Team Pam or Team Karen?



Okay…you’ve got to choose.I’m telling each of you what I told my fiance of two years…PEE OR GET OFF THE POT!! (Um…he got off the pot…fast foward 15 years…and I’m still single…but, that’s not my point.)

Pick your team…Team Pam or Team Karen?

I found this site that’ll let you wear your decision with pride (not as classy as a wedding ring…but definitive to say the least).

Me? I’m on Team Pam.

Don’t get me wrong…I really like Karen. But after Jim wasn’t honest about him teasing Pam in last night’s episode of “The Office,” I kind of felt bad for Karen. She deserves better.

Does anyone else think Jim’s being kind of an ass? He can’t have his cake and eat it, too.

Last night’s episode was pretty good…however, I could definitely tell it was written by the U.K. “Office” creators, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, because it was far more vulgar than it’s been in the past. (I’ve watched all the episodes of the original show and it was pretty offensive…at least to my sensitive ears.)

I thought Michael was downright crass…and lacking all the ignorant warmth he usually carries. It didn’t work for me. Michael can say stupid things…but don’t make him so out and out crass…that’s what David Brent (the U.K. “Office” boss) represents…not Michael Scott.

All that said…I laughed my butt off when Andy was singing “Rainbow Connection.” It looks like Michael is running all the new folks from Stamford off one at a time…but I hope Andy stays. E-ha ills-ka e-ma!

On to Grey’s…

Bama…I think Callie has been reading your comments. Her hair has undergone MAJOR reconstruction. I thought she looked great (and about 20 pounds lighter).

I actually felt bad for Meredith with how her mom acted around her…but then I stopped feeling bad when Meredith turned down Mare Winningham’s offer to be her family, too. I’d be in Mare’s family. Sign me up. Instead, Meredith chose Christina as her family. Um…okay…yeah…sure…that’s not a bit dysfunctional.

Bailey was great last night…and so was Izzie. But I wanted to kick Izzie for getting McSteamy’s coffee.

I thought Burke and George had a very sweet moment during George’s dad’s surgery…but then I got ticked at George when he wouldn’t forgive Christina…even though she had helped save his dad’s life.

Personally, when people save the life of someone I love…I’m willing to give them a “do over” for all their other mistakes. But…hey…that’s me.

Also, I’m THRILLED that “Men in Trees” has moved to Thursday nights. I’ve been watching this since the beginning and am totally hooked. I love this little show. If you aren’t watching it…you should.

Now Thursdays offer me an entire night of hot guys…Eric Mabius, John Krasinski, Patrick Dempsey, T.R. Knightly, Eric Dane, Justin Chambers, Isaiah Washington, James Tupper, Abraham Benrubi, Derek Richardson, and “Plow Guy.”

Who needs a fiance with cold feet when I got the lovers, the dreamers,…and me….


32 Responses to “Team Pam or Team Karen?”

  1. double d Says:

    Why no comment on Karev? Are you discriminating against MY man?

    I kid. I kid.

    Since I’m really not watching any TV right now (but for Leno tonight), not sure who to go with re: Pam and Kim. However, you know me…I gots to pick a team and play, sooooo….I will choose by free association. K is closer to D than P, so I’m going with Kim.

    Now, off to the Poinsettia sale…

  2. Shrewspeaks Says:

    First let’s deal with Jim. He said to Michael once that he “laid it all on the line TWICE” with Pam and he was rejected BOTH times. So I kinda get the whole, I can tease her, but you can’t thing he had with Karen. To be honest, I was hoping he would spare Pam (and us)that.

    I like you was asking is Pam or Karen better for Jim. Karen is smart and witty. The whole potato chip thing was endearing. AND she was the lead in the BBC Ny-Lon series which I loved. But when Andy (who MUST stay, I am waiting for the Andy, Angela, Dwight love triangle to develop)was singing to Pam and she looked with ammusement at Jim, THAT was when I joined team PAM. I mean she KNOWS he is seeing someone and could have been aggrivated by this little jape, yet, she saw what it was and took the enjoyment out of it. She’s a MonkBot!

    By the way that whole scene was hysterical…kinda of a Cyrano on acid thing. Excellent Office episode!

    Grey’s…George…hmmm…I think I understand his issue with Christina…she let her feelings get in the way with Burke and could have put George’s Dad in harms way…so despite her being involved the surgey…she still put patients’ lives in danger. It is complex. But George’s Dad is right…the little dude is angry.

  3. Squeebee Says:

    Happy Beau Day to you,
    Happy Beau Day to you,
    Happy Beau Day dear Shrewbie,
    Happy Beau Day to you!

    Shelley…I noticed Callie’s hair was a much less Medusa-like too! I have to admit, I had the same thought: “Callie must be reading Monkbot!”.

