NOOOOO!!!!!!! Don’t Take My Dwight!



Evil. Cruel. Hateful. Brilliant.

The writers of “The Office” have broken my heart.

We get two back-to-back episodes of Dwight actually having warm and fuzzy moments.

Then they give us an episode with Dwight and Jim as an AMAZING sales team together…only to have DWIGHT RESIGN??!!??

I mean, I know he won’t stay gone…but still.


I’m riveted…can’t wait for next week.

Brilliant episode.

Didn’t watch “Ugly Betty.” Will download from iTunes tomorrow.

“Grey’s Anatomy”…great show. I cried. I laughed. I dreamed McDreamy was kissing ME and loving the way I snored.

And…sorry, Bama…but Callie is growing on me. I REALLY liked her last night.

Now…on to more important items…

Gray Charles announced Thursday that Taylor Hicks will be performing in New Orleans at the House of Blues.

This means…


I will start working on plans this weekend.

For now…here is information sent to me by NOLAgirl (thank you, ma’am).

Presale starts Jan. 16 at 10 a.m. to HOB members, Jan. 20 to public.

Concert is WEDNESDAY March 14. Doors open at 7:00, concert starts at 8:00. Ticket price is $28.50. I BELIEVE all of their shows are general admission seating, but I have e-mailed them to ask specifically about this show.

Venue main web site

Map and directions

Event detail page

To create an account, and thus be able to buy tickets Jan. 16

Random thoughts:

– Pay parking lot is about a block’s walk away from HoB. I’ve never had a problem finding a spot, plus it’s a Wed. night so it’ll really be fine.

– There is an upstairs (no smoking) and a downstairs at the venue. Bars and bathrooms on both. Upstairs there are maybe 10-15 table at the most, and I’d imagine they’d get taken very early. I plan on wearing comfy shoes and standing the whole time.

Everyone should go ahead and create an account in order to get tickets.

More details will follow later.



40 Responses to “NOOOOO!!!!!!! Don’t Take My Dwight!”

  1. Ridearoundsally Says:

    ok so I cant sleep…its 1.15am..thought Id drop a little hello to all you lovelies…hope you are all well..Texan, I cant get into gmail ( as usual) but will email ya…shell and the gang.Happy New year to you all! Is the monkbot still doing his rounds? I think he needs to come to texas. Must 2, 12 week old lab puppies Im fostering and they are shredding up somthing in the next room ..sigh..miss you guys lots. I will chat later and tell ya all about my vacation.
    Me love you long time… Sally x x x

  2. shelley Says:

    Sally…so good to hear from ya!

    Yes…Monkbot is out and about. 😉

  3. double d Says:


    It. is. on. New OR-LEEENS, babay!

    BTW, Shelley, no need to buy “Ugly Betty” from iTunes, go here and go to’s episode playbacks. All the ABC shows are available to watch…nice.

    Hmmm…seems as though my crazy-ass “theories” are so far-fetched.

  4. double d Says:

    Oh, BTW…this makes me nauseous…

    Kat goes ‘Ugly’

    Is NOTHING sacred?!?

    And, where’s Taylor’s TV guest appearance? Where’s Taylor’s video? Hell, where’s Taylor’s single?

    rant off

  5. Shrewspeaks Says:

    NOLA…YEAH! I am so down with that!

    Okay, The Office. GREAT episode!!! Karen and Phyllis with Big hair and make-up~hysterical. Phyl also dropping da Pam bomb…nice.

    Am I the only one who loves the fact that they keep showing how good of a salesman Michael is?

    The final scene when Angela was glaring at Andy has to be the funniest thing. I found my self muttering at the end “Go Angela!” Go Angela? Who’d have thunk it?

    Now you all know thinks have been whacky work wise for me…we have had photo ids instituted, we have had a merger, rumors of downsizing…new people have come in and tried to get older employees fired (suceeding in one case), and yesterday…we had an email that we are having a casino night. CASINO NIGHT!!!!! I work for freaking Dunder Mifflin!

  6. Mind Doc Says:

    what’s a dunder mifflin?

  7. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Dunder Mifflin is the name of the fictitous paper company on the Office

  8. Mind Doc Says:

    *blushes, as she does not watch the office*

    Hi Shrew! I am praying for you and your work situation…

    good to see you.

  9. Shrewspeaks Says:

    No blushing allowed…thanks about the work thingy. My feeling…it will all work out, cause it has to.

  10. double d Says:

    Shrewby, you “Walkin’ to New Orleans”?

  11. Mind Doc Says:

    signed up for HOB — I am betting that Taylor will be playing out here in LA at some point. Thanks for the updates. I notice that there is more than one airport in NO. Which one is best? Any suggestions?

  12. Shrewspeaks Says:


    How could I miss this?

