What’s the Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Lost a Friendship Over?


Okay, so when I read yesterday that John Cusak and Jeremy Piven might no longer be friends…I was saddened deeper than when Brad left Jen.

These guys used to share an apartment and have been starring in movies together since “One Crazy Summer” (1986). According to Internet Movie Database…here are the movies they have filmed together

One Crazy Summer – 1986
Elvis Stories – 1989
Say Anything – 1989
The Grifters – 1990
Floundering – 1994
Grosse Pointe Blank – 1997

Serendipity – 2001

Runaway Jury – 2003

They’ve both been working for more than 20 years in the industry…but Piven has never found that solid footing that Cusak did early on. (Does anyone other than me remember cutie-pie John as the big brother in “Stand By Me”?)

Piven has been in his share of stinkers…and movies I’ve never heard of. Take a look at his list of films on Internet Movie Database. He’s also schlepped around T.V. for awhile. I remember him from when he was on “Ellen” and I even remember his failed “Cupid” series. It’s actually T.V. that has brought him into the limelight recently…”Entourage” (which I’ve never seen…but which won him an Emmy last year).

Cusak…though always a cult favorite…rarely plays anything but a leading man (or a crony to Anthony Michael Hall…very hot).

Anyway, Piven is now hinting that Cusak is jealous of the new found success of “Entourage” and the friendship has been quelled.

If that’s true…then it’s absurd.

Plus, I have to point out the utter ridiculousness of Piven even broaching the subject in the press. Maybe Piven is too big for HIS britches…why else would he put down an old friend? Wouldn’t the matter be better settled AWAY from the media?

Personally…I think had Jeremy tricked John into entering Candy Mountain…THEN and ONLY THEN should the friendship have been terminated…


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  1. Malisa Says:

    I was SO confused! I saw the first You Tube clip and KNEW it was the “Ten Years” scene from GPB. But then I thought you were labeling it that as Serendipity. But I see my error now, you’ve embedded the videos within the timeline. Ahhh.

    GPB is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can never quite pinpoint why. But I love it. I have to watch it a couple times a year.

    Love John Cusak in general. Love, love, love GPB.

  2. Malisa Says:

    And in the ‘odds and ends’ camp…

    I’m pretty sure that I know ‘Melanie the Waitress’ (Wendy Thorlakson) from that movie. Not ‘know-know’, but her family used to bring their cars to my ex’s car repair shop. I wouldn’t be so sure that it was her, but one of the crew members has the same name as her brother and father (Denny Thorlakson), so I’m guessin’ it’s them.

  3. Mind Doc Says:

    The idea that John would be jealous of Jeremy is absurd. After all, he knows that I am his for the taking.

    With that being said, John is impervious to all other worldly considerations. However, if the teeniest hint of sadness should appear on the horizon, I will be there to soothe him.

  4. shelley Says:

    doesn’t john always have the tiniest bit of sadness on the horizon…that’s why we love (want) him so badly?

  5. Mind Doc Says:

    sigh … I guess.

    As to the stupidest reason that I ever ended a friendship, I will have to ponder it.

  6. Jan Says:

    I love John Cusack and Jeremy Piven. I am sorry that they have had a falling out but I will say that Jeremy Piven in Entourage is absolutely brilliant. I have seen every episode. In fact, I have watched may episodes multiple times because they are so great. I don’t do that normally.

    I, like MindDoc will have to ponder the stupid ways I have ended/lost friendships.

  7. Rowan Says:

    Um, Shelley, MindDoc – is John Cusac the handsome chap driving in the video clip? I am feeling very obtuse here, not knowin who he is. Aww, I’m hoping he hasn’t really fallen out with his friend over something like that. They must have been happy for one another’s successes over all these years of being friends – a little competetive, maybe, but still happy for eachother..

    MindDoc – That thing about the appple-stalks…in my neighbourhood, girls do not eat apples. It is kind of a fruit-free zone here. Vitamin C and fibre are downloaded from potato crisps, along with buckets of cholesterol. It is a nice tradition, the idea of the spple-stalks, and I am wondering, going by the number of them I see littering my street, whether girls are substituting them with can ring-pulls.

