Will You? Won’t You? Will I? Won’t I?



The madness begins in a week.

American Idol Season 6 premiers Tuesday and Wednesday, January 16 and 17.

I will be watching.

Will you?

I can’t wait to see how Taylor’s win will affect this year…higher age limit, song writing contest, proving Simon WRONG, finding the unexpected.

I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Is it just me or does anyone else totally not even consider American Idol anymore when thinking of Taylor? I swear, the two seem totally removed from one another to me. Am I crazy? What is THAT about?

It’s been a might quiet in the Monkbot hallways the past two days. What gives? Are we a bored lot? Are folks swamped at work? Have my posts sucked? Is everyone trapped under something heavy and unable to reach their keyboards? Should the site be shut down for a bit to give folks a rest? Just wondering.


44 Responses to “Will You? Won’t You? Will I? Won’t I?”

  1. Holeigh Says:

    Ooh, good post. Before that: Personally, I haven’t been around much lately because I was on vacation and the dial up at home kills me, then I couldn’t relate to a few posts (don’t watch The Office, etc). But I’ve been reading.

    Now, for the AI. YES, I will be watching…I miss Simon, Paula, Randy, Ryan, and their craziness. It’s going to be weird without last year’s contestants, but I think enough time has gone by that I can move on. πŸ˜‰ I think you’re right when you say you don’t connect Taylor with AI any longer. I don’t either, but I was watching some old clips today…he was certainly incredible to watch on that show. I hope someone with a spark makes it through this year. It won’t be the same, but it’ll definitely be fun to re-hash with everyone!

  2. leejolem Says:

    I have mixed feelings about watching Idol this year. Season 5 was the only season I watched start to finish. Once I saw “that gray haired guy” (which is what I called him for about 6 weeks) I was hooked. I’ve watched some of the auditions for the other seasons, and I usually watch the finale, but was never that invested in it. I don’t really relate Taylor to AI anymore either, except I have this weird feeling in my gut that I will feel a little sad when I watch, and I know TH won’t be on. Is that silly or what? (Hey, I cried after the finale knowing I wasn’t going to see him 2x/week anymore–I’ve recovered somewhat, but still don’t know about watching AI). I’m just not sure anyone will be as riveting as Taylor.

    That being said, I will probably have to watch the premiere–I’m too much of a pop culture junky to miss it.

    Shelley, I have been swamped at work catching up after the holidays, as I’m sure others have been also. Have been reading everything, but I’m too drained to post much. Please don’t take a break for awhile– I would miss everyone too much! You bring a smile to my face everyday (come on, the Candy Mountain/unicorn video was Monkbotlicious!

  3. Jan Says:

    I will absolutely not be watching this or any other season of AI. First step…

    I have a problem

    I can’t believe how my life changed because of the last season of AI. Can’t. I don’t ever want this to happen to me again. I’m lucky to still have a job.

    I don’t trust myself not to watch so I’m going to take guitar lesson on performance night.


  4. Jan Says:

    Shelley, it isn’t you, it’s the holidays and everyone being so busy because of that. I have read every post even if I haven’t commented. I often feel so silly commenting after the conversation. I know only you will read my comments but I figure that’s ok.

    I love this blog and would be sad if you took a break due to slow traffic. If you need a break, that’s a different story. I understand that.

  5. Rowan Says:

    Shellleeee – please keep posting! I share Jan’s views on the slowness over the past few days – post-holiday catch-up. Agree that if you need a wee break, that’s something we would all understand, as you put so much time and effort into the fab-tastic posts. However, for selfish reasons, I reeeeeeally hope you don’t!

    It is wonderful coming here and sharing thoughts, opinions and a huge ongoing measure of raucous laughter. If the Monkbot Halls close down, we will be roaming the streets, getting into all sorts of trouble, only to be rounded-up by dynamic veterinarian types with tranquiliser darts, and dumped back at the door anyway. This is where we monkbot sisters belong! We need our daily dose of fun, insight and irony. o-{:8)}

    As to watching American Idol this year, I will likely catch some of it. The auditions are gruesomely compelling. The X Factor, our version of the show, has just finished, and I watched most of that, and found it entertaining. I would say it is sillier than AI – they have toothless old grandads auditioning, singing ditties from WW2. Simon laughs a lot more, and seems more relaxed. The winning act was excellent, though. Simon was all agog over her prospects.

