It’s Beginning to Sound a lot like Christmas



There is nothing that gets me in the spirit of Christmas more than my favorite Christmas songs.

As a matter of fact, I was feeling so Ebeneezer this Christmas that I didn’t plan on doing any holiday decorating. This greatly distressed my mom.

“Honey, you need to at least put out a strand of lights or something,” Mom said. “You’ll feel more festive.”

Well…fiddling with lights was the last thing I wanted to do…and would certainly make me feel more frustrated than festive. So…to keep my mom from worrying about my mental merriness…I decided to make a new wreath for my front door.

The old wreath was one I made for a church function about seven years ago and, since I use it as an everyday wreath…not just a Christmas wreath…it was ready for replacement about four years ago…yeah…I know…I’m lazy. What up?

So, I went to the craft store on Saturday and picked up all that I would need to make a new wreath then I came home and took down the old wreath…which not only was filthy and dry rotted…it had an abandoned wasp nest in the bow.

Sunday morning I disassembled the old wreath…careful to salvage the parts that were still good (faux berries and the ribbon). Then I set to work on the new wreath.

I was able to use the old berries in an arrangement in my dining room…and I was able to use the old ribbon with the new ribbon I had purchased for the new wreath.

I had built the whole thing up to be a chore…something I was doing to appease my mom. So, to get my spirits up…I popped in some of my favorite Christmas songs.

It was just what the Ghost of Christmas Present ordered!

Before long, I was singing along…and actually enjoying project. Mom was right…I did feel festive…even though I was covered in seven years worth of dust, pollen, and wasp nest remnants. And I ended up with a pretty dang nice wreath (pictured above)…if I say so myself.

That’s what the power of great music can do. It can elevate even the lowest spirit.

And, for me, no music does that better than holiday music.

So, in honor of this holiday season, I’ve decided to share with y’all some of my favorite holiday songs. (Oh…and I decided to brighten up the joint with a little Christmas cheer. Check out Monkbot’s antenna.)

I hope these songs bring the same broad grin to your face they did to mine on Sunday.

I know this will be hard to believe, but I had never heard “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” until I watched the 2003 movie, “Elf.” I was entirely enchanted with the duet between Buddy and Jovie and immediately loved the song.

Of course, most folks are familiar with the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” version featuring Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan. But I always love various and funky renditions of this classic. Check out this version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by The Trekky Yuletide Orchestra.

Or take a gander at this sexy/flirty version performed by Bo Bice and Joan Osborn…I think it’s absolutely charming.

Okay…after last week’s ad nauseam talk on “Rainbow Connection,” I’m sure you all realize that I love The Muppets. Probably my all-time favorite Christmas album is “John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together.” It’s touching and hilarious at the same time…and it always brings a smile to my face. Here are two my favorites from this album.

Christmas Is Coming (Miss Piggy, Scooter, Gonzo, and Robin)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Rowlf and John Denver)

I’ve always thought Roger Whittaker had the most robust voice I’ve ever heard. My Aunt Chris introduced my mother and me to Roger Whittaker’s Christmas album in the 80s. I listen to it every year, but it’s the only Roger Whittaker fare I partake in. I can’t separate him from Christmas to try listening to his other songs. There are plenty of beautiful songs on his Christmas album…but this one is a fun one to sing to kids.

Darcy the Dragon (Roger Whittaker)

I know we all love Charlie Brown and the classic strains of peppy piano played by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. However, my favorite song from the Charlie Brown Special oeuvre is “Hark the Herald Angels Sing“…which the “gang” sings once the tree is lit.

I have to admit…I don’t like this song for how it sounds…’cause, let’s face it…it’s pretty annoying. I like this song because Ben and I make fun of it every year. We sing it at the top of our lungs…punctuating the “loos” and crescendoing as we sing the song…until everyone in the room wants to throw something at us. It cracks me up every time we do it.

Amy Grant has recorded some fantastic music for the holidays. One of my favorite’s of hers is “Little Town“….because it’s such a bold and bright rendition of a song that usually gets watered down.

While I’m talking about Amy Grant…I’ve got to share that her version of “Sleigh Ride” is my favorite vocal rendition. However, “Sleigh Ride” is at its best when it’s an instrumental.

