"When It Comes Down to It, All of Us Are Really Poor Inside"


I’m intrigued…

There were several good singers on AI last night…but one has captured my full attention.

Sean Michel…a soft-spoken 27-year-old from Bryant, Ark. (just outside of Little Rock).

Admittedly looking like a mix between “Osama, Jesus, Castro, and a homeless bum”…Michel had this to say…”but I really think all of us are kind of homeless. When it comes down to it, all of us are really poor inside.”

Then he went before Simon, Randy, and Paula and sang Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”

He wasn’t technically the best singer…but his style and soul were so entirely captivating that I was drawn to him and wanted to hear more. He carried a Ray Lamontagne vibe with a bit of street and hip-hop edge.

I was sold immediately. I really, really like this guy. (The judges were sold, too, as they all three voted yes to send him to the next round in Hollywood.)

After the show, I went and looked him up on MySpace and found that he and his band have done quite a bit of traveling and performing in the South. But what interested me more is that these guys are Christians…and have a pretty great view on today’s music industry.

Excerpt from Sean Michel’s bio page on MySpace:
“The music we love was born some time ago, in a cotton field somewhere as people sang their sorrows and hopes. There was something spiritual in these songs, something bigger than the pain of life, something that inspired endurance. Over the years, these songs were transformed from Gospel and Blues, into Rock and Jazz, and later became every aspect of what is now called the music industry. As this transformation progressed further from its origins, it gradually began to lose the soul it was born with. The music around us became meaningless and empty, a wasteland of triviality where Gospel has been relegated as a footnote at music awards, a relic of where it all began. But things are destined to come full circle, and the time is coming for music to find its soul again. It is in this tradition that Seanmichel finds itself, a band longing for meaning in a culture struggling to do the same.” Click here to read the rest…

I think I’ve found my favorite for this year. The guy has charisma, guts, talent, soul, conviction, and, from what I can tell, humility. Can’t wait to see how he handles this nutty show…or even how he manages to get past the Hollywood round with all that hair.

I wish him the best…and promise to throw some votes his way if and when that time comes for him.

A clip of Michel performing in Sudan in 2005. This isn’t really my style of music…has a little too much Daughtry sound…but I’m still interested in hearing more from this guy. His audition was so different from this clip.


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  1. Quossum Says:

    I really liked him, too, though I don’t know how far he’ll go in the context of this show. Funny, after they made the “Osama, Jesus, Castro, and a homeless bum” comment, and then Michel said, “When it comes down to it, all of us are really poor inside,” I turned to James and said, “Guess he’s coming down on the “Jesus” side of the equation then!”

    How did you like Sundance? I liked him, but Simon’s snotty “blew Taylor out of the water” comment really *really* annoyed me.


  2. shelley Says:

    I thought Sundance did well…but he didn’t have enough of a raw quality about him. He just lacked the emotion. Don’t get me wrong…he can wail…but that’s all I heard.

  3. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I am with ya Shelley…this guy caught my interest…he is like the love child of Ray Lamontange and Yusef Islam. I am not sure if he will last, but he is a stand out. I also LOVED the shy background vocalist…I didn’t catch her name…But she blew my doors off.

    I liked Jason Head (I refuse to call him by his hippy name), but I am not sure if he won’t suffer from Daughtrey syndrome.

    But again…we DID not see enough of the 22 (most so far from one city) that were deemed worthy for Hollywood.

    And please dear merciful (insert name of what you worship here), if you are reading this and your wife just left you…DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go on AI to exact revenge. This has been a public service announcement.

  4. shelley Says:

    Her name is Melinda Doolittle and I think she’s in it for the long haul.


  5. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Really? Her name is DooLittle…That can’t be a good omen.

  6. shelley Says:

    Let’s just hope their’s not a “My Fair Lady” night.

    I’d cringe if Miss Doolittle was stuck singing “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly.”

  7. nolagirl Says:

    I liked her too! She was so … sweet!

    I have to admit I would avoid any and all contact with someone who looks like Sean Michel, but hey, I wonder if people keep that appearance for that very reason – to keep a distance? Or to get attention? Hmmm… Anyway, he intrigued me too.

    The thing with “Sundance” is that I think he’s going to have to go more toward his rock side (I could hear a bit of the Daughtry crap in there too). Yeah, he can sing the blues, but just like Taylor learned, the blues don’t fit into Queen and Barry Manilow week. If he sticks around, he’ll have to really think long and hard about song choices if he’s going to get it right. He seems like he knows the “game” so maybe he will play Idol like Taylor did.

