It’s the End of the World As We Know It…But I Feel Fine


Blood pressure medication prescribed within a week of R.E.M. and Van Halen being inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Yikes…just call me Granny.

By they way…when you’re heating up salmon that you’ve cooked previously and you get totally engrossed watching an R.E.M. video because it totally rawks…this happens.

(There was actually fire shooting out of my oven…and I’m blaming it on Michael Stipe’s haunting voice.)

But I ate the fish anyway. The inside was great…and I think the process actually helped minimize the fishy taste.

Did anyone else think Eddie Van Halen was soooo cool putting his lit cigarette in his guitar pegs back then?

Geez…if only we knew how he’d turn out…we wouldn’t have thought there was ANYTHING cool about smoking.

NOTE TO TAYLOR HICKS: Please stop smoking…I can’t bear the thought of you looking like Eddie one day.


You’re just too purty the way you are…

taylor hicks – the right place (in studio)

P.S. I walked Sadie last night. Yeah!


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  1. Jan Says:

    I had a poster of David Lee Roth wearing nothing but a towel on my wall as a teenager. I still recall it fondly.

    I love REM but especially love Michael Stipe on Round and Round featuring Neneh Cherry. I’m sure nobody knows that song but I love it and Neneh Cherry’s self-titled album is in the top 10 CDs of all time for me.

  2. Mind Doc Says:

    Blackened Eddie and blacked salmon …

    Hilarious. Really. When I saw Eddie, I started laughing so loudly that the dogs came clickety clacking out of their nice warm beds to see what was wrong.

    I loooved that video, by the way. David Lee Roth is not standing the test of time particularly well, either. I think he has had bad plastic surgery.

    Er. I blackened hot dogs for dinner. A new low. My daughter looked at them dubiously and asked if I had intended the result. I think that prevarication is the best response sometimes.

    Good for you on the healthy dinner — Eddie is a salutory lesson for us all. He looks like he has been living hard.

  3. shelley Says:

    Where is everyone today?


  4. Rowan Says:

    Shelley, this is great – very funny! I had the same reaction when I saw Queen on American Idol. They don’t really come across as wild men of rock, but they were looking a bit wizzened under those perms. They are still the biz, tho.

    Loved your timely warning to Taylor. He still has one over on these smoke-shrivelled guys, though, as he is going to look, ‘forever young’, courtesy of his grey locks. He is going to be reminiscent of the proverbial Dorian Gray, in the sense of looking ageless – but without the scuury portrait in his attic, showin the results of wild livin. Unlike our Taylor, Dorian was meeean.

    I am glad that I have never smoked, because the chickens have kinda come home to roost. Spent part of yesterday in the medical photography studio of my local hospital, standing against a huge blue background, in the semi-scud. My daughter was an abdominal pregnancy, and i am facing a big incisional hernia repair, and other bits and bobs. Well, I may be looking at surgery, but it is more of an awkward half-glance in its direction, cos I am a cowardy- custard.

    I stood, shuffling around in front of the unrelenting eye of the lens, the humourless photography nurse snapping away at the overhanging Rowan. Rowans are fine upstanding trees, and are not given to weeping-willow overhangs. This one however, bucks the trend. I shuffle around in front of the unrelenting eye of the lens, to give a front and side view. My “before” picture. The grim nurse did say that I was not, “the worst [she] had ever seen….” Gee, thanks.

    I am hoping that my subsequent visit for the “after” pic will involve a little more bravado, and will not involve a request to “leave off my head.”

    Good luck to all my Monkbot sisters in all our healthy quests.

    Donny Osmond tho – he is still lookin good. Saw him on a talk show, and he is remarkably unshrivelled and unblackened.A real advert for not staying up late ingesting unhealthy substances and going to bed without bothering to floss. In fact, he is lookin better than ever.Does he have any music out? (please someone slap me upside the head.)

  5. shelley Says:

    “humourless photography nurse” – Rowan

    how very true.

    I know stuff like that becomes rote for medical folks…but a smile wouldn’t kill them, you know?

    Especially when their victims…er…patients…are usually nervous and feel vulnerable.

    I will have a soft spot for Donny, so you will not get slapped my me.

    Then, again, I have a rather large soft spot for anything silly…so maybe I should slap us both.

  6. leejolem Says:

    I’m at work, so I can’t click on the “blackened” salmon or Eddie–bummer! My husband picked smoking back up 2 years ago (after not smoking for 20)–I can’t stand the habit. I must say I hated to hear that Taylor smokes, but I can imagine it would have been the norm in the bars/restaurants he sang at. I choose to think (delude myself) that he only smokes occasionally, and he will quit now that he’s in CA.

    I think Donny maybe has had some plastic surgery done, but he does look good. You know who I think still looks great for a rocker? Jon Bon Jovi–am I crazy?

  7. nolagirl Says:

    Hey, at least your veggies look pretty, Shelley!

    I was a bit young when R.E.M. and Van Halen were in their hey days, so no real input from me – sorry!

