Sorry about the Comment Problem, Folks


I have NO idea what the problem is with the comments…but I do know it’s not just with Monkbot.

Quite a few folks have posted complaints and alerts to Blogger’s Help Message Board about this situation (which has now gone on for about 24 hours).

I ask that y’all please remain patient and keep checking back!

And for you diehards…don’t forget about Monkbot Chat (click the Monkbot)…it’s still working.

Thanks and…Viva le Monkbot!


UPDATE: Just got this message in the help forum from Blogger…

“Hi all,

Sorry for the recent difficulties with commenting and thank you for
reporting these problems. We’re aware of the problem and actively
investigating the cause. I’ll let you know when I’ve got more

Thanks for being patient!

Just to keep y’all posted.


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  1. double d Says:

    Yeah, it works!!!

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