Please, Stop Me from Doing This


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After getting little-to-no sleep last night…I’m really punchy, folks.I just got the e-mail from “Taylor Hicks” about voting for the Soul Patroller with the most soul (see above image).

Um…does anyone else but me think this is a HORRIBLE idea?

Don’t these marketing people read the boards? Don’t they see…and quake at…the back-biting and ugliness?

Why on earth do they want to promote MORE competition within the walls of the Soul Patrol? More petty jealousies? More snarkiness? More division?

This cannot end up well.

As my own small way of protesting this and showing the utter ridiculousness of the project, I want…oh so badly…to post this as my image…


Please talk me out of this and save me from myself.

I pray I get sleep tonight. I really need it.


59 Responses to “Please, Stop Me from Doing This”

  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m the devil on your left shoulder:

    Do it…do it…do it…You know you want to. We want you to. It would show them…it would show them allllhaahahhahaa!!!

    No, seriously. That would be the funniest thing the world has ever seen. Ever. And I would vote for you.

  2. bamaborntxbred Says:

    P.S. I love how the Monkbot has all Taylor’s cd’s in her/it’s basket…hahahahahahaahaha!

  3. shelley Says:

    You are SUCH a bad influence.

    (but you know me so well)

  4. bamaborntxbred Says:


    In good times, and bad times…I’ll be on yer side forever morrrrre! That’s what friends are forrrr!

  5. Rowan Says:

    Shelley – you must post it. I’m so glad to see this thread – I just received this email myself, and found it a mite disturbing. I mean, most of the SP are in the 35-50 age group, or so I recall, from the demographic count at Gray’s. We are hardly going to be losing sleep over rating photos of eachother. Life is too short. I am losing the will to live even thinking about it. Sheesh. I wonder if Tay is goin hunting with his glass slipper for his mystery woman? That would add a touch of glamour to proceedings, I guess. Now, can I borrow your hedge clippers, to amputate a couple of pesky toes? : )

  6. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I would be so angry, disappointed, frustrated, upset and disgusted with you, if you did NOT post that.

    Infact, I think we all have to do MonkBot photos to post!

    At the very least, some involved in marketing would get a kick out of it.

  7. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Rowan-if that’s the case, I’m going to invest in photoshop, real quick like!

    I was at GC’s a little earlier reading about the Endymommyonionwhatsit that Tay’s doing and of course the comments have turned to how Tay’s going to be thrilled to see all the shirts going up along the parade route. Why does it always have to get dirty?

  8. shelley Says:

    Well…I did it.

    So…y’all better go vote for it.

    And while you’re there….check out the Daughtry page.


  9. baby duck Says:

    Post it, shelley. Although I don’t know how you expect Monkbot to get any votes without a glitter shirt on.

  10. double d Says:

    YEAH! Shelley…I actually commented at Gray’s last night on the Audio Blog thread that this is a TERRIBLE idea. Ranking photos? Why? How dumb…Is it just me or every time Taylor gains some credibility, somebody shoots him in the foot with some lame-brain idea that is not thought out. Surely, they didn’t run this by Gray, huh?

    I thought I might be making too much out of it last night, but I see I’m not the only one who didn’t get it…

    Off to vote….…heh.

  11. leejolem Says:

    Yay Shelley for posting it!!!!! I will go home and vote for it.
    I think that whole marketing strategy is really junior high. Let’s make posters and vote for Taylor for senior counsel president, and the best SP’er for VP. Silliness!! (ok, I know that sounds weird coming from someone who follows the travels of a monkey/robot combo w/cymbals).

    Rowan, don’t use those clippers yet girl, until you check and make sure Taylor isn’t hiding a 6th finger on either hand. Maybe that’s why he plays such a mean harmonica.

    Bama, Tay said on Leno he did like B–Bs (he didn’t say the word, he just agreed w/Jay), but I think he will cover his eyes if any women show him their T-Ts. He’s too much of a gentleman for that behavior.

  12. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Dude…can’t find it…I have to rate all these others too

  13. leejolem Says:

    ****SNARK ALERT**** Shelley, please tell me all the CD’s in the Monkbot’s basket were bought from a retailer that reports their numbers to Soundscan, or I won’t be able to sleep tonight either.

  14. double d Says:

    Awww…some of those are really cute (like the kid ones), but some are really skeery.

    Shelley, WHERE IS IT? It’s NOT in the gallery….

    WHHHAAAAAAAAA I want Taymit and Monkbot!!!!

    Shrew…Click on the second sentence on the “Most Soulful Soul Patrolers” and you’ll get to the gallery…however, no Monkbot/Taymit pic yet. Think the mods put the kabash on it?

  15. shelley Says:

    Shrew…I think you DO have to vote for each photo.

    I haven’t come across it yet.