  8. double d Says:

    I liked the three we actually saw: Sean, Melinda and Mr. Head. But why do we have to endure all that other crap for the majority of the show? Ugh.

    And, sorry, I’m so pissed I can’t see straight. Classless and crass. The transparency of AI’s pettiness over losing Taylor to The Firm is so evident.

    I’d be just as upset if it were Carrie or any of the other winners. Why would ANYONE WANT TO WIN AI?

    I never really DISLIKED Simon. I used to think that he was just honest and telling it like it is, but it’s different this year — and the other two are complicit. It’s just a really sad thing to me.


  9. Holeigh Says:

    Hmm…I admit that Sean is very intriguing and interesting, but from what I saw tonight (which wasn’t much, grr, AI), my favorite is Sundance. He reminds me a lot of my uncles in his personality, and I loooove the blues. I think Shelley is right with the emotion comment, but we also didn’t see too much of him, so I’m looking forward to his future.

    I’m hoping very much that he doesn’t go the way of DAUGHTRY…I like his CD, but he’s just so boring on TV and in concert. Hollywood Week is going to be especially interesting this year, what with us seeing about 1/5 of the contestants let through during auditions.

  10. Mind Doc Says:

    I really liked Sean — a very sweet, shy smile. Yep — Simon is being a jackass. Watching someone be petulant is never pretty, but for pity’s sake, get over it. I guess Simon never learned about being a gracious loser.

    I will be watching Sean Michael — the others are nice, but I will wait and see. He is the only one so far that I want to see win. And I think it is partly to watch American Idol get its nose out of joint. As with Taylor, I cannot imagine what AI would do with him. With luck, he can carve out a niche for himself.

  11. KD Says:

    Looks like we’re all in agreement this morning! ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked Sundance—the first voice to really jump out at me since the start of this whole thing—but I have to admit, Simon’s Taylor comment tainted him for me. I know I know—completely irrational and fangirly of me, and unfair to boot. I’m working on getting over it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Loved the shy background singer too! She has to stop scrunching up her shoulders in panic though. Also liked Castro Jr.—was quite pleasantly surprised when he opened his mouth and started to sing. (We’re all poor inside though??? There’s one for debate.)
    Should be interesting!
    Have a great day everyone! I’m officially off the couch (as of this past Sunday) and off to shop for cute baby things! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. leejolem Says:

    KD, congrats for gettin off bedrest!!

    I have mixed emotions about AI. I got so worked up about Simon’s rude Taylor comment that I couldn’t hardly enjoy the rest of the show. I know that’s stupid, but I just couldn’t believe he said it.

    I liked Sean Michel, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to pull off the performance angle that AI wants. TH could do the group numbers, but somehow I don’t see SM singing a Grease medley (for example) wearing black leather. I’d love to see him try though. I liked Sundance, but I felt no soul in his performance (plus the huge class ring around his neck is gonna have to go–lol). My daughter predicted him as the winner. My fav was Melinda. She’s got pipes, just needs to add confidence.

  13. Shrewspeaks Says:

    OMG Leejolem! What a great point about Sean doing the group numbers!

    What will he do ABBA week?

  14. Mind Doc Says:

    kd — good luck on the cute baby stuff hunt. Nothing cuter than teeny tiny little shoes and onesies. Keep us posted. I was on bedrest briefly with my middle one — Ugh.

    I am rooting for Sean Michel partly just for the reason that he does not fit. As much as I liked Taylor’s voice, I was intrigued by the fact that he did not fit into a mold. Sundance was fine, and Melinda has a lovely voice.

  15. nolagirl Says:

    To harp on the Simon thing some more (joy!), here are my questions.

    Wouldn’t Idol want to support any and all of its winners, or at least portray that it is supporting him/her? Despite if the judges wanted Taylor to win or not, shouldn’t the show as a whole still promote him? You’d think the record label would want that.

    Then, I think of it like this. Maybe the record label and producers are fine with Simon digging at Taylor, because it could have a reverse effect (create buzz for Taylor anyway, Simon haters go buy the album).

    Or, maybe the producers don’t even care either way, and just think it’s funny when Simon says those kinds of things.

    I don’t know.

    It pisses me off that I even care this much to put thought into it! Gah!

