Monkbot Convention Update



I checked online and, as of last night, tickets to the Taylor Hicks House of Blues New Orleans concert on March 14 are still available through Ticketmaster. To purchase tickets, click here.

According to my records (which are wonky at best), so far nine people have registered for the Monkbot Convention in New Orleans, March 14-15.

Those nine people are:

  1. Shelley
  2. Quossum
  3. Quossum’s hubby, James
  4. Bamaborntxbred
  5. Shrewspeaks
  6. Double D
  7. NOLAgirl
  8. Wompuss
  9. Taylorsgirl

Have I missed anyone? If so, let me know a.s.a.p.

For details about the Convention, click here.

Also, I’ve tried to secure some superstars for the Convention.

I’ve confirmed that singer/songwriter/harp wailer/and all-around hottie Taylor Hicks will be attending.

As for blogmaster extraordinaire, Gray Charles, I have bugged the mess out of him, but I don’t think he will be gracing us with his presence (though I really, truly wish he would…yikes at my desperate tone).

However, there is a slight chance that Brad and Angelina will be able to come…if they can find a sitter.

You may also use this post to discuss the dual marriage proposals on “Grey’s Anatomy” and/or the controversy brewing OFF the set of “Men in Trees.” (Does everyone know that Anne Heche is leaving her husband for her co-star? So very sad.)


55 Responses to “Monkbot Convention Update”

  1. double d Says:

    House of Blues, babay.

    C’mon Gray. If you’re lurking…New Orleans, Bourbon St., House of Blues, Taylor, the Monkbots…can it get any better?

    Anne Heche is a total nut job. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

  2. shelley Says:

    DD…maybe we should all offer Gray (and his wifeypoo) free booze if they come to NOLA.

    Gray…you know you’re loved by us…come join in. We promise to keep you so liquored up that you won’t remember a thing!

  3. leejolem Says:

    You guys are going to have so much fun! I’m debating whether to get tix to Greensburg,PA when they go on sale today (around 6 hr drive). The theatre looks really cool, but I’m afraid DH will be unhappy w/me.

    GRAY–PLEASE ATTEND THE MONKBOT CONVENTION!!!! I have got to see a pic of you and your very patient wife w/the Monkbots.

    Anne Heche is a fickle little thing isn’t she? I think Ellen is better off w/o her.

  4. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Nawlins!!!! SO. SO. EXCITED.

    I think am actually more excited to hang with my fellow MonkBots over seeing Taylor play *gasp*

    Anne Heche…she seems like such a whore to publicity that she will talk herself into any relationship.

    Double engagements on Grey’s…c’mon this is all weird and whacky. I would love the Christina/Burke planning etc aspect if Washington hadn’t been such a jerk off screen. If Callie says yes to George I will be so angry. He said the right things, but he needs to PROOVE-IT.

    Gray…and MRs. Gray…thing 1 & 2…MonkBots would make you very welcome in the Crescent City! Please, Please come.

  5. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Who gives a crap about Taylor or Brangelina!! I want Aunt and Uncle Monkbot!(Kidding about the Taylor part, of course.)

    Gray- If it’s about the money, you are more than welcome to sleep in my car that will be parked down the street. It’s kind of small, but should be cozy. Also, I would be happy to contribute to your drunken tom-foolery. And maybe I could save some saltines from dinner so you don’t go too hungry.

    I know, I know, you can’t come. You have a beautiful family, a job…responsibilities (are there really that many “i’s” in that word?)…but when will you ever have another chance to say you hung out with me? Maybe you don’t understand just how awesome I am. I’m really awesome. Even if I can’t spell.

    I’ve always loved kooky, zany Anne Heche…but I hate infidelity almost more than anything. Is it confirmed that she left her husband for that man? Were they splitting up anyway and the “other man” deal is not as lascivious as it sounds?? Just wondering. I hate to hate her before I know if I should hate her or not hate her, that would be hateful. You know?

  6. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama…I love to love you…you know?

  7. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Awww! Shrew yer so sweet!!

    I forgot to comment on Callie and George, so here it is: GAG ME WITH A CHAINSAW!!!

    I loved that scene where Christina finally spoke to Burke. That took so much for her to admit defeat!