    And as I scroll…the same pics come up again and again.

    This is the most assanine (sp?) thing I’ve ever seen.

  16. kimmykins Says:

    Do I have to upload my own photo before I can vote or am I just blind?? I don’t want to upload a photo, just vote for shelley.

  17. shelley Says:

    I’ll bet they DO moderate it out.

    However, if you look at the Daughtry stuff…they have half-nekkid chicks sportin’ tatoos…so, maybe not.

    Keep checking and let me know if y’all spot it.

  18. shelley Says:

    GASP…what if I accidentally submitted it for the Daughtry page?!


    That would rawk even harder. Ha!

  19. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee- I, mean, duh. That’s not really a news flash that he would like them. It would be a news flash if he said he didn’t. 😉

    I just don’t understand, if his fans respect him so much for being a gentleman…why they can’t exhibit the same respectable behavior.

  20. shelley Says:

    Here is link to gallery page.

    That site is so dang LAME-O!

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I couldn’t wade through anymore Sprs looking for Taymit. I tried and tried…If I had to come across that chick with the camera 2 inches from her “sexy” face one more time…

  22. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…I can’t see the same pics over and over in hope that it is there. I will look again in a bit…boogying out of the office early.

  23. shelley Says:


  24. double d Says:

    shelley said…
    GASP…what if I accidentally submitted it for the Daughtry page?!


    That would rawk even harder. Ha!


    BAAAHAAAHAAAA!!! That WOULD rawk even harder….wooo! They HAVE to post it, just HAVE to. I will it to be done…

    Oh, and talk about LAME-O. You can’t get back to TH.COM site at all. Whack. Maybe if Taylor’s would have been to rate the best Soul Patrol T-shirt like Chris’ is to rate the best tattoo….of course, Shoot. Blow. Holster. would have won hands down.


  25. shelley Says:

    DD…I know.

    I’ve submitted the pic like FOUR TIMES now and it keeps going to Daughtry’s page.

    I seriously think it’s loading to HIS page…not Taylor’s.

    This is so damn frustrating.

  26. double d Says:

    Must. resist. urge. to. snark.

  27. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, Please remember , if you win any special SP award for this submission, who put the idea into your purty little head. A part of me will die inside if you don’t thank me for my contribution. LOL!!

    I can’t wait to get home and attempt to vote for Taymit.

    Maybe all of us Monkbots should get tattos of Taymit or the TM and make videos. That would rawk!!!!

    I am willing them to post it along with DD!!!

  28. claire Says:

    I’m confused. Are they looking for fan’s pictures of Taylor??? Or pictures of the fans themselves trying to prove how “Soulful ” they are, kinda a la Jackass?????

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Snark away DD. It’s what you’re good at!

    I’m outta here y’all. My boss is letting us leave early. I’ll be on vacay til next Thurs. so I won’t be around much…if any. 😦

    Y’all have a very Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah or a Krazy Kwanza!!

    I love my Monkbot brethern and sistern!

  30. double d Says:

    That’s the point, Claire. The whole thing is confusing.


  31. leejolem Says:

    Bama, we’ll miss you. Have a great Christmas full of Monkbot cheer!

  32. double d Says:

    Joyeaux Noel, Bamababy! We’ll miss you during THIS Snarkfest re:

    The kittens “cheers” you…with Cognac, of course.

  33. shelley Says:

    DD said, “That’s the point, Claire. The whole thing is confusing. Nimrods. “

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

    That’s exactly my point.

    The e-mail said the photos are to depict folks helping to sell the album (which…frankly I think is in poor taste).

    so far…NO one has pictured themselves with the album.


  34. shelley Says:

    DD…did you load a photo?

    someone else load one and see how long it takes to post.

    i really think they aren’t going to put Monkbot up…which is a shame…cause Monkbot’s done a LOT for Taylor. 😦

  35. claire Says:

    Happy Holidays, Bama!!!

    Oh, I SOOOO don’t like these sort of campaigns. double d, didn’t you and I have a friendly discussion about the Online Soul Patrol a couple of months back on GC? This seems like the same sort of deal to me. Maybe it’s just not part of our marketing culture over here, these sort of “group” Internet schemes, so I’m not entirely comfortable with the whole Big Brother element to it. Am I going overboard here??

  36. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Byyyyyyee!!! Merry Monkbots and drunk kittens to all!

  37. shelley Says:

    LURVE to ya, Bamababy!

  38. claire Says:

    *tumbleweeds* – did I kill the thread??

  39. claire Says:

    Yep – I definitely killed the thread.

    Soooo, seen any good movies lately??

  40. shelley Says:

    you didn’t kill it, claire.

    i really think everybody’s heading home for the holidays.

    i’m about to leave, too.


    and for the record…i thought the online soul patrol thing was LAME-O, too.