I used to play in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra and all the work that went into the whole season paid off for exactly 8 bars of music in the Christmas concert. Those 8 bars are in “Sleigh Ride.” Nothing is better than playing in an orchestra and being surrounded by the music. When the brass kicks in and the percussion is clapping the sound of hoofs and cracking the sound of the whip…my heart literally beats faster and I am filled with joy. Though the Boston Pops Orchestra is no Mississippi Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra…their rendition of “Sleigh Ride” ain’t too shabby.

I watched the “Peace On Earth-Little Drummer Boy” duet between Bing Crosby and David Bowie when it first aired on MTV in the early 80s. I didn’t realize until recently that it was actually recorded in 1977. But…whenever it was recorded…it’s pure magic.

I have no real memory to share for “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt and “The Christmas Song” by The Carpenters. I just love these songs and love to sing them.

Oh…and for those of you who HAVEN’T downloaded this little Christmas ditty…it’s my newest favorite holiday song. I’m sure it will become a classic.

This leads me to my Christmas presents to all my Monkbots.

I know it’s early…but I want y’all to have time to enjoy all the songs I’ve made available above…and the two I have posted below.

These last two songs are ones I recorded this weekend just for y’all. As you listen…you can gaze at my lovely wreath-covered door above and imagine that I’m caroling to you.


Have Yourself a Monkbot Little Christmas

Taylor Baby

And just for Jax…Oh Holy Night. (Fair warning…this song is a little out of my league, range-wise, and I’ve got a kickin’ case of sinus yuck.)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


53 Responses to “It’s Beginning to Sound a lot like Christmas”

  1. Libby Says:

    Merry Christmas, Shelley and the whole Monkbot family !!

    Loove your wreath. MB is subtly festive now, too !

    You are so right about charging into an activity ( like your wreath making ) and waiting for the feelings follow. I sometimes forget that wisdom.

    Here’s to all of us stepping out of our comfort zone this Christmas and holiday season — even when we are uncomfortable or just dont feel up to the demands of our time.

    Amazingly, we almost always feel better and brigter after we are fully engaged.

    Shell — thanks again for the inspiration !

  2. Sean Carter Says:

    my favourite movie is elf. and believe me its fun to watch it. and this time you should have an attractive wreath for the outside decor!do you need some more ideas check out my blog

  3. Jax Says:

    WOW Shelley.. I am speechless.. those were beautiful! Would you consider doing “Oh Holy Night” for us and putting it on here? I would definately put that one (along with these) in my Soul Patrol vault.

    Ok, here is a story (sorry if it is rather long) of a special Christmas song in my life.

    My son was six months old his first Christmas and had just been discharged from the hospital with pneumonia. During his stay I would sing “The Little Drummer Boy” to him & rub his forehead between his eyes to help him fall asleep. This continued for many months.. In July he would get up on his bed close his eyes & say “Mama sing pum pum pa pum”. Many years passed and one Christmas I opened a precious gift from him.. It is a globe with the baby Jesus and the little drummer boy, it is musical & plays this song ..

    Fast forward a few years… a very tough Christmas .. my son was deployed on the USS Harry S. Truman in the Persian Gulf.. Nothing quite like standing in line at a checkout somewhere, hearing this song & the folks around you thinking you are insane because tears are streaming down you face..

    Fast forward to the present .. Standing in line & hearing this song … grinning from ear to ear .. remembering “Mama, sing pum pa pum pum”.

    The musical globe is a center piece this year and every year, it is never packed away, during the “offseason” it sits on my bedside table.

    As you celebrate your holidays, no matter how you feel about what is going on overseas, please remember to say a prayer for a peaceful heart for all the moms out there missing their kids this season.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of my very special Monkbot friends, I love you all MUCH!

  4. Holeigh Says:

    Shelley! Those songs are SO good! They are added to my Christmas shuffle (putting me up to 156 songs, yikes).

    I loooove this post, because I’ve felt the same way this season. I think my Scrooge attitude came from there being NO snow at home (2 feet at school, zero back home). We got our tree 2 weekends ago and I didn’t even have to wear a long sleeved tshirt, let alone a coat. But with all the decorations up, it started happening for me.