    I still looked for Taylor though. There were contestants singing several songs which Taylor had sung, including Jailhouse Rock, and Try a Little Tenderness. It was a little poignant, watching these other singers, and thinking of Taylor and the whole AI/GC shebang, which I am still processing. I still find it hard to believe that I would get up at 2am on performance and results nights, and sit in chat for the play by play. Oh..and Skype vote till dawn without once hearing, “Thanks for votin for me.” I shake my head and smirk at myself.

    Can’t see myself ever getting pulled-in like that again. Taylor was a one-off. I’ve watched other AI and X Factor seasons, and never felt the urge to actually place a vote. I like the guitar lessons idea, though Jan! Hee hee. Very wise. I have note-finding difficulties, so will need to find a different diversion.

    I see Taylor as distinct from AI too, and think he always was, really, to such as us, from the beginning. He stretched their parameters until they squealed, the public loved him, he got his showcase, but he still has his own firm views on where he’s going, just on a grander scale. He’s got the wherewithal for his tour-bus now,put as much of himself as he could into his first cd, and fans flock to see him. I don’t think he has any corporate thumbprint upon him. saying that, I don’t really associate Kelly Clarkson with AI either (though I came to her music post-show) but I do Carrie Underwood, a little, and I saw her audition from the beginning. Kelly made her Breakaway, I guess, and Taylor was UTR…low-flying, but dead on course.

  6. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I echo…Jan’s statement about not letting AI rule your life like Season 5 did. I will watch and enjoy, but it has gone back to being a show. (Side note: the judge I miss the most is Little Richard from Celebrity Duets. He made Pauler look like she is on the straight-up and narrow.)

    As to MonkBot or Not to MonkBot….Please, please, please keep this going. Our little cyber hang out is the only thing that is keeping me SANE! (Big wave to MB Sistas who have emailed me lately)

    Just to give you all a bit of insight…My best friend was fired from our office, they are going to lay off at least ten more. I have been struggling with leaving…and even more…is THIS what I want to do for a living (those of you who knew me in the summer and the hours I worked will understand)…yesterday, I was given my review…I kicked butt (called rising star, singled out as the only person to increase sales…increase by 2 million…etc), but there are no salary increases until at least May…So, let’s just say I have been at a crossroads. I apologize for my sporatic posting…I will try to post more often.

    I LOVE it here, LOVE all of you and LOVE our manifesto

    But don’t just take my word…see what how this person feels about MonkBots

  7. Rowan Says:

    Awww, Shrew, that is sooo cute! Hee hee!

  8. shelley Says:

    Got it, everyone. Thanks for letting me know about busy schedules.

    I’m not going anywhere.

    Shrew…I’m so sorry about your friend. That breaks my heart for her.

    We miss you so much around here when you can’t comment…BUT…I think everyone will agree that your job is much more important, so we’ll understand if you keep laying low.

    Jan, I don’t think I could EVER be as obsessed about AI as I was last year. I’ll probably treat it like I do “Dancing with the Stars”…love the show…don’t WANT to miss it…but can live if I do.

    However, I think you’re far wiser than I to make a pre-emptive strike and schedule guitar lessons.

    Leejolem…check out post from yesterday…you got the OPOTD.

    Rowan, the tranquilizer darts cracked me up! πŸ˜‰

  9. double d Says:

    Shelley — you stop posting and I’m going to drive to Jackson and kick your butt.

    I want so badly to just sit and post and joke ALL DAY, but alas I HAVE to get focused. Although not as bad as Shrew, work is draining. At night, everyone is gone and I have a limited time then too. But I will perservere, because I love this place (and even Gray’s with all it’s “craziness”).

    AI — I’ll watch, yes. Mainly to see how Taylor is “treated” and to validate how far short they all will fall from Taylor and his other compadres from Season 5. Yes, Shelley, I don’t associate Taylor hardly at all, except that it keeps coming up in all the “THEY aren’t promoting Taylor, but are pimping Chris” stuff.

    I think Taylor will be the winner that disassociates himself from AI the quickest. He really is ALOT bigger than AI and I think that this year’s winner will pale in comparison. I will not be surprised if AI’s numbers are “down” from last year. It’s really hard to capture “lightning in a bottle” twice.

