Because I’m Secretly in Love with David Caruso


You can only laugh at me if you’ve never had a secret crush.

(I dare any of you to watch the above footage and NOT split a stitch with laughter.)

Oh…and leejolem is a new commenter here and cracked me up with this comment, which prompted me to create this image.


9 Responses to “Because I’m Secretly in Love with David Caruso”

  1. double d Says:

    Ok, THAT is Hilarious! The video AND the picture….


  2. Squeebee Says:

    Thanks for the laugh(s), Shelley!

    I want to be the script-writer for the opening scenes for CSI Miami!
    All you need to know is the formula:

    1)Cheesy crime-related exit line,
    2)Put on sunglasses.

    Lather, rinse, and repeat as needed.

    Monkbot and monkermit on bikes=priceless!

  3. Shrewspeaks Says:

    The question is…Is Caruso the new Shatner?

    PS- Damn the torpedos…I need my MonkBot fix

  4. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Might I also add the perma scream on “Taymit” is great

  5. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh and found this…
    HeatMiser Snow Miser

    I think we need to have a MonkBot Viewing party for this…any takers?

  6. texan Says:

    I am IN for the monkbot viewing partay of shrew’s link. I hope if I ever become an actress that no one casts me as Mrs. Claus..there is just no way that I could go on!

    and caruso as the new Shatner…shrewbaby you are on a rollllllllll

  7. leejolem Says:

    I can’t believe they’re making a movie w/real people in it of “The Year w/o a Santa Claus”. Do you guys remember the Hanna Barbera version? Heat Miser and Snow Miser were much cuter in that one. Texan, the only thing worse would be being cast as the mom in Hairspray. I can’t see the “Taymit” pics here at work. Will have to wait until after 6pm to comment.

  8. double d Says:


  9. Marc Says:

    Drink a beer everytime he puts his glasses on. Then, check in to AA.

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