  13. Texan Says:

    While you all know that I would never eva wish any grief on our very own Shrew…. the thought of ya plunked in the middle of a Dunder Mifflin plot is somehow funny. Do take care! Do kick their ass! But most importantly, DO make a Shrew conference room “self interview” video for us! Make sure you sit right next to the mini-blinds for that authentic look!

    SALLY: is that you I see? Welcome back, happy new year,feliz navidad and all that! Nice to see you!

    Monkbot convention is during Spring Break …dammit! We have a trip booked.

    …wonder how that trip cancellation insurance works……..How can I miss?

  14. Squeebee Says:

    I am sending a cardboard cut-out of be to be with you all at the MB convention. How I would love to meet you all in person!

    On the GA front…..Karev and Montgomery???? I kind of wondered if it was taking that direction earlier in the episode, but the “almost kiss” was a bit of a shocker.

  15. Squeebee Says:

    *waves to sal* Good to “see” your smiling face!

  16. Jan Says:

    You guys need to watch Ugly Betty and then we’ll talk. It was a great episode. I’ll be walking to New Orleans to hook up with you guys for sure.

  17. Jax Says:

    Hi Sally !! Missed you!

  18. claire Says:

    *Is sad cos she lives thousands and thousands of miles away from MonkBot Convention plans.(sigh)*

    Anybody want to adopt me? (Madonna????? Where you at!!!)

  19. Squeebee Says:

    Ok, so this might seem silly, but do you think it’s possible to set up a cel-cert of some sort for the MB convention for those of us with no hope of attending? Not necessarily for the concert (although that would be cool too!), but maybe for a lunch or dinner? It would be cool to kind of feel a part of the group, and the group is small enough that it just might work!

    What say you, MonkBots?

  20. KD Says:

    SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO wish I could be there!!!! Ugh. How I would loovvve to meet you all! Had such fun meeting Shrew, can just imagine the time we’d all have together! Ah, well…next tour! Squee and I will hang out in chat that night and be pathetic together….right Squee?? Like that cellcert idea though…it could happen!

  21. KD Says:

    By the way…you’re right Jax…we need to pick a chat night and take over at GC’s…overwhelm the masses and take it back by force. They drive me bonkers over there. Everyone pick a night, and I’ll do my best to be there. Thursdays used to be hopping if I remember correctly???

  22. leejolem Says:

    I’m so sad I can’t attend the Monkbot convention! My DH has been very supportive of my TH addiction, but if I tell him I want to drive 14 hrs and be gone 3 days he might hit me over the head w/a fish. I really don’t know what a “cel-cert” is, but it sounds like fun if we could all somehow be together and talk. Is it like a conference call type thingy?

    Sqee, I lerve your cardboard cut-out idea! Can you see all the other Monkbots holding us all during the concert (Claire, Rowan, you, me, whoever else is too far away)? LOL.

  23. leejolem Says:

    oops, I meant SqUee!

  24. KD Says:

    Okay…Lee and Squee-the picture in my head of all our Monkbot friends holding up cardboard cutouts of us at the concert?? Hilarious!!! I’m in! 🙂

  25. double d Says:

    Mind Doc — You want Armstrong International.

    SHREW!!! YEAH!!! Let’s see March 14th….hmmm. Temps ought to be about 85 by then.

  26. double d Says:

    Oh yeah, and put me down for the Chat Takeover….just let me know. heh.

    NolaGirl — since you just went to see Amos Lee at HoB in NOLA, what’s the “capacity” and to Shelley’s point, I think we’re standing all night.

  27. double d Says:

    Hey, why don’t we make those big “headshot” fans like Taylor’s in the AI finale of those that can’t make it — then we’ll have multiple uses for them, cuz it’ll be hot as Hades. or HAWT as Hades.

  28. nolagirl Says:

    Yay for New Orleans!! 🙂 Yep, Louis Armstrong is the airport you want – kinda fitting huh? 😉

    GA was SO GOOD. I don’t think it was humanly possible for Derek to be ANY cuter in the bed scenes. I also thought Callie and George jumping up and down and then kissing was super cute. I really thought George’s dad was going to die this episode, but I am thinking it doesn’t look so hot for him next week. (yikes!) Montgomery was looking ROUGH – didn’t y’all think? And she was looking so pretty earlier in the season …

  29. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh DD…does that mean I would have to pack my clubs?

  30. Squeebee Says:

    DD…that headshot thing is hilarious!!! I’m not sure I want my face blown up that large though.

    Let’s not all forget that our very own Jaxy will be at the opening night concert! I am sooooo excited for her!

