I Cannot Tell a Lie…But I Don’t Have to Tell the Whole Truth



I watched Taylor on Leno tonight.

I heard “Runaround.”

I watched the entire performance.

But I refuse to say what I thought of the song until I write my review of the album.


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  1. Quossum Says:

    Welcome to the dark side, sister.

    When I realized he wasn’t going to get “couch time,” I got a little worried about you, because I knew that it would be *really* hard to turn away or even turn the volume down when he appeared on screen.

    It’s all right–Taylor meant for this song to be “out” now, so it’s all good.

    Can’t wait to hear your opinions of this song (and the others!) when we get the whole album, though.

    *pats Shelley on the back comfortingly*


  2. shelley Says:

    Thanks, Q.

    You’re a pal.

    I will say…I won’t rewind the tape and watch it again. I think that will keep me from getting too attached to it. I got to keep the review as fair as possible.

  3. Jax Says:

    I feel like I gave a tee totaler a double shot of Tequila…

    But wasn’t that FUN!

  4. shelley Says:

    I’m not saying it was fun…but it wasn’t not fun.

  5. nolagirl Says:

    SHELLEY! You are so funny. I just saw your comment on Gray’s and don’t know if anyone else picked up on it since there were like a million comments aftwerwards.

    I LOVE that you watched it! I predict that you like the mix of great vocals and then the monkey dancing. I mean, he is a Monkbot, right! 😉

  6. shelley Says:

    ha…nola…i was wondering if anyone would see it amidst the sea of insanity. 😉

    glad that lone scout was YOU.

    i actually skimmed through those comments and was quickly reminded why i steer clear of gc comments these days…folks hatin’ on the dancing.

    what is wrong with some people?

    at this point…doesn’t everybody know taylor gots the monkey in him and it for that reason we lurve him so?

  7. wompuss Says:

    You GO, Shelley! Saw your comment at gc’s and had to rush right ovah.

  8. shelley Says:

    Thanks, womp…you little devil, you. 😉

  9. Jax Says:

    Just watched the video over at GC’s (by the way the great man has a typo on his home page & you KNOW how he hates that lolol).. If your heart is not pumping good this morning,and your eyes won’t quite stay open, watching that video is better than a triple shot from Starbucks!

    BTW if you haven’t been there this morning.. the complete Ain’t No Sunshine is up & running on GC radio..

    Whoo Hooo Taylor Hicks!!!!

  10. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley….I am soooo glad you saw it! Funny comment over at Gray’s. Can I admit that I came here before I went to Gray’s this morning?

    “I’m not saying it was fun…but it wasn’t not fun.”


    You funny, gal!

  11. double d Says:

    Shelley is now one of “those” girls…heh.

    Ok, so will we see the next dance craze a la Macarena brought to us by one, Mr. Taylor Hicks?

    Here are the steps:


    Jump up on tip toes 3 times

    Leg lunges forward 3 times

    Jump up on tip toes 3 times

    Spin right with “airplane” arms twice

    Spin left with “airplane” arms twice

    Jump up on tip toes 3 times

    Turn Backward and “knee knock” 3 times

    Turn Forward and Spin right twice


    Now if this happens, I want royalties, dammit.

    P.S. I am verklempt over “Ain’t No Sunshine”. My friend, Susan, provided a d/l link. God love the lobsterwoman.

  12. Squeebee Says:

    DD…you funny too! I gotta say, the average perdon wouldn’t be able to follow the choreography without:

    A) Breaking an ankle,
    B) Wrapping oneself in a mic cord,
    C) Having a heart attack.

    Ain’t No Sunshine RAWKS!!

  13. double d Says:

    A great aerobics routine, possibly, huh Squee?

  14. Squeebee Says:

    I can see it now at fitness centers all over North America:

    Kicks with Hicks: A high-intensity workout. No mat required, but bring your boogie shoes!

  15. Holeigh Says:

    Hahaha, I saw your comment at Gray’s last night as well, Shelley. It made me smile, but mostly because I got to see a recognizable name in a sea of faces!

    Now I gotta go listen to GC radio I suppose, haha.

  16. PhotoHolic Says:

    I looked over at GC’s too, but have to admit I don’t read a lot of the personal comments – I’m strictly there for the articles………and the pictures……….and the links………and the vids……..and anything else he cares to put up about Taylor. Hmmm, maybe I should read the comments after all. 🙂 Sounds like someone doesn’t like Taylor’s dancing? How could you not? It’s unique – just like him. Not many straight men can spin like that and make it look GOOD.