    How about a GO SAINTS though? 😉

  8. Rowan Says:

    Lee – I am with you on Jon Bon Jovi. He looks great, even with short hair! My little brother bought me “Livin on a Prayer” for a birthday present in my student days. I used to play it as a foil to the never ending “Dark Side of the Moon” which he and my sister played, ad nauseum. I like my rock up-beat!

    Hey – Donny fans are coming out of the closet today! Shelley – perhaps he has a future role as a medical photographer,with that mood-altering grin of his.

    My sister and I used to love the Osmonds – not so much for their singing, but because there were so many of them. We used to lie awake in our room until the wee small hours, making up long interminable sagas about them. My mother would come into the room, frowsy and exhausted after having been woken up by our chatter for the fifteenth time, and yell, “Noooooo moooooore about those blooming Osmonds!”

    Donny’s grin is like the Cheshire cat’s, in Alice in Wonderland – an entity in itself. The Mick Jagger pout maybe symbolised the Sixties, but Donny’s show-stopping grin sticks on the front of my box of Seventies memories. I had an iron-on transfer of him, too. My mum ironed it on a horribly itchy crimplene vest, (tank?) and I wore it, even though it was like a hair-shirt. That’s loyalty for you.

  9. ivoryhut Says:

    Can I at least give NOLA a little tap on the head for reminding me of my age? (Shelley, we’re the same age – I think – so I’ll give her an extra one for you, too.)

    Why is it that when I hear Donny Osmond, I remember Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson, and Leif Garrett??

    Blackened Eddie is skeery. I may have nightmares tonight.

  10. double d Says:

    Well, I’m on the opposite end of the age thing regarding REM. I was too busy with diapers and late nights at the office during those times to have ANY “music life”.

    Shelley — funny “blackened” story. Being Cajun, “we” always kind of took offense to the whole blackened “craze”. My wise old Daddy used to say, “If my Momma ever brought something that looked like THAT to the table, we call it BURNED, not blackened.” Folks, if you learn only ONE thing from me, it’s this:


    Outta resPECK for Daddy, Thank you.

    Oh, and confessionae on the Donny-ae — “Go Away Little Girl” was my favorite song off the To You With Love, Donny album (which I owned). Poster on the wall and religiously caught the Saturday morning cartoon….tried to like Jimmy as he was exactly my age, but he was NO Donny.

    Did you know that Donny Osmond has a 27 year old son? YIKES!

  11. nolagirl Says:

    I’ll take the whacks, ivoryhut, even though I didn’t mean it like *that*


  12. leejolem Says:

    DD, have to agree with you on Jimmy Osmond. He just didn’t have the “it” factor that Donny had.

  13. Rowan Says:

    DD and Lee – with you completely on the Donny/Jimmy thing.

    Shelley – just got my Taylor email from the Online Soul Patrol. Are you going to record a spot? It was a shame they didn’t post Taymit! We all thought he was the biz, tho.

  14. Rowan Says:

    I’m glad that the single “Just to Feel That way” is going to be “impacting radio” very soon. (What a cool phrase!) It is my most fave. looove it!

  15. ivoryhut Says:

    NOLA, don’t worry. It’s a tap given in love. I know you didn’t mean it like that. I was just jellis ’cause I’m miss my 20s.

    Besides, I might be on the receiving end of some taps myself. I have absolutely no idea who Jimmy is.

  16. Julie Says:

    Rowan, not only does Donny look good, he is amazingly on top of things musically. Donny on Rehearsal Click on “Sacred Emotion.” (I can’t figure out how to link the whole thing here cuz I’m lame that way. In fact the reason I’m on your site, Shelley, is to learn that linking thing, which I’m practicing for the first time. Fingers crossed!) Anyway, this is a fun look at behind the scenes stuff, too.

    And Granny, from a fellow Granny let me say that the Noah, the cute skateboard kid in the REM video, is now something like 35 years old. GAH!

  17. Mind Doc Says:

    I admit that I did not like Donny Osmond, not really. Or Leif or Shaun, or Parker. I knew that I was supposed to like them, so even if I did, I wouldn’t. I am a leeetle contrary.

    The girl next door, however, was totally smitten with Donny. I probably could have forgiven her, but when she twisted the apple stem to find out the letters of her future husband, she always made it end up on “D” and “O”, even if she cheated. And then she would squeal, as if completely surprised, “D! O! I’m marrying Donny Osmond!”

    Everyone knows that the apple stem has to come off with no extra effort or it does not count.

  18. ivoryhut Says:

    At first I wondered why I never heard of that apple stem thing before. Then I remembered: I’m from a tropical country. We don’t grow apples.

    Pineapples maybe?

    I never was into the whole “teen idol” scene back then either. But I do remember liking Rick Springfield. And Duran Duran. And Spandau Ballet.

    New Wave was H U G E back home.

  19. Rowan Says:

    Shelley – apologise for posting my ‘apple stem’ comment on the wrong thread. (Blush.) That’s what comes of watching long high-tech videos about new cutting-edge Apple products in the early hours! Sawreee.

    Ivory – Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet has made a comeback. Did you see him in the series, “Reborn in the USA?” He’s really down to earth and funny. I liked him.

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