  16. shelley Says:

    I just think it’s ironic that when Kelly, or even Taylor, say anything REMOTELY against Idol…or don’t thank their Idol fanbase…AI’s Powers that Be are quick to jump on them and call them ungrateful.

    However, when AI chooses to air Simon telling Kellie Pickler that she’s better than Carrie Underwood or that Sundance blew Taylor “out of the pool” or some random contestant should stick their gum to Taylor’s face…it’s okay.



  17. leejolem Says:

    “Pffttthhh, whatever” is ko-reck as DD would say.

    Here’s my take on things(I agree w/NOLAgirl–way too much of my brain process wasted on this):
    there is absolutely no premeditation to the comments. The 3 judges are in that room all day, they get tired, hungry, nicotine-deprived (simon), goofy, etc… and they say whatever comes to mind. Absolutely no filtering on their parts, and the producers LOVE that!!! That’s what brings the ratings. Underneath it all Simon just doesn’t get Taylor or like him, and resents his success. With being fatigued, no filter, and others laughing at everything you say, the true feelings come out.

    The final factor–Simon really thinks it’s a vocal only competition, not a performance competition. The voice trumps all to him, and he can’t enjoy any other aspect of a performer (instrument, dancing, etc…). That’s why he doesn’t get TH–no appreciation of his musicianship at all.

  18. Shrewspeaks Says:

    The Simon/Taylor thing…in the end the producers get what they want…us hanging on every word.

  19. nolagirl Says:

    Good points, Leejolem. And Shrew – I think you are so right. It’s all. about. the. ratings. Duh!

  20. leejolem Says:

    So here’s the $50,000,000 question–to watch or not to watch?????

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola-I love Sean. I want to marry him. I think it’s funny that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near someone that looks like him…I find myself intensely attracted to him!! (Probably b/c I can see that he’s an attractive man underneath all the hair and beard….and his voice is so purty.) I want to run my fingers through his beard…aahh!

    I also liked Sundance but agree with Shelley about his presence. Something was lacking…I just can’t figure what.

    I thought Melinda was so awesome too! I loved her sweet, humble spirit. I hope she’s not acting. That would turn me off.

    Shelley- that’s a great point you just made about Simon’s/AI’s/Media’s hypocrisy.

  22. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee- AI as a show, and as entertainment, gives me so much joy that I would never let someone like Simon and his snide comments deter me from watching. The happiness and fun I get from watching and rooting these kids on far outweighs the pricking of his words.

    If I quit watching just b/c of Simon…I lose.

  23. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Leejolem, I think that is a a question each person needs to answer for themselves.

    Me I love it; have for years. Barring last year’s insanity, I really don’t take it all to heart…I watch and am entertained. And I think Bama is soooo right…I am watching for the kids, not to hear Simon, Pauler or Randy.

  24. double d Says:

    New Theory —

    Ok, first…AI does NOT benefit whatsoever from Taylor’s CD sales. Because Taylor signed with The Firm for his representation and Clive Davis for his record deal, 19E and Freemantle were effectively, “frozen out”.

    Here is a response from alltheanswers last night on Gray’s thread. For perspective, alltheanswers is Widespread Ted. He is a audio/visual guy who was on AI and with the AI tour last year and is a good friend of Taylor’s. He’s the guy that had dinner with Gray when they had dinner with Taylor.

    “alltheanswers # 375 Jan 23rd, 2007 at 11:38 pm
    Mississippi girl is right about the ablum sales, but know this. You have an artist that receives close to 50 million votes, already has two albums of his own material, Is 29 years old( so he thinks for himself) and you canโ€™t exploit someone that age like you could a 20-25 year old. Also Taylor immediately hired representation. This put 19 in a bad perdicament were they didnโ€™t have full control over their most popular artist to date. I think this pissed alot of people off behind close doors. Thus the distain for Taylor by Simon. My 2cents! “

    Sooo, what does all this mean? Well, at first I thought Simon’s (and Randy’s, for that matter) “snipes” were pure vindictiveness but then why would Simon Cowell or Randy care if 19E gets cut out of anything? It doesn’t directly affect their pocket books. However, the possible decline in AI viewership would.

    Therefore, it is my belief that the bad treatment of Taylor is their ace in the hole. They’ll use Simon (and Taylor’s buddy, Randy eventually) to disparage Taylor. That gets the hords of Taylor fans (many who possibly won’t watch this season) to tune in to see/hear the indignant affront and assailment of their hero. Then, AI will position Taylor’s mid-season apprearance (during sweeps, no less) as a “show-down” with Simon and/or AI, which will produce record viewing.