    This past weekend I spent at school all by my lonesome, haha, and I put my Xmas shuffle on and discovered my spirit, just as you have. 🙂 So here are some of my favorites…in ABC order on my shuffle, haha.

    1) *NSYNC — Home for Christmas
    2) Alabama — Tennessee Christmas
    3) Billy Mack — Christmas Is All Around
    4) Bing Crosby — White Christmas
    5) Eagles — Please Come Home For Christmas
    6) Frank Sinatra — I’ll Be Home For Christmas
    7) Garth Brooks — Silent Night
    8) Judy Garland — Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    9) K.T. Oslin — Blue Christmas
    10) Mannheim Steamroller — Stille Nacht (Silent Night)
    11) Mariah Carey — O Holy Night
    12) Otis Redding — White Christmas
    13) Ronnie Milsap — It’s Just Not Christmas

  5. shelley Says:

    Jax…your story is precious. Thanks so much for sharing.

    “Oh Holy Night” is a toughy…I make no promises. 😉

    Holeigh, great song list! I love Eagles — Please Come Home For Christmas.

    Also…if not having snow keeps your festive mood at bay…don’t move to Mississippi! Ha.

  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    It’s exam week here at The Board, so I’m not supposed to be at my desk. (I’m such a rebel!) I can’t listen to the songs now, but I’ll try to get back to my desk during lunch…

    1. Jax- Thank you for sharing that story. It really touched me! What a sweet Mommy you are! And what an honorable son…Thank him for me, for serving us and our country!

    2. My two all time favorite Christmas songs (bar none) are: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, by Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis and “O Holy Night”, sung by anyone with heart and sincerity. (Honorable Mention: “Mary Did You Know?”, by Mark Lowry and “Joseph’s Lullaby”, sung by Mercy Me.)

    P.S. I start listening to Christmas music in October. Sometimes I get out my Christmas cd’s and listen to them at random times during the year. I love Christmas music!!

  7. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley, thanks so much for all your hard work on this post. The special Monkbot songs are too cool for words! Shelley, you have a beautiful voice. I am jellis!

    Jax, that is such a sweet story about your son. Thanks SO much for sharing it!

  8. Holeigh Says:

    Jax, that is a wonderful story, unfortunately, it ended with me crying again, lol. But they were good tears, so that is okay! Here’s to all of our armed forces, over seas and at home. 🙂

    Shelley: I know! As much as I love nice weather, I could never be anywhere without the snow for Christmas!

  9. double d Says:

    For you “O Holy Night” afficenados…The BEST version

  10. baby duck Says:

    Isn’t it something how hearing a certain song will conjour up memories of where you were when you heard it?

    I will never again hear I’ll Be Home For Christmas without being transported back to the time listening to it as I was decorating the tree, knowing that none of my 3 children would be spending it with me. It’s hard to listen to it without getting choked up.

    O Holy Night is one of my favorites. Listening to Martina McBride sing it puts me in the passenger seat of a truck last year, driving through Texas at night to get to my son’s for Christmas.

    And now I will probably never hear Santa Baby without hearing Shelley’s lovely voice (why didn’t you audition for AI?) singing Taylor Baby as a Christmas gift for the Monkbot Division. I’m making a playlist with your selections. Thanks!

  11. shelley Says:

    DD…thanks…and here I went and downloaded guitar tabs and was trying to learn it for Jax.

    After hearing Martina…I ain’t touchin’ it with a 10-foot pole.

    Baby Duck..thanks for asking about me trying out. Ha. If I weren’t so old (36) I might would have. But, then, I don’t have a great range and I can’t do all those crazy runs the kids are doing these days.

    I’m just happy you liked the song.

  12. Jax Says:

    Now Shelley … keep on learning that.. Martina is Martina & wonderful but it’s your wonderful voice I want playing this Christmas… Please reconsider!

    I have a question for you Shelley… the Monkbot pets was such a hit … what do you think of a day of Monkbot’s Christmas trees? Everyone send a pic of their tree? Yes Shell, this will mean you must put up a tree!

    I’m glad y’all liked the story.. I sent this link to my son .. I want him to always know how proud I am of him & how special that gift will always be.