  17. baby duck Says:

    I had to go over and page through 500 comments to find yours, shelley and nola! (I’ve more or less given that up in blogs that are bound to have some “fuss”, like that one was. Loren Gold and Extras are safer topics if you know what I mean. How long will it be before someone calls gc a scary site?)

    I say just jot down some notes about your original impressions, and then watch away. I’ve listened to Runaround so much now that I don’t remember if I loved it at first, or if it was OK. Hard to answer the survey honestly. All I know is that I love it now! It probably is a song that contributes to the ‘flow’ of the album, but it’s a great stand-alone, too, so why deprive yourself? Unlike smoking, it’s not harmful to your health, but definitely addictive. How’s that for peer pressure?

    Jax, I think I spotted the same typo, but I wonder if it’s supposed to be that way? Play on words maybe…

  18. Jax Says:

    DD.. Paula just said she is working those steps into her next job!

    Squee.. Kicks with Hicks.. I love it!!! (please not the extra ! I know how you love those)

    Whooo Hooo Taylor Hicks

    BTW post 522 or so under the video is a really well thought out profound thought by a deep thinking poster.


    Missed all of you today! But wait til y’all see the pic of our latest member of the family (please remember the last two additions are granite rabbits named Mathilda & Stanley).. this one is all dressed up for Christmas!

  19. Quossum Says:

    Can someone tell me what number Shelley’s post is? There’s no way I can dredge through all of them!


  20. shelley Says:

    Q…don’t sweat looking for it (#71).

    All it said was…

    “I watched Taylor on Leno.”

    Ha. That’s it.

  21. Jan Says:

    Shelley: Welcome to the latest TH. You came by it honestly since he was on Leno. It’s not like you could get a video from the CD.

    Honestly, Runaround is a song I disliked very much and after hearing is a few times and seeing it performed twice live, I almost am ok with it. I don’t love it or actually like it but I’m getting closer. I think it’s the over/mis pronunciation of words that annoys me so. The Leno performance was as good as I think the song can be but after seeing TH a few times I know that’s BS. You never know what a song will be in a given moment. I’m thinking whatever it was meant to be and the possibilities are without bounds.

    I have been making ornaments all day and I am happy to be taking a break. I listened to Ain’t No Sunshine and I am moved and can’t really shake the effect of that song off me at this time. Damn.

  22. double d Says:

    I listened to ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ a few (dozen) times in the attempt to get ‘Runaround’ out of my head.

    Say what you will, but the tune LODGES in your brain and won’t leave. Maybe Taylor and Matt Serlitic came up with some new soundwave technology that imbeds music on the brain…like a white noise thing that puts a subliminal message out there….

    **strangely feeling like Mel Gibson in “Conspiracy”**

    Seriously, anyone else having the same issue?

  23. nolagirl Says:

    YES! DD, it is stuck in my head too. I hate that! There could be worse things stuck in my head, however, such as the Sesame Street song or Beyonce, or whatever random mess gets stuck in there.

  24. Malisa Says:

    I’m anxious for you to see the performance on Megan Mullally (particularly thinking of Jan’s comment) and will cruise by for reactions after that one airs.

  25. Jan Says:

    DD: Damn it all to hell! I woke up singing Runaround this morning. I’m starting to like it. Well, actually happy times since I’m going to own multiple copies…

    Malisa, I will try to catch the Megan Mulaly show and will let you know what I think.

    Anyone here going to Destin for New Years? DD, I know you live close. There will be at least 20 people from the boogie there and many others too.

    How about Shreveport? Shelley, Q, Bama? It’s not that far from us.

  26. leejolem Says:

    Shellie, I love your GC comment. Sometimes less is more, oh, except when it comes to Taylor’s dancing. He was Monkbot el supremo on Leno. He maybe needs to cut back on the cheesey smiling into the camera cuz only us obsessed fans really like that. I hope he’ll get to speak on Megan’s show. She’s usually really funny w/guests and I think they’ll play off of each other well.

  27. leejolem Says:

    p.s. thanks for the official prize of the day on the rainbow connection comment–it made my day.
    pps. double d –i’m with you on the conspiracy thing . I keep hearing “to think I sat there singing you a love song” over and over in my head!

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