    Will give the friendship-ending for daft reasons topic some thought too. I have generally persuaded myself that my reasons were good ones, so am percolating and revisiting!

  8. Rowan Says:

    Yikes, not only do I not know who he is…I have spelled his name wrongly! : (

  9. shelley Says:

    Jeremy is driving in the first clip. John is the passenger.

    Both are VERY handsome…IMO. šŸ˜‰

  10. Rowan Says:

    Thanks, Shelley! Hmmm, well, I’d have to say that I prefer Jeremy. John is a bit too skinny for me. I am more of a John Goodman than a John Cusack sort of gal. I did admire his line in quick-fire chat, though, in the second clip. Very cool.

  11. ivoryhut Says:

    Ah. Thank you for mentioning John Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall in the same post. Let me pause for a moment and visualize.

    Stupid reasons for ending friendships. Hmmm. I can’t really think of any friendships I’ve ended. If anything, they’ve just gone into hibernation or faded in time, most likely from inertia.

    I’ll have to do like Mind Doc and think about this more. However, if perhaps I cut in front of someone on the soothe-John’s-teeniest-bit-of-sadness line, I may get whacked on the head, slapped with a fish, and put in a monkey suit atop a tall tree in the Philippine jungles where our eagles roost.

    Then maybe I’d have an answer for you. If I make it out there alive. With typing fingers intact.

  12. Jax Says:

    John Cusack what a honey .. Jeremy Piven .. heh .. I have never been particular fan of his & if memory serves me well this is not the first article I have read where he has said something that I thought … a bit arrogant..

    My fav John Cusack movie is Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil … Love his sister Joan too.

    Lost friendships… I thought about this a while then came back to post … I don’t remember a particular “episode” that ended a friendship .. however .. I have had times when I have given up on the friendship … I have always wondered what it is like to be the person in the group that everyone notices & wants to be friends with .. instead of the person no one notices is not around .. in that case was it a friendship? .. perhaps only in my mind.

  13. leejolem Says:

    Doesn’t every girl want John Cusack standing outside their house holding up a boom box playing that song?

    I loved John in Identity!

  14. Mind Doc Says:

    Ohmygosh. “In Your Eyes” … sigh. It is a wonder that I ever married, with that as a standard for passionate longing.

    Ivory — you getoutta my way in the soothe-line or monkey suit, fish whacks, and top of tall trees in the Philippine jungle for you.

    I have thought about it, and I can’t think of ever ending a friendship — mine, too, just faded away.

  15. Malisa Says:

    For ivoryhut…you don’t have to just visualize…


    and there’s something in there for jax too. 0:04

  16. Paul Says:

    Along this vein on ending friendships, I am currently reading a book by Leah Stewart titled The Myth of You and Me. Click here for the review. I’m only halfway through, but am totally engrossed in the story.

  17. leejolem Says:

    The Candy Mountain/unicorn video was disturbing, yet entertaining!

  18. shelley Says:

    Thanks, Paul.

    Have to check it out!

    Leejolem…you get the

    Official Prize of the Day

    for being the ONLY PERSON to even mention the video (which totally cracked me up).

  19. ivoryhut Says:

    Malisa, thanks for the video! And thank you for making me realize I was attaching the wrong face to the name Anthony Michael Hall.

    In my head, I was thinking Andrew McCarthy.

    But interestingly, while looking that up on the net, I realized that there no longer is anything nerdy at all about Anthony Michael Hall. I didn’t even recognize him in his recent photos.

  20. leejolem Says:

    Ivory, I loved Andrew McCarthy in St Elmo’s Fire. He has this unbelievable stare he does w/his eyes. Can you believe Anthony Michael Hall today is the same nerdy guy from 16 Candles? He really bulked up.

  21. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, you made my evening w/th prize of the day. That pic is hawt!

    Ivory, Andrew McCarthy needs to use some moisturizer, quick!

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