    I think Christina pretty much deserves what she is getting as far as George is concerned. And it’s good to see George stand up for himself.

    I kind of thought it was sweet at the end when Meredith called Christina her sister. I think they both needed that in that moment….they were both feeling very alone.

    I can understand Meredith feeling odd about the other family thing. She feels like she is losing her mother, and it would feel disloyal to ingratiate herself with her dad’s “mistress” and her family at this point. I can see this changing at some point (maybe when Meredith’s mother dies?), but I guess time will tell.

  4. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Awe Squee…*kicks toe in dirt* Thanks

  5. bamaborntxbred Says:


    Ummm, yeah, I’m on team Pam.

    I disagree with you, Shelley, about Jim being an ass. I felt like when he didn’t let Karen “play along” with his prank on Pam, it wasn’t b/c he was hiding something from Karen…more that he didn’t want to make Pam uncomfortable by being teamed-up on by him and his new girlfriend. He told Karen that they were playing the prank on Pam…and she was cool with it…she wanted in on it. It would’ve been much ass-ier to have his new girlfriend working with him against Pam.

    I will be crushed if Andy leaves. He is awesome! I didn’t really notice any extra crass with ass last night. Could be that I’m less senstive than sweet little Shelley.

    Callie looked better last night…grrrr..I noticed she had a lot less make-up on. This still doesn’t make her less of an ogre. But,you know, props to the chick for getting a comb through that flea-infested rat’s nest.

    I think George has good reason to be angry with Christina…but I’m all for forgiveness. Peace, love and happiness to everyone. That’s my motto…sort of.

    How come Izzie can kill her boyfriend, Christina can decieve co-workers and patients, Merry can have an affair with her married attending, Karev can cheat on Izzie, but George can’t be angry??

    I want to be in Mare’s family too! I will always love her for the girdle/Rob Lowe scene in St. Elmo’s Fire. Always.

  6. nolagirl Says:

    I pretty much agree with all of you about Grey’s last night. And I heart Bailey. Like a lot.

    No one mentioned how hilarious the conjoined twins were! Loved them. And that sweet moment at the end too.

    I also loved when Weber started screaming at Burke. That was a cool moment to see all that has been building up in him just come out like that.

    I think some of Callie’s hair volume was transfered to Meredith – at least they attempted to make her flat-as-a-board hair have some life to it last night.

  7. Squeebee Says:

    You’re wekum Shrewbie! *throws snowball*

    “But,you know, props to the chick for getting a comb through that flea-infested rat’s nest.”

    Bwahahahaha…you slay me…that was the best!

  8. Shrewspeaks Says:

    OMG~St Elmo’s Fire, 1985…Rob Lowe Mullet…Demi Moore locked behind a door in her red room with all the windows open…John Parr power ballad

    “I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin’ sky
    I’ll be where the eagle’s flying higher and higher
    Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
    Take me where my future’s lyin’, St. Elmo’s Fire

    I can climb the highest mountain, cross the wildest sea
    I can feel St. Elmo’s Fire burnin’ in me
    Burnin’, burnin’ in me, I can feel it burnin’
    Oooh, burnin’ inside of me… (to fade)”

    Thanks for that Bama

  9. shelley Says:

    NOLA said, ” I think some of Callie’s hair volume was transfered to Meredith “

    Totally agree…did anyone else thing Meredith could take flight with those crazy “angle” wings she had going on?

    Her hair was jacked UP.

    About Jim…my problem is that Karen is obvsiously oblivious to the fact that Jim is jonesin’ for Pam still. That’s where my problem lies.

    I like that he’s flirtin’ with Pam…but that doesn’t make it right…since he’s got a new girlfriend.

    And please PLEASE to anyone reading this from NBC…KEEP ED HELMS!!! HE’S FANTASTIC!

    (Yeah, the twins moment was very sweet.)

  10. shelley Says:

    btw…i’ve never seen st. elmo’s fire.

  11. Squeebee Says:

    Ok…I am such a Canadian, but I don’t associate that song with a movie, but rather a man called Rick Hansen. St. Elmo’s Fire was the theme song for his “Man In Motion” tour. He is a paraplegic who crossed Canada in his wheelchair to raise money for spinal cord research in the 80’s.

    *end of public service announcement*

  12. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley…NetFlix it! It is such good Saturday or Sunday morning viewing

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:


    Run Shelley! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest video establishment and rent St. Elmo’s Fire today….not tomorrow, not next week…today. This is your mission for the weekend. I refuse to take no for an answer. I expect a full review from you sometime next week.

    Breathe Bama.

    Haha! “Angles” wings…I thought hers looked real, real pretty.

    The twins thing was weird. They “do it” with the other one laying there. Grody to the max!