  8. Squeebee Says:

    Yeah, I am still not buying George and Callie. I still want George and Izzy to get married and have gorgeous little babies. Callie looked like she was watching a horror movie when George asked her to marry him. That was odd. And Sandra Oh is my new favorite actress. They are lucky to have her on that show; I really think she is in a class of her own.

    And Gray can’t make it to the MB convention because he is coming to the Seattle show with me! (Wompers…how is my cut-out coming along? 😉 ) I am so excited for you gals….wish I could be there!

  9. bamaborntxbred Says:

    When Izzie was talking to that patient, Jilly, I think…they were both so beautiful that I was temporarily blinded by the sight of it.

    As for Callie: I just wish she wasn’t so overbearing. I’d prolly like her better if she didn’t seem so damned desperate to be everyone’s friend.

  10. double d Says:

    Hell, if Gray and Grayette c’mon down to The Big Easy for the MB Convention, I’ll even buy them din-din. (Because I’m nice like that.)

    Mid-March in N.O. is absolute per-FECK-shun. We can do HoB, idle over to Cat’s Meow and do some karaoke, hit Razoo’s for a little “boogyin'” and then “make a pass” by Cafe’ Du Monde for early morning coffee and beignets.

    Now, wouldn’t that be a treat? I’m sure Grandma & Grandpa are longing to visit with Thing 1 & Thing 2….

    jus’ sayin’

  11. leejolem Says:

    I didn’t watch Grey’s last night, but I did watch a repeat of The Office. They were going thru grief counselling. The best scene was where people were telling their own sad stories, but really re-telling movie plots (ie The Lion King and Weekend at Bernie’s). It was so funny. You guys have me hooked. Dwight cracks me up.

  12. double d Says:

    BTW, if Gray makes the Monkbot Convention, we could dub it “GrayFest”.

    I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but what’sup with Karev, my darlin’?

  13. daunchan Says:

    Thanks for the Grey’s talk… I have Mediacom and they took my ABC channel off the air. I miss that show.

  14. Rowan Says:

    DD – that itinerary sounds just perfect, and Bama, I am still chuckling over your “awesome” post. You guys are truly awesome, the boogie and da bomb. Sooo wish I could be there with you all!

  15. nolagirl Says:

    I predict Callie will definitely say no. I liked her this episode in her interactions with Cristina. I also liked that Izzie said Callie’s “vagina was broken.” Classic!

    Although he probably deserves it, I felt BAD for Weber when Adele slammed the door right in his face. Ouch! (btw, the Nazi as chief? Sweet!)

    And … I know Sloan has always been a jerk, but when did he become THIS much of an @sshole???


    I’m so glad y’all are coming to NOLA! Hopefully you will love it beyond words and will keep coming back (as in the next month for Jazz Fest hee hee).

    DD, you forgot to mention the obligatory stop for a Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s! Their piano bar rocks as well.

    Woooo hooooo!!!!!!!

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Rowan! I wish you were coming to New Orleans! You and Mind Doc both. We could be featured on “Stravaigin Aboot”!!

    Nola- You’ve always like Callie!

    DD- Karevaand Addison made out last week and she spent the show last night avoiding him. He told her to her face that she was doing it b/c she was afraid that he was interested in her…but that he wasn’t. It was so funny!

    Lee- I love that episode of The Office!! I’m so glad we’ve turned you into a fan!!

  17. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah, Addison was SHOT DOWN! That was really funny, and totally not what I was expecting Karev to say. (although I don’t believe him of course)

  18. double d Says:

    NOLA — you are so right on the Pat O’s thing. How silly of me…yet maybe we should start out there? And you are ko-RECK…the piano bar RAWKS….

    “Sarah, Sarah, swingin’ on the shedhouse door………”

  19. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah, start there. Cuz the piano bar area gets packed!

    Last time I was there someone got the guy to do “Baby Got Back” — it was pretty funny.

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola and DD: How long are y’all gonna be hangin’ out with us?? I’ll be there thru Sat. morning, I thiiiink Shelley is too…and Shrew thru Fri. afternoon.

    I can’t wait to see New Orleans w/the locals!

  21. Rowan Says:

    Bama – yay! Thanks for visiting! To be sure, you’d be featured – pimp spot laid aside fur ye, lassie.

    I am feeling chuffed – off to watch AI, and have just fixed my washing machine which wouldn’t spin. knee deep in MRSA gloop, but glowing. “Monkbot sistahs are doin it for themseeeelves” (tuneless but triumphant yodel) and now off to see Sean in widescreen on my uberbig trashy tv….whoo hooo!