  10. Mind Doc Says:

    this is my moment of sanity in an increasingly busy schedule. I am also at a professional crossroads and struggling a bit. Thanks for letting me come and share a little piece of everyone.

  11. leejolem Says:

    Yay!!! I got the OPOTD, but I can’t look at it cuz I’m at work, and it’s blocked. Boo Hiss!!

    DD, I agree there will never be another Taylor. I watched the repeat of the final 3 show and results the last 2 nights on Reality tv, and it is so obvious how “wicked smart” Taylor was on that show. I think he had a plan, and he stuck to it. That in addition to his dynamic performances will not be duplicated. It’s been fun watching the season over again w/more insight into what he was thinking (ie–last 30 secs of the song are the most important, arranging his own songs every week, letting them curl his eyelashes to make his eyes pop (lol), etc…) “Lightening in a bottle” fer sure!!!!!!!!!

  12. nolagirl Says:

    Of course I will watch! I watched before Taylor and will watch after! My whole fam gets in on the show too, so that makes it kinda fun. One of my brothers and his gf already said they have off that day so want to come over to my parents and cook spaghetti and meatballs for us and then watch the show. Ummmm, YES! I am so there.

    I know that I would never even remotely get as involved in the show again as I did (as we all did) last year. It was some kind of freak thing that just doesn’t come around very often (or should I say “he” is some kind of freak thing that doesn’t come around very often LOL).

    I don’t know about y’all but I am already laughing at the “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” girl. LOVE IT.

  13. double d Says:

    NOLAGirl — The Monklex and I are excited for the premiere next Tuesday night, for precisely that “entertainment value”. heh.

    Poor souls. While I respect that they have more “courage” than I to even get up there, I have to question the sanity and/or motivation of some.

  14. shelley Says:

    dd…are we still on for mobile?

    e-mail me to let me know how much I owe ya. πŸ™‚

  15. nolagirl Says:

    Speaking of Mobile – I am starting to wonder if that will be my closest shot to see the official Taylor F***in Hicks tour???? Did Gray mention anything about any new dates released? I know I’ll see him at Endymion, but I’d love to see him on his very own big boy tour. πŸ˜‰ (with y’all, to boot)

  16. Squeebee Says:

    Hey Shelley…..I will join in and say that , even though I don’t post every day, I read every day. Life has been a little crazy these days, but I will try to start chiming in more often again.

    I guess I have decided to watch AI again this year, if for no other reason than the “water cooler” talk here at MB HQ. I agree that I REALLY don’t want to get as involved as I did last year, and I really can’t see another Taylor coming along any time soon.

  17. Squeebee Says:

    NOLA get thyself to GC pronto! NOLA tour date….HOB, 3/14!

  18. baby duck Says:

    Shelley, I try to get by here at least once a day to read your post and the comments. Just haven’t had anything to contribute lately. I’ve been a bit cranky, and haven’t wanted to infuse your site with that vibe. ::Thinks soft, fuzzy, scwumpshush, witto baby duck thoughts. Feels better::

    Even though at the end of last season I told myself I would not watch ever again because of my “overinvolvement” with Taylor, I think now that I will. Mainly because I can’t imagine that there will be any contestant as captivating as Taylor. He portrayed the right mix of sound, performance, song selection, humor, and southern gentleman. He was someone I could get behind: I wanted his dream to come true, and I used two phones to vote for two hours every Tuesday night to try and make it happen. His back story and passion and persona motivated me, but I wasn’t acting purely altruistically. I knew that he needed to win — not come in second or third — for (then unnamed) modern whomp to be created. Here was my chance to say, “Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, that’s what I want to hear. Enough fluff. Enough boy band. Enough Madonnabrittany. Enough head-banging. Give me the kind of music that reaches down to the core of my soul and stirs my passion.” I hope that Taylor does not feel burdened by these expectations, but rather liberated to pursue his musical inclinations, knowing that there is a solid core of fans like me who will support him on this journey.

    The only time I associate Taylor with AI anymore is when people continue to compare his album’s success with Chris’s (and I suppose Kat’s once hers is out). It’s one of the things that’s making me cranky. The contest is over, and I think both Taylor and Chris have moved on. I just wish the fans would.

    Finally, a little bit slower pace suits me. Otherwise, things can get a bit frenetic, especially following more than one blog. It usually takes me awhile to think about the post and the comments, so by that time I jump in, everyone has moved on to the next post or my comments get lost amongst 400 others. I like sites that promote more thoughtfulness, more conversation, more depth. You’re doing a good job of balancing it all. Vive le Monkbots!