    I think Jim has convinced himself that he’s over Pam. So when he’s messing with her…he’s just trying to re-establish lines of communication. Now, we all know the truth, the man is in love with Pam…but he’s a dude…they aren’t that bright.

    Shrew- It’s a Beau-tiful day in the neighborhood!

    Squee- Awwww…what ever happened to that man? Is he still alive?

  14. nolagirl Says:

    Angle wings. Heh.

  15. Squeebee Says:

    Bama…yes! He is alive and….well not kicking I guess.

    *Squee kicks herself for the lame joke*

  16. double d Says:

    BWAHAHAHAH…I picked Team Kim…No Kim…KAREN, stupid, KAREN.

    Since I’m all about peer pressure, I’m switching teams to Team PAM…I want to be just like y’all.

  17. bamaborntxbred Says:

    C’mon over DD…the grass is greener over here. Although, I might be for Team Kim…she might be a cool chick for all we know. 😉

    Squee- yer funny!

  18. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay here is a question for all you office watchers…ANDY…if he was a nice guy instead of a creep, would his interests in frisbee sports, acapella singing and banjo playing annoy you…or would he be date-able?

  19. bamaborntxbred Says:

    No way dude.

    Although, I did play the banjo in highschool…if you can call what I did playing.

  20. shelley Says:

    GREAT question, Shrew…I had to really think on this.

    If he were a decent guy…no. All those traits (“talents”) would make he a weirdo.

    It’s because he’s a creep that he piques my interest…it gives him edge.

    I’ve known guys who did irritating stuff like Andy’s “gifts” and they were barely tolerable…even though they were purely nice guys.

    Andy’s evil streak makes all his weirdo habits work for him. It’s like…he has to have those weirdo habits to keep us from hating him and, istead, dumb-struck by his uber geekhood.

    (Can you tell I’m kind of attracted to stinkin’ Andy? I’m so pathetic.)

  21. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I kept struggling with the whole he is singing Kermit thing…as how manipulative and gross…but if he was sincere the gesture would be icky and stalker like…moral…men who lurk NEVER sing Kermit

  22. shelley Says:

    “men who lurk NEVER sing Kermit “

    …and Official Prize of the Day goes to Shrew.

    This totally cracked me up.

    BTW…if you would have told me when I started this blog that I’d have a group of Monkbots discussing the creepy/lurker qualities of a guy who played banjo while singing Rainbow Connection in falsetto…I would have…

    probably believed you.


  23. Squeebee Says:

    Whooo! Shrewbie got the wardrobe malfunction picture! Does anyone else think Taylor needs an official button checker at all times?

    *raises hand to volunteer*

    /fangirl off

  24. nolagirl Says:

    Wow, Shell brought out the big guns for today’s prize picture! What’d I tell you about that picture, lady??? Gah!

    *composes self … again*

  25. Shrewspeaaks Says:

    Okay…except if Taylor lurks…he could sing Kermit

  26. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Hey MonkBots, my funny bone is itching…I looked at Taylor’s schedule and it looks like there is a whole week in NYC…could it be? Could he be doing Saturday Night Live? Just a hunch.

    PS-Can you tell, I can NOT concetrate in work?

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    What a cute little monkey Taylor is. Look at all that monkey fur!

    I am so not attracted to Andy. At all. His character is so hysterical though. Dwight was hardly featured last night….You don’t think they’re going to phase him out for Andy do you? That would suck. I need more Andy/Dwight interactions.

    I think a guy could sing Kermit in a group setting as a lark…and that would be very attractive. Just the fact that he knows “Rainbow Connection” would make my heart all aflutter!

  28. double d Says:

    Can we send SOMETHING to SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE that could get Taylor to sing “Rainbow kun-NECK-shun” while playing the banjo in that mint green shirt, sans three top buttons (of course)?

    Listen. Guys knowing lame-o stuff is SEXY. My husband LOVES Moulin Rouge…I’m talking, seen it 15 times. Loves the songs, the music, the story, Nicole Kidman….It is one of the lamest movies I have EVER encountered but I love that he loves it.

    Maybe it’s because it’s like exposing the soft under-belly of what’s supposed to be a big, bad dog. It certainly can’t be because Ewan McGregor’s singing turns me on…

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Awww…I love Moulin Rouge. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a man that liked it though. That’s cute!

    Nicole Kidman is da bomb.

    I support the movement to have Taylor sing RC with a banjo on his knee. (Cuz he was born in Alabama with a banjo on his kneeeee!)

  30. shelley Says:

    new post up…think y’all might want to comment there. 😉

  31. nolagirl Says:

    Confession time: I have never seen St. Elmo’s Fire OR Moulin Rouge.

    *hangs head in shame*

    Maybe Alex can recite Moulin Rouge to me, since he has seen it so many times?

  32. Libby Says:

    SSo glad Beau is on his way to Shrew’s home !! Congrats.

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