Hooray for Hollybot!



Traveling Monkbot Journeys to Hollywood

Text and Photos by Mind Doc
Photography Assistant: Mr. Doc

I was just about to send Monkbot on his merry way, when I realized that I was scheduled to work at a clinic that is near Hollywood later in the week. I was struck by the Monkbot potential in this visit. Shelley gave permission for me to take the little feller for a ride and so off we went to Hollywood. Before the Hollywood visit, I was at another clinic and found this great view.


I do not know much about the dinosaurs, but I seem to remember at least one of them being in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. The thematic requirement fulfilled, Monkbot poses in the freezing wind just long enough to get the shot, but avoid getting eaten. The website says, “From the interstate highway, the uncommon view of two giant dinosaurs, on an arid plain surrounded by mountains, is an irresistible magnet. But tourists are not the only ones compelled to stop. Well within L.A.’s convenient day-drive sphere, the Cabazon dinos became media darlings in the 1980s, appearing in everything from Coke commercials to rock videos to the film “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” They were built by Claude Bell, who ran the Wheel Inn on I-10. Claude took 11 years to build Dinny, a giant apatosaurus and arguably the largest dinosaur in America.”

I like that there is a giant slide built into the T-Rex’s tail, a fact that I did not know.

After work, I go to Hollywood, which is a short drive away. Mr. Doc volunteers to help out with the photos, as my previous photo-partner is in Scotland. The first stop is the famed Hollywood sign.


This was a remarkably tough shot to get. Too far away and there were scads of telephone wires and lethal traffic (the best shots were from the middle of busy streets). Too close and there were damned trees and hills. A helpful dog-walker suggested a vantage point and voila!

If there is one landmark that says “Hollywood” to the world – literally! – it is the famous Hollywood Sign, perched high atop Mount Lee, the tallest peak in L.A. The sign measures 450 feet long, its mammoth letters are 45 feet high, and it’s visible from all parts of Hollywood. Erected in 1923 as an advertising sign for a real estate development in Beachwood Canyon, the sign originally read “Hollywoodland.” The last four letters were removed in 1945, after Hollywood had become the world’s movie capital, and the sign had already become a well-known landmark. (In fact, it’s been officially declared “Los Angeles Cultural-Historical Monument #111.”)

Who knew that they have a webcam?

We figure we have enough time to get another couple of shots. The next stop is the Kodak Theater, where the American Idol finale was held. It is situated right next to Mann’s Chinese Theater and is on the Walk of Fame.


Finally, we stop at the CBS Studios, where the American Idol television show was taped. Imagine a long queue of people waving Soul Patrol and Taylor Hicks signs, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. We are shooed off – sheesh! No pictures are allowed to be taken on the property, by edict of the gate guard. I believe him to be a fascist. I back off to the driveway. The gate guard looks at me suspiciously, and I wonder nervously if they have tazers in the guard shack. I retreat to the van. We quickly get the shot, with little or no finesse. (insert whispered conversation consisting of “hurry! Just get it out of the window! I am, I am!”)


So, Monkbot is off to his next destination, antenna and visor intact. Not even scratched. The bubble wrap is looking a little tattered, though. Fond regards from this faction of the Monkbot Division.

Signing off!!

Woo Hooo!!! Five thousand Monkbot points to Rowan, Mind Doc, and Mr. Doc for all their hard work and sacrifice! This was a GREAT installment of Traveling Monkbot!

FYI…Traveling Monkbot has ALREADY reached his new foster home. Who has him? What will happen?

To be continued…


14 Responses to “Hooray for Hollybot!”

  1. Rowan Says:

    Aww, MD and Mr D, these pics are fab! I love the dinosaur one in particular. Monkbot must know, with his native animal cunning, that the one nearest him is a herbivore and will not munch him. Still, it must have taken a bit of nerve for him to pose there. I mean, brontosaurus might have considered him vegetable, then had to spit him out, which would have done TM no good at all, and T Rex is hovering in the background, waiting to detect any sudden movement…

    The Holywood pic is great too. Will we be saving up for a tour bus for the wee guy, with his own little couch? Whoo hoo to TM and the windows he opens into our respective worlds.

  2. Rowan Says:

    I see that the big dinosaur is an apatosaurus, and not a brontosaurus. Oh well. He is stupendous, whatever his appelation! It must be amazing to drive up and see the dinos in the distance. The landscape is just perfect. I think it would definitely give me a prickle of fear, concrete or no concrete! I have read too much Ray Bradbury, and would imagine them looking into my windscreen.

    I know “Hollywood” is spelt with two ls. Just sayin. I am typo-tastic.

    Well-done folks!

  3. leejolem Says:

    Thank you Mind Doc and Mr Doc for the heroic pics! Was the guard or the dinosaur scarier? My fav is TM in front of the Kodak theater.

  4. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Whew…what a great installment. MindDoc and Rowan have raised the TM bar to astronomical heights! I am already trying to map out the NY/Philly Metro plans for when TM visits me.

    Well, done!

  5. Shrewspeaks Says:

    *sits and rocks, muttering*

    The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure. The pressure.

  6. KD Says:

    If Monkbot needs a little rest from all his travels, he can always come to visit me for a couple of days…I had a Bedrest Barbie once…Monkbot could take her place on my couch. 😉

  7. Gray Charles Says:

    Such amazing work, Mr. Mind Doc is truly an evil genius (does everyone know that he is in a position where it is easy for him to corrupt the minds of America’s youth?)

  8. suzi-q Says:

    Mind Doc, you have to have the most endearing, scholarly and gentlemanly husband in Mr. Doc:) Our thanks to both of you and Rowan over the pond. I can only hope that your travels exceeded the greatness you shared with us. I had a delightful time:) Thanks so much and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  9. suzi-q Says:

    Shrewspeak, not to worry, not to worry:) When asked why I didn’t sign up for travels of TM on the Gulf Coast of MS, I reminded my dear Shell, that first, I had no digital camera and second, I could only show TM where everything once was:( If he is still traveling in twenty years and my mind can recall where I put any camera, I’ll take him around to see the sights!!! (probably at a quiet nursing home:) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. suzi-q Says:

    The “You Tube” video was GREAT! thanks for making it easy on those of us who can just clink to download then play. Great rendition of “Hollywood Nights”.

  11. Libby Says:

    Again !! Bravo to Mond Doc, Rowan and Mr Mind Doc… Out Monkbot is a jet setter…

    I also agree with Shrew– you have raised the bar high for all of us who eagerly await Monkbot’s visit with us. I am eagerly awaiting his visit — and trying to think of a new spot or two for his parade route. Must keep up with the Mind Doc — if I can.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all.
    Love you,

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I am just loving the traveling monkbot pics. Nice job Mind doc.

    None at the valet stand at the Hotel Roosevelt?

    Maybe next time.

  13. Malisa Says:

    Oops. That was me. *wink*

  14. Mind Doc Says:

    Malisa — believe it or not, I thought of that. And then it got dark. And then I forgot. : (

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