypothetically speaking I would ask/say exactly what I said up yonder. I can’t get all musically smart cuz I’m dummy about that stuff. I just know what I like and what I don’t like.

    I really would just want to get a feel for him as a person. I don’t want to hear more from Public Persona Taylor. Is he just a music machine? That couldn’t be all the man thinks about. Could it? How boring.

  22. shelley Says:

    know what just occured to me?

    i’m going to have to hear one of taylor’s new songs when i watch the rockafeller thingy tonight on t.v.

    should i tape it and watch later?

    or is that being obtuse?

  23. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Baby Duck…are you in Taylor’s Five?

    Bama great point. I guess I would just like to know the straight poop about recording this CD.

    Shelley…went to five stores to look for Wii at lunch. I was laughed at in every store. Drats and blasts! Curse you Nintendo for making such a fabu Christmas item!!!

  24. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley…correct me if I am wrong…but I thought the local feed was getting the new single and National was getting White Christmas.

  25. Squeebe Says:

    Shel, I thought about you possibly hearing a new song tonight. Interesting dilemma for you…let us know what you decidE!

  26. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ha! Shrew said straight poop! Haha! (I’m a thirteen year-old boy.)

    We might have our very own White Early Christmas tomorrow! They are saying wintry mix is headed our way. A sweet mix of sleet, freezing rain, hail and snow! I love winter storms!

    Shelley, why don’t you watch the Rockmyfella thing on mute? Now, that would be obtuse!

  27. shelley Says:

    shrew…you’re RIGHT!

    I just went back and read that from Gray’s RSS feed.

    Whew!!! 😉

    I’ll be able to keep my “Taylor Hicks” virginity!

    All’s well with the world.

  28. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…you said ‘Taylor Hicks virginity’…yikes. We having a chat party during the tree lighting? I mis those good ole’ Shelley play-by-plays

  29. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley…the dilemma still stands for Leno on Friday. Almost certainly Taylor will be singing one of his new songs then.

    Shrew…all fine and dandy for you people east of me….I always get the spoilers before I get to see it! 😛

  30. double d Says:

    I still stick by MY hypothetical phone call…I think Taylor would actually WELCOME some SEC Football talk compared to all the other ludicrous “I hate AI” talk. What garbage…makes me tired.

  31. claire Says:

    I would ask Taylor:

    -Who are you?
    -How did you get my number?
    -Gray WHO??
    -Competition WHERE??
    -Amazon WHAT??
    -Soul Pa-HUH?
    -Where’s my pizza?

    I kid, I kid….although y’know, I hope people don’t LEAP on HicksKicks looking for a recap of The Phone Call. Ya know what I mean??

    Now, questions I would REALLY ask TH:
    -How are ya?


    ok, ok, I got one…
    -Taylor, if you were a Smurf…..


    I think I’d have to play it by ear. Who knows, Taylor could be sitting down at this moment thinking “OK, what am I gonna Say to HicksKicks when I call her???”

  32. Squeebee Smurf Says:

    Claire….you funny, gal! I agree with you on people leaving HicksKicks alone about the call. I think it should be kept private.

  33. shelley Says:

    Claire wins Official Prize of the Day for having the MOST original thought…

    “Who knows, Taylor could be sitting down at this moment thinking ‘OK, what am I gonna Say to HicksKicks when I call her??'”

  34. claire Says:

    Squee to da Bee – I keep just missin ya in Chat!!

    Shelley – OPOD!!! I am humbled. And what a nice suit he is wearing too…

    What if Tay and HicksKicks BOTH get tongue-tied???? Oh Lord, I hope that doesn’t happen…

    *is worried*

  35. nolagirl Says:

    We all know I am practically a football whore, so I am so on board with DD’s idea. Yeah, yeah, so it’s not original like the ever-funny Claire, but oh well!

    Oh, and I would ask when in the hell he was going to get to N.O., and also where he used to play gigs here back in the day.