  31. texan Says:

    hand stack with KD and DD on the takeova! who else is in? you know there has not been a decent bartender there in months!

    and a speaker cell phone would help us feel like we were all there!!! can we skype connect to squee? ( although I have not given up hope yet! New Orleans is on the way to my Spring Break vacation anyway….)

    squee when you make your cut out make sure you are holding a “Hicks Canadian Tour Please!” sign!

  32. Squeebee Says:

    Tex…you KNOW I am in for the chat takeover!
    Skype worked pretty good for me for the cel-certs on the AI tour, so I think it would be fine.

    “Canucks For Hicks!”

    NOLA….the excitement over urine output was pretty cute with George and Callie. They are going to have to come up with a new character for me to hate, because I am starting to like Callie and Alex.

  33. shelley Says:

    squee…you could always hate mcsteamy.

    i do.

  34. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    I dont watch the office but its supposedly about a office in Scranton Pa, I live near wilkes barre wich is right next to Scranton. I like the guy your talkin about, he used to be on six feet under (that show rocked!)

    as for the show, sighs I cant get there, I am really hoping Taylor comes back to Wilkes barre as that is about as far as I can travel due to a bad back, I really want to see the new concert, will be so much better then having to go to a ai concert and wait till he comes out . I was hoping LMBO was going to have after concerts but I guess not? anyone know?

  35. Rowan Says:

    Hey! Oooh, I would sooo love to come to the convention, to be with my peeps. Pretty sure I will be having surgery around that time, though. If not this time, then next! I hope the conventions will be frequent, as I am definitely comin over when I can get things organised at this end. Whoo hoo!

    I am wondering if a webcam messengery-Yahoo video chat thingy would work.I would wave from my attic room in the wee small hours, as you folks enjoy the sunshine. Would be so happy to see you all. My webcam makes me look bright orange,for some reason, but I am not. To pinch Billy Conolly’s joke, I am a pale-blue Scottish person who turns white when exposed to prolonged UV rays.

    The sign ideas are funny. I have had a cool glittery sign held up for me by a fellow Monkboteer who attended several AI concerts. It said, “Scottish Chicks Love Hicks.” It is visible in the picture of Taylor dancing with Paula, I think. Yo! As for an enlarged head…very funny. Although I deliberately fail to wear my specs when looking in the mirror and therefore only see a blurry reflection, I would do the enlarged head thing. Humour before Dignity is the Rowan clan motto.

    Thoughts and prayers with all monkbot sisters with a lot to deal with just now, and high-fives for those attending concerts. (Slinks off in search of catch-up dvds of “The Office”)

  36. Mind Doc Says:

    I second the motion for more than one convention. We need time to plan so we can see everyone…

  37. Squeebee Says:

    Rowan…I remember seeing that sign on AI!!! What a fun story!

    Shelley, I guess there’s always McSteamy. But it looks as if next week, we are meant to feel sorry for HIM, too! What is the world coming to???

  38. shelley Says:

    I’m certainly not against more than one conference.

    I just think New Orleans would be a great starting point.

    I think for the second convention…we’ll do something low key and relaxing…AND over a holiday or weekend so folks won’t have to miss work. 😉

  39. Mind Doc Says:

    hey squee — to give more details on the whole “Scottish Chicks Love Hicks” sign thing:

    I was given the Mole Patrol assignment by Gray. The person who was organizing the whole trip said that we should have signs, and I am so not a sign holding type of person. Extreme embarrassment. I could only take it if it was funny, so I thought Rowan would get a kick out of it. When we were writing up the SPASI, I made up that slogan for her. I have to say that I was the only one who was carrying a Taylor Hicks sign as a joke. The others were seeeerious. And some were downright scary.

    As I can’t make a sign to save my life, my dear husband made a very nice sign, and I took it to the performance rehearsal. I left the sign there, and someone in the audience held it up during the show. We whooped and hollered when we saw the sign that my husband had made on Tee Vee! It was very exciting. And I was delighted that some stranger had found the sign, and was probably not a scottish chick, and ended up getting the sign viewed on national television. Sometimes, you could not make this stuff up.

    On a side note, when Gray went to the performance rehearsal, we also were supposed to take signs. I handed him a revamped “Scottish Chicks Love Hicks” sign. He thought he was just carrying it for me, (being the gentleman that he is) but I gave it to him. He did not know how to get out of it and I do cherish that memory. I think he ditched it later, but he can’t erase my fond recollection of Gray Charles carrying a sign that proclaimed “Scottish Chicks love Taylor Hicks” — with little hearts on it.

    Now that I think about it, I have some suspiciousness — that sign was a little fangirly. I wonder if my husband was a little fonder of Taylor than he admitted. Naw. Maybe he was just getting into the spirit of things. I hope.

  40. Squeebee Says:

    MindDoc…that is hilarious! Thanks for the background!

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