  22. double d Says:

    Bama — I’ll be coming in Wed. early afternoon and leaving Thurs. afternoon.

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Awww..DD! I guess we’ll have to party our booties off on Wed night!

    Rowan! Have fun watching AI!! Watch out for “Isadora/Julie”. She’s pretty interesting….

  24. Shrewspeaks Says:


    Rowan…please don’t think all NYC metro people are like Ian and Isadora.

  25. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yes they are Rowan! And all Southerners are like Taylor.

    (Kidding Shrew!)

  26. leejolem Says:

    All Hoosiers are like John Mellencamp????
    (Uh, no, not really–lol)

    Rowan, “MRSA gloop”–Methycillin resistant Staph Aureus??? (it’s got to be something more fun than that).

  27. Jan Says:

    Sorry guys, I originally thought I could make the monkbot convention but no dice. 😦

  28. leejolem Says:

    Jan, you will have to join the rest of us who have to settle for pics, and have cardboard cutouts of ourselves held up by Monkbot sistahs. I’m hoping for a Monkbot Convention Part Deux!!

  29. double d Says:

    All Cajuns are like Marc Broussard….

  30. rowan Says:

    And all Scotsmen are like Glen (surreptitiously pockets cheque from Tourist Board)

    OOOh Ian and Isadora!! O_o
    Shrew – found Ian quite wackily entertaining, and Isadora kind of beyond description, but totally prepared to believe that they have no interface with the real NYC metro people. On the other hand, I woud really like to continue to believe that all Southerners are like Taylor…they are, aren’t they?

    Yikes – it is twenty to twelve – AI hs been on since 8.30! (Makes ungainly attempt to shuffle to pins and needlesy feet…have been sitting on them for three hours. OOrgh – hate that feeling – rush of blood to the metatarsals…)Night guys! you rawk!

  31. Quossum Says:

    Where is MonkBot right now? Will he be attending the convention???

  32. wompuss Says:

    Ok, kids…so far I am bringing squeeber and KD’s giant heads…anybody else want one?

  33. Libby Says:

    Golly, I just hate I cannot attend the MB Convention in the Crescent City… I hope Gray and his family can go to hang with the MB ladies. Please have fun for me — hope to see all of you one day — somehow.

    On Gray’s Anatomy — I dont believe Callie will say yes. I think she will want George to “prove he loves her” and not jsut using their relationship as a substitute from dealing with his grief. For Burke and Yang — I think they will plan a wedding — but something will happen in the end — and it will not occur. Such a shame about the Washington slurs and lies — it may cost him the role on the show. I see him quietly finishing out the season and then producers will shuffle him off the show. JMHO

    I am not an Anne Heche fan — she has always seemed several sandwiches short of the picnic (as we say in the South). Shrew is right — the actress seems to be a narcissist who is always seeking publicity. Never seen MIT — not planning to watch either.

  34. nolagirl Says:

    Bama – At this point, I would be living in NOLA still in March, but still working in Baton Rouge. I’d take Wednesday and Thursday off. And then would be back after work Friday evening and here the rest of the weekend (obviously – I’d be at home!).

    So, I’d be happy to hang and show you around!

    However …. (and here’s the big catch) Dwain has interviewed for 2 positions in Shreveport, and if one of those works out and the ones in Baton Rouge/N.O. don’t, then I am going to be moving up there! New job, new crib, the whole 9 yards. It’s a bit (OK, a lot) scary, but it’s something we’ve got to do right now. The long distance thing is so last year. 😉 (actually it’s been more than 4 years of it!). In other words, it’s time to “start our future.”

    So now that you know my life story LOL …. What I’m saying is that if this move happens between now and March, I’d have to play things by ear. If I had a new job, I’d have to manuever getting off during the week and all that jazz.

    It’s all so stressful, really – the unknown …. but I’m excited! And am also SO FREAKING excited that y’all are coming to stay down here for a few days. YOU RAWK.

  35. double d Says:

    rowan — I beg to differ….

    All Scots are like Sir Sean Connery

    Shaken, not stirred….

  36. leejolem Says:

    Wompuss, I would like a giant head to represent me in absentia. Taylor needs to know what a force the Monkbots are!!!