  36. double d Says:

    NOLA – Taylor & House of Blues….we are SOOO THERE. I’m predicting March, yes, March….Ah, New Orleans in the Spring….the smell of…. uh, nevermind.

  37. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola! Hate to but in with something non-related…but oh well! Did you hear about Kelly this morning?? So sad!

  38. nolagirl Says:

    DD: You *know* I’m there, girl. Word.

    Bama: I know! I had a doc appt. so was driving in to work from 9-10 instead of 7-8. I heard Kidd all of a sudden reading stuff from the message board about it and I was like WTF?? I was so confused! So I called my co-worker to see what I had missed, and it turns out, not much, since it seems like Kellie didn’t give much detail. That is CRAZY!

  39. bamaborntxbred Says:

    The only thing I gathered was that HE left HER when she was 6 months pregnant. How sad that she had to deal with that alone.

    I’ve been following their relationship for the last 10 years on the radio. It has always been very stormy…but I figured after all the trouble they had concieving…he would be committed.

  40. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah, that’s what my co-worker said about him leaving her. He doesn’t have too good of a track record then, does he? Now he’s got 3 kids by 2 women and is not married to either of them!

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I know. Whatever. He’s a loser. I love Kellie. In person she’s the nicest one of all of them.

  42. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah, I like her too. Freddie has always come across as an a-hole, so it’s probably safe to say he really is one.

  43. shelley Says:

    y’all are killin’ me with these daily radio updates.

    i have NO point of reference for who are what you’re talking about.

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Sorry Shelley.

    I’m off to my big fat Blue October concert! I’m so frikin’ excited I could pee my pants.

    Smell ya later!

  45. shelley Says:

    have fun, bama! 😉

  46. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah, I know. I keep meaning to write down Bama’s e-mail addy so that we can stop blabbing about it on the blog. Bama? Hook a sista up.

    And have fun at the concert!!!!!

  47. leejolem Says:

    You guys are cracking me up! I agree w/Bama. I’d like to ask about something other than music. I think Taylor’s not just all Robot, but some Monkey too. BTW, this is my 1st time posting. Shelley, the whole Monkbot thing just makes my day. I’ve been lurking for around a month. I love the travelling Monkbot. I tried to find the original explanation of the Monkey vs Robot thing on GC, but I couldn’t. Any idea when it started? As you would say Shelley, “you rawk!”

  48. shelley Says:

    leejolem…so glad to have you!

    thanks for coming out of lurkdom. 😉

    this should catch you up on all you need to know (appropriate links are there as well)

  49. Squeebee Says:

    Welcome, leejolem! The link to the original Monkey vs. Robot post on Gray Charles is:

    Monkey vs. Robot

    First attempt at a hotlink….crossing fingers…..

  50. leejolem Says:

    It worked Squeebee, thanks! Does this mean I’m now an official member of the Monkbot division of the Soul Patrol? It is a very proud moment in my life!! (damn that Taylor Hicks and his voodoo charm–who knew 9 months ago that I would even know what a Monkbot was?) Back to the topic, I would ask Taylor if he was glad that Emmitt won Dancing w/the Stars since I know he’s had nothing better to do w/his time lately than watch a reality competition show.

  51. leejolem Says:

    I gotta head home from work, so I’ll talk at yall later. Have fun watching TH sing White Christmas tonight!

  52. shelley Says:

    leejolem…you’re DEFINITELY a member!

  53. baby duck Says:

    Gray Charles is prescient as well as hypnotic. He answered my question for Taylor before he called. Mucho mojo, gc.

    If I can break the rules, too, and not ask thought-provoking and serious kinda questions, then I vote football, too. Except it would have to be NFL. Does Taylor follow that as well? I guess that would be my first question.

    Then we’d talk fishing. I’d find out if he can catch more than fangirls. Here’s a little tip that I would like to relate: “Many fish bite if you got good bait”. But Taylor’s probably already heard that before.

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