I Have a New Respect for DJs


A friend in advertising asked me if I would sing and do dialog for a 30-second radio spot to advertise a local high-end shopping center.

I agreed…thinking it would be fun.

I went to the studio yesterday morning and did my thing…and, yes, it was fun.

However…it made me realize something very important.

I. Can’t. Act.

Here’s my radio acting debut.

About AI…other than the one guy who said he had always sung background vocals…I thought everyone else was totally forgettable.

Oh…except for the old guy who sung for his late wife.

I cried like a baby.

Very. Sweet.


2 Responses to “I Have a New Respect for DJs”

  1. Rowan Says:

    Shelley – that was great! Your acting skills are pristine – I want some Jingle Coins now, whatever they are, and I am not really a very materialistic person, unless it comes to ogling my dream digital camera online, and watching the price lower inexorably towards an affordable sum.

    You sound really great – earnest and believable, and the singing is the biz. It must be cool to sound nice in a recording. I sound like Billy Connolly in drag.

  2. Dr. Bob Says:

    Hey Shelley — you are much too modest. You sounded great. Your voice is warm and has a smile in it. Very appealing. And your singing voice, is of course, lovely. Can I have your autograph? DD, Bama, can you help me make a Shelley-glitter-banner?

    (And Rowan does not sound like Billy Connolly in drag — she has a nice voice.)

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