  37. Rowan Says:

    Thanks DD! So glad you chose Sir Sean. love the pic. 🙂 I am very glad not to be represented by his antithesis, Rab C Nesbit!

  38. wompuss Says:

    Okies, leejolem…send me a picture to and consider it done!

  39. double d Says:

    Rowan – Rab is HILARIOUS….

    “I have been a bad man….


  40. Mind Doc Says:

    You all are killing me. It sounds like so much fun! Sigh …

  41. Mind Doc Says:

    NOLA –good luck on the move. Keep us posted. Moving is tough, but new horizons are always exciting.

    Ugh — off to work.

  42. claire Says:

    LOL Rowan, I LOVED Rab C. Nesbitt back in the day. That Scottish accent…och!

    Will someone wave an Irish flag at the gig for me??
    *Claire shudders at the thought of her head on a stick.*

  43. Rowan Says:

    Hey DD, hi Claire! Glad you liked Rab C. Btw…when ought I to expect Tom Baker in the mail, oh Celtic sistah? You have had him almost a week…

    At the risk of frightening the dogs and small children of New Orleans, I might just have to go for the severed head thingy. The hilarity of the idea is kind of too much for me. The only recent pic I have of me is one I took with my phonecam, and that mught not (thankfully) blow up to lifesize proportions. Could be a wee head on a popsicle stick, tho, the sort of thing jesters used to thwack people on the head with at banquets and stuff, on old films of Poe stories. Being small would be kind of appropriate, as I am from further away…

    Aw at having to work on Saturday, MD! (Monkbot sistah solidarity salute.)

  44. rowan Says:

    Claire – I am beset by PTSD-type flashbacks to the opening titles of Wanderley Wagon. @_@. Is there an antidote?

  45. claire Says:

    Rowan – sadly Tom Baker accidentally strangled himself with that long scarf he was wearing. He is now buried under my patio. Gawd bless ‘im. *bows head.*

    And there is no cure for Wanderly Wagon-itis. You just have to keep watching, interspersed with some choice Bosco clips, until you become a gibbering wreck, fit only for an asylum, or possibly Government.

    LOL, you want surreal? I’ll give you surreal!!!

    Father Ted in da house!!!

  46. Mind Doc Says:

    Claire — I, as a bona fide government asylum worker, appreciate you keeping me in business. Wanderly Wagons and Bosco for everyone! Yay for job security!

    Monkbot sistahs doin’ it for themselves, aye.

    Rowan, I do like the little popsicle stick idea. When I got my Ph.D., I almost did not go to graduation. I got a raging case of social phobia when I realized that we were all shown on two 25-foot screens when we got hooded. PTSD flashbacks at the thought of a big paper head on a stick *shudders*.

  47. Mind Doc Says:

    *is reeling from the double hit from Father Ted and Rab C. — ducks to avoid further injury in the Celtic Monkbot Sistahs YouTube Smackdown*

  48. claire Says:

    YouTube smackdown? Now that, right there, is funny!! (copyright double d!!)

    Ya gotta admit – we got some weird and wonderful stuff this side of the Pond too!! Seriously, Father Ted is some funny stuff, have you guys seen much/any of it? And Rab is classic British (Scottish!!!) comedy.

    The Irish?? Well, we’re known as a witty, articulate, funny race, but does it translate well into TV comedy??


    Irish production companies have made various comedies over the years, all of which have been pretty abysmal and panned by our own critics. It’s kinda sad that a nation of people who love to laugh and tell jokes and crack each other up in a pub can’t translate it onto a screen – y’know, for profit!!

    While there have been many battles fought between Britain and Ireland over the centuries – the TV comedy battle is one the Irish wave white flags at and beat hasty retreats from. (Even Father Ted was made by (British) Channel 4. Irish TV told Dermot Morgan to “feck off”.)

    *steps off soapbox*

  49. Rowan Says:

    Hee hee MD – cool imagery! Father Ted is indeed a bit of a “YouTube smackdown.” Claire – was wondering when the big guns were going to be rolled out! Was actually thinking of that very episode earlier today, the part just before your clip, where Ted is composing the song, pacing about all night, knee-deep in crumpled paper and cigarette ends, swearing under his breath. brilliant. Dermott was very very droll and very cute. A truly talented man. He is sorely missed.