  19. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    ohhh that baby laughing video is too cute, thanks a lot now me and my daughter have sat here and watched babys laughing for a hour then we some how got into cats , now I need to get off the computer lol

    Yea I will be watching ai but Im kinda sad about it because I know it will never be the same and that Taylor wont be singing every week, but I still will watch and hopefully some new talent will be found, but there will never be another taylor and never another ai that will make me so crazy again.
    Taylor pretty much owned ai last year and now I dont think of him in terms of ai, taylor is Taylor, unique and special and I am so looking forward to his touring and hoping he comes back here, and the last 2 years I went to ai concerts (2 times last year lol) and this year I am not looking forward to their concert, its only Taylors concert I want to see.(and lmbo as I hope they are having after parties again)
    Im sorry I havent been posting, things have been real rough here lately, hopefully things start to get better now but its complicated. any way please dont close this down, I do read the emails even if I dont post, and like everyone else said if you need a break we understand, but we love this place.

  20. Texan Says:

    Top 5 Reasons for Post Slackin’

    5. Been out about town with a butterfly net trying to retreive my happy bubble.

    4. Been keeping my word to read world newspapers daily. So far I can report that this practice makes me realize how much I do not know, and also that the rest of the world has McCain and Clinton as the next Presidential candidates.

    3. Blog Guilt Syndrome (BGS) victim. Symptoms intensify during resolution drafting. A 20 minute read/post session and belly laugh is indicated and may relieve BGS outbreaks. If not, I will break the glass on emergency merlot reserve.

    2. One non-profit organization, two teenagers, a puppy, a jealous dog, two cats, a broken vase, a stack of laundry that is piling up without Shrew’s good influence…. ’nuff said. shrew…I am loading the machine…honness

    1. Estate settling road trips, college coaching son, and worrying about having a great 18 year old son at the same time I hear Iraq “troop surge” are making my brain spin. Now, back to step five….

    Miss you all! Shelley, lerve ya!

  21. texan Says:

    oh and please NOBODY let me watch AI. It is a life robber! Do not look Simon in the eye, or listen to Randy’s “dawg”talk…..tis hypnotizing!

  22. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Texan! Great Top 5…can you do a load of laundry for me? I have been horrible since the poopydog entered my life! And you HAVE to watch AI if only to relieve the tension in life.

    Rainbows, puppydogs and unicorns!

  23. nolagirl Says:

    Man Texan, you are a busy lady! Just put on some Amos, close your eyes and take some deep breaths (cough cough and a bottle of wine cough cough)

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I have one second! I spoke to you last night Shelley so you know where I’ve been, how I feel about the blog and AI…as for my Monkbot sistas:

    I’ve been in the midst of an exam week (administering them, not taking them) here at the good ole ABOG. I’m not supposed to be in my office…I’m especially not supposed to be on the internet!! That’s why I’ve not been around all week. I miss you guys!!

    I will definitely watch AI. Since Season 1, I’ve only ever missed one episode. It happened to be the night Ruben won. I was in surgery for a ruptured appendix so I had a good excuse! I love AI and since I’m unmarried, have no kids, no responsiblities other than myself and pups, I do what I want!! And what I want is to watch Season 6 of AI from start to finish…because I’m cool like dat.

    Bye Y’all!!!!

  25. claire Says:

    Ah yes, sporadic posting. Well, as y’all know, I’m in Ireland, so there’s the whole time difference thing. Everything at Gray’s/ Boogie/here livens up when I’m snoring happily in my bed! Plus, I don’t see the same TV programmes, so I don’t really contribute to those conversations, though I do read them. (btw, Ugly Betty just started over here, America Ferrera ROCKS!! And she ain’t even ugly!!)I hope some of you have seen the British version of The Office (Rowan???), I have yet to see the American version. I hope some of Ricky Gervais’ comic timing and genius has crossed the Pond.

    I’m going through a bit of an anti-posting stage lately, I tend to check in at Grays/Boogie, and not post unless I really have something to contribute. Post after post of “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or “TAYLOR I LOVE YOU PLEASE COME PLAY IN (insert name of home town here)!!” wears a bit thin after a while. But there are always good nuggets in there.

