One Small Step…


After reading yesterday’s comments…I thought maybe we should take things a little slower in our effort to change our wanton ways.

Instead of trying to tackle all our impediments, I think we should should each take on one new challenge each week…and work on just that.

I’ll go first…

This week, I’ll not eat between meals more than two healthy snacks a day.

P.S. I got groceries yesterday…so I’m back to eating only stuff I cook.

P.P.S. Happy 26th birthday to my brother, Ben!


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  1. Dr. Bob Says:

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, dear Ben!
    Happy birthday to you!

    (good job on the small steps, Shelley)

  2. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Feliz cumpleaños Ben! Hims all grown up!

    Shelley, I think that is a great idea. I’ve actually done that before and been really successful. I had to write it out on a calendar…my plan. You get used to doing one thing, and then you just keep adding and building and pretty soon…there is a new you!

    I think one problem I have…and maybe you all share with me….is that when I start a “diet plan” I get anxious for results. But the truth is that it doesn’t matter if it takes me a month to lose 5lbs, that is still an improvement. If I hadn’t tried, I could’ve been at the same weight, or worse: weigh more.

    I’m going to start by bringing my lunch to work everyday instead of eating out…and by not eating any food after 7pm at night!

  3. Ridearoundsally Says:

    Why does oatmeal have so many calories in it and it tastes sooo bad!!! It should be calorie free for tasting like crap (not that Ive tasted crap mind you) Im on a thing right now to lower my cholesterol..its 92 and needs to be below 80..I think I will go eat some cardboard..tastes better and is good roughage!! I hate healthy food..I remeber the cardiologists advice last year to me..words to live by.. IF IT TASTES GOOD, SPIT IT OUT!

  4. nolagirl Says:

    Sally – that cardiologist could never live in New Orleans! Too many good things to eat!

    Ben – Happy Birthday! January birthdays are clearly the coolest.

    Shell and Bama – I totally agree on the try small steps thing. That was my reasoning behind my drink a ton of water campaign. I’m on week 3, and have drank my 8 glasses of water (or more) every day! For me, I hate the term “dieting” mostly because it indicates that you are doing it for a period of time. That’s fine, but I know that I need to have a healthier lifestyle overall and not just “diet” when I gain a few pounds (or 25…). It’s more realistic for me to drink the water, exercise and “eat healthy” than to say I’m on a diet. It’s probably just all in my head – but I don’t feel quite so deprived and self-pitying that way.

    I too have been bringing my lunch everyday to work, along with stocking the work fridge with celery, cucumbers, apples and pears to snack on during the day.

  5. leejolem Says:

    Ok, I commit to going back to Curves at least 2x/week starting this week (on thursday). One step at a time, one step at a time.

    I wish I had a chef, like Oprah has. It just seems like it takes so much effort to plan healthy eating. When i’m rushed or low on money it seems like I make the worst choices about food!!

    Ridearoundsally, the good thing about oatmeal is that it fills you up, so there’s no room for any other food product in the tummy for around 8-12 hrs. I try to eat it some mornings for breakfast w/salt and pepper (i know i’m weird). Of course it would be better w/a big glob of melting butter on it. (hdl up, ldl up)

    Bama, I’m not sure i could do a 7pm cutoff. Most the time I’m just getting dinner done around 7:30. You must be more efficient than I am.

    Ben, Hippo, birdie 2 ewes!

  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola- I’ve always drank tons of water. I drink three 32 oz. bottles everyday…not to mention the tea, green tea, Crystal-Light, etc. that I drink everyday. I think I might float away some day!

    I don’t really use the term “diet” in my life. But I know (on the inside) that when I start eating healthy, etc. that I’m in “diet mode” to lose weight.

  7. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee- I get off work at 4:30pm everyday and I only have myself to look after. So it’s really easy to have everything cooked and eaten before 7pm!

    I love oatmeal! Never tried it with salt & pepper though…..

  8. nolagirl Says:

    Wow Bama, that is a LOT of water! Maybe I’ll work up to that one day. I went from drinking *maybe* one 8 oz. glass a day to 8, so I figure that’s a pretty good start.

  9. jenfera Says:

    Hi all – Really interesting article from the New York Times on food and health you might want to check out. It’s long, but it is a good read with fun phrases like a “freaky metabolism” and “the silence of the yams.”

    Last year at this time, I was a healthy, fit machine. It all started when they ran a wellness contest at my work called Healthy Holidays. We had to track all kinds of healthy habits and got points for them, like drinking water, eating fruits & vegetables, exercising, taking the stairs, and even meditating. I finished 6th out of about 40 people and then kept the momentum up right through spring.

    Then summer came and it was too nice out to go to the gym so I went home after work and meant to go in the pool regularly. Then fall came and I got busy. And then those 12 pounds I lost last year? They came creeping back. Then the holidays came again and there was no cool contest at work and I didn’t get back into a routine.

    I’m still trying to get back to where I was. I had a good attitude and didn’t mind going to the gym alone because I was doing it for me. Now it feels like punishment. Why am I here and none of my family and friends are?

    So, maybe I can jump on the monkbot bandwagon and try to feel a little better about it all knowing that you all are trying to make better habits too.

    Good luck to everyone and sorry for such a long post!!

  10. double d Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ben! Thanks for being such a great roof-sweepah for our lil’ ole Shelmeistah.

    I’m not talking about diets or weight. Forget it.

  11. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- that video you posted at Gray’s was hysterical!!

    I forgot about Ben’s roof-sweeping gallantry. Shelley’s a lucky sister.

  12. nolagirl Says:

    Totally off topic, but I forgot to mention this to y’all…

    One day last week on my way home from work, I briefly turned it to the local AC station (Magic 101.9 … I can’t write it without singing the little jingle in my head – gah!!) and they were giving away tickets to the Taylor Hicks concert at HoB to the 10th caller or whatever. Good news! However, the bad news — they were playing “Do I Make You Proud” as the song in the background. Damn.

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