    MD – you have hit the big screen! yay! Yes, the lack of research in the area of pathological Wanderly Wagon episodes needs to be addressed. I will lobby for funds, and nominate stalwart Claire to sit and study every reel, as she has witnessed more of it and thus become more desensitised to the PTSD causal factors. The kudos will be yours, Celtic sistah! I have raised my white flag and am on the lookout for a suitable cosy sanatorium with piped Taylor Hicks music,serving blackened snapper and turnip greens.

  50. Mind Doc Says:

    I am hoping that the Irish white-flag-waving is merely a strategic retreat to regroup and come back, comic guns a blazin’ I am believing that you are all merely biding your time, waiting until the English turn their backs and then you will pounce!

    That is what I think. Did I mention that I am at work on a Saturday? I think that it is doing me irreparable harm mentally. Please send care packages if I end up in an asylum, myself. A nice sanitarium sounds appealing.

  51. Rowan Says:

    Claire – Guinness is a good all-round sustaining beverage to send in a care package, is it not? Let’s combine on postage and sent a cratefull, if MD ever so requires. We might just have to accompany it on its journey though, to make sure it is not damaged in transit. Hic!

    As to foodstuffs, I think we will go for something which will survive the long journey by sea (air mail would be kinda crippling) so have decided on some of this which originated in the US, but which we have made our own.

    I am thinkin Paula Abdul now – “you took that song and you made it your own.” here she is being funny as guest judge on the X-factor.

    Shelley – love the pic at the top of the post. Looks an amazing city, with its own special character. May just have to add my cardboard head to soak up the atmos in my stead. Cheerz girlz, have a blast!

    Have a lovely restful Sunday, everyone!

  52. claire Says:

    Poor Shelley – she puts up a nice post about the MonkBot convention in Nawlins, and the Celts hijack it and make it about Wanderley Wagon and spam!! For shame. For shame. 🙂 Sorry for dragging the MonkBot name down to this level, Shelley. But seeing as we’re already here….

    Rowan, that particular Father Ted scene is also one of my favourites!! The crumpled paper, haze of cigarette smoke, bleeped out swear words and Ted’s frustration/panic were all hilarious. But I think funniest of all was poor Fr. Dougal, sitting on the edge of the bed, with his tiny synthesiser on his knee, and that scared-rabbit expression on his face, as Ted ranted at him like a madman. Dermot Morgan certainly went before his time. But he slogged around the Irish TV circuit for years before finally hitting the big time with Father Ted. At least he finally got where he wanted, and went out on top, so to speak. He is sorely missed, but left a fantastic legacy behind.

    Well, I will raise my hand and offer to, ahem, accompany a crate of Guinness to Mind Doc. Hey, it’s the least I can do. Perhaps I could accompany it to New Orleans, and MonkBot sistahs all could enjoy it. (Two words everyone – Acquired.Taste.) And while I have my hand up, I will admit to never having eaten Spam!! I will, however, protect it with my life on its journey to Mind Doc.

    And now, I will quietly retreat to the corner of my couch, take a deep breath, open up YouTube, and watch every single Wanderley Wagon and Bosco clip I can find. My extensive thesis on their narcotic-like properties should be completed and bound, ready for perusal by, oh, say lunchtime.

    Happy Sunday, everyone.

  53. Mind Doc Says:

    Claire! Claire! Can you hear me? Are you okay over there? *shakes computer monitor*

    What is the usual treatment for WW and Bosco overdose? Does it involved paradoxically large doses of alcohol and/or chocolate? The oh-so-sweet strains of Taylor Hicks?

    It is tragic that one so kind and good should sacrifice herself for the greater Monkbot good.

    A moment of silence for Claire, the brave lass.

    *hopes that Claire is not in the belly of a 747, hunched protectively over a case of Guinness and Spam.*

  54. Rowan Says:

    Shelley – I apologise for going wackily off-topic too!

    Claire – well done on thr thesis and for watching all those bizarre clips. Yours is the heart of s true researcher – no corners cut! Props, Sistah!

    Will not ask you to post your synopsis or conclusion, as this may be worth loads of Euros. Just sayin.

  55. ridearoundsally Says:

    god I would give my back teeth to come with you guys…I have a wedding on the 14th..hopefully he will dump her!!! I would fly down myself and meet you all there…mind orleans isnt far from houston now is it? I will have to talk to hubby really nice.

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