Moving Toward Simplicity


I’ve written a lot of words in the last year.

And I’ve read about ten times more than I’ve written.

I’ve clicked probably a million links…watched hundreds of videos…listened to thousands of audio clips.

I’ve spent countless hours online and in front of my television.

I’ve daydreamed about Taylor Hicks for the better part of each waking day.

I’ve planned and gossiped and quipped and chatted and talked and griped and theorized and strategized.

And now I’m ready for a change.

Other than “American Idol” nights, I don’t want to sit in front of my t.v. anymore. I’ll download “Heroes,” “Ugly Betty,” “The Office,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” and watch them in one sitting…either Friday afternoon or sometime over the weekend. I no longer plan to devote any of my time to “Desperate Housewives,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Studio 60,” and “Men in Trees.”

I must reclaim my life.

As for Monkbot…I’ll still do it…but not every day.

I’m sure it’s hard to believe, but this little site has nearly consumed me. From checking on it before I even pee in the mornings to monitoring it while at work to hitting my front door after work and coming straight to the computer to write/comment for the few hours between eating, t.v., and bed, my life has become this gray spiral of work, Monkbot, t.v., bed, work, Monkbot, t.v., bed, work, Monkbot, t.v., bed…

I honestly think I’m going to crack up if I don’t give it a rest.

Plus…I’ve been really disheartened with my writing as of late here at the site because…well…I’m tapped out. Posting only a few times a week will take away the drudgery and allow me to LIVE my life so that I can actually write about something interesting.

I’ve felt this way for a while, but I didn’t want to write this post for fear of losing my readership.

I’ve finally reconciled with myself about that.

I figure…even if I write less often, folks might be willing to return if I offer richer thoughts or more humorous musings. After all…Dave White only writes once a week and folks chomp at the bit to read him…right? (Not that I’m remotely as talented and funny as Mr. White…but, you get the point.)

And if folks don’t come back…well…I’ll live. I have other things in my life that desperately need my attention and I’ve put them off too long.

What I need to be working on is my own writing…my fiction. I’ve used Monkbot as an excuse to put it off…and that’s pretty lame.

I also need to get my home in order…dust on occasion…hit the toilet with the scrub brush every now and then…manicure the yard every blue moon…and pet my dog WAY more than I do.

I sincerely hope y’all will understand.

Thank you…


24 Responses to “Moving Toward Simplicity”

  1. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    We understand Shelley…just don’t forget about us and we won’t forget about you! Deal? 🙂

  2. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, it sounds like you are suffering from burnout big time, and the only relief from that is to take a break. I’m sitting here like a goober with tears in my eyes, because I feel sad for you and selfishly for myself cuz truly this site helps me make it thru the day at my job and parts of my life that I’m burnt out about. I hope you keep posting now and then (can we hope for once a week?), and you know we’ll still be around waiting to hear from you. I sure wish I’d found you guys earlier on in the journey. I’ll pray that God gives you rest, peace and overall rejuvenation.
    Lerve ya Monkbot sistah!!!

    p.s. will TM still come visit us in Indy?

  3. shelley Says:

    I’ll be around at LEAST once a week!

    Don’t cry! This is not good-bye…just not hello quite as often. 🙂

    Thanks, y’all.

  4. leejolem Says:

    That sounds acceptable. At least now you’ll be able to go pee-pee 1st w/o checking in here at MB. That cracked me up!

  5. Holeigh Says:

    I completely understand what you’re going through Shelley, and I think everyone deserves a break, even you! With less posting, we’ll feel even more excited coming to visit you on days when you do post, hehe. Just keep watching Ugly Betty, as you’re the one who convinced me to start watching it. 🙂

  6. Claire Says:

    Shelley – I can’t believe you don’t pee first!!! Now that, right there, is dedication!!!

    Girl, you take as much time as you need. The great thing about this blog is that I really feel that you’re just like me, an (extra!)ordinary woman just gettin’ by, and livin’ life. And I know sometimes I feel like I need to duck down and hide, and step away from the grind a little. That’s why I understand exactly where you’re coming from. Even if you only post a couple of times a week, that is plenty. Go take Sadie for a walk, clean your windows, buy some nice CD’s or somethin’, and don’t worry about the site. It’ll take care of itself. I’ll be back, because I want a blog written by someone who seems just like me (‘cept on a different continent!), and read by people I can identify with.

    Go enjoy yourself, Shelley. And don’t even feel REMOTELY guilty. It seems everybody here understands your need to take a break from something as mentally and emotionally challenging as running a popular blog must be.

    We’ll check in on ya, just to make sure you don’t go AWOL on us.

    Best wishes, and go pee!!!!

  7. Jan Says:

    I understand exactly how you feel. I’ve quit watching American Idol as part of my effort to reclaim my life. I really love this blog and will be here to read anything you write. Dave doesn’t have anything on you girl. Really.

  8. double d Says:

    “If you build it, they will come.”

    If it’s good, you’ll keep peeps. Providing filler won’t get it. Once a day, week or month, no matter. Good stuff will resonate. And you do good stuff. So, no worries.

    BTW, I know this is “Shelley’s World”, but are you interested in periodic “submissions for consideration”?

  9. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Hey Shell, I’m your brother so you still have to put up with me!!! ILL NEVER LEAVE!!!