    Taylor has no choice but to appear and it is quite easy to “whip up” the Soul Patrol, so Simon’s job is rather easy. Piss Taylor’s fans off enough to get them re-invested by watching AI6, particularly when Taylor appears. Not such a bad thing for Taylor if ratings dramatcially spike when he appears but AI wins either way. Randy was Taylor’s biggest fan and now he’s starting to run Taylor down a bit…that tells me alot. It’s all an act and they’re all actors.

    As I said at Gray’s, if it wasn’t so brazenly manipulative, it’d be brilliant.

    I won’t quit watching but I do know that the public is being “duped”. Of course, I’m an analyst so I’m goint to analyze.

    Also, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Sean does NOT make the Top 24. And, Sundance may but he won’t win. This year’s winner will be a woman.

    And I know, I know….I put WAY too much thought into this. DERNIT!

  25. double d Says:

    leejolem said:

    “The final factor–Simon really thinks it’s a vocal only competition, not a performance competition. The voice trumps all to him, and he can’t enjoy any other aspect of a performer (instrument, dancing, etc…). That’s why he doesn’t get TH–no appreciation of his musicianship at all. “

    Well, then Simon contradicts himself. When Taylor auditioned last year, he said “it’s about more than just the voice”, meaning that Taylor didn’t have the right “look”, i.e., “should be singing background, but not in the forefront”. He thought Taylor had the voice, just not the “persona”…turns out, it was the exact opposite.

    Your man, Sean, ain’t got that persona and although he’s got a sweet voice, it’s not going to cut it. The judges and the public will be unmerciful.

  26. nolagirl Says:

    Bama – I guess I prefer more of the squeaky clean look! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    DD: That all could be so, so true, but my question then would be: Could it just be that Simon just doesn’t like Taylor, as a person, artist, whatever, and so likes to make fun of him? No conspiracy, no evil plan. Not saying Idol isn’t capable of the “evil plan” , but maybe it’s not so “deep.”
    (thanks for clarifiying the 19E stuff – I can’t keep all that straight!)

    Oh, and of COURSE I’m still going to watch!

  27. shelley Says:

    DD said, “Your man, Sean, ain’t got that persona and although he’s got a sweet voice, it’s not going to cut it. The judges and the public will be unmerciful.”

    DD…he may not win…or even move past Hollywood, but I don’t agree with you saying he doesn’t have a persona.

    He absolutely does.

    He’s got a quiet soul. That may not be in-your-face-enough for the masses, but there are a lot of wonderful artists out there who don’t give a rip about that (Ray Lamontagne, anyone?).

    Also…I don’t think the public will be as merciless as you think.

    Go read the reviews out there today. Folks mention his looks but almost always back it up with “the guy can sing.” (I’ve only read one that disagreed with that.)

    Folks are more forgiving about looks when they can connect with someone’s talents or abilities.

  28. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola- I like ’em clean cut too!

    I’m wondering about the timing of the auditions. Weren’t they filmed in Aug-Sept?? How would Simon have been feeling then, as opposed to now. Do you think he was just smarting from the immediate smack of Taylor’s win and signing with The Firm? Maybe he’s cooled off some.

    Also, DD- What has Randy been doing? I didn’t think I really noticed anything he’s said. Did I miss something?

    Really good theory overall!!

  29. double d Says:

    Shelley — I’m not against the guy. I like him. I think that he has some “buzz”, and he’s certainly talented but the general public won’t “get” him….just like the general public doesn’t “get” Ray L. As he is right now, he’s not noticeable enough, flamboyant enough. Now maybe if he drastically changes his appearance, etc., it’ll happen. And while he was good, I haven’t seen anyone yet that I thought was OUTSTANDING, like I did last year — Paris, Mandisa, Chris, Taylor.

    Maybe I’m wrong and that would be fine by me. We’ll see.

    NOLAGirl — I don’t think that Simon truly cares a hill of beans about Taylor or any of the other idols unless it furthers his own agenda, i.e., dollars in his pocket. I DO think that he sees this as his job and he has to make the most out of it. Just sitting there and throwing out he same old tired one-liners isn’t going to keep people enthralled. A war with Taylor (the fans, really) will. Again, we’ll see.