    AI6? Jury’s out on that one so far!! I don’t think I will watch the early audition stages, I just get so incredibly embarassed for the poor deluded souls who think they’re the next Mariah Carey when they’re more like the next William Hung. I literally sit watching these sorts of things with my hands over my face, cringing on their behalf, LOL! I may watch the Final 24 stage. I may not. I’ll give it a chance and see if any contestant grabs my attention the way Taylor did last year (OMG, it was LAST year!!It seems like yesterday. I’m gettin’ old…)

    Papa can you hear meeee……..

    Shrew!! How’s Baby Beau??? And I hope the job situation works itself out to your advantage…. πŸ™‚

  26. texan Says:

    feeling the grip of AI on my ankles dragging me to the FOX network so I can hang with the cool kids

    …and Claire how I would love to the your version of The Office!

    …and NOLA you are right Amos and wine cures a lot of woes!!!!

    …oh and I GOT ARETHA tickets R-E-S-P-E-C-T ya baby!!!!

  27. nolagirl Says:

    Aretha?! That’s cool, texan, really cool.

  28. nolagirl Says:

    Aretha?! That’s cool, texan, really cool.

  29. double d Says:

    Texan — You GOT to check out Aretha and Mary J. singing “Never Gonna Break My Faith”. I downloaded it from iTunes last night after Deb over at Gray’s suggested it.


  30. double d Says:

    BTW, “Never Gonna Break My Faith” is from “Bobby-The Movie”.

  31. Texan Says:

    thank you DD….I am burning down the internet highway to the iTunes shop!

  32. leejolem Says:

    Shrew, unicorns are evil! Just watch the video from Shelley’s post yesterday. lol

    Bama, you are so money!

    Claire, this ones for you:
    “Taylor, you are the most perfect man I have ever laid eyes or ears upon. I think you probably never have B.O., and any unfortunate body emissions probably smell like roses. I love you and would like to have your babies. Please come play in Indianapolis!!!”

    Lots of glittery smiley faces down here at bottom of post!

  33. KD Says:

    Finally getting around to posting today….you know, now that I’m home on bedrest, I’m swamped! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, I will add that I read everyday—I have had LOTS of visitors lately though, cutting into my blog reading/contributing time. I’m not complaining…trust me! My visitors make my days of doing nothing go by very quickly. One week to go, and I’ll be sprung!!!
    Anyway…am I watching AI this season???? YOU BETCHA! (And Tex…you HAVE to watch with us…) There is NO way I’m voting though…Taylor was an enigma. There won’t be another one worth buying two texting cell phones for! I, too, will be anxious to see how Taylor’s win will effect this season. Will the contestants be more interesting/diverse/older/talented than usual? Or will many be scared away thinking they can’t beat someone of Taylor’s caliber?? I guess we’ll see! Should be fun to watch.! And Shelley…if you build it, they will come. Make it do what it do baby, and we’ll keep visiting! πŸ˜‰

  34. claire Says:

    :::Claire, this ones for you:
    “Taylor, you are the most perfect man I have ever laid eyes or ears upon. I think you probably never have B.O., and any unfortunate body emissions probably smell like roses. I love you and would like to have your babies. Please come play in Indianapolis!!!” :::

    Leejolem, may I just say – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ‘Cept I live a coupla thousand miles away from Indianapolis πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Now, Dublin, perhaps…


    ::insert row of rolling around banging fists on floor smilies::

    I need a drink. Mojito, anyone?

  35. texan Says:

    Mojito me!

  36. leejolem Says:

    Claire, When Taylor sees our posts (and notice I say “when” not “if”) I have no doubt that we will see a new thread posted at GC tomorrow– “New tour dates announced: Indianapolis and Dublin thanks to Leejolem and Claire”
    How can he resist our glittery, fist smacking smileys?

    kd, bedrest–ugh! I had to be on bedrest for 3 weeks w/my 1st pregnancy. I’m a relatively boring,sedentary person, and it drove me crazy. Hope you have lots of good books, craft projects, friends to drop by, and dvds!

    Nola, are you excited about the new concert date? Wish I were closer (I think you guys are about 14 hrs away 😦

    Double D, are you the music guru or what? I am such a goobery novice compared to you.

  37. double d Says:

    OK, I’m posting here at night. Some of you guys HAVE to talk to me. Monklex is watching golf so I had to DVR “Ugly Betty”.