  41. claire Says:

    Well, plenty of people were happy to sign up, so maybe it’ll do some good – or else create a whole lotta spam e-mail. 😉

    OK, I’m going to bed. I’ve had MORE than enough mulled wine……

  42. leejolem Says:

    Claire, I agree with you. It smacks of Clay Aiken to me. Not necessary for Taylor. He’ll do fine w/o this kind of marketing.

  43. double d Says:

    Yeah, Claire. I was all defending the Marketing approach, but I’ve jumped the fence.

    I. don’t. like. it.

    There is a point where it’s too much. I am a firm believer that if Taylor’s stuff is good, it’ll sell. I don’t think Taylor is the one pushing to get the Soul Patrol buying and pushing product…that wreaks of the record company.

  44. claire Says:

    double d, thanks for saying that. I remember you gave a good argument that day, marketing-wise. But I didn’t buy it then, and I don’t buy it now. It just seems like mass junk-mailing to me. And I agree that it’s probably not Taylor’s doing, but surely TPTB can see the competitive effect this photo thing could have on the more, ahem, extreme SP’rs. This could get silly….

    *slurps more mulled wine*

  45. Rowan Says:

    Have a brilliant Christmas, Bama! Brown sauce goes well on turkey sandwiches. Just sayin! : D

    Well, I will buy the cd when it comes available on Amazon UK, but I will be cancelling those emails.

  46. Squeebee Says:

    Dang, I am sorry I missed this discussion. I am so glad I am not the only one who thought this ridiculous contest was a BAD IDEA. I am off to see if I can find Taymit!

  47. double d Says:

    Shelley —

    You have GOT to try again once you have some rest. Go through the main web site and not the email…I am just DYING to see Taymit and the Monkbotbabe in the mix….

  48. baby duck Says:

    Squee, I missed most of this, too. Only had time for a quick snark attack re: glitter shirt for the Monkbot. I didn’t get to say Merry Christmas to Bama before she scooted.

    I didn’t get any email from Taylor about this. Guess I’m not one of the kewl girls. Either that, or at some point I said enough to signing up for Taylor-related sites and lists. Too many to remember. So I’m relying on shelley and gray to keep me informed. I clicked the link, scrolled through 86 lovlies but no sign of MB & Taymit. What’s up with that? Could there be grinchiness lurking at sonybmg? We want Taymit! Taymit! TAYMIT!!

  49. leejolem Says:

    Baby Duck, all those women in the photos were bringing sexy back, doncha think?

    Taymit! Taymit!! TAYMIT!!!!!

    Sony PTB shouldn’t discriminate against menfrogs and monkbots.

  50. Quossum Says:

    I just saw the “prom picture” of Taylor with Brooke’s head cut out and a random Soul Patroller’s head pasted on.

    Please kill me now.


  51. nolagirl Says:

    I am at a co-workers house, where I am spending the night after our office Xmas party – weeee!!! This isn’t just the beer talking: That photochop is freaking HIL-arious Shelley!

    I would give you the Monkbot MEdal of Honor for taht if I knew how. 🙂

    Oh, and I love how people think that all women do in NOLA is flash at parades. Whatev!

  52. leejolem Says:

    “Tah Tahs for Tay Tay”–kill ME now!

  53. shelley Says:


    Cut it out.

  54. Jan Says:

    Their idea is so bad that I feel you must post that very picture. Besides, it brings me endless joy. We should have our own contest here come up with potential pics to post. Oh yeah.

  55. Lana Says:

    Guys, I didn’t see Taymit but in the first page or two I saw two people I know personally. Yikes! Skeery, skeery.

  56. leejolem Says:

    Sorry Shelley. That was my point–ugh, but I guess I shouldn’t have actually referenced the specific remark.

  57. shelley Says:

    no sweat, lee.

    thanks. 😉

    well…it doesn’t look like they are going to run it.

    which only tells me they are COMPLETELY out of the loop as to Taylor’s fans.

    If they had even given a small effort to Google “Monkbot” or even looked at Gray’s links…they would known was huge Taylor fans we are.

    Oh well…what can a girl do?

    I tried.

  58. leejolem Says:

    What a bummer!!!! Oh well, they don’t know what they are missing.

    I’m off to finish Christmas shopping and start wrapping.

    Hope y’all have a great and blessed Christmas and have time to slow down and appreciate the greatest gift of all–the birth of the savior, Jesus Christ. Love to all the Monkbots!

  59. Mind Doc Says:

    Daughtry’s site is spooky.

    Rate a SPer is noxious.

    Shelley and Taymit are kickin’.

    Monkbots are fab.

    And now — off to brave the crowds at the mall. I actually love Christmas shopping, even when I am elbow to elbow with people.

    Maybe because I know no better.

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