  30. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…DD…here comes my tinfoil thoughts. I think the powers that be are miffed because Taylor figured out how to manipulate the system better. He “beat the odds” and/or just plain marketed himself better with out the produced sob story or “pretty face”.

    They sure as heck don’t want that. That ain’t good TV right? I mean it’s not like they had a record number of viewers from Season 5 or anything…oh, wait.

    To quote the Head MonkBot Mistress “Pfffft…Whatever.”

  31. double d Says:

    Bama — Taylor’s actions in August/Sept. would have just been tour stuff. He “signed” with The Firm right after AI, in June. Same with the record deal with Clive, so there was nothing “out there” for Simon to react to at the point of those auditions.

    I really do think that AI was concerned that viewership would decline after the extremely high numbers last year and concocted a way to cover the bases.

    Randy threw in the “yeah circles” comment last night after Simon said “he just hit Taylor out of the park” (how’s that for mixed metaphors). It just resonated with me at that point. If I were Randy and had picked the winner when Simon didn’t last year, I’d be bringing it up at every point…just to needle him, yet Randy hasn’t uttered ONE word about Taylor — his big buddy. Just strange…doesn’t fit. That’s why I think you’ll see Randy make some more comments more in line with Simon’s OR possibly become Taylor’s big defender to set up “the war”. So far, Taylor hasn’t bit so I’m hoping he’s not a player in all of this. By his past actions, I doubt it. However, they can continue to manipulate him as they do us. I’ll be watching Randy, however. I think his actions will tip AI’s hand. (at least to me, because I’m smart like that). : )

  32. jenfera Says:

    Hi all – I’m undecided on Sean. His voice did surprise me, and his looks seem like a Ray LaMontagne rip off.

    I was really annoyed with what Simon said last night, but what was worse was when Randy agreed with him.

    A friend of mine at work was all excited about Sundance this morning and was agreeing with Simon that he was better than Taylor. (She could definitely be doing this to rankle me for fun!) But his lack of movement left me cold. Taylor has that raw excitement thing going on. Even if his moves are sometimes odd, they are all him. He is willing to put it all out there, act like a nut, whatever is in his soul.

    Sundance’s father, on the other hand, knew how to let loose!

    Roy Head

  33. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I will say this…all of this discussion is making me want to see Sean do well; but to do that he would need to manipulate they system like Taylor did…The smooth makreting strategies Taylor put inplace did not tarnish his values…just smart…but are we ready to see a Castro/Jesus type manipulate the system? I don’t know if I am.

  34. leejolem Says:

    DD, Now I’m so confused. I guess I should have said Simon only cares about the vocals and the looks. He is not interested at all in someone playing an instrument, writing his/her own music or really letting loose on stage w/dance moves (a few rehearsed movements are probably ok w/him). My tinfoil hat doesn’t usually work, but my gut says Taylor just rubs Simon the wrong way and I have no idea why.

    The whole Randy thing is a mystery–I too would rub it in Simon’s face that he was wrong about Taylor. It’s very curious that he’s going along w/the bully.

    I think Sean has something special about him–is America ready for it? I don’t know. We’ll see.

    Bama & Shrew–Yay for your point about not letting Simon win and watching for the talented kids. That puts it into perspective, and I will continue to watch.

  35. jenfera Says:

    Check out this one too – the dance moves get wilder!

    Treat Her Right

    Personally, I like the Commitments cover of this song better, but watching this guy move like Gumby is interesting too!

  36. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh my! I can’t believe anyone would think Sean didn’t have a persona…or like Ray LM would not be “noticeable enough”. I’m thinking his look alone is pretty noticeable! Everyone in my office is talking about him…and like Taylor, it’s either love, love, love or hate, hate, hate! And, the way I see it, if he doesn’t make it any further than last night…at least I know of him now and can follow him on my own.

    My comment about Simon and the time frame wasn’t to mean literally the moment after Taylor pissed Simon off. More that 2 months after Tay’s big win and signing, also the first days back on the show for Simon, would be more “hot” than now, 7 months later. If it’s not some big conspiracy…Simon might be more mellow once the show starts.

    And, nobody can be manipulated if they are aware and unwilling. I’m not being manipulated by Simon, Randy, AI or whatever. I’m gonna watch b/c I’m gonna watch.

  37. double d Says:

    Bama — of course we aren’t going to be manipulated (because we’re smart like that), but many in America will be.

    I get your point on the “first day back” irritatedness of Simon. Could be.