    I love that show. Think I’ll go do some research on America Ferrara.

  38. leejolem Says:

    DD, Watching golf–ewwwww! I love the dramatic whispery voices they use. Now I would watch TH if they televise the Bob Hope tournament. I bet Taylor lets out a few Wooooo’s when he swings.

    I haven’t watched Ugly Betty ,but I heard it was great. I’m halfway watching the new reality show Armed and Famous. It was filmed in Muncie, IN. I’m sure it will show all the Hoosiers at their best–missing 1/2 their teeth, in curlers and saying “warsh” instead of “wash”. Oh well, gotta love the midwest anyway. I’ve lived here all my life.

  39. nolagirl Says:

    leejolem – YES!! I am VERY excited. DD and I called it all along, and look at us – we were right about the location and everything!

    Is there a tour date near you?

  40. Libby Says:

    Shelley and fellow MBs,

    Love the Monkbot home that you created here. Please keep it up at the pace your schedule allows.

    As many have mentioned, I am dealing with some serious crossroad decisions here at home in the last few weeks. Plus, just not feeling my best. I would miss all of you very much, if MB went away.

    As far as AI Season 6, I am not planning to watch. I never watched before Season 5 – late Feb 06 when my friend demanded I tune in to the show to see and hear Taylor. Last year was quite interesting and it encouraged me to meet all of you. We will see if I am persuaded to change my mind on watching the show.

    I agree Taylor and AI are 2 separate entities in my mind now, too.

    Shrew — congratulations on your kudos from work ! It can be overwhelming to be faced with career tough decisions. Grab hold of your confidence — you clearly have done an excellent job — and that will serve you well in whatever decisions you make. Continue taking it one step and decision at a time…

  41. leejolem Says:

    Nola, My daughter and I are going to the Columbus,OH concert. We have front row tickets. WOOOOOOO! It’s about a 4 hour drive. I’m waiting for an Indy or even Louisville,KY or Cincinnati,OH date. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  42. Jax Says:

    Shelley ..

    This place MUST live on & on & on & on & on …

    This is the place where all of my favorite people hang out … Gosh I miss the old days in GC chat … I miss all of you ..

    I read this blog everyday .. except for the “few” days a month when I actually remove myself from this house in the country & ride to “town” with Mr. Jax … Yesterday I got to do fun stuff … Had the oil changed … had the truck washed (how does that man make such a mess) … got a haircut (I have had 2 hairdressers quit the busines in the last 6 months … I swear it’s not me … I am realllllyyyyy nice to them & tip well) so I found a new one yesterday (believe it or not .. on the advice of my son) .. found THREE yes THREE Taylor fans working in the shop… Had lunch with old friends I don’t see often & then we took the brood out to dinner.

    Sometimes I post on topics that are days old … I don’t think those get noticed …

    As I said a few days ago … ALWAYS be proud of what you have created here! What a warm loving place to sit ..put your feet up & hang with the coolest sisters since the Ya Yas. (Paul .. if you feel like the lonely little petunia in the onion patch here… You can comiserate with Mr. Jax … he is haiving dinner before the concert in Jax with 50 women .. bless his heart)

    Everyone is excited about the concert in NOLA … I wish atleast one of you was coming to Jax ….Squee .. you will be there .. right in my pocket… I dreamed the other night of Taylor signing that picture for you! The rest of you will be there in my heart.

    Love you all … miss you all so much! We need to pick one night a week where WE take over the GC chat & show them how it should be used!

  43. Jax Says:

    ohhh … Yep gotta watch atleast the first few weeks … I fell out at the commercial where the girl sings …. “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me”.

    But I too agree that there needs to be more Taylor …. do TPTB over there actually thnk the rating were as high as they were because of anyone other thatn Taylor?? Palllleeze … I worked to many years with tose powers that could not see what was right infron of their face …

    Shrew … I know what you are going thru … after almost 20 years with a large company the Senior staff decided our team had been together too long & we needed to “broaden out scope” … There were about 17 of us … so they started splittin us up … at the last count .. three are still with the company … Company lost almost 600 years of experience in the business when we all left … Their loss … we all are fine.

    KD .. we are hanging in there with you!!

    ::::Waves to everyone else!::::

  44. EJ Says:

    Like a car wreck, I won’t be able to stop myself from watching…

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