  10. Quossum Says:

    Brava, girl, brava. I think you’ve noticed that *I* haven’t been around as much…that’s part of my Grand Reclaimation Scheme as well.

    Damn, it does hurt to withdraw from that odd but happy *connection* one feels with one’s online friends; it hurts to feel like you’re letting them down by not being around; it hurts (perhaps most of all) to realize that no, they’re not going to suffer (well, too terribly, anyway!) for lack of your presense after all.

    But it feels really, really good to realize that you *do* have the strength to *not* turn on the computer. To do other things, *real* things, in your *real life.* It does feel good.

    I’m glad, very glad, that you’re keeping MonkBot alive, and I’ll definitely be checking in. I love your thoughts, your insights, your friendship. Hey, we’ve got a progressive story to finish and a MonkBot with some stops left to make! I’ll be here.

    Your friend,

  11. shelley Says:

    So, true, Q.

    We GOTTA finish the story AND we gotta keep TMB on the road ’til his journey’s end. 🙂

    DD…as far as contributions…you’re always welcome to e-mail me your write-up. If I decide to post it, I’ll let you know first. 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  12. suzi-q Says:

    COURAGE -that’s what its all about! Proud of you Shell. Will check however often you write cause this site brings such joy and enlightenment to me!!!

  13. jenfera Says:

    I was very late to this party (which I kick myself for regularly!), so I am little bummed that it is going to start slowing down now. However, quality always wins over quantity so your plan sounds inspired. Get out there and grab the bull by the horns of the dilemma, as Opus might say, and don’t worry about us. I know I will be back to visit however often you post. Several of my favorite bloggers are very sporadic, so when they do post something new, it’s a treat. I’ll be looking forward to Monkbot treats in the future!

  14. Rowan Says:

    Your posts have all been great, Shelley – writing this amusingly and insightfully each and every day must be energy-sapping, and I understand that you need to recharge, sit back a little and not post every day. You will not lose any of your readers by so doing – we all understand and appreciate your creative skills, and your warmth towards everyone.

    Your bladder comes first, girl! You need to look after it. Peeing before logging on is important. I do not always follow that edict, nevertheless… Does switching on, running to pee then getting back in time for the Windows logo fall into the same category?

    Here’s to you, Monkbotmamma (raises cup of Earl Grey.) Thank you for this wonderful group of folks. We aint goin nowhere!

    Yours aye,


  15. texan Says:

    Silly girl you do not have “readers”, you have a constituency!

    Go play. Go rest. Enjoy immensely!

  16. nolagirl Says:

    Like I’ve told you before Shell, laying off is a good thing! I’m so glad you finally said something — it would not have been good for you to keep it up just for the sake of keeping it up. Good call. 🙂

  17. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey Shelley girl!! I will be glad to take the “new and improved” version of the blog!

    I always think your writing is stellar…even on the posts that are less than the rest…but I think you will be able to tap into your creativity better if you are well-rested.

    And ladies…don’t forget that chat is available for us. We can utilize that feature on days that Shelley doesn’t post. That way we can still see wassup with each other!

    I’m looking at this as a positive change for all of us!

    (And I still owe you a post or two about Journey and Faux-Rockers. Maybe I’ll get that done one of these days!!)

  18. leejolem Says:

    Bama, how do I get into chat?

    How bout them COLTS?

  19. Libby Says:


    You are so right in all of your assertions. I am proud of you — for stepping up and reclaiming the things in your life that are most important.

    I will continue to check in — I am working toward simplifying my life too. This is all healthy.

    Please know you still have a friend here. Thank you for all you do !!!

    Enjoy life and we will see / hear from you at the appropriate time.

    Warmest regards,

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee! You can click on the pic of the monkbot on the front page…the one on the right side of the page…not the banner!

    Make sure to read Shelley’s rules and regulations too!

    I haven’t seen anyone in there today though!

  21. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley, you do what you need to do, girl! “We’re not going anywhere!” as a wise man once said. Of course you need to get out there and live your life. I know I do! I will look forward to whatever posts you are able to make, and I know we will all keep in touch. Just know that you are loved and appreciated, as are all the members of out little community!
    Viva le Monkbot!


  22. baby duck Says:

    Shelley, I understand the need to take a break. I’ve been trying to spend more of my time on things similar to what you mentioned. I’m still here as your “readership”, if not as frequent a commenter. I love your posts and the Monkbot division! Don’t worry about losing us: if gray can take a 3-month hiatus and the world kept turning (albeit a little slower maybe), I think we’ll survive even if you only post once a week.

  23. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    I understand you completely, Ive spent entirely too much time on the computer myself, all about taylor and the friends I have met because of him (all of wich I am truely grateful for). In the past couple weeks my family has pretty much taken me away from the computer for the most part, guess they wanted their mom/fiancee back lol so I can understand slowing down. (but I couldnt get rid of men in trees, its a guilty pleasure lol) Good luck with all you do and I am positive you wont be losing any readers here, and we will look forward to hearing from you even more because we will miss you! Have a great week!

  24. Dr. Bob Says:

    Awww, Shelley.

    I am always happy to come over and see you and the Monkbots. You do what you need to do and we are all here. That is the nice thing about friends — you are welcome whenever you come around. We do expect to get the heads up on any fiction that gets written.

    Yards and toilet bowls — I have pretty much given up on them. Hopes and dreams, that is something else all together — put your time toward those. Unless you can mow and dream at the same time.

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