  13. shelley Says:

    trust me…it’d take a while for me to learn the tabs.

    i might try an acapella rendition..but…still not sure.

    about the tree pic…um…i’ve got a couple of interactive christmas posts i’m working on…but i’ll keep it in mind! thanks. 🙂

  14. ivoryhut Says:


    Sorry, just had to scream. I LURVE your songs! Especially Taylor Baby. You had me smiling the whole time. Love it love it love it.

    I will be walking around now with a sign reading: Ivoryhut’s week-long smile from ear to ear was brought to you by Shelley Powers. (And by the number 8. Because, well, I like 8.)

    So, you’re a writer, crafts queen, and now recording star. Is there anything you can’t do??

    Jax, that was such a moving story. I almost started crying thinking of you in a store with the song playing and thinking about your son far away. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    My favorite holiday song is a Filipino one, and a sort of sad one, a bit like “Merry Christmas, Darling.” But I am liking this new “Wintersong” by Sarah McLachlan these days.

    Oh, and I also like “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve.” There’s just something about wistful holiday songs that gets me.

  15. baby duck Says:

    Don’t let Martina’s version scare you off. You should sing it for all the Monkbots out here. And for the AI folks who lurk here, so they can kick themselves for the age restrictions.

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside is one of my all-time favorites. The first time I heard it was on the musical video “Neptune’s Daughter” (not a Christmas-theme movie) Ester Williams duets with Ricardo Mantoban, and Betty Garrett with Red Skelton. Betty and Red are hilarious!

    Ray Charles sings the sexiest version of BICO duet with Betty Carter (listen to a clip at Amazon). It even has brass with ass. Can’t you hear Taylor singing this? Who would he duet with?

  16. shelley Says:

    Um….slowly raises hand.

    I volunteer to sing BICO with Taylor.

    Then I could die a happy girl.

  17. ivoryhut Says:

    You’re not allowed to die, Shelley. Who’d make the wreaths?

    (I have the Ray Charles BICO track on CD. That’s the version that always comes to mind when the song is mentioned. Btw, that reads funny to me. BICO is a Philippine dessert – sweet sticky rice, coconut milk, and coco jam on top. I just made myself hungry.)

  18. shelley Says:

    why am i now craving coco jam…and i have no idea what it is?

  19. double d Says:


    THAT, is a Christmas Classic! WOO!

    A nice (and cute) version of BICO is James Taylor and Natalie Cole. (on his new Xmas CD)

    I’m trying to send you my favorite Xmas song…

  20. shelley Says:

    Thanks, DD.

    I almost posted the JT/NC version…but thought I was going overboard with the BICO links. Ha.

    Jax…I recorded “Oh Holy Night” for you…here’s link. But fair warning..this song is really out of my vocal range…and I’m home today, sick, so my sinuses are not playing nice.

    All that said…enjoy. Ha.

  21. Jax Says:


    That is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow wow wow

    I am so touched that you did that for me.. I will treasure it forever!

    Thank you!


  22. Jax Says:

    And BTW if that is the way you sound with bad sinuses…dang girl we need to find you a band..


  23. Holeigh Says:

    Shelley, if that is you outside of your vocal range (and I know about vocal range, believe it or not, haha), you have nothing to worry about. It was very good indeed, thanks so much for recording that for us. 🙂

  24. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley…acapella and with sinus issues….you RAWK! If I tried that on my best day you could use it to scare birds away from your cherry trees. Thanks again!

  25. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Merry Christmas!!! (or the politically correct way to say it- Happy Holidays…ick)Oh yeah and by the way I’m new-so hello to all!!!

  26. Mind Doc Says:

    Shelley — first, that was lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. O Holy Night makes me cry every time, and you brought it home. Thanks so much.

    Although I have a strong aversion to Santa Baby, Taylor Baby was priceless. Very funny — and thanks for the Monkbot Christmas (and the blinky light).

    I start listening to Christmas music after Thanksgiving and it is my favorite part of the season. It is not the Christmas season until we start singing Christmas hymns in church. At this point, my kids just silently hand me the kleenex and roll their eyes at each other.