    And on Sean….by not noticeable enough or without persona, I guess I mean aggressive or “out there”. If Taylor would have stayed as meek and mild as he did in his audition and not shown his “boldness”, he wouldn’t have won or gotten enough attention to make it to the top 24 or 12.

    Like Shrew says, if Sean’s audition got him in and he reveals a more “dynamic” self, then maybe.

    Again, I’m not arguing with you guys. I like him. And if he goes far or wins, Hooray. It’s just not looking like that. Besides, I’m predicting a woman winner. (means nothing)

  38. Shrewspeaks Says:

    All that aside…NYC auditions tonight…I have a feeling…this year might just be the Yankee east coast year…(Back me up on this KD and Ivory Hut)

  39. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah, tonight should be good. I expect as many, if not more, weirdos as in Seattle, but am hoping for MORE good ones!

  40. Mind Doc Says:

    *soap box alert*

    Regarding Simon — I think that he genuinely believes that Taylor is not more than average — good but not great — and weird in the bargain. I think that he actively hated Taylor’s performance style. In addition, he does not see the appeal, and that bugs him. I think that he also is a raging narcissist — he believes that he is a StarMaker. He is not willing to be wrong on this, so it must be us — the fans. He will continue to make snide comments, I am guessing.

    However, I cannot believe that he can’t let it go. It makes him look childish and sulky, which is not the best public image to have. Simon has always had this — you may not like him, but he says what he thinks — thing going for him. To let it be seen that it is that personal tarnishes that perception. The public will tolerate a mean-but-honest Simon, but may be less enamored with a mean-nasty-because-I-can-be Simon.

    I do think that he just calls it as he sees it — no conspiracy. Simon is the kind of guy who prides himself on his brutal honesty and the fact that he has his own opinion. I don’t think that his self-concept would tolerate being told how to act — he would say (and rightly so) that people do tune in to hear his unvarnished opinion. I just find it hard to believe that he dislikes Taylor to the extent that he does. And I think it is clear that he does. It doesn’t help that Taylor made him look bad, and every contestant who says “and you were wrong about Taylor last year” reinforces it. I do not get the resentment at this point, though.

    In summary, I do believe that it is all about the narcissism for Simon.

    That being said, I think that Jason/Sundance may very well be a better vocalist than Taylor — but who cares? I don’t listen to people because they have the best voice. There are voices that appeal to me, and voices that don’t, and voices that grab me by the heartstrings. Katherine McPhee has a lovely voice, but ack! does nothing for me … nothing. Actually less than nothing.

    (and if his middle name made his life hell, why is Sundance not using his perfectly pleasant first name? Hmmmm?)

    As to Sean — he has already won something — recognition. I liked that on his myspace page, he basically said — heck, we’ll come sing at your house if you let us. That kind of passion tugs at me. I am glad that he is a principled person — I don’t think that one has to sell out to be on AI — remember all of the hand-wringing at GC last year — people hoping that Taylor would not win because he would be corrupted?

    After last year, I do not rule anyone out — I liked Taylor but could not see how he could possibly win. I love that I was really wrong.

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yay! Monkbot Talk is back! It’s been down Fo-evah!

    I guess a Yank could maybe, possibly, as an off-chance win this year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    DD- Well duh! Of course us Monkboters are smarter than yer average tv-lander. I wasn’t thinking ’bout that!

    Yeah, I really love Sean, but don’t see him winning AI. I wouldn’t want to see him change for it.

    It would be cool for another guy to win this year. Just to balance the numbers!!

  42. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Good points Mind Doc!! Very good points!

    Simon is an ego-maniac and gets very sulky when he doesn’t get his way or is proven wrong. What a brat! I just want to put him over my knee and spank him! (Ewww…)

  43. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Dang Mind Doc…that is too eloquent for mear soapboxin’…As for what I said about Sean and manipulating the system; I was not saying he has to sell out, I am sorry I inferred that. I just meant that his mission with music is a bit different from Taylor’s as I see it. (And I could be wrong…not the first time nor the last time that will ever happen)

    To me Taylor was about the music and getting himself in a position exposure wise to do it everyday for the rest of his life. A more secular and capitalistic goal if you will. He was willing to as he put it, dance with the devil to get there. I am asking if Sean can or have the will to dance with the devil…and are we ready to witness that?

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m ready to witness Sean dancing with Taylor…

    Not really.