    Thanks for a wonderful start to the season from Monkbot. I love David Bowie and Bing — I remember that song choking me up as a little girl. That version is great!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  27. shelley Says:

    thanks, y’all. you know how to make a gal feel good.

    and welcome welcome welcome to HicksChick4Soul! So glad to have you. 🙂

  28. Jax Says:

    Squee lolol me & you both! no birds left here either lolol

    Hicks… welcome!

    Ok I have GOT to share this with y’all!!!

    My daughter got two kittens today as a surprise for my grandson. I told her we need a Taylor in the family…. My grandson just called here is the conversation:

    Dylan: Nanny Guess what we got??

    Me: Whattt???

    Dylan: Two baby kittens

    Me: Ohhh that is so cool! What are their names?

    Dylan: Well the black & white one’s name is Panda and the GRAY & WHITE one’s name is……………….. TAYLOR!!!

    lololololol gotta love this kid (he’s 8 btw)

  29. shelley Says:

    very sweet…you and DD are our resident cat lovers. 😉

  30. leejolem Says:

    Can’t wait to get home to listen to the songs (the evil computer at work won’t let me listen). Jax, my oldest daughter brought home a gray/black/white persian a month ago. She won’t let me call him Taylor (she is not a fan 😦 ) , so I am a rebel and call him Reuben (she doesn’t know that’s Taylor’s middle name). BTW, I don’t know why the Washington Post guy didn’t pick my question. I asked Taylor if he related more to the Monkey or the Robot. I thought the Monkbot name should be brought up in the interview!

  31. shelley Says:

    great effort, leejolem.

    i’m still hoping we can get the traveling monkbot pictured with taylor sometime.

    btw…i figured out what i’m going to do with my extra “taylor hicks” cd…my family is having a gathering the weekend of new years and we have a “dirty santa” gift exchange. i think folks will fight over it!

  32. Squeebee Says:


    (insert trumpet fanfare here)

    I would like to announce that Mind Doc is at this very minute in Scotland visiting with Rowan. This secret Monkbot meeting will from this day forward be known as Soul Patrol Monkbot Division Scottish Chapter.

    How cool is that???

  33. suzi-q Says:

    Hey Shell, how do I download the songs you recorded, my screen says song (for both) is waiting to be downloaded? I love the Christmas beacon on Monkbots antenna. Hope all who visit here have a marvelous and Merry Christmas:)

  34. double d Says:



    Sooo, cool Jax, that you now have a Taylor in the family.

    I tried to name my male Taylor, but my husband absolutely REFUSED. heh. Therefore, he became Domino (initially for the Van song, now for “Fats” as he is HUGE).

  35. suzi-q Says:

    Never mind Shell, scrolling down the entire page was a revealing thing to do:) Saw the download area.

  36. Rowan Says:

    Awww Shelley, the clips are wonderful! Your voice is beautiful, and I really loved “Taylor Baby” to bits. I want a copy! Can forsee Taylor attempting to introduce a late entry into the album…a duet….

  37. leeolem Says:

    I love the line “One hot. Monkbot”. Taylor has got to hear that song! How could he resist calling you. Since I’m already married I nominate Shelley to be Taylor’s girlfriend. He always acts like he’s having trouble finding a woman when they interview him. What a goober! Love, love, love the songs!!!!!

  38. Shrewspeaks Says:

    These are really super! I am dead impressed. You are supremely talented!

    I thought long and hard about my list:
    1. Linda Rondstat’s version of the River kills me
    2. Judy Garland’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas makes me misty every year
    3.”The Coventry Carol” by Alison Moyet is simply beautiful
    4. And Beau wants me to include Jingle Bells by the Singing Dogs
    5. finally…it’s not Christmas until I hear Bing sing White Christmas

    Merry Merry MonkBot!

  39. Squeebee Says:

    Shel…you are famous! Did gray ask you before posting “Taylor, Baby” on GC?

    I bet Taylor hears it now! How exciting!

  40. ivoryhut Says:

    Yay! Shelley has been outed at GC!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right?

    I think it’s so cool that Taylor will get to hear it. How could that not make him smile? He better give ya that ring. (Of course on the phone.)

    Now I want a MacBook so I can play around with Garage Band too.