    I agree witchoo Shrew about Sean and also what Leejolem said about whether or not Sean would fit into some of the “cheesier” group sing alongs, etc. Taylor was great at it b/c he’s got a little cheddar flava himself….so it worked.

  45. nolagirl Says:

    Mind Doc – great comments!

    Bama – I totally agree. Any guy that likes “Total Eclipse of the Heart” has some cheese goin’ on. But … don’t we all??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Shrewcolbyjackspeaks Says:

    Nola… you may have just proved that Sean and all of us have it in us!

    You are a “Superstar!”

  47. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m 100% cheese!

    Ummm…cheeeese….I’m hungry. Must not eat cheese. Must eat fiber or flaxseeds or something uber-healthy….

  48. Mind Doc Says:

    That is what this whole thing is about — what people are willing and able to do for a chance at something extraordinary. I just think that, just as I could not envision how Taylor would change AI — and hokey smoke — didn’t he? Who knows what SM can do or will do or should do. I think that there is a chance that someone like Sean Michel can change AI or let it change him in a positive way.

    I wasn’t thinking that you were inferring selling-out-age, Shrew, I was just thinking of all of the people who were certain that if Taylor won AI that all of the things that made him unique would be lost. And I think that he put those fears to rest.

    Who knows, maybe Sean is a huge Abba fan and is secretly dying to don platforms and a cape and belt out “Dancing Queen” in a huge cheezy group sing? Jusy because he has a bit of the zealot about him does not necessarily mean that he does not sing “Fernando”, using his hairbrush as a microphone in the steam-fogged bathroom mirror.

    (bama, I bought some flaxseed, but I don’t know what to do with it. It is glaring balefully at me from the kitchen counter.)

  49. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Mind Doc…I hear ya. Like Nola pointed out…maybe the cheese in him will make it all work.

    I was falling into the trap of “but he is serious…so he can’t survive on AI.” That was wrong of me…and you are right to say Taylor wrought many changes…one infact is that serious musicians are looking to AI as a way to get recognition.

    On a side note…THANK merciful heavens/cows/flaxseeds for Memphis…this has made me really look forward to tonight’s AI.

  50. leejolemburger Says:

    Bama, “Cheddar flava’ed” Taylor–now that had tears rolling down my face. That’s the lovable thing about Taylor–he’s a serious musician, but he’s definitely got some cheddar flava. (omg, I love that phrase so much).

    Mind doc, Sean in platforms and a cape singing ABBA. I can’t wait. It can’t be much more jarring than Pickler with rocker makeup singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Bama and MD,flaxseeds can be good on salads or topping one’s cereal. Very good source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Uberer healthier than cheese, but not as yummy.

    Seeing Sean dancing w/the devil would be like seeing Jesus doing the foxtrot w/Satan and that is disturbing on so many levels. Now Sean and Taylor (kudos to Bama) that might be hawt. Shrew, I agree w/you–I think Taylor was very savvy at playing the game. It remains to be seen if Sean can (I would never have guessed at Taylor’s audition that he had it in him to work the AI system like he did).

  51. bamaborntxbred Says:

    How ’bout making a cheese ball and rolling it in flaxseeds? Would that be gross?


    I do love that we are still talking about Sean. That has to say something about the boy!!

  52. shelley Says:

    To every single person who has added to today’s discussion…I award you the

    Official Prize of the Day

    This has been one mighty fine talk today.

    Kudos to everyone. Y’all make me proud.

  53. nolagirl Says:

    Mmmmm, nice. Thanks for the prize Shelley!

  54. leejolem Says:

    OOOOOOOH love the picture!!!! That made my evening. Thank you Shelley. Wooooooo!!!!

    I just read the complete Sean myspace explanation of his band. Very interesting. I don’t think there’s been a contestant yet that was into contemporary Christian rock type music. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  55. Mind Doc Says:

    Lee, I think that Daughtry was supposed to have a Christian band. However, Sean is pretty upfront about it. This could get very innnnteresting. I hope.

    Shelley!! Thanks for the prize. I will treasure it always — it is a mighty pretty picture.

  56. leejolem Says:

    Mind doc, I hadn’t heard that about Chris. I know he thanked Jesus in his liner notes, but I hadn’t heard anything else. Hmmmmm–very innnnnteresting indeed.

  57. leejolem Says:

    I do love the gecko, but I must say I would probably run away with the roaming Gnome. Lerve his accent and hat.

  58. leejolem Says:

    oops, wrong thread. duhh !

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