  41. baby duck Says:

    Shelley, that was wonderful! You can’t fool us by saying you don’t have great range… What is that, a 3 octave song? And it’s refreshing to hear singing without all those crazy runs. I always figured anyone who did it couldn’t hit the right note in the first place and was fishing around. It’s something I appreciate about Taylor’s voice, that he doesn’t do that. I vote in favor of the duet.

  42. suzi-q Says:

    Fantastic:) After a night of selling hot cocoa, nachos and hotdogs at a junior high game, NOTHING warms the heart like a roaring fire and hearing Shelley sing “Taylor Baby” Fantastic!!!!!! Listened to all three and love them. Shell couldn’t help but ask from the playlist I have, did you write the tune for the “Prayer of St. Francis”? Loved it also. What a blessing! Patrickcadiddlehopper made me a CD of the three from the site. Will listen to them again on the way to work tomorrow!!!!

  43. Quossum Says:

    Love the decorations, Shelley!

    The DH and I are lazy and sometimes don’t decorate a smidge–not even a tree. But it seems more like Christmas when we do.

    There are two radio stations here that are playing 24 / 7 Christmas music. About my favorite is Amy Grant’s version of “Sleigh Ride.” Even though I have little conception of snow and none of sleigh rides, it just projects such a sense of happiness and comfort that I just shiver with contentment when I hear it. Here’s a cheesy YouTube someone put together:


  44. Quossum Says:

    Okay, just went and listened to “Taylor Baby” and I’m now officially cheered up.

    Thanks, Shelley–I needed that!

    Your friend,

  45. Jan Says:

    Shelley: I love your songs and your wreath. My favorite version of It’s Cold Outside is performed by Betty Carter and Ray Charles. It’s really great. I wish I knew where it was right now so I could share. Sorry. I just found my Blues and Politics CD by the Charles Mingus Band. I wanted to hear it and opened a box that I can’t imagine ever opening today because I needed the box to ship stuff and there it was. I love that CD.

    Oh lawd! Don’t drop that atomic bomb on me. Love it! The music is great and the message is great too.

  46. Libby Says:


    You so talented and clever !!! Taylor Baby will go in my fav Christmas songs of the season. You have a beautiful voice — strike one up for the Queen of the Monkbots. I also agree — Taylor needs to call you now — it will be an honor for all of us who carry the banner of the Monknot family !

  47. Jax Says:


    Surely am glad that I got my “Oh Hily Night” before you went & got really really famous on us!

    Don’t forget who loved ya first when you are hobnobbing with the stars!

    Told ya Taylor would hear ya! Too Too Kewl.. could not happen to a sweeter monkbot … except maybe Squee.. or Shrew.. or Tex … or Libby … or Womp … or Q or hmmm who am I leaving out…

    Way to go Shelley!!!!!!

  48. Jax Says:

    ummm make that “Oh Holy Night” please


  49. double d Says:

    Sooo, me & Bama is chopped livah? We ain’t sweet?

    And I even gave you the “Kittens Paw Five”, Jax….

    Oh, Hily Night. heh.

  50. shelley Says:

    Jax said, “Told ya Taylor would hear ya!”

    Girl…what do you know that I don’t?

  51. Jax Says:

    DD … I knew posting the names was a mistake… especially at 1:30 am .. lololol sighhhh but you know I love you both!

    Shelley… now why would Taylor not have heard you… do you think he doesn’t read his own blog ???

    It’s only a matter of time!

  52. leejolem Says:

    I’m sure Taylor will love it when (not if ) he hears it. It’s got to be refreshing to hear something creative after all the “thud” comments and glitter he sees on other sites (not that I’m partial to the Monkbot Division of GC or anything).

  53. nolagirl Says:

    FINALLY getting to listen to all these goodies!

    First of all, Shelley- holy crap! Sinus, schminus – you sound GREAT on all your songs! How cool of you to put the time in to do that for us. (b/c surely, you did it for just us!)

    Thanks for the Bo Bice/Joan Osborn duet – that really was cute! I agree with some of the others that I love Ray Charles/Betty Carter version. I had actually made a mix Christmas CD last week and that was on it!

    May I also recommend both of Harry Connick Jr.’s Christmas albums to y’all. If you don’t have